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Men in t he News

4th April 1952, Page 32
4th April 1952
Page 32
Page 32, 4th April 1952 — Men in t he News
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Sta. BERNARD DOCKER, K.B.E., has been elected president of the Motor and Cycle Trades Benevolent Fund.

MR. I. W. Davws, a director of the Speke factory of the Dunlop Rubber , Co., Ltd., has retired after 54 years' service.

MR. A. G. JORDAN has been elected a director of General and Industrial Paints, Ltd., and appointed asSistant managing director.

MR. W. L. JONES has been appointed Scottish branch manager of the Regent Oil Co., Ltd. He was formerly sides promotion superintendent.

MR. K. GRAY, assistant traffic manager of London Coastal Coaches, Ltd., is resigning because of ill-health, He has been with the company for 20 years.

MR. L. C. KITCHENER has been appointed general manager of Asso ciated Coachbuilders, Ltd. He was formerly with the Plaxton and Burlingham companies.

MR. H. SCOTT HALL (S.T.R. of "The Commercial Motor ") is undergoing an operation in a London hospital, and it may be necessary .to suspend publication of his weekly • article for a short time.

MR. J. S. MAeLAY, Minister of Transport, and LORD WOOMON, President of the Council and immediate past president of the National Road Transport Federation, are to attend the Traders' Road Transtxm Association's annual dinner on April 22.

MR. FRANK WOOLLEY, formerly sales .manager of Parrs (Leicester), Ltd., has been appointed to the, board of Trucks and Transport Equipment, Ltd., Johannesburg, which he joined as technical sales manager three years ago. The company is the Smith African distributor of "E.R.F. goods vehicles, Dyson trailers and Guy Arab passenger chassis.

MR. P. J. R. TAPP, chairman of the Meat Transport Organization, Ltd., and a part-time member of the Road Haulage Executive, and Mg. S. KENNEDY, chairman of the Tilling group management board and a part-time member of the Road, Passenger Executive, have been elected vice-presidents of the Institute of Tianspoit far 1952-53. Other vice-presidents are SIR GILMOUR JENKINS, secretary of the Ministry of Transport, MR. F. D. AttNEy, general manager of the Port of Bristol Authority, MR. S. W. S. BRANCKER, general manager (international affairs) of British Overseas Airways Corporation, and MR. H. A. SHORT, chief officer of the north-eastern region of British Railways. MR. A. L. CAS-rte.MAN has been elected honorary treasurer and MR. A. B. McLEou honorary librarian.

A30 MR. R. W. NIELD, West Midland Area organizer of the Road Haulage Association, is to retire.

MR. F. I. CONNOLLY, fsfit.. S., P. BURMAN and MR. G. It. wiLicox have

been appointed directors". of Joseph

. Lucas Industries, Ltd.

• MR. RALPH CROPPER, M.Sc. (EcoNA, transport consultant, has been elected to the executive council of Croydon chamber of commerce.

SIR ALFRED FAULKNER, C.B., C.B.E., was, last week, unanimously elected president of the Mansion House Association on Transport, in succession to the late MR. W. H. GAUNT.

MR. HENRY SPURRIER, managing director of Leyland Motors, Ltd., is on his way to Salisbury, Southern • Rhodesia, where a new branch Of the company has been established.

SIR DAVID R. FYE, C.B., M.A., has become president of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. In the automobile diViSi011, MR. I.. GitiFtatns has become chairman of the Coventry centre, MR. F. H. KIDD chairman of the western centre, and PROF. W. A. TUPLIN chairman of the north-eastern centre.

• MR. S. S. Guy, chairman and managing director of Guy Motors,, is in Brazil studying export • " potentialities. He left England for South Africa in January and decided to extend his-tour to include The principal Latin American countries because of their increasing importance as markets for British corn-mercial vehicles. Cia Anto Lux, of Brazil, has recently "ordered -30Guy Arab single-deckers.

MR. E. YOLNG, transport manager of Hadtields (Merton). Ltd., has been elected chairman of the London branch of the Industrial Transport Association. MR, C. A. atiorr, transport manager. of J. Lyons and Co., Ltd., and MR. A. W. FERGUSON, transport manager of•Glover. and Main, Ltd., have become

vice-chairmen. Ma. P. THORP, of the United Glass Bottle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is honorary secretary. .


DEC1SIQN was reserved last .week by Lithe Special Commissioners who heard three appeals against the levying of balancing charges on haulage businesses acquired by the Road Haulage Executive. As reported in "The Commercial Motor" ori March. 21, the

appellants (Messrs. J. Atkin and Sons, Brarnfords Road Transport, Ltd., and Samuel Cusick, Ltd.) were supported by the Road Haulage Association.

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