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Large 'Smalls' Variations Sought in Met. Area

7th December 1962
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Page 46, 7th December 1962 — Large 'Smalls' Variations Sought in Met. Area
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'THE Metropolitan Area " As and Ds" I contains the largest application to be notified this week. Atlas Express Ltd. seek the variation of an A licence by the addition of no less than eight vans, at a total unladen weight of 24 tons, with wide conditions. They ask to carry " general goods, mainly smalls, normally within 25 miles and on trunk services to company's other depots ". The words " mainly " and "normally" will, no doubt, catch the L.A.'s eye and require some explanation.

From the Northern area comes a new B licence application from B.C.G. Haulage and Spreading Contractors Ltd., of Hexham, for seven unspecified (as to type) vehicles. The company asks to be restricted to the carriage of " goods " for two named customers.

East Midland operators will, no doubt, show some interest in an application by A. McDonald (Haulage) Ltd., of Markfield (Leicester), to switch five vehicles from contract A licence working. The applicants, apparently, wish to carry "goods " • for the T. Simpson group of companies.

Other contract and C licence transfer requests are as follows: Contract A to A lie.: North Western: R. H. Monk, Bolton.

Contract A to B lie.: North Western: Buersil Transport Ltd., Rochdale; W. H. Reakes Ltd., Prescot. East Midland: Painter and Brennan Ltd., Oakerthorpe; Axholme Lime Spreaders Ltd., Westwoodside; A. McDonald (Haulage) Ltd., Markfield; Thomas Kerr and Co., Ripley. West Midland: Leslie T. Swinnerton, Stafford. South Wales: B.R.S. Ltd., Swansea.

C 1k. to B lie.: Northern: W. and B. Hudson, Kendal. North Western: W. Barnes and Sons, Radcliffe. East Midland: R. Burns, Grimsby; A. Cartledge, Ripley; J. Ainsworth, Sibson. South Wales: A. W. T. Charles, Blackwood.


APPLICATIONS (November 28, 1962) F. Brown (Thorshy) Ltd., Carlisle, A var., add 1 T. (at 7c). Bulk feeding stuffs, lime and South Scotland and Northern England.

G. D. Craig and Son Ltd., Darlington. A var., tdd 2 veh. (9)0.

L. O'Neil, Carlisle. new B lie., I veh. (25 4c). Agin engineering goods and scrap metal within 0 miles.

W. and B. Hudson, 'Kendal, new B lic., 1 T. It tc). Mat, from demolitions and building mats. ',Rhin 10 miles. (Veh. specified in C tic.) S. Crowther, Bishop Auckland. B var., add 2 veil. 70.

F. Brown (rharshY) Ltd.. Carlisle. B var.. add veh. (It 7c).

R. E. Taylforth, lilverston. B var.. add I T. it 14c).

3. W. Mason, West Hanlepool. B var.: add 1 T. HO. B.C.G. Haulage and Spreading Contractors Ltd.. Hexham, new B lic.. 7 yen. (25t 13c). Carriage of goods on behalf of The Central Lime Co. Ltd. and any goods in and out of Fortag Ltd. Siore Houses.


APPLICATIONS (November 30, 1962) IL H. Monk, Bolton, new A lie.. 2 veh, (7)0. Cotton, cotton waste within 35 miles. (Vela at present specified on contract A lie.) W. R. Wilson (Transport) Ltd., Manchester, A var„ add 1 vela (MO. Retail shop deliveries of consumer goods within 50 miles.

W. R. Wilson (Transport) Ltd., Manchester. A var., add 2 veh. (90.

Park Gate Bakeries Ltd., Oldham. new B lic.. 2 vela (80 (vans). Return loads of cake on behalf of Avana Bakeries from Cardiff to Oldham and for McVirie and Price Ltd., front London to Oldham.

