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SPECIALIZATIGIN The Theme in Bodywork

26th September 1958
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Page 194, 26th September 1958 — SPECIALIZATIGIN The Theme in Bodywork
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SPECIALIZATION, which is daily becoming increasingly evident in road transport, is clearly reflected in the exhibits shown by the body

builders at Earls Court. So far as coachwork is concerned, the day of improvisation is past: today there is no difficulty in matching the right chassis with the right body for specific purposes.

The bodybuilders alone display more than 160 complete vehicles, the great majority of which has been built to customers' requirements for special work. There are dozens of vans produced for particular trades, tippers for every type of mineral, tankers for fluids ranging from milk to methanol, and vehicles to carry from 12 to 78 passengers.

Other examples of the coachbuilder's craft are to be seen on the stands of the chassis manufacturers (pages 296309), and the practical man will not omit a visit to the demonstration park (pages 333-334).


ANDREWS Stand 132 Andrews Brothers (Bristol), Ltd., Regent Street, Liverpool, 3

A STAINLESS-STEEL tanker of 3,300-gal, ..ricapacity, intended for wine and cider, is shown in the house colours of Whiteway, Ltd. The three compartments are of 400-, 1,400and 1,500-gal. capacity, from front

to rear. Each has a manhole of 18 in. diameter and the outlet arrangements are through stainless-steel tubes and valves.

The interior of the vessel is dull polished and the exterior has 2-in, insulation, skinned in polished aluminium. The exhibit has been built to the order of Bulwark Transport, Ltd., on an Albion chassis.

ANTHONY Stand 41 Anthony Hoists, Ltd., Braintree Road, South Ruislip, Middx.

MITE 14+-cu.-yd. tipper shown on the -L 14-ft. 9-in. Albion Caledonian chassis is of entirely new design.. It has a compound cam-type hydraulic hoist with built-in stabilizer and an all-welded alloy body. The double-extension ram operates through a linkage arranged to provide lifting thrust from the cylinder in the horizontal position and at the same time to contribute to

MO stability in lifting. The body weighs 121 cwt.

Other types of Anthony hoist are shown on a Thames Trader with 6-cu.-yd. fixedsided steel body, on a Dodge 6-tonnes and a Thomycroft Swiftsure 11-ft.-wheelbase chassis. The Thames version has a single telescopic slant-type underbody hoist and both the Dodge and Thomycraft have pipeless hoists.


Appley-ard of Leeds, Ltd., North Street, Leeds, 7 WERSATILITY is the keynote of the V Capacity van, based on a Morris .12 chassis with cab. It is available with' modifications to suit many needs, as, for example,

in the bakery trade, or equipped as a mobile shop.

Exterior panelling is of sheet steel, over a frame of hardwood. The double doors at the rear swing back to clip on the body sides. Interior dimensions are: Width, 5 ft. 7 in.; length, 9 ft.; height, 5 ft. 5 in.

ARLINGTON Stood 30 Arlington Bodybuilders, Ltd., High Road, Ponders End, Middx.

THE company are showing three distinctive examples of their coachwork on Albion Chieftain, Maudslay Mercury and SRI Bedford chassis. The Albion is displayed with a light double-drop-sided platform body in which aluminium-alloy extrusions are used extensively. Light-alloy channel runners are insulated from the chassis by hardwood packing. Drop sides and tailboard are of extruded -planking,

The Maudslay has an Arlington composite cab and box body on a wheelbase of 17 ft. 3 in. The cab has a two-piece wrapround windscreen and a plastics roof with hinged ventilator in the centre. The body is framed and floored in hardwood and has a wooden-roller rear shutter and light-alloy tailboard. The roof is panelled with resinbonded plywood under Perfecto sheet, with a glass-fibre centre section, A capacity of 1,740 cu. ft. is offered by the Arlington Coronet Mk.. III light-alloy pantechnicon body on the Bedford chassis. It is framed in aluminium extruded sections and sheet, with softwood floor.

AUTOLIFTS ' Stand 115 Autolifts and Engineering Co., Ltd., Highfield Road, Blackburn THE company's twin front-ram tipping

gear and a 12-cu.-yd. alloy body arc shoWn on an Atkinson chassis. The composite steel and glass-fibre cab will be noted. A 6-cu.-yd. all-steel drop-sided tipper with MALI front-ram gear is seen on a Comma chassis and a Dodge displays an all-steel 7-cu.-yd. body.

