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Local boys make (very) good

7th July 1967, Page 78
7th July 1967
Page 78
Page 78, 7th July 1967 — Local boys make (very) good
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NOT for the first time, Morris Motors drivers defeated the visitors almost literally on their own ground in the Oxford LDOY competition on Sunday.

Awards for the outright winner, no fewer than five class victories and several lesser prizes went to Morris men-and the contest this year was right in the heart of Cowley. The start, as is usual, was on Morris Motors ground, while the tests were carried out in the Pressed Steel Fisher Ltd. works just across the road, instead of the more familiar venue provided by Smiths Industries at Witney.

Always one of the best-run contests, the Oxford eliminator was almost a classic example of how to organize-excellence which was matched by a generally high standard of driving and pleasant weather.

Immaculately printed programmes, efficient marshalling and marking and the early distribution of Xerox copies of class results showing every mark for every driver helped to make the day go with a swing. Good catering and a nicely-timed finish rounded it off.

It was brave of the organizers to provide so much detailed information progressively throughout the day, but not a single driver felt moved to use the details as a basis of protest-as can sometimes happen!


Class A-up to 16 ft. and from 20 cwt..: I. M. J. Freeman (Morris Motors Ltd.), Morris, 47+ penalty points; 2. M. Johnson (Southern Gas Board), Morris, 561; 3. H. West (Southern Gas Board), Austin, 834.

Class B-16 to 19 ft.: 1. L. Freeman (Morris Motors Ltd.), Morris, 734; 2. R. Williams (Rank Xerox Ltd.), Bedford, 83; 3. R. Walker (G. Brazil and Co (Witney) Ltd.), Austin, 89-.

Class C-19 to 22 ft,: l. B. T. Birch (Beecham Toiletry Div.), Bedford, 32+; 2, R. Jamieson (GPO, Oxford), Corarner, 36; 3. J. Howard (Schweppes (Home) Ltd.), Bedford, 38+.

Class D-22 to 25 ft.: 1, N. Flint (Shell-Mex and BP Ltd.), Dennis, 42; 2. J. Leggett (SPD Ltd., Cardiff), Bedford, 444; 3. M. J. Talboys (Morris Motors Ltd.), Morris, 59.

Class E(1)-over 25 ft., two axles: 1. R. L. Keen (Morris Motors Ltd.), Morris, 30; 2. J. D. Nathan (Morris Motors Ltd.), Morris, 46; 3. B. A. Absoiorn (Caversham Haulage Co. Ltd.), Albion, 68+.

Class E(2)-over 25 ft., more than two axles: 1. F. G. Townsend (Shell-Mex and BP Ltd.), Albion, 40+; 2. W. Small (Shell-Mex and BP Ltd.), AEC, 544-; 3. J. Taylor (Shell-Mex and BP Ltd), Albion, 57+.

Class F(1)-fiat or sided semi-trailer with fiat or drop frame including and up to 33 ft.: 1. M. Davey (Morris Motors Ltd.), Morris, 461: 2. D. Hankinson (J. Curtis and Sons), Austin, 78; 3. R. Price (J. Curtis and Sons), Austin, 89+.

Class P(2)---box or tank semi-trailer with flat or drop frame up to and including 33 ft. train length: I. W. A. G. Lawrence (Shell-Mrs and BP Ltd.), AEC, 57; 2. W. D. Taylor (Home Counties Petroleum Products Ltd.), Bedford, 117; 3. M. J. Hatt (Regent Oil Co. Ltd.), Bedford, 184.

Class O-flat or sided semi-trailer with flat or drop frame over 33 ft. train length; 1. J. Stanhope (Rank Xerox Ltd.), Ford, 72+; 2. M. T. Gliddon (Reed Transport Ltd.), Foden, 83; 3. W. A. Hall (BRS, Oxford), AEC, 95.

Class 1-1.-box or tanker semi-trailer with flat or drop frame over 33 ft. train length: 1. D. Faulkner (Morris Motors Ltd.), Morris, 126+; 2. J. Brown (Rank Xerox Ltd.), Ford, 1924; 3. A. C. Emsden (Home Counties Petroleum Products Ltd.), AEC, 1974.

Champion Driver: D. Faulkner (Morris Motors Ltd.), Morris.

Team award: Beecham Toiletries Division, Maidenhead: A. Dyer (Bedford) 84, B. T. Birch (Bedford) 32+, A. Cummings (Bedford) 43.

Best maintained C-lie. vehicle: AEC (W. A. G. Lawrence, Shell-Mex and BP, Reading).

Best-maintained A/B-lie. vehicle: Morris (J. Mackie, GPO, Oxford).

Best artic: M. Davey (Morris Motors) Morris.

Best loaded transporter: J. D. Nathan (Morris Motors) Morris.

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