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British electric vehicles, model by model

9th July 1971, Page 58
9th July 1971
Page 58
Page 58, 9th July 1971 — British electric vehicles, model by model
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Crompton Leyland Electricars Ltd, Crown Avenue, Dukestown, Tredegar, NR2 4EF, GlamorganShi re .

Morrison Electrical. Commando K36/75 165ga1 dairy vehicle: amp /hr capacity (standard /maximum) 234/378; gvw, 3.75 tons; payload. 31 /24cwt; maximum speed on level, 15 mph; range, 27/50 miles; maximum gradient, 1 in 5.

Morrison Electricar Commando 1<36/85 220ga1 dairy vehicle: amp /hr capacity as above; gvw, 4.25 tons; payload, 41 /34cwt; maximum speed on level, 15 mph; range, 26/42 miles; maximum gradient, 1 in 9.

Morrison Electricar D36/25: amp /hr capacity 203 /329; gvw, 65cwt; maximum payload, 27cwt; maximum speed on level, 14/141 mph; range 11-load) 27/39 miles: maximum gradient, 1 in 6. Morrison Electricar F36/35: amp/hr capacity 232 /336; gvw, 75cwt; maximum payload, 35cwt; maximum speed on level. 144./15 mph; range (1-load) 27 /39 miles; maximum gradient, 1 in 5. Morrison Electricar F36/40: amp/hr capacity, 232 /336; gvw, 85cwt; maximum payload, 43cwt; maximum speed on level, 141/15 mph; range (i-load) 26/37 miles; maximum gradient, 1 in 9. Morrison Electricar FL36/40: long-wheelbase version of F36/40 with 12f1 deck; payload reduced to 41 cwt. Morrison Electricar Al with front-wheel drive produced in low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed models and in van and pick-up versions: gvw, 1.16 tons; payload, 5001b; maximum speed on levgl, 12/16 mph; range, 45/35 miles; maximum gradient 1 in 5/1 in 6.

Morrison Electricar E /Fg dairy vehicle produced in 16-cell (compact range). 24-cell (medium rangel and 30-cell (longer range) models: amp /hr capacity, 216/324; gvw, 55cw1: payload 18.5 /28.5cwe maximum speed on level. 8-10/15-16 mph; range U-load) 15.75/43.0 miles; maximum gradient, 1 in 9/1 in El.

Gough Industrial Trucks Ltd, Clough Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. In addition to a range of Graiseley industrial trucks and pedestrian-operated refuse vehicles, this company also produces hospital service vehicles.

Harbilt Electric Trucks and Vehicles,

Market Harborough, Leics.

Dairy-Liner Models 36S, 36R, 24S and 24R: licensing weight is 20 /25cwt in all cases; models 36S and 3611 have a payload up to 32cwt while the payload of the 245 and 24R is up to 30cwt.

Model 916 and Model 924 (Mk I and Ill dairy vehicles: gvw, 2.6 tons: maximum payload. 1.25 tons. The 916 has a 16-cell battery and is powered by a 3 hp motor, while its speed is 101112 mph. Equipped with a 24-cell battery and 4 hp motor the 924 Mk I and ll have a maximum speed of 16/18 mph. These models are also available as ambulances.

Model 808 dairy vehicle: gvw, 3.2 tons; payload, 1.5 tons: motor, 4J., hp; battery, 24-cell; speed, 14/15 mph. This model is also available as a street-cleansing vehicle and as an ambulance. Models 850 Mk I and II dairy vehicles: gvw, 3.6 tons; payload, 1.5 tons; battery, 36-cell. Mk I has maximum speed of 14/16 mph and maximum speed of Mk II is 20/22 mph.

Model 936 Mk I dairy vehicle: gvw, 3.6 tons; payload 1.4 tons; motor, 10 hp; battery 36-cell, maximum speed, 16,18 mph.

Model 824 dairy vehicle: gvw, 3.2 tons; payload, 1.5 tons; motor, 4.5 hp; battery, 24-cell; maximum speed, 14/15 mph.

Havering bin vehicle: gvw, 2.6 tons; maximum payload, 1.25 tons, motor, 3 hp; battery, 16-cell; maximum speed, 10/12 mph; body equipment, 12 polythene bins each having a capacity of 31 cu ft. Ealing bin vehicle: gvw, 3.2 tons; payload, 1.25 tons; motor, 4) hp; battery, 24-cell; maximum speed, 14/15 mph; body equipment. 18 polythene bins each having a capacity of 31; cu ft.

