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SUFFOLK IRON FOUNDRY (1920) LTD. Sif bronze Works, Stowmarket, Suffolk.

5th March 1965, Page 78
5th March 1965
Page 78
Page 78, 5th March 1965 — SUFFOLK IRON FOUNDRY (1920) LTD. Sif bronze Works, Stowmarket, Suffolk.
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A NOTHER company very well known in ri welding and brazing. Suffolk Iron Foundry. markets welding and cutting blowpipes, welding accessories and a wide range of welding rods and fluxes. Only oxyacetylene welding is covered.

A welding blowpipe for light-gauge steel

welding is the Demon light-duty model, which is suitable for thicknesses up to 0-1875 in. It is supplied as a kit with five interchangeable nozzles complete in a box with full instructions. Also supplied as a kit is the Demon general-duty model, which gives a range from light-gauge metals up to the heaviest castings. Ten nozzles are supplied, suitable for welding up to 1-5-in.-thick metal. Double Duty Demon is the name given to an oxy-acetylene blowpipe which can be used for both welding and cutting. Only the nozzle needs to be changed and the torch will weld up to 0.25 in. thick and cut up to 2 in. thick. The Double Duty Demon blowpipe is included in the SIF-Kit, which is a complete welding and cutting outfit particularly suitable for use in vehicle work

shops and, apart from the torch, includes oxygen and acetylene regulators, two 15-ft. lengths of hose, goggles and a cylinder key and spanner.

For shops where a wide range of work has to be undertaken the company offers the Two-in-One Pack, which consists of welding and cutting blowpipes and full ranges of nozzles for both welding and cutting.

Also marketed by Suffolk Iron Foundry is the SIF/Griesheim Blitz range of equipment: included in this is a kit covering both welding and cutting requirements—welding up to 0.1875 in. and cutting up to 8 in. As with the Demon models, the blow torch and fittings and nozzles are supplied in a steel box.

SIF welding rods and fluxes cover all metals and, in addition to products for gas welding, rods for the inert-gas arc-welding process are made. These include Sifmig aluminium wire for M1G arc welding. •


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