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13th February 1982, Page 19
13th February 1982
Page 19
Page 19, 13th February 1982

D Prejudices !ver Die

)1 3 E, but without much iviction, that for a while we ill hear fewer demands for the - isfer of goods from road to . Public appreciation of the y quickly waned once the - y......

13 Roads Led Bridgend

RD'S Bridgend plant was host 11 stranded lorry drivers, as II as to 125 of the staff, for five (5 during January's great eze-up. Three canteen rkers gallantly served more in......

One-way Traffic In Mass Market

"PROPOSALS for industrial innovation are heavily dependent on businesses and the Government forsaking nationalistic attitudes and taking full advantage of the internal mass......

Free Falls Can Damage Your Health

ECONOMIC necessity has caused Lucas Industries to abandon sponsorship of the Parachute Regiment's Red Devils, whose electrifying performances have thrilled hundreds of thousands......

Contributory Negligence

THE DRIVING examiner stood in the witness box, two black eyes glowering. "When I told him he had failed his test," he said, indicating a human baboon in the dock, "he knocked me......