W. Poole, Oldham, new B lie., 1 art. (60. Chassis, steel, caravans and accessories throughout G.B.

W. Barnes and Sons, Radcliffe, new B lit.. 1 art_ (5)0. Road construction plant within 75 miles for Prestwick Macadum Ltd. only. (Veil. specified on C lie.) /Wenn Transport Ltd., Rochdale, new B lic.. 2 veh. (110, Coal within 50 miles; quarry products, Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire and occasionally London. (Veh, specified on contract A lic.) A. E. Campbell, Southport. new B tic., 1 veil. (40. Return loads from Glasgow Market, Smithfield Market (Birrninaham) and Covent Garden Market (London) to Southport of canned and fresh fruit and vegetables for Mr. N, Nicholson. (Vela specified on C lic.) F. and R. D. Walsh, Blackburn, B var„ add 5 vela (220. Carriage of ready-mixed concrete in specially constructed mixing vela for the Northern Gravel Co, Ltd., Northmix Ltd.. Howarth Construction Ltd., Northmix (Scotland) Ltd., Northmix (Northern) Ltd., all within 15 miles of ready-mixed concrete plants.

N. Jones, Burnley, B var.. add 1 T. (40.

J. Holgate Lid., Clitheroe, 11 var.. add 2 veh. (8)0 (Tankers). Non-liquid free-flowing road making mats, within 100 miles.

Herlihy and Longden Ltd., Frodsham, B var.. add I tel. (540. (Box van fitted with pneumatic discharging equipment). Carriage of goods for R. Sitcock and Sons Ltd.. I. Ashworth and Sons Ltd., North Western Farmers Ltd., W. and T. Gibson, James Fairclough and Sons Ltd., as required.

W. Linfhwalte and Co. Ltd., Lancaster, B var„ add 1 art. (4)0.

Smithfield Transport Lid., Manchester, B var., add 2 veil, (Si). Delivery of Potatoes, fruit and vegetables to schools. canteens, hospitals and North West prisons for Eugene Elliott Ltd. and Potato. Vegetable Distributors Ltd.; Lancshire, Yorkshire, Cheshire. Midlands.

W. H. Reakes Ltd.. Prescot, B var., add 1 T. (aft). (Veh, specified on contract A lic,)

G. E. Transport. Swinton (Lanes). B var., add 1 veh. (40. Goods for Baxter Hoare and Co. Ltd. Within 25 miles and also for that Company, between Liverpool Docks and Manchester district; fruit and vegetables for Ben Wilson and L. G. Whalley, as required; pre-cast concrete and wrought iron products for Christie Patent Stone Co. Ltd.. Liverpool. Sheffield and Manchester area; goods for Park Upholsterers; Liverpool, Sheffield and Manchester area.


APPLICATIONS (November 28, 1962) B. Drakes Ltd., Sitssey (Lincs.), new A lic., 1 volt. (3)0. Timber from docks, foodstuffs, bricks, iron, tractors and ploughs; Lincolnshire, Midlands and London Area.

A. R. Marshall and Sons (Bulwell) Ltd., Bulwell (Nottingham), A var., delete 1 veil. (6t 17e) add 2 art. 0410.

Atlas Express Ltd., Coalville (Leics.), A var., add 1 veil f3.15) and 1 art. (5)5). Collection and delivery of parcels and smalls mainly within 50 miles and trunking as required between depots of Atlas Express Ltd , its subsidiaries and agents. North Lincs. Haulage Co. Ltd., Scunthorpe, A var., add 3 arts. (210.

It. Burns, Grimsby (Lincs.), new B lie., 1 veil. at 4c). Saltfish, salt, peas, sheds and furniture Within 5 miles. (Veh. at present specified in C BC.) P. G. and P. A. Johnson, Matlock Bath, (Derbys.), new B lic., 1 veh. (50. Furniture and household effects within 25 miles.

W. G. Matthews, Nottingham. new B lic., 1 veil.

(a 19c). Flowers, fruit, vegetables, bulbs, seed. Poultry and eggs from Boston and Spalding areas to Nottingham and Derby Wholesale Markets and entatY coat amen s on return journeys.

