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Tillotson's Coming Back to Haulage

15th October 1954
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Page 58, 15th October 1954 — Tillotson's Coming Back to Haulage
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B.R.S. Superintendent Buys Back Former Business at Rye: Two More List Si Units with Premises —One at Swavesey and One at Langworth—Sold

ACCORDING to the annual report of Oswald Tillotson, the company propose to re-enter road haulage. This will enable them to make fuller use of their financial resources. The directors state that the company tendered for a unit, but the offer was not accepted, although the unit had not been sold. the chairman is Mr. C. Holdsworth.

Tenders for two more units with premises in list S.1 are reported to have been accepted this week. Prime Godfrey's Sons, Ltd., Swavesey, Cambridge, who have succeeded the prenationalization concern of Messrs. Prime Godfrey, have bought Swavesey unit 3981 (13 vehicles). In the East Midlands, Langworth unit 1005-12 vehicles—has gone to Mr. R. Foster, Langworth.

Another list S.1 unit. 1194 (Rye), together with Rye unit 1159, has been sold to Mr. A. J. Jempson, a traffic superintendent of British Road Services and former owner of the business and property involved. Twenty-three vehicles (70 tons) are included.

SCOTLAND Another substantial purchase reported from Scotland has been made by Glasgow [-Tiring Co., Ltd., Glasgow. Fifteen vehicles (661 tons) were concerned, and these have now been assigned to Clydebank Haulage Co., Ltd., Duntocher. Both concerns have made purchases in the past. Assignments have also been made by Mr. W. S. Dick, Glasgow, of four vehicles (121 tons), based at Alva, to London Scottish Transport, Ltd., Glasgow. Mr. J. S. Hodgson, Mellcinthorpe, Pen rith, has made over one vehicle (21 tons), based at Glasgow. to Mr. Hugh Clunie (William Dunn and Sons), Plean.

Inter-City Transport and Trading Co., Ltd. Cumbernauld, have made a repeat purchase, this time of six vehicles (431 tons).

Special A licences have also been granted by the Scottish Licensing Authority to the following: Mr. G. Halliday, Jnr. (W. C. and G. Halliday). Palnackie, for five vehicles (15 tons); M.T. Transport, Ltd., Edinburgh, for three (81 tons); John Hunter and Sons (Transport), Ltd., Airdrie, two (101 tons); Mr. J. A. Spearman, Karnes, one (3 tons) based at Glasgow; Mr. K. W. M. Moore, Ayr, one (71 tons); and Messrs. J. D. Bennie and Son, Bathgate. one (31tons).

NORTHERN AREA Fourteen vehicles, with a total carrying capacity of 264 tons, have now been taken over by F. and F. Robinson (Stockton-onTees), 1.1c1., Elm Street, Stockton-on-Tees. They comprise a Foden and an Albion eight-wheeler, two Leyland, two Atkinson and a Foden six-wheelers, two Bedford, a Leyland, a Foden and a Proctor fourwheelers, a Bedford tipper, and a Bedford articulated outfit.

Eleven of these are engaged on daily services to London—which, before n-14

nationalization, were operated by Fred Robinson (Transporters), Ltd.,—and to Manchester and Liverpool. A number of assignments has been made by Mr. T. A. Metcalfe, 80 Carmel Road South, Darlington, who has acquired eight vehicles (25 tons 4 cwL). One each has been made over to R.A.H. Transporters, Ltd., 28 Side, Newcastle upon Tyne, Mr. A. R. Scott, Mart House, Hexham, and Messrs. W., J. W. D. and J. C. Young (W. Young and Sons), Bog Acres Cottage, Hexham.

Flowers Transport, Ltd., Fetter Lane, Skeldersgate, York, have been granted a special A licence for five vehicles (14 tons 16 cwt.) based at Middlesbrough. A special A licence has also been issued to Mr. A. Freeman (Copley Haulage Co.), 440 Thornably Road, Thornaby-on-Tees, for two vehicles (6 tons 14 cwt.). One articulated outfit (4 tons 1 cwt.) has been assigned to J. J. Humble (Stockstield), Ltd., Little Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne, by J. W. Capstaff, Ltd., of . the same address.