BAWN • Stand 133

W. B. Bawri and Co., Ltd., Blackhorse Lane, London, E.17 -L'XHIBITS include an 1,800-gal. tank, -Ed designed for the haulage of burning oils, on a Commer medium-wheelbase chassis. The three-Compartment tank has manifold and flexible hose connections, arranged to allow the pump to be used both for filling and emptying. A hulk grain transporter on a Taskers trailer is also shown.

B.L.S.P. Stand 110

British Light Steel Pressings, Ltd., Warple Way, London, W.3 THE cab shown on a Karrier Bantam forward-control 2-3-ton chassis is of allsteel construction. and has an effective width of 5 ft. tin. The driver has a well-upholstered

bucket seat and two passengers can be carried. The 35-in, doors are hinged at the front and the engine cover has a quick-release top.

Deep rear and corner lights are features of the cab shown on the Karrier Gamecock 3-4-ton chassis. The one-piece windscreen provides panoramic vision and is swept by dual wipers. The driver's seat has a wide range of adjustment and there is plenty of headroom.

BONALLACK Stand 26 Bonallack and Sons, Ltd., Nevendon Works, Basildon, Essex

QPEC1ALISTS in metal bodywork, Banal

lack are showing a seven-compartment 4,000-gal. spirit tank on an A.E.C. Mammoth Major of I8-ft. 94-in.-wheelbase. The elliptical tank has dished internal bulkheads, with flanged rings welded on the perimeter of the convex face to eliminate the cavity against the tank wall.

A blown-discharge bulk container with a capacity of 260 Cu: ft. is shown with a lightalloy tipping body on a Dodge chassis. Telehoist tipping gear is provided and a Wellworthy Ricardo blower discharges 8 tons of cement to a height of 60 ft. in 20 minutes.

A l0-cu,-yd. light-alloy drop-sided tipping body is exhibited on a new Guy Invincible, and a Thornycroft Swiftsure is shown with a light-alloy van body with glass-fibre roof panel. A light-alloy triple drop-sided truck body, on a Hands semi-trailer chassis, is also shown. The sides are double-skinned and the floor is of Dekaloy interlocking extruded planking. BOWYER Stand 128

Bowyer Brothers (Congleton), Ltd., West Heath, Congleton, Cheshire 1-wo cabs built entirely in reinforced glass-fibre on Thornycroft Trusty eightwheeled and Thornycroft Swiftsure chassis respectively arc the main features here. The doors are of double-skin form, and the entire front end of the Trusty version is readily detachable for maintenance.

A light-alloy cab is shown on a Guy Formidable chassis and the display is completed by a I5-cu.-yd. tipper on a Foden. The construction is in light-alloy and the sides are hinged and 'detaeliable. Pilot tipping gear is used.

BRIGGS Stand 24 Briggs Motor Bodies, Ltd., Chequers Lane, Dagenham, Essex

REPRESENTATIVE examples of coachwork on a variety of Thames chassis include a 5-cwt. van, with 66f-cu.-ft. .loading capacity and 34f-ft. turning circle. Chassis and cab components of the 10-12-cwt., model are shown in various forms, together with the ladder-type frame.

A Trader forward-control 5-tonner of 12-ft. 8-in. wheelbase is displayed. with 15-ft. 6-in. body. There is also a 5-cu.-yd. drop-sided tipper on the 9-ft, wheelbase chassis, with two%speed rear axle, It is available, with rectangular drop sides or U-shaped fixed BROMILOW AND EDWARDS Stand 33 Bromilow and Edwards, Ltd., 264 Goldhawk. Road, London, Vi;.12

HERE can be seen Edbro-B. and E. tipping equipment on Albion. A.E.C., Dennis and Scammell chassis. On the ANoti

8-it. 6-in, wheelbase forward-control chassis an all-steel three-way tipping body is shown with twin underslung rams and cab control. • The load capacity of the gear is 7-8-tons and the body dimensions are 17 it. 4 in. by 7 ft. 6 in.

An A.E.C.Mammoth Major sixwheeler is shown with an all-steel electrically welded 10-cu.-yd. dumper body. The dumper gear is of twin underbody triple extension type mounted in a sub-frame. The body tips to 70° and discharges its load in 15 sec., returning in approximately 14 sec. Hydraulic pressure is applied through an Edbro 12-cylindered awash-plate positive piston pump and the control valve gives four positions.

A Dennis Pax It 5-ton taildoor loader with drop-sided body and a Scammell Scarab with tipping semi-trailer are also shown. The Scammell. with vertical front ram and quickly detachable non-spill coupling, has a load -capacity of 71 tons. The 4f-Cii-yd. wooden body has detachable drop-hinged panelled sides and .detachable tailboard.