Painter and Brennan Ltd. Oakerthorpe (Nr. Derby), new B lic., 4 veil, (17t Sc). Goods for Shakespeare Holdings Ltd., and Subsidiary Companies as required. (If granted, contract A tic. will be surrendered.)

A. Cartledge, Ripley (Derbn.), new It lie., 1 vela (21 12c). Garden requisites, refuse, rubble, bricks, manure in small quantities; all within 15 (Veh. at present specified in C lie.)

.1. Ainsworth, Sibson Nuneaton. Wanes.), new B tic., .1 veh. ()t). G.g. within 25 miles. (Veh. at present specified in C lic.)

A. J. Read, Tideswell (Nr. Buxton, Derbys.), new B tic., 2 veh, (71 8c). Building and road making mats. for H. P. Merrick (Chinley) Ltd.' Whitebarn Sand Ltd., Congreaves and Hall Ltd.. for delivery to sites within 3a miles.

Axbotrne Lime Spreaders Ltd., Westwoodside (Nr. Doncaster), new B lic., 1 vch. (3t ISO. Lime, basic slag, fertilizers, snit, within 741 miles. (If granted. I vch. will be deleted from contract A lic.) W. Staniland„ Broughton (Lincs.), B van, add / veh. (3t 19c). Road making mats, and other goods as required by Lysaghts Scunthorpe Works within 5 miles.

Humber Warehousing Co. Ltd., Grimsby, B var., add 1 art. (at I2c). Shunting applicants own loaded and empty art. tri. within 5 miles and to and from Killingholtne and Immingham.

A. McDonald (Haulage) Ltd., Markfielcr(Leicsa, B var., add 5 veh. (285 14c). Goods for T. Simpson and' Co. (Leicester) Ltd., and Associated Companies, T. Simpson and Co. (Nottingham) Ltd., and Associated Companies, Simpson Petroleum Ltd. and F.S.S. (Leicester) Ltd., all as required. Of granted, contract A lic, will be surrendered.)

Garratt and Elemphrey Ltd., Nottingham, B var.. add 3 vela (20)0. Goods for Breeclon and Cloudhill Lime Works Ltd., as required, building and road making mats. within 75 miles. Thomas Kerr and Co., Ripley (Derbys.), 13 var„ add 2 veh. (St 7c). Solid fuel and colliery timber. the property of D. M. Stevenson and Co. Ltd. or carried on the instructions of D. M. Stevenson and Co. Ltd. (in their capacity as fuel distributors) for the present customers of D. M. Stevenson and Co. Ltd. as required; goods for Currell Lewis and Martin Lid., and the Butter Icy Co. Ltd., as required; sand and gravel within 50 miles. (If granted, contract A lie, will be surrendered.) 3. G. augston Ltd., Scunthorpe, B var„ add 1 art. (7t). Building and road making mats.within 50 miles.


APPLICATIONS (November 29. 1962) S. P. and B. C. Holloway and E. White, Birmingham. new B lie., 1 veh. (315). Coal. coke. cement in bags. for Spencer. Abbott and Co. Ltd.. within 10 miles.

Overland Contracts (Birmingham) Ltd. Birmingham, new B lie., 2 art. (17t), Mechanical handling equipment for Messrs. Yale and Toavne Manufacturing Co.. Wednesfield, and Messrs. Stacatruc Ltd., Birmingham, as required.

J. P. Waldron. Birmingham, new B tic., 1 vela (3)). Goods for Lodge Cottrell Ltd.. Birmingham, as required. R. G. Spry,, Bricrley Hill, new B tic., 1 T. (a), Foundry coke and coal, scrap iron and steel for Alexander Cornley within 150 miles.

V. C. Waldron, Hinstock, new B lie.. 2 T. (Si). Road making mats. for Leonard Leigh Ltd., in connection with their, contract with Tarmac (Civil Engineering) Ltd., for work on the Cheshire Motorway within 35 miles. J. P. Goliah, Shrewsbury, new B lie., 1 T. (30. Small consignments of round timber and logs within 30 mlle-s; rubbish within 7 miles. L. Beresford. Stoke-on-Trent, new B Hc., 2 'T. (lift). Tiles for Glazed and Floor Tile Clearing House. as required, and flints for Thurrock Flint Co. Ltd., and associated companies, as return loads to the Midlands.