Waltham Forest refuse tipper with crew cab: gvw 3.2 tons; maximum payload, 1.25 tons; motor 41 hp; battery, 24-cell; maximum speed. 14/15 mph; body, 3-) Cu yd.

Model 836 van: unladen weight, 1752Ib; payload 9001b; capacity 170 cu ft; motor 10.5 hp; battery, 36-cell: maximum speed, 25/30 mph.

The company also produces a personnel carrier, golf buggies, ambulances for use on hospital premises and a variety of trucks, including the Homer elevating platform maintenance vehicle, supplied to the North Western Region of the CE GB.

Ross Auto Engineering Ltd, Banastre Road, Southport, Lancashire.

The Stallion is available as a milk float, delivery van, ambulance, general-purpose vehicle, mobile shop, interworks transporter and refuse loader. Seven chassis variations cover payloads of 15 to 25cYvt, level road speeds of 15/21 mph and ranges of 30 miles to 45 miles. Electronic control is available at extra cost.

Major models include a minibus, general purpose van, a platform truck, an ambulance and a dairy vehide. Payloads vary up to 3 tons.

Beaver vehicles are also produced in a variety of forms including a personnel carrier, insulated van, milk float and ambulance. Six models cover payloads of lOcwt to 25cwt, road speeds of 8 mph to 18 mph and ranges from 20 miles to 30 miles. A variety of industrial trucks and tractors is also produced.

Smith's Electric Vehicles Ltd, Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead-on-Tyne, NE8 1YT.

Cabac 75 milk delivery vehicle: amp /hr capacity (standard) 264; gvw, 75cwt; payload 35cwt; maximum speed on level, 16 mph; range 20/30 miles; maximum gradient. 1 in 7.

Cabac 85 milk delivery vehicle: amp/hr capacity (standard) 264; gvw 85cwt; payload 45cwt; maximum speed on level, 16 mph; range, 20/25 miles; maximum gradient, 1 in 4.

Commuter vans are produced for bakery, laundry, dairy and iiarcels services.

Commuter CG75 1 lton 300 cu ft model: gvw, 3 tons 15cwt; payload (standard battery of 235 amp /hr or 282 amp /hr capacity) 34ewt /41 cwt; maximum speed on level, 13/15 mph; range, 20/30 miles; maximum gradient, 1 in 10.

Commuter CG85 2-ton 300 cu ft model; gvw 85cwt; payload (standard battery) as above; maximum speed on level, 15/17 mph; range, 20/30 miles; maximum gradient, 1 in 5.

W and E Vehicles, Harleseort, Shrewsbury, Salop.

I Type three-wheeler: amp /hr capacity, 256/329; gvw 3.2 tons; payload, 27 /30cwt; maximum speed on level, 10/11 mph; range (200 service stops) 18/27 miles; maximum gradient, 1 in 6/1 in 7.

I Type lightweight version: licensing weight less than 16cwt.

Rangernaster three-wheeler: amp /hr capacity. 256/378; gvw 3.2 tons; payload, 25 /27cwl; maximum speed on level, 12/14 mph; range, 23/40 miles; maximum gradient, 1 in 6/1 in 7. Rangemaster 30 three-wheeler: amp /hr capacity, 282/378: gvw, 3.75 tons; payload, 35cwt: maximum speed on level, 12/14 mph; range, 15/30 miles; maximum gradient, 1 in 7.

Four-Forty: amp/hr capacity. 329/441; gvw, 4.5 tons; payload, 40cwt; maximum speed on level, 14/15 mph; range, 20/38 miles; maximum gradient, 1 in 7.

Freightleader: amp /hr capacity, 376/504; gvw, 5.5 tons; payload, 50cwt; maximum speed on level, 17/18 mph; range, 20/49 miles; maximum gradient, 1 in 7.

Vans of 240 cu ft capacity and 30cwt payload have been supplied by Crompton Leyland and Smith's Electric Vehicles to the Post Office for evaluation on postal deliveries. The body in each case is equipped with parcels shelves that can be folded down to be flush with the sides, while the cab is of the walk-through type. Based on the Morrison Electricar F36/40, the Crompton Leyland vehicle is fitted with a four-speed resistance controller, The Smith's van is based on the company's Commuter Walk-Thru chassis, the control being of the parallel /series type.

Note It has been impossible to obtain details of vehicles produced by Enfield Automotive, Elm Grove, Wimbledon. London SW19. The company is currently moving from London to the Isle of Wight. A spokesman of the Electric Vehicle Association of Great Britain says that the company's only product is a commuter car, recently announced in the national Press. Makers who only produce trucks have not been included,


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