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Furniture Makers Enter Haulage

9th September 1955
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Page 56, 9th September 1955 — Furniture Makers Enter Haulage
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THE well-known Tottenham furniture manufacturers, Harris Lebus, Ltd., have formed a subsidiary company; to run vehicles on special A


licences. The company, Merchandise Transport, Ltd., 40 Ferry Lane, London, N.17, already have five pantechnicons, and they are hoping to buy more vehicles either direct from British Road Services Or through dealers.

Merchandise Transport do not intend to compete in the general haulage field. Their vehicles—all Albions with 1,400I.600-cu.-ft. bodies—will be employed by Harris -Lebus to 'carry furniture on long-distance runs, but they will be available to carry other goods on return journeys. •

Directors of the company, which has a nominal capital of £100. are Sir Herman Lebo& chairman and managing director, Mr. Louis S. Lebus, assistant managing director, Mr. E. C. Chidwick, secretary, and Mr. F. E. Forrest.

Mr. Forrest controls the transport undertaking of Harris Lebus, which alone runs some 160 Vehicles on C and G-hiring licences. .


The Scottish Licensing Authority has granted special A licences to Charles Alexander and Partners (Transport), Ltd., Aberdeen, for 29 lorries (154 tons) and 13 trailers and 10 articulated outfits (311 ,tons). Of these. 10 lorries (64 tons) and two trailers 'and two articulated outfits (121 -tons) have been transferred to ,Munro 's Transport (Aberdeen), 'Ltd., Aberdeen, and four lorries (121 tons) to Mr. Charles.W. Michie, Aberdeen.

Munro's Transport have also taken over a lorry (31 tons) and a trailer from W. D. Munro, -Ltd.. Aberdeen, who have also transferred a lorry (5 tons) and .a trailer to James Rice and Co., Ltd., Glasgow. The vehicles assigned by W. D. Munro, Ltd.. were bought off John Hunter and Sons (Transport), Ltd., Airdrie.

Other hauliers who have 'added more ex-B.R.S. vehicles to their fleets arc: Thomas Kelly and Sons, Ltd., Rutherglen, two (51 tons); Mr. Thomas McL. Gibb, •Frasergurgh, two (6 tons): Messrs. West's Transport, Dunfermline, three (9 tons); Mr. James G. Barrack. Aberdeen, two (II tons) atsigned by Mr. William Barrack, Aberdeen:. and Muir's Transport. Ltd., Cupar, two (6 tons), one of 'which (5 tons) was assigned by Cusick (Oldham), Ltd., Manchester.

Five lorries (17 tons) have gone to John Macdonald and Co., Glasgow, in a first purchase.

First purchases have also been made by Messrs. John Bonthron and Son. Anstruther (two vehicles, 6 tons); Messrs. Andrew Wishart and Sons, Kirkcaldy (one, 7 tons); Mr. John Smith, Elgin (one, 1 ton): Rothes Transport Co.. Ltd., Cupar (one. 31 tons); Messrs. Taylors Transport. Buckle (one. 31 tons); Messits. William Baxter and Son, Tranent (one. 51 tons), assigned by Pentland Garage, Ltd., Loanhead; and the Denvegan Supply and Transport Co.. Dnnvegan, Kingsmuir. by Forfar (two. 10 tons), assigned by Mr. A. Cusick. Oldham, Lanes.


Six more lorries (43 tons 11 cult.) have been added to the fleet operatedby Robsons Border Transport, Ltd., 34 Lowther Street, Carlisle. They were assigned by Robsons Hauliers (Carlisle), Ltd., of the same address.