Leslie T. Swinuertom Stafford, B var., add 1 veh. (Si). Aerie. requisites and produce for W. Gwennap (Agricultural) Ltd., as required; agric.

produce within 30 miles: hay and straw so Wales. (If granted contract A tic. will be surrendered.) Bassett's Roadways Ltd., Stoke-ott-Trent,'B var., add 1 art. (710. .G.g. within 10 miles.


APPLICATIONS (November 28, 19621 Price's Transport (Dimas Fowls) Ltd., Diana Powis (Giant), new A lic„ 1 veh. (41). Steel and timber— South Wales. London and Midlands.

• Morfa Transport Co. Lid., Llanelly (Carm), A var., add 1 veh. (80 and 2 art. (200. Copper, steel and steel products South of England, London, South Wales, Midlands and the North.

A, W. T. Charles, Blackwood (Mon), new B lie., veh. (lit) (Van). Furniture removals and secondhand furniture within 5 miles;(Veh. at present specified in C tic.) Beckett (R.T.B.) Ltd., Ebbw Vale (Mon), new B tic., 6 T. (54t). Slag, waste mat, and recovered metal for R.T.B. Ltd. within 10 miles.

P. G, Lindsay, Manorbrier. new B lie., 1 veh. (411) (drop-side tipper). Lime, slag, potatoes, earth and stone—Pembroke District.

R. B. Rees, Merthyr Tydfil (Glans), new B tic., 1 veh. (70 (drop-side tipper). Building mats, for Rees Concrete Products Ltd., South Wales Traffic Area.

British Transport ComntIsslon. British Road Services Ltd., Swansea, new B lie., 3 veh. (1.1-10. Carriage of gas cylinders, Propane and Butane gases, and packaged oils for Shell-Mex and B.P. Gases Ltd. Collection and delivery of goods carried or to be carried on trunk service veh. All within 70 miles. (2 veh, at present specified on contract A lie. East Midland Traffic Area and 1 veh. specified on contract A lie, which will be surrendered if granted.)

R. L. Davies and Sons, Taffs Well (Glans), new flue., 1 vett. (410. Collection and delivery in connection with own long-distance veh. within 15 miles.

D. T. Davies and G. Joseph, Hirwaun, B var., add 1 T. (3+0. Work on behalf of the National

• Contract-to-A Switch

TN making an application for A licences I to replace contract A licences for seven vehicles, W. Finch and Co. Ltd., of Great Bookhann, Surrey, wanted to remove a 20-year-old point of uncertainty, said Mr. A. W. Balne, the company's counsel, to the Metropolitan deputy Licensing Authority on Monday.

Mr. Balne said that under the contract the company carries goods for Neil and Spencer Ltd., of Leatherhead, manufacturers of dry cleaning and laundry machinery. Sometimes, to make room for new machinery at purchasers' premises, Neil and Spencer arrange to remove the old machinery. This came under the contract A licence while the old machinery was taken back to Leatherhead either for' reconditioningor destruction, but it was a different matter when the company buying a new machine sold the old one to someone else.

Finch and Co. had been carrying for Neil and Spencer for 20 years and Mr. Balne thought the licences should have been A ticences and not contract A. If the application were granted, the company would surrender B licences for two trucks because it believed it could incorporate that work under the A licences. Finch and Co. would not carry any more traffic for hire and reward.

Granting the application, Mr. C. J. Macdonald said he did not think these vehicles were going to break into any other venture judging from the amount of work they were doing at the present time. If the work was maintained for the main customer he thought they could hardly do anybody any harm. Of return loads, he did not think the danger to the objectors was very real.

Coal Board, including the carriage Of shale and bagged coal within 25 miles. A. Williams Ltd.. Swansea, B var.. add 1 T. (9:1. Coal, building mats„ scrap meta); excavated mats. and road mats., goods for T. H. Couch Ltd., South Wales and London Area.

