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A Larger Edition of • The James Handyvan

28th December 1934
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Page 44, 28th December 1934 — A Larger Edition of • The James Handyvan
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A Three-wheeled Model with a Capacity of 100 cubic ft., Costing £125 as a Complete Vehicle. Increased Wheelbase Length and Sturdier Construction

rCONOMICAL road transport is, to i I day, the backbone of all successful business enterprise—a fact which is responsible for the large number of vehicles of all classes which is offered for sale at really low prices. Particularly attractive are the small vans of under 20-cwt. payload capacity, for they enable retail traders, among others, to enjoy the benefits accruing from low costs for the rapid transport of small packages.

The subject of this article—a 12-cwt. van produced by the James Cycle Co., Ltd., Greet, Birmingham, is a typical example of the modern trend in this direction, for, although of relatively compach, overall dimensions, a capacity of 100 cubic ft. is provided for a capital outlay of £125. Furthermore, running costs are proportionately low, the annual tax being but £10, whilst a fuel consumption varying between at least 25 m.p.g. and 30 m.p.g. should be obtained, even on short journeys.

The new van is a development of the 8-cwt. model which has been in pro.

n34 duction for some time. The power unit, and, indeed, many parts of the chassis are similar to the original model, but the new vehicle is of much sturdier construction in order that the additional 4 cwt. of load may be carried in safety.. The wheelbase also is 1 ft. longer than that of the 8-cwt. model; this has resulted in an increase in pay-load space of 30 cubic ft.—a considerable item. The actual wheelbase dimension is 7 ft. 4 ins., and the track of the rear wheels 2 ft. 10 ins., whilst the overall length of 11 ft. 10 ins. conforms. with all regulations, yet allows the container to he 6 It. 2 ins. long by 4 ft. high and 4 ft. wide. .

The driver sits in a separate compartment in front of the container proper, and as the cab is fitted with a wide door on each side ample facility is offered for delivering goods from either side—an important feature when operations are . carried out in crowded thoroughfares.

Like the .3-cwt. type, the driving compartment is totally enclosed by a windscreen and the side screens of the

doors. The driver sits athwart the transmission line, with a centrally disposed wheel coupled to a spring-fork type of steering head by a short ball-jointed link.

In passing, it may be remarked that the single front wheel allows remarkable facility in mancevring, as is evinced by the fact that the turning circle is no more than 19 ft. in diameter. In .consequence, the vehicle can be turned around in one lock on almost any road likely to be encountered in this country.

The engine is an air-cooled with the Cylinders set at an angle of 60 degrees, the bore and stroke being 3;5.7 mm. and 95 mm. respectively ;. 20 b.b.p. is developed at 2,500 r.p.m. Side-by-side valves apositively driven

oil pump -which lubricates the power Unit automatically and a Solex SelfStarting carburetter, controlled by a pedal, are features. From the flywheel, a single-plate clutch drives, through a three-Speed gearbox (built integrally with the engine) and an open fabricjointed propeller shaft to a spiral-bevel ' rear axle on semi-elliptic springs.

Built up mainly of channels, the frame is thoroughly well .braced, the steering head being carried on a trussed girder supported by the side-members which are .up-turned at the front and reinforced by slopinglongitudinals braced to the chassis amidships. There. are no fewer than three channel-section cross-Members and one L-section member (at the front), the whole structure being well flitched to avoid local stresshig.

Turning now to a consideration of the body, the framing is constructed of hardwood with reinforcing flitches at various places to give additional strength to heavily loaded points in the structure. Except for the wheel

arches, the floor is perfectly flat and is of substantial construction, so that a heavy concentrated load can be carried if occasion demands. At the rear is a pair of doors which opens to the full width of the container, a single handle shooting bolts at the top and the bottom to retain both doors in position ; a Yale lock is provided in addition to the handle.

The body itself is panelled in steel and is tastefully finished in blue or maroon; special colours can be obtained, but this involves a slight extra charge. The equinment is comprehensive, including a spare wheel complete with cover and tube. .A hardwood floor is installed in the driver's cab, whilst the electrical equipment includes a starter and a screen wiper ; in addition the windscreen is of safety glass.


Organisations: Yale
Locations: Birmingham

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