One-vehicle assignments have been made B22

as follows: Mr. P. R. Bates, Sunniside Farm. Iveston, Leadgate (4 tons) to Mr. T. McAloon, Witton Garage, Witton Gilbert; W. Ved (Hauliers), Ltd., Fontaine Road Garage; Sunderland (2 tons .19 cwt.) to J. Collin and Co., Old Engine Shed,Lodge Terrace, Sunderland; Mr. J. BondIcy, The Close, Sharnford, near Hinckley (3 tons) to Messrs. B. M. English and Son, Middle House, East Rainton, Fence--houses; Cambridge Garage, Ltd., 343. Stretford Road, Manchester, 15 (2 tons 18 cwt.) to Mr. I. C. Jopson, High House, Witermillock. Pcnrith; Quelch Carriers, Ltd., 28 The Side, Newcastle upon Tyne (22 tons) to Mr. C. N. Rodham, 13 Boyd Terrace, Blucher; Mr. F. Dodds, 2 Stakeford Road, Bedlington Station (4 tons 8 cwt.) to J. Scott and Sons (Heaton), Ltd., 6 Craigside, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne,; and Mrs. M; Wills, 1 Meadow; Cottages. Warwick Bridge, Carlisle (2 tons 6 cwt.) and .d trailer 'to Mr. R. Wills, of the same address.


Further lorries have been assigned by Cusick (Oldham). Ltd.. Manchester, 9, and Mr. A. Cusick, Oldham. Cusick (Oldham), Ltd.. have transferred a lorry (7/ tons) to J. Greenwood and Son (Oldham), Ltd., Salem Works, Lees Road, Oldham"; two trailers (5 tons) to Mr. T. Haworth, 14 Hopwood Avenue, Heywood; a lorry (51 tons) to Mr. F. Makin, Alfonson Hotel, Manchester Street, Oldham; one (81 tons) to Messrs. Poplar Motor Services, Poplar Garage, Knutsford Road, Lymm; One (3 tons) to Mr. M: Wilson, 30 :Tay Street, Liverpool, 8: one (72 tons) to Gardners Bros. (Langley Moor), Ltd., 'Old Pit, Framwellgate Moor, County Durham; and two (13 tons) to Anstcy Haulage Co., Ltd.; in the East -Midland Traffic Area. A lorry (71 tons) has been made over to Farmers Lime Spreading. Ltd., in the

Western Traffic Area. by Mr. Cusick. .

T. Guy, Ltd., Black Horses, Farm. Burseough, Ormskirk, have -taken over another three lorries and a trailer (19 tons), one of the lorries (51 tons) having been assigned by Mr. J. Ally, of the same address. Another lorry (5 tons) has been transferred by T. Guy to Messrs. Jones Bros., Deacon Road, Widnes.

Special .A licences have been granted to the 'following hauliers, all of whom Made their purchases direct: Mr. A. Curran, 2a Ford Street. Liverpool, 3, three lorries (15) tons): R. Knowles and Sons (Helmshore). Ltd., Square Street, Ramsbottom, two (10 tons); W. Lewis, Ltd., 92 Cherry Lane, Liverpool, 4, four (321 tons); Mr. J. Massey, 40 Victory Street, Portwood, Stockport. two (11 tons); Mr. W. Parkinson, 169 Stanley Street, Accrington, one (3 tons); Messrs. Reeves Transport, 125 Oakdale Road, Wallasey, one (6 tons): W. Reynolds, Ltd., 16 Temple Street, Liverpool, 2: J. Roscoe and Sons, Ltd., Manchester Road Garage, Westhoughton, near Bolton. two (151 tons); and'Messrs. Whitham's Transport. 11 Market Street, TIroyIsden. a lorry and trailer (71 tons).


Mr. N. Beech, Hope Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, has bought a further six lorries (24 tons). One of these (4 tons) has been made over to the Chesterton Haulage Co., 11 Church Street, Chesterton, Stoke-on-Trent; one (41 tons) to Messrs. Johnson Transport, Pheenix Street, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent; one (t tons) to Mt. C. L. Amery. Congleton; and two (91 tons) to Green Hauliers (Stoke-onTrent). Ltd., Rode Heath. One (21 tons) of three lorries (8;1 tons) acquired by Mr. J. Guest. 40 Hope Street. Tipton' has been assigned to Mr. A. B. French, address not known.

Mr. R. G. Bassett, Grayswood, Tittensor, has bought another two lorries (111 tons) based in 'Birmingham, and Beresford Transport, Ltd„ High Street, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, another one (1 ton).

