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19th March 1983, Page 22
19th March 1983
Page 22
Page 22, 19th March 1983

Diesel Move Near On Higher Coolants

DIESEL ENGINES operating with higher coolant temperatures are likely in the near future according to the Paramins division of Esso. Such power units will operate without fan or......

Lead/acid Leads

THE LEAD/ACID battery is Ii to remain as the power so for the electric vehicle accon to Don Gribble of the Els Vehicle Association. Speaking in Plymouth at Exhibition organised......

Curtain Sider

FOR A NEW production centre opened by Everards Brewery at Leicester, deliveries of a more mixed range of products are being' made easier by the introduction of a lorry with......

Multi-use Lift

ADCLIFFE Engineers has produced a ground access demountable system for multi-purpose use including mobile workshops, on site laboratories, mobiledisplay and warehouses. Known as......

Plymouth Debut For M&m's Electric-power Van

A NEW electric-powered van from M&M Electric Vehicles of Ath stone made its debut last week at the exhibition organised by I Electric Vehicle Association and the South Western......