E. 'de and Son Ltd., Treharris, 13 var., add 1 veh. (41). (Van.) All goods for Messrs. Lines Bros., South Wales Traffic Area, London. Southampton, Liverpool. Bristol, South England and Midlands.


APPLICATIONS (November 27, 1962) S. Galley and Sons Ltd., Shepton Mallet (Som). new A !ie., 2 T. (160. Road mats, and building mats. from Somerset Quarries to sites any distance.

R. G. Morcom (Transport) Ltd., Grampound Road (Cornwall), A var., add 1 veh. (710. Mainly china clay, Midlands and North of England.

Hunt Bros. and Withers and Sons Ltd., Portishead (Sons), B var., 2 T. (16t I7c), in lieu of 2 T. 17t Sc),


APPLICATIONS (November 29, 1962) B. A.. Best, Sevenoaks, new A lie., 3 veh. (131 Sc). Granite, Yorkstone, Midlands and Southern England Russell of Bathgate Ltd., Hatfield, new A tic., veh. (4t). Collection and delivery of goods for trunk veh, within 50 miles.

Atlas Express Co. (Dunstable) Ltd., Dunstable, A var., add 4 Itch. (121) (Vans). G.g. mainly smalls normally within 50 miles and between company's other depots.

Atlas Express Ltd., S.E.16, A var., add 8 veh. (24t) (Boxvans). ag, mainly smalls normally within 25 miles and on trunk services to company's other depots.

.1. Cockle, E.1, A var., add 1 yell. (440. Mainly fruit and vegetables, all main towns England and Scotland. Draper's Transport Ltd., Grays(Elsex); A eau.' add 2 art. (130. G.g., mainly within isp

W. Aldridge and. Sons, N.14. new B lie,. 1 veh. (30 (F. van). Second-hand furniture and furniture removals within' 50 miles.

Armorduet Calne Co. Ltd., S.E.1, new B lie.. 7 veh. (15t 3c). Goods on behalf of associate company. The Armorduct Trading Co. Ltd., any distance. .

W. P. Connolly, Hampton .(Middlesex). new B lie.. I T. (240. Cranes, hoists and ancillary equipment within 40 miles.

C. H. Nitholas, Ivey (Bucks). pew B lie.. I T.

(4t 2c). Rubbish and building mats. within 25 miles.

E. W. Pearce (Transport) Ltd., E.4, new B tic,. 1 art. (St 3c). Meat to and from docks, Smithfield Market and depot.

Rachosides Bros. and Co. Ltd., B. I, new B lie., 4 veh. Ott). 0.5.

Ilestways Removals (Chalfont St. Peter) Ltd., Chalfont St. Peter (Bucks), B var,,. add 1 vcb. (20 (van), Goods for British Railways to and from Gerrards Cross Railway Station; Scours and Guides camping equipment; pianos and household effects; machinery parts for G.X. Engineering Ltd., within 10 miles.

Contract Gully Cleansing Ltd., Welwyn Garden City. B var., add I veh. (410 (tank). Sewage and liquid trade waste within 30 miles.

Crown Treefelling Co. Ltd.' Edgware. B var.. 1 T. (5t). Timber. rubbish, excavations, building mats. within 30 miles of contracts where Crown Treefeiling Co. Ltd. or otheyS are engaged.

S. Deards and Co., KnebWorth,'B var., add I veh. (6t 9c) (concrete mixer).

Ferris Transport Ltd., Barkingside, B. var., add 1 T. (St). Builders' rubbish and excavated mats. within 25 miles.

S. Finch, Stampore, B var., add 1 T. (30.

W. C. Jones and Co. Ltd., Waltham Cross (Hens); B var., add 4 T. (16t Sc). Scrap iron and rubbish within 25 miles.

South Park Removal Service. Ltd., Ilford, B var., add 1 veh. (2t 18c) (van). Delivery and col:ection of goods for Times Furnishing Co. Ltd.. within 60 miles.

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