Three lorries taken over in a repeat purchase by Mr. G. Webb, Snr.. Regent Garage, Phenix Street, Tunstall, Stokeon-Trent, have now been resold to: Rutland's Haulage Co., Ltd., 300 London Road, Stoke-on-Trent, one (51 tons); Mr. T. Brain, Railway Street Garage, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, -one (5 tons); and C. Walley (Jubilee Garage), Ltd., Moreton,

Congleton (5 tons).

The West Midland Licensing Authority has also authorized the assignment of lorries by: D. Pritchard and Co.. Lid., 84 Station Road, Rushall, three (181 tons) to Mr. S. Tandy, 135 Wolverhampton Street. Bilston; Mr. D. C. Phillips (Transport), Ltd., 11-21 Norwood Road, Birmingham, 9, two (5.1 tons) to Mr. D. C. Phillips, 12 Somerville Road, Birmingham, 10; Messrs. J. and A. Turnock. 59 Hillport Avenue, Porthill, Stoke-on-Trent, one 04 tons) to Messrs. Wolstanton Transport, 31 Church Lane, Wolstanton; Mr. C. R. Harrison, Willgate, Rudyard, near Leek. one (31 tons) to Messrs. Johnson and Toiler, Heybridge, Lower Lean, Stoke-onTrent; F. D. Brown, Ltd., 46 Beeches Drive, Erdington, Birmingham, one (41 tons) to Messrs. F. Lewis and Sons, 155167 Miller Street, Aston, Birmingham; Mr. N. T. Lloyd. Temeside Garage, Ludford Bridge, Ludlow, ong (41 tons) to Mr. H. C. Davies, Castle House, Clun, Salop; and Hockley Transport. Ltd., 21 Hunter's Road, Hockley, Birmingham, 19, one (5 tons) to E. H. Smith and Son (Gosport), Ltd., Gosport, Hants.

The lorry transferred by MrHarrison came from Mr. L. °leave, Audlern, Cheshire.


Mr. V. J. Grange, 124 Bridge Street, Peterborough, has also bought more vehicles. Five (15 tons) of these have been retained, and the others have been transferred to: W. Nightingale and Co.. Ltd., 1 Charles Street. Cambridge (a lorry3 tons); Mr. R. H. Lamyman, in the East Midland Traffic Area (two-6 tons); Messrs. J. Deamer and Sons, in the Metropolitan Traffic Area (one-3 tons); Mr. D. Wilson, also in the Metropolitan Area (one-3 tons); Mr. A. H. Sayers and Son. Sittleworth, Sussex (two-6 tons); and Mr. F. L. Taylor, Spring Cottage, Ails-' worth (an articulated outfit-41 tons): Three of six lorries (171 tons) added to the purchase already made by 0. G. Barnard and Sons, Ltd., Station Road, Stowmarket, have been assigned. One (3 tons) has gone to Mr. A. A. Griggs, The Travellers Rest. Soham; one (3 tons) to Mr. H. E. Holman, 'The Best. Aylsham; and one (3 tons) to B. and B. (Lowestoft), Ltd., Wollaston Road, Lowestoft.

B. and B. (Lowestoft), Ltd. have also taken over a lorry (31 tons) from Whalebone Motors, Ltd., 239 High Road, Chadwell Heath. It was transferred to them by Mr. M. Regan, Chun Farm. llorsmonden.

Messrs. L. and H. Cousins and Sons, Siblc liedirighann, have bought another 10 vehicles, including three articulated outfits (24/ tons). One of the articulated units (41 tons) has been made over to Turners (Soham), Ltd.. New Path, Fordham.

