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new companies

9th January 1970, Page 59
9th January 1970
Page 59
Page 59, 9th January 1970 — new companies
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Olga's Transport Ltd. Cap.: £1.000. Dirs.: F. J. A. Cox, 20 Si. Peter's Close. Malley Hill Road, Sutton Coldfield. Warwicks, (1. V. Smith, 4 Southam Road, Hall Green, Birmingham 28. Sec.: S. H. Davis.

Paelcham Fuel Delivery Service Ltd. Cap.: £100. Dirs.: J. G. R. Tyndall. The Old Rectory. South Western. Oxon. P. C. Banting. 23 Park View, Hatch End, Mtlx. and R. R. Outing. Sec.: B. L. Collins. Reg. office: Theme House, Castle Street, High Wycombe. Bucks.

Derbyshire 'Tippers Ltd. Cap.: 15.000. Object: To carry on the business of motor bodybuilders. repairers. etc. Subs,: D. S. Hodgson and R. C. Keen. Wilee House. 82 City Road. Ed. Export Traders (Transpon and Equipment) Ltd. Cap.: £1,000. Object: 'ro carry on the business of hauliers, transport agents, carriers and cartage contractors as principals or agents. etc. Dirs.: P. E. Draper, The Plough, Potten End, Berkhamsted. Hens. H. Dahlhoff. The Forge. Studharn, Beds. S. J. Andrews and G. Whitman. Reg. office: 16,18 Church Road. Studham. Beds.

R. M. and S. Haulage Ltd. Cap.: £100. Dirs.: B. Rudkin. Breckside. Great Lane. Frisby-on-theWreake, Melton Mowbray, Leics, Rodney McKay, 122 Loughborough Rd., Thringstrine. Coalville, Leics. Sec.: G. Walne. Reg. office: 53 Regent Road. Leicester,

G. Greaves and Son Ltd. Cap.: E20.000. Object: To acquire the business of labour and haulage contractors carried an at Hull as "G. Greaves-. etc, Dirs.: G. Greaves. 62 Middleburg Street. Hull. G. B. Greases. 17 Newcomen Street, Hull. Sec.: G. B. Greaves. Reg. office: Earles Field, Victoria Dock, Hull. Staforth Transport Ltd. Cap.: £100. Object: To carry on the business of general haulage contractors, etc. Dirs.: J. Routledge, 33 Ilford Avenue, Liverpool 23. T. Routledge. 2 Fairways, Liverpool 23. Reg. office: Sandy Road, Seaforth. Liverpool 21. Sec.: T. Routledge.

Taylors Express Trailers Ltd. Cap.: f 100.-Object: To carry on the business of haulage contractors, carriers of passengers and goods. etc. Dirs.: J. T. Exton. No. 4 Council House, Kirkby Underwood. Bourne, Lincs. G. J. Taylor. Fairways. Bulby. Bourne, Lincs. Sec.: 0.3. Taylor. Reg. office: Fairways. Bunn,. Bourne, Lincs.

Motes Transport Ltd. Cap.: £2,000, Object: To carry on the the business of haulage contractors. etc. Dirs.: T. A. Robson. 47 Church Lane. Ferryhill Village, Co. Durham, T. Wigley, 8 Lincoln Street. Lecholme. Bishop Auckland. Co. Durham. Sec.: W. J. Reichmann.

F.. A. Callow (Shirley) Ltd. Cap.: £100. Object: To carry on the business of haulage contractors, etc. Subs.: L. H. Lewis and F. A. Dean, 12 Norfolk Street. WC2, Sec.: F. A. Dean. Reg, office: II Arnold Road, Shirley. Solihull.

Arden Collection Services Ltd. Cap.: .£50(). Object: To carry on the business of haulage contractors, etc. Subs.: Muriel Goldstein and B. Goldstein. 70 Finsbury Pavement, EC2. Sec.: B. Goldstein.

Rettbridge Ltd. Cap.: £100. Object: To carry on the business of haulage and transport contractors, etc. Subs.: S. H. Davis and D. Ordish, 1/3 Leonard Street. EC2. Sec.: S. H. Davis. Reg. office: 1/3 Leonard Stied, EC2.

Talgarth Haulage Ltd. Cap.: 1101 Subs.Muriel Goldstein and B. Goldstein, 70 Finsbury Pavement. EC2. Sec.: B. Goldstein.

Quarry Lane Haulage Co. Ltd. Cap.: £1,000. Dirs.: P. J. Bond. 3 Southbank. Chichester. Sussex. R. F. C. Johnston, 7 Pembroke Way, West Meads Estate. Bognor Regis. Sussex. Sec.: P. J. Bond. Reg. office: Quarry Lane, Chichester. Sussex. Wile= NUitilll Transport (Midlands) Ltd. Cap.: £i00. Object: to carry on the business of haulage contractors. etc. Subs.: P. J. A. Rainbad. solicitor's articled clerk, and ft. G. A. Youard. solicitor. 35 Basinghall Street, EC2. Solicitors: Slaughter and May. 35 Basinghall Street. EC2.

E. and H. (Transport) Ltd. Cap.: £100. Subs.: S. Feldman, 13 Clifton Gardens. N15. H. 13, Johnson. 28 Fifth Avenue, W10. Sec.: S. Feldman.

Expo Removals Ltd. Cap.: £100. Object: To can')' on the business as haulage contractors, etc. Subs.: P. F. Cumpkin and Margaret Campkin, 211 Rydal Drive, Bexley:heath, Kent. Sec.: P. F. Campkirt.

Blakey Container Superintentiants Lad. Cap.: £100. Subs.: G. A. Corderoy and M. 3. Hope. 79 Fetter Lane, EC4. Paperehase Ltd. Cap,: £100. Objects: To carry on the business of haulage contractors, etc. Dirs.: Vivian C. Wylie, 53 King Edwards Road, Barking, Essex. A. L. Miller, 68 Stamlield Road, Dagenham, Essex. E. J. Gadsdon, 41 Wentz Lane, Rainham, Essex. Reg. office: 253b Cranbrook Road. Gents Hill, Ilford.

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