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Men in the News

29th January 1960
Page 34
Page 34, 29th January 1960 — Men in the News
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MR. GUY SCOTTORN has been appointed chairman and managing director of Scottorn, Ltd.

SIR GILES GUTHRIE has become deputy chairman of North Central Wagon and

Finance Co., Ltd. .

MR. W. P. YANESKE, chief engineer of Toledo Woodhead Springs:Ltd., has been appointed technical director.

MR. C. C. CATFORD has been appointed Tooting district manager of the India Tyre and Rubber Co., Ltd. MR. E. BOOTH represents Middlesex.

MR. C. W. EATON becomes senior sales engineer of the commercial trailer division of Roden Trailers, Ltd., on Monday. He has been senior sales engineer of Eaton Axles, Ltd., since 1955.

MR. J. E M. ROBERTS, director of training and education of the British Transport Commission, has been elected to the council of the Institute of Transport to fill the vacancy left by the late MR. F. GRUNDY.

MR. R. M. GEDDES, managing director, Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd., will be the speaker at an informal luncheon of the Institute of Transport at the Connaught Rooms, Great Queen Street, London, W.C.2, on Tuesday, February 2.

MR. NORMAN H. COOPER, managing director of the Liverpool Warehousing Co., Ltd., and their subsidiaries, Sandon Motor and Engineering Co., Ltd., and William Harper and Sons. Ltd., has been appointed deputy chairman of the group.

Miss P. D. BRIDGE, for many years secretary of the Blackburn Sub-area of the Road Haulage Association, has reached-retiring age. The sub-area office in Railway Road, Blackburn, will be closed after March 31. Other arrangements are under consideration.

MR. G. D. ROBINSON, formerly chief engineer, has been appointed engineering director of A.E.C., Ltd. He is succeeded by MR. R. A. FRYARS. MR. L. H. SEWELL has been appointed works director, and his former position as works manager ha5 been filled by MR. A. D. FOGG. MR. K. W. Sims has been appointed export promotion manager of C. C. Wakefield and Co., Ltd.

MR. A. J. Piuttaes has been appointed executive director of the Marston Motor Co., Ltd., and their associated companies.

DR. J. W. ARMIT has transferred from the North Eastern Area Board to the Scottish Area Board of the British Transport Commission.

MR. S. WEBBER has been appointed manager of the newly established motortrades-systems advisory service of the National Cash Rtgister Co., Ltd.

MR. G. J. L. MAGRAW has been appointed joint managing director of K.J. Motors, Ltd., with MR. 0. WILSON-JONES, who is also chairman of the company.

MR. S. H, WATSON, formerly Commercial manager of the engineering division of Mann Egerton and Co., Ltd., has retired after 48 years with the company.

MR. F. W. KNIGHT has been appointed general sales manager of Taskers of Andover (1932), Ltd., in succession, to MR. C. A. LAWRENCE who has retired because of ill health. Re had previotisly been connected with I4ands (Letchworth), Ltd., and the Triangle Motor Co., Ltd.

MR. GERALD LACEY, commercial director of the British Aluminium Co., Ltd., will become executive director of forward planning when the resources of the company and Reynolds T.I. Aluminium. Ltd., are merged on February 1. MR. G. A. ANDERSON, director and general sales manager of British Aluminium, is to be appointed director of products and development. MR. BASIL JAMES, chief sales executive of Reynolds, will become director of sales, and MR. J. 'SALTER. director and general production manager of British Aluminium, director of engineering. MR, PAUL R. MCGEHEE, chief production executive of Reynolds, will be appointed production director of manufactured pr od uct s, and Ma. W. B. C. PERRYCOSTE, director and general production manager of British Aluminium, director of production (primary products). • MR. SIDNEY TINDALF, has been appointed general manager (marketing) of the National Benzole Co., Ltd.

MR. H. B. ELLiorr, service manager of A.E.C., Ltd., will in future control both the spares and service departments.

MR. A. S. BisHop, who retires from the chairmanship of the Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Co., Ltd., at the end of the month, has been elected to the board of Caffyns, Ltd., Eastbourne, MR. G. T. ROBERTS has been elected chairman of the new Colwyn Sub-area of the North Western (Weskrn) Area of the Road Haulage Association. MR. W. COOPER is vice-chairman and MR. HADYN ROBERTS secretary.

M. A. R. PATTON, eastern divisional manager of Shell-Mex and B.P., Ltd., has been appointed manager of the retail marketing department at the company's head office. He is succeeded by MR. B. A. NOLAN. formerly operations manager of Irish Shell, Ltd.

MR. J. W. PHILLIPS, advertising director of the Lucas organization', and director of Joseph Lucas (Cycle Accessories), Ltd., has retired after 40 years' service. He will continue in a consultative capacity until March 31. MR. H. C. NEVILLE has been appointed advertising. and publicity manager of Joseph Lucas, Ltd. MR. C. HAWKER becomes display manager, and Ma. B. H. MAYES publications manager.

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