Other assignments authorized by the Eastern Licensing Authority are: Sidney Judd and Sons, Ltd.. Robroyton, Woodside Green, Great Hallingbury, a lorry (41 tons) by Percy D. Sleeman, Ltd., 38 Uxbridge Road, London. W.5.: Mr. H. Allen. Shirdean, London Road, Stapleford, one (3 tons) by Welch's Transport. Ltd., SLapleford, Carobs; F. .W. -Williams (Transport), Ltd., 7 Ramnoth Road, Wisbech, one (41 tons) by Dawbams, Ltd., of the same address; Church Road Motors (Southend-on-Sea), Ltd., Hadleigh, ono (31 tons) by Mr. S. Harris, 20 Salem House, London, E.9; Mayfield Transport Co., Ltd., 35 Mayfield Avenue, Prittlewell, one (3 tons) by Eastwood Transport Co., Ltd., Bicnvenue Avenue, Eastwood, Essex; and Messrs. Anslow's Transport Services, in the Metropolitan Traffic Area, two (6 tons) by Grimwade's Transport, Ltd., Claydon's Lane Garage, Rayleigh.

SOUTH WALES The South Wales Licensing Authority has

authorized the following assignments: Storage Co. (Penarth), Ltd., West Terrace, Penarth, a lorry (2) tons) to Mr. B. Bevan, 45 Somerset Street, Brynmawr, one (I1 tons) to S. Harfoot and Sons, Ltd., Castleland Street, Barry Dock, one (3 tons) to Mr. C. Isaac, 6 Lyons Road, Nantyglo; Mr. J. M. Watkins, Triley .Bridge, Abergavenny, two (8 tons) to Mr. R. F. Cowden, 67 Ailesbury Street, Newport, one (41 tons) to Mr. W. H. Hicks, 26 Chepstow Road, Newport, one (5 tons) to Mr. A. W. J. Pask, Church House, Undy, Magor, and a trailer to W. H. Short (Contractors), Ltd.,Eighfields Garage, Newthorpe Common, New thorpe, Notts; Valley Carriers, Ltd., Grove Terrace, Penarth, one (4f tons) to Dixon Bool (Transport), Ltd., The Airport, Cardiff, one (41 tons) to Mr. A. W. Gardner, 10 Janet Street, Rhydyfelin, near Pontypridd, one (71 tons) to Holloway Bros. (Bridgend), Ltd., 62 South Road, Porthcawl, one (3 tons) to Mr. R. Lamprey, 44 Llanmaes Street, Grange, Cardiff; Newport Motor Transport Co., East Usk Road, Newport, one (3 tons) to

C. B. Crook and Co., Lynwood, Tynant Road, Beddau; Contractors (Transport), Lid,. Greg Street, Reddish, Stockport, an articulated outfit (4/ tons) to Messrs. Glyn Davies (Haulage Contractor), Pinged Hill Yard, Kidwelly; Messrs. Kings Transport, Morel Street, Barry Dock, one (4 tons) to S. Harloot and Sons, Ltd. (also mentioned above); Mr. S. Amesbury, 27 Queens Road, Cymmer, Port Talbot, one (3 tons) ' to Messrs. Meredith and Davies, 4 Clydach

Dingle, Brynmawr ,• P. H. Clark (Tiers Cross), Ltd., The Quay, Pembroke, eight (231 tons) to Pembroke Transport (Fords), Ltd., of the same address; and Mr. K. J. C. Robbins, 19 Redlands Road, Penarth. one (3 tons) to Mr. S. R. Todd, 80 Glebe Street, Penarth.

Mr. Cowdell has divided his purchase between Messrs. Knight Bros., 5 Hill Street, Griffithstown (4 tons) and Messrs. J. W. Marshall and I. 0. Gallear, 6 Barthrop Street, Liswerry, Newport (4 tons). In exchange for the 4-ton lorry transferred to them by Messrs. Kings Transport, S. Harfoot and Sons have made over a lorry weighing 3 tons unladen. Mr. Watkins has acquired from Putson Motor Engineering a lorry (51 tons) and the trailer, and from Mr. G. Read, Cuckoo Patch, Mitcheldean, a lorry (41 tons), Valley Carriers, Ltd. have purchased four lorries (29) tons) from Messrs. Febry, Ball and Bayliss, West End Garage, (:hipping Sodbury, and one (71 tons) from :S. Ball and Son (Transport), Ltd., Chipping ;Sodbury; Messrs. Febry, Ball and Bayliss thave also sold lorries to the Newport Motor Transport Co. (two-151 tons), and Messrs. Ross Garage, 112 Bute Street, Cardiff (one

—71 tons).

