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Loline Back on the Market

7th December 1962
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Page 50, 7th December 1962 — Loline Back on the Market
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THE Dennis Loline low-floor double1 decker bus chassis is .back on the market after a break in production of only a few months. Dennis Bros. Ltd. announced the intention of ceasing the manufacture of p.s.v. chassis just over a year ago, but several orders for the Loline model were then outstanding. The company said that in view of the changed circumstances and the keen demand for the Loline it has been decided to reverse this policy.

The models offered are of the Mk. III series, unaltered in specification since before the decision to cease production. Some rationalization of the alternative versions offered has been made, however, and Gardner engines and Dennis constant-mesh gearboxes are standardized. The chassis is available with alternative wheelbases of 18 ft. and 19 ft. 2.25 in. to suit overall lengths of 29 ft. 3.5 in. and 30 ft. respectively. The long-wheelbase model can be arranged to seat up to 74 passengers and the shorter one up to 68 passengers.

Engines may be the Gardner 6LW; developing 112 b.h.p. at 1,700 r.p.m. and 358 lb. ft. maximum torque at 1,300 r.p.m., in which case a 6.48-to-1 rearaxle ratio is used; the Gardner 6LX with full power rating of 150 b.h.p. at 1,700 r.p.m. and 485 lb. ft. at 1,000/1,100 r.p.m. using a 5.4-to-1 rear axle; or the 6LX unit derated to produce 421 lb. ft. maximum torque, with a 6.48-to-1 rear axle. In each case a choice of fouror fivespeed gearbox is offered. As both gearboxes are of all-indirect two-shaft type, the actual overall top ratios differ from the above figures being 4.55 and 5.47-to-1 for the four-speed unit, with 5.4-to-I and 6.48-to-1 rear axle respectively. With the five-speed box, the overall ratios in fourth gear are 5.28 and 6.31-to-I respectively, whilst fifth gear overall ratios are 3.55 and 4.24-to-1 respectively.

Air suspension at the rear axle is standard, as is d.c. electrical equipment, although an ac. generator with transistorized control gear is available as an optional extra. Other optional extras listed include automatic chassis lubricating, an engine lubricating oil dispenser, an additional air reservoir for dooroperating gear, and a cab heater with demister.


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