• W. P. Botterheld, Ltd.,

P.O. Box No. 38, Shipley, Yoths THREE tankers, for fuel oil, concentrated

ainmoniacal liquor and milk appear in company with an insulated tank section on Dyson air-suspension single-axle gear.

The oil dispenser is of 1,200-gal, capacity and is. mounted DII a Bedford D.51_. fourwheeled chassis. The elliptical tank has four compartments, each of which has Errico manhole and pressure and vacuum valves. :The outlet pipes are manifolded into a Valley self-priming rotary pump, driven directly from the chassis power 'take-off.'' The 1 The stainless-steel ammonia tank is mounted on Scammell undergear and motive unit. The capacity is 3,250 gal. and discharge is by air pressure from a radial compressor driven from the tractor power take-off.

A milk bulk collection tank of 1,750-gal, capacity is exhibited on an Albion Clydesdale chassis, It is made of stainless steel with dull polished internal finish, and insulated with 2 in. Onazote and a vapour-sealed outer casing of aluminium. The Howard 2+-in. positive rotary pump has a capacity of 5.000 g.p.h.

CARBODIES Stand 34 Carbodies, Ltd., Holyhead Road, Coventry

OF majorinterest here is the newly approved taxi for London, designated the Austin FX4. The body is 4 in. _longer overall than in the current types. Although wheelbase and width are unaltered, the taxi creates the impression of being much larger than its predecessors.

The rear seat accommodates three passengers, there are two folding seats behind the driver, and the driver himself is housed in much greater comfort. The window area is much enlarged and the transmission tunnel , has been eliminated. Borg-Warner automatic transmission is a standard component.

CARMICHAEL Stand 122 Carmichael and Sons (Worcester), Ltd., The Butts, Worcester

-DOMES as widely differing as a bulk L./powder cement tipper. a cattle truck and an insulated meat van are shown by Carmichael. The tipping body is based on a Leyland Comet 7-ton short-wheelbase chassis. It is a 9-ton aluminium tubular tank mounted on a steel sub-frame carrying Edbro hydraulic tipping gear. During discharge the tank be brought to 30° and the contents ejected with the aid of a blower working at 10 p.s.i. and driven from the power take-off.

The cattle truck is based on a Commer 7-ton long-wheelbase chassis. Largely of mahogany construction, the body has a glassfibre roof.

A Karricr Bantam chassis of

11-ft. 9-in, wheelbase has been selected to demonstrate the meat-van design. This is of hardwood construction with Polystyrene 2-in. slab insulation. Exterior panelling is in aluminium, with matchboarding. and zinc panels inside. The rear entrance comprises two full-length insulated doors, rubberscaled.

COCKER Stand 80

James Cocker and Sons (Southport), Ltd., Meols Cop Road, Southport, Lancs A DYSON 12-ton semi-trailer is seen with -471 a full pallet body which is suitable for side or rear loading or three-way loading. It can also be used, of course, for bulk loading. The van capacity is nearly 1,600 cu. ft. and etalleted lots of cartons can be loaded in 16 minutes.

Cockers are also exhibiting an Austin 3-ton semi-Luton van of 1,000-cu.-ft. capacity. This has a reinforced plastics roof and wrap-round windscreen. The finish is in synthetic enamel.

COUNTY Stand 111 County Commercial Cars, Ltd., Fleet, Aldershot, Hants

ir WO versions of the Litex Mark IV insulated body are shown. The conversion on the Thames Trader 7-ton 6 x 2 chassis F42 is to the requirements of A. E. Fisher Ltd., Luton, for use in their fully • mechanized wholesale meat store.

The roof rail system is designed to correspond with the store rails to facilitate loading and unloading of meat. The split frame structure avoids metal-to-metal contact betwea inner wall and outer skin to maintain full insulation.

On an Albion Reiver chassis with cab, a dual-purpose insulated and refrigerated body has been built. The optional refrigeration equipment can be removed, complete with its Luton housing. The bulkhead of the container is then made good by an insulated partition with Cardice container ventilators.

COVENTRY Stand 125 Coventry Steel Caravans, Ltd., Newport Pagnell, Bucks

THE new Liteline trailer unit, shown in shell form, is of attractive and unusual design. Stressed-skin construction, without conventional frame or chassis, is used in conjunction with independent suspension. The body panels are aluminium, with inside panelling in resin-bonded plywood. The cavity walls are insulated with tissuc,faced glass-fibre. The suspension is carried on the centre spine of the flooring and consists of triangulated arms with double-helical springs.

Also of "contemporary "form, the Nuline trailer, exhibited as a drawing office, is constructed in aluminium sheet. The interior panels are in resin-bonded plywood carried in an extruded p.v.c. section that provides insulation.

A Coventry Knight unit is equipped as a mobile hank. Interior appointments include fluorescent lighting, counter, clerk's desk, wardrobe and settee.

C UN AR D Stand 52 Cunard Commercial Body Building Co., Abbeydale Road, Wembley, Middx

A DE LUXE van body of composite construction is shown on a Morris 5-cwt. chassis-cab. The frame is of hardwood, with aluminium panelling.

A well-equipped insulated van body is exhibited on a Morris L.D.2 chassis. The construction is of hardwood and aluminium panels. Insulation is by Isoflex.

A Morris 2-3-ton forward-control chassis demonstrates a composite-construction Van body for general goods. A half-sliding partition is placed behind the driver and the rear has a full-length spring-loaded roller shutter. DARHAM Stand 130 Darham Industries (London), Ltd., 13 Victoria Street, London, S.W.1 THREE road tankers of new design have -Ibeen selected for display. The smallest, of 2,500-gal, capacity, is mounted on a Leyland Super Comet chassis and is for petroleum products. The tank, with five compartments, is fabricated from aluminium and is supported on mild-steel cradles, . Aluminium is used also for the 2+-in: pipeline, the central walkway, ladder and forward platform.

The two larger tanks are of 4,000-gal. capacity and are exhibited on an A.E.C. Mammoth Major chassis and Scammell Highwayman motive unit. The Highwayman articulated tanker, for petroleum spirit, is mounted on Dyson Aeroride air suspension. Each of the five compartments has an 181-in. aluminium man-hole cover and 2+-in, outlet faucets and manifold. The inside of the tank is shotblasted and lined with Epikote. The pipelines are tinned.

The multi-purpose tank on the A.E.C. is of all-steel construction add discharges through oval pipelines with an equivalent diameter of 5 in. Discharge is by gravity, but a Stothert and Pitt pump is available for products other than petroleum spirit.

DURAM1N Stand 108 Duramin Engineering Co., Ltd., Stone field Way, Ruislip, Middx

ALICHT-ALLOY 17-cu.-yd. tipping body, of a type which has been giving satisfactory service under arduous conditions for some 10 years, is shown on an A.E.C. Mammoth Major eight-wheeler. The body is 17 ft. 6 in. long, 6 ft. 10 in. wide and 4 ft. 10 in. high. It is supported on a 9-in, duralumin channel tipping sub-frame.

A 124-cu.-yd, tipper is also shown, the chassis being a Maudslay Mercury.

A 1,000-cu.-ft, combined body and cab on an Albion Claymore is shown alongside a platform body on the Foden eight-wheeled chassis. The platform body embodies heavyduty Duraplank flooring. The exhibitors also show a 10-ton Duramin container of a type used for ferry traffic. This is completely weatherproof. EDWA1RDS Stand 31 Edwards Brothers (Tippers), Ltd.. 264 Goldhawk Road, Loudon, W.12

FOUR vehiclos incorporating various applications of Edbro-B. and E. tipping gear are seen here. A Commer 7-tanner demonstrates the hydraulic slant-type underbody gear with combined ram and tank assembly. The load capacity of the rectangular all-steel

body is 7-8 tons (6 cu. yd.). A Karrier Gamecock shows the high-lift elevating mechanism built into the chassis sub-frame. The scissors action gives a height of 10-ft. ltt in. when raised.

A 14-15-ton tipping gear with twin underslung rams is shown on an E.R.F. 14-ft. 7-in.wheelbase chassis. The end-tipping body is Of steel and wood construction and has detachable binged sides lined with alloy sheet. A twin vertical ram is used on a Dodge chassis-cab unit. The gear has a 10-12i-ton capacity. The end-tipping body is of wood with a steel recessed front and cab protection board.

GARNER Stand 109 Garner Motors, Ltd., North Acton Road, London, N.W.10

A BAKERY van of welded-steel frame, ia aluminium exterior panelling and moulded glass-fibre roof and rear dome is shown on a Thames 15-cwt. chassis. Weather protection for customers and salesman is provided by a spring-assisted hinged flap at the rear. The confectionery compartment is located on the near-side front of the body and has a sliding door. Bakery trays are carried on aluminium racks.

A Garner double-skin pick-up body is shown, without chassis, on a special mounting. The skins. of 20g. and 