Special A licences have also been granted to Messrs. 3. Harris and Son, 27 Goldcroft Common, Caerleon, for a lorry (31 tons), assigned by Mr. G. C. R. Russell, Yew Tree House, Gasworks Lane, Caerleon, and Mr. H. E. Jenkins, Gelynog Fawr Farm, Beddati, near Pontypridd, one (41 tons) assigned by D. David and Sons, Ltd., Felinfact Farm, Tondu, Bridgend.

WESTERN AREA Mr. C. Sparks, 83 Benedick Street, Glastonbury, and H. B. Perry (Wareham), Ltd., Northport House, Wareham, have both made repeat purchases involving two vehicles. Mr. Sparks' lorries have a total unladen weight of 6 tons 4 cwt., and those of H. V. Perry (6 tons 18 cwt.).


Mr. J. S. Allman. The Old Cottage, Bridham Road, Chichester, has been granted his first special A licence—for a lorry (2 tons)—by the South Eastern Licensing Authority.

Other first purchasers arc F. Bourner and Sons, Ltd., Carrara Wharf, Lott. bridge Drove, Eastbourne, a lorry (3 tons); Messrs. E. and A. Carriers, South Street, East Hoathly, two (6 tons) Mrs. A. Edenden, 10 Hill Street, Poole, one (3) tons); Mrs. B. E. Hancock, The Coal Wharf, Bidden den, one (3 tons); Palmer's Transport Co., address not known, a lorry and a trailer (41 tons); Mr. (3. A. Richardson, 3 Northbrook Road, Broadstone, Poole, a lorry (3) tons); and Mr. D. J. Russell, Ilam Farm. Shortgate, Lewes, one (3 tons). Messrs. East Dorset Transport, 1 Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, have bought another two lorries and a trailer (141 tons).

Repeat purchases have been made by Mr. W. S. G. Curtis, 202 Ringwood Road, Parkstone (a lorry, 4 tons); Mr. H. J. Cutler, Langham, near Wimborrte (two, 6 tons); Mr. W. H. Foot, 2 Parkstone, Poole (one. 3) tons); Mr. W. G. Hambridge, Sterndale, Mannings Heath Road, Parkstone (one, 4 tons); A. E. Lavender and Sons, Ltd., Uckfield Road, Lewes (one, 21 tons): F. R. Meacher and Sons, Moorvale, Sunset Road, Totton, Hants (one, 3) tons): Mr. A. G. Parke, 123 Moulscombe Way, Brighton (one, 31 tons); Pitter Bros.. Ltd., Botley Road Garage, West End. Southampton (five, 15 tons); Messrs. George Potter' 3 York Street, Dover, (one. If tons); Mr. A. Rawlings, Lenoxdalc Farm. Medstead (one, 3 tons); Messrs. C. Rogers and Son, 8 Old Wareham Road, Parkstone (three, 13 tons); and F. C. Targett and Son, Ltd., 163 Hursley Road. Chandlers Ford (a lorry and a trailer, 64 tons).

LONDON AND HOME COUNTIES Capon and Sons, Ltd., 26-40 Vale Royal, London, N.7, have bought another three lorries (9 tons).

