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Shell Rotella SX Oils

5th September 1975
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Page 11, 5th September 1975 — Shell Rotella SX Oils
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Picture a fleet comprising small and medium power diesels, plus Detroit diesels and petrol engines. On stopstart operations, in and around town. With some motorway work thrown in for good measure.

This would be a perfect case for Shell Rotella SX Oils, the lubricants with the exclusive anti-soot protection.

*Unique anti-thickening additive guards against combustion soot build-up and possible thixotropic effects in small high speed diesels.

* Effective lubrication maintained on start-up, even with high insolubles levels.

* Excellent dispersanc-y, oxidation stability and corrosion protection.

* Low wear rates, even under fairly severe operating conditions.

*Shear-stable 20W 40 multigrade version gives sustained lubricatior performance, with fewer oil changes.

* Single viscosities also available.

Shell Rotella SX Oils beat the problem of running small diesels in dirt-laden urban atmospheres. And the stay-in-grade multi-viscosity variant makes life simpler still.

Trust Shell to deliver the goods.


Locations: Detroit

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