Four lorries recently taken over by Gardner Bros. (Langley Moor), Ltd. Old Pit, Framwellgate, Co. Durham, will be used to extend their existing services to London, the Midlands and the north-west. The vehicles, which came from the Stockton-on-Tees depot of B.R.S., are two Foden 12-tonners, an Atkinson 12-loaner and a Foden 7-tonner, Joseph Elliott and Co. (Bishop Auckland), Ltd., have been successful with tenders for two 45-50-ton articulated outfits, one a Scammell and the other a Foden.

NORTH-WEST Special A licences have been granted by the North Western Licensing Authority to Bulcock Bros., Ltd., King Street, Whalley, near Blackburn, for one vehicle (3 tons) assigned by David Hall and Sons, Ltd., Bury, and to Storey Bros. (Haulage), Ltd., 37 Wellington Road, Eccles, for two vehicles (12 tons), bought from Messrs. Storey Bros.

YORKSHIRE The Yorkshire Licensing Authority has granted special A licences to Hewson Bros. (Bowden), Ltd., Bowden, for six vehicles (161 tons), And to Messrs. Lawson and Ellis, Shaw Terrace, Grindleton, for two vehicles (7 tons 18 cwt.), one of which (3 tons 3 cwt.) has been assigned to Har coden, Ltd., Nicholas Street, Burnley. - WEST MIDLANDS Their old premises at 282-284 Lichfield Road, Aston, Birmingham, together with a fleet of 18 Austin and Bedford 6-tonners, have been acquired from British Road Services by Mr. H. A. Hingley, Silverdale, New Road, Shenstone, near Lichfield. The total unladen weight involved is 531 tons. An associated firm, Messrs. klingley Haulage, was not acquired by the British Transport Commission, and continued to operate throughout nationalization on C luring and contract licences.

Mr. Hingley has assigned four vehicles (12 'tons) to Thornbury Transport, Ltd., The Old Mill, Thornhury, near Bristol. Based at Watley, these join a fleet of 12 ex-B.R.S. vehicles. Four 5-ton tippers and a 5-ton lorry have also been assigned by Mr. Hingley to Cooper Bros. (Bordesley), Ltd. 337 Lichfield Road. Aston,

Wright Bros. (Wolverhampton), Ltd., Crown Street, Wolverhampton, have been granted special A licences for another three articulated outfits (14i tons). They now have eight articulated vehicles, four of which are Fodens, three Scammells and one an E.R.F. Wright Bros. were taken over by the British Transport Commission in August, 1949, and until July this year continued to run a garage and maintenance depot. They are carrying ordinary as well as specialized traffic.

W. Bengry and Sons, Ltd., LOngmoor Garage, Kingsland, have made another purchase, this time of two trailers. Apart from these, they now have four vehicles operating under special A licences.

Mr. Bengry told The Commercial Motor last week that when he viewed one of the vehicles, a Commer 7-tonner, at the B.R.S. depot in Hereford, it was fitted with • new tyres, the serial numbers of which he noted. When the vehicle was delivered it was equipped -with scrap tyres and he refused to accept it until they had been replaced with those originally fitted. This was done.

In addition to the vehicles, the Longmoor depot of B.R.S. was taken over by W. Bengry and Sons Ltd.. on September 29.

Longton Transport, Ltd., Church Street., Longton, whose lousiness was nationalized in 1949, are now back in the field with 17 vehicles, 16 of which are Thornycrofts and the other a Comnrier. Their latest purchases were Burslem, units 4178, 4179 and 2585, comprising eight vehicles, including two articulated (23 tons). This company are associated with Longton Storage and Warehousing, Ltd., and have interests in garages, ironmongery and other types of business. A new company is to be formed to run the vehicles.

Two Maudslay lorries have been bought by S. Jones (Aldridge), Ltd., Jesmond Denc, Walsall Wood Road, Aldridge. This company escaped nationalization.

Messrs. Little Hayward Transport. 39 Park Street, Burton-on-Trent, have been successful with their tenders for Stoney Stanton units 3782, 3788 and 3786, comprising six vehicles (45 tons). Mr. I. G. Mason and Mr. Herbert Savage, whose address is the same as that of Little Hayward Transport, have also been successful with tenders. Mr. Mason has acquired unit 3360 (Burton-on-Trent), comprising four tippers (20 tons), and Mr. Savage, Burton-on-Trent unit 2359—two vehicles (9 tons). C. Lockeyer, Ltd., 41 Howsell Road, Malvern Link, have bought four vehicles: A. F Tansell, Ltd., 8 Diglis Road, Worcester, one articulated vehicle; Messrs. W. T. Mathews and Son, Welford-on-Avortg two vehicles; and Mr. T. E. Darrell, I St. Leonards Road, Dawley, one.

Hilton unit 3341, comprising two eightwheelers (15 tons), has been purchased by Messrs. William Rowe and Sons, Leford. Messrs. G. Robery and Son, Oxhill Road, Handsworth, have bought unit 2622 (Birmingham), comprising two veh:cles (5 tons).

One-vehicle units have gone to Mr. G. Astbury, Watling Street, Bridge Town, Cannock (Swadlincote unit 3339, 2 tons); Messrs. Humphreston Bros., New House Farm, Kingsbury (Stoney Stanton unit 3790, 7 tons); Mr. G. Atkins, Field Gate, Blyth Road, Coleshill (Nuneaton unit 4192, a tipper, 3 tons); Messrs. A. Horseman and Son. Church Street, Kingsbury (Weldon unit 3769, 3 tons); and Mr. W. Wooldridge, -The Mount, High Street, Lye (Stourbricige unit 4185, 7 tons).

The West Midland Licensing Authority has also granted special A licences to the following:— Messrs. F., J. and H. Rogerson (J. Rogerson), 182 Leek New Road, Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent, for two vehicles (81 tons); Messrs. E. R. East and R. V. Turner (Haydine Transport), 95 Highgate Road, Wellington, one (31 tons) assigned by Mr. J. IL Ferrington, Admaston Road, Wellington; Mr. F. A. K. Buckner, 12 Groat's Road, Market Drayton, one (4) tons) asSigned by Mr. K. Beever, Royal Oak, Market Drayton; Mr. D. C. Poole, 21 Hunter's Road, if ockley, one (5 tons); and Mr. A. H. Green, The Bungalow, I Audlem Road, Woorc, one (31 tons).

EAST MIDLANDS A unit in List 5.1 (1005, Langworth) has been sold to Mr. R. Foster, Langworth, Lincoln. Premises, together with 12 vetticles (44 tons), and one additional, and three trailers, have been acquired. Two articulated outfits and a tipper are included. Six of the vehicles have been assigned to Messrs. Foster's Transport, at the same address, and six to D.M.T. Transport, Ltd.. Hasteliffe, Rectory Lane, Waddington, Lincs.

D.M.T. Transport, Ltd_ (appropriately meaning Denationalized Motor Transport), arc due to take over a further seven vehicles from B.R.S. tomorrow.

A repeat purchase, this time of an eightwheeler (8 tons), has been made by Messrs. F. W. Randall and Son, 41 Silver Street, Northampton. It made up Biaby unit 3789.


Prime Godfrey's Sons, Ltd., Market Square, Swavesey, Cambridge, who have succeeded the pre-nationalization firm of Messrs. Prime Godfrey, have been successful with their tender for Swavesey unit 3981, advertised in List S.1. The 13 vehicles (36 tons), with one additional, include an articulated outfit, a tipper, a fabric tilt van, and a contract vehicle. Offices, workshop, garage and a house make up the premises.

Ramsey unit 4169, comprising four vehicles (12 tons), has been sold to Mr. M. Rose, Tilney St. Lawrence, King's Lynn.

Mr. F. W. Daniels, 3 Ivel Road, Sandy, Beds, has had one vehicle (3 tons) assigned to him by Cleave Hill Transport, Ltd. (East Midland Traffic Area).


Eleven vehicles (531 tons) have been purchased by Messrs. E.. W. S. and L. S. Hayman (Valley Carriers), Grove Garage, Grove Terrace, Penarth, Glam. Messrs. Hayman have already made substantial purchases (The Commercial Motor, May 21).

Easton Warehouse Co., Ltd., Swansea, who have bought two vehicles (8 tons). have made them over to W. G. Davies (Landore), Ltd.. Pontlasse, Morriston, Swansea. • WESTERN AREA

Special A licences have been granted by the Western Licensing Authority to Messrs. S. Harris and S. J. Miners, Dunstonc, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Devon, for eight vehicles (28 tons 19 cwt.), two of which (5.2 tons) have been assigned to H. J. T. Transport. Ltd., 47 Courtenay Street, Newton Abbot; and one (2 tons 19 cwt.) to Mr. A. W. 'I'. Sanders, Preston Garage, Bow, Devon. The lorries retained are three A.E.C. 8-tanners, a Commer 7-8tanner and a Commer 6-tonner. The firm also have a Thames 6-tonner, made over to them by Mr. Sanders. Those assigned were of Dodge manufacture.

• Messrs. Harris and Miners, who operated eight vehicles before nationalization, have secured their former contract with Candy and Co.. fireplace makers, of Heathfield. Additionally, they are doing journeys all over the country, the longest one to date being to a point near John &Groats. They hope to purchase more units.

Messrs. J. 'and F. J. Worrell (J. Werrell and Son), 131 Cumnor Road, Wootton, Boars Hill, Oxford, have bought one vehicle (3 tons).

SOUTHERN AREA Purchases reported from the Southern area are as follows: Mr., H. Foot, Longham, near Wimborne, six vehicles; Mr, H. J. Cutler, Longham, near Wirnborne, four; Mr. J. Rawlings (Rawlings of Andover). 80a Weyhill Road, Andover, four; Messrs. T. Hunt and Sons, Southampton, two; Mr. W. H. Shearing, Swelling. Crawley, near Andover, one; and Messrs. J. Hutchens and Sons, Parkstone, one.

Messrs. Hunt and Sons' purchase comprised Bedford 6-tonners. They are now offering a general service to London, Birmingham and Bristol. LONDON AND HOME COUNTIES A traffic superintendent of 'I.R.S., Mr. A. J. Jempson, has succeeded in his bid to return to private enterprise by buying back his former business at Rye, Sussex. It consists of premises at Slade Yard and 23 vehicles, including two articulated outfits (70 tons), and two additional vehicles and a spare trailer. Two units, 1159 and 1194, originally offered in List 3, arc involved. Unit 1194 was re-offered in List S.1.

Next Monday is the day scheduled for take-over. Mr. M. F. Horner, Home Counties district manager of B.R.S. at Tunbridge Wells, will hand over to Mr. Jempson.

The two units will be combined and will be operated, with the existing staff, as a going concern under the title of Messrs. John Jempson and Son. Mr. Jempson is to renew his membership of the Road Haulage Association.

Mr. F. Clark, 31 Benton Road West, Ilford, Essex, who has bought five vehicles (11 tons 19 cwt.) and live trailers, has assigned them to Mr. J. W. Piper, 37 Grosvenor Road, London, E.11.

Mr. L. G. Wells, 57-58 Swanseombe Street, Swanscombe, Kent, has made over the •three vehicles (8 tons 19 cwt.) he has purchased LIS follows: two (5 tons 18 cwt.), based at Grays, Essex,to M. D. C. Draper (Draper's Transport), Willow Cottage, Kiln Road, Thundersley, Essex, and one (3 tons 1 cwt.) to Mr. R. T. Rate, 41 Meadow Road, Grays, Essex.' Another 'assignment is that of Amalgamated Removers and Transport, Ltd., 85 3/ictoria Street, St. Albans Herts. They have Sold the one Vehicle (71 tons) they have acquired to Central Garage (Luton),

Ltd., of the same address.

Two 'vehicles (9 tons 9 cwt.), based at Hyde Vale, Greenwich, London, S.E.10, have, taken over by Mr. H. W. Steves, 38 Beckenham Lane, Bromley, Kent. They • are a Mandslay 10-tonner and a. Vulcan 6-7-tonner, and are being used to serve London and the Midlands. A London-Birmingham service is being developed. . Mr. Stevens, who also has an ex,B.R.S. Bedford 5-tonner, will Shortly he returning to the premises at Charlton, London, S.E.7, which his company, Harry Stevens (Contractors), Ltd., occupied before nationalization.

One -vehicle each has gone to Mr. G. Donovan, 4 Lirnei Avenue, Waddon, Surrey, and C. Goodman and Sons,-Ltd., 230-236 Empress Street, London', S.E.17. C. Goodman and Sons now have two Bedford 5-ton Luton vans, which they propose to use for household removals and general work.

Special Traffics unit' 745' (Islington), comprising a Luton van (3 tons), has been sold to Mr. C. G. Ferris, 33 Dalkeith Road, Harpenden. It is a repeat purchase:

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