Other repeat purchasers are Mr. H. C. Clayden, 1 High Street, Bishop's Stortforcl, a lorry (I ton); Mr. A. Cusick, 282 Frederick Street, Oldham, Lanes, two (13 tons 9 cwt.) based in London; Mr. W. Edwards, 14 Ridgeway Gardens, Ilford, Essex, one (3 tons); Maudes Transport, Ltd., 124 High Street, Hampton Middx., one (2 tons 18 cwt.); Pilot Coaches (High Wycombe), Ltd., 20 Frogmore, High Wycombe, one (3 tons 14 cwt.); Weston Haulage, Ltd., 4. Nuttfield Close, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, one (44 tons); Messrs. Chessun Bros., 43 Melson Road, London, S.E.15, one (2 tons 19 cwt.) assigned by Mr. G. Griston, Copeland Road, London, S.E.15; Messrs. J. Deemer and Sons, Paynes Park, Hitchin, Herts, one (3 tons) assigned by Mr. V. J. Grange, 124 Bridge Street, Peterborough; Sid Hubbins, Ltd., 9 Station Road, Dunstable, two (21 tons) assigned by Mr. C. P. H. Williams, 60 Downs Road, Dunstable; A. R. Foskett (Haulage), Ltd., 24 Maythome Close, Watford, one (2 tons 8 cwt.) assigned by Mr. A. R. Foskett, of the same address; Mr. R. A. Humphry, 10 Allcroft Road, London, N.W.5, one (2 tons 3 cwt.) assigned by Mr. J. Merrett, 10 Walnut Tree Road, London, S.E.10; and Messrs. Coward Bros., 92 Digby Road, London, E.9, an articulated vehicle (2 tons 11 cwt.) and a trailer, assigned by Percy D. Sleeman, Ltd., 38 Uxbridge Road, London, W.5.

Operators who have had their first tenders accepted are: Mr. J. Clubb, Church Hill, Wilmington, who has bought a lorry (7 tons 3 cwt.) and a trailer, and Mr. R. A. Kelly, 53 Clare Road, Hounslow, a lorry (21 tons).

A number of assignments has been made by Mr. T. W. Hodge, 52 Florence Road, London, S.E.14, who has bought another 17 vehicles (391 tons). Two (5 tons) have gone to Gayfew Transport, Ltd., 14 South Lambeth Road, London, S.W.8; one (2) tons) to Mr. A. L. Daffin, 157 East Dulwich Grove, London, S.E.22; one

(3 tons) to Mr. R. Hilton, 138 Vauxhall Walk, London, S.E.11: and one (21 tons) to J. J. Leonard, 7 Southwark Park Estate, London, S.E.16. Mr. Hilton has resold his purchase to Derchex Garages, Ltd., 38 Prince Regent Lane, London, E.13.

A special A licence for two lorries (5 tons) has also been granted to William Varney, Ltd., 28 Hermes Street, London, Ni.

Brown Bros. (Sittingbourne), Ltd., Chalkwell Road, Sittingbourne, have taken over another three lorries (181 tons); Messrs. Coulling Bros., Warren House, Sandway, Lenham, another lorry and a trailer (41 tons); Messrs. Taylor Bros., Bush Royds Farm, South Willesborough, Ashford, two lorries (7 tons); and Waters and Cooper, Ltd., Four Throws, Hawkhurst, one (51 tons).

Canterbury unit 7214, comprising a tractor (6 tons) and a trailer, has been acquired by Mr. John Silverman, 61 Dollis Hill Lane, London, N.W.2.

Sir H. A. H. Lebus, Finsbury Works, London, N.17, has transferred four vehicles (14 tons 4 cwt.) to Merchandise Transport. Ltd., 9 Basinghall Street, London, E.C.2.

A lorry weighing I ton unladen has gone to Messrs. H. Harvey and Sons, 47 Rounton Road, London, E.3, in a first purchase.

Mr. T. H. Prince, 44 Arpley Street, Warrington, has transferred vehicles to: J. Grange and Son (Plaistow), Ltd., 589 Barking Road, East Hans, one (3 tons); Messrs. Grimwoods Transport, Hampton Road, West Croydon, Surrey, one (5 tons); Messrs. Stockley Transport, Iron Bridge Lane, SMckley, West Drayton, one (1 ton 3 cwt.); and Mr. A. W. Westacott, 133 Falling Lane, West Drayton, one (2 tons) and a trailer.

H. and H. Bristow, Ltd., 42 Spurstowe Road, London, E.8, have added another three lorries (9 tons 2 cwt.) to their fleet. Two of these (5 tons 17 cwt.) were assigned by Mr. G. Griston, Copeland Road, London, S.E.15, and the other (34 tons) by Messrs. H. H. V. Guest Road Services, in the Western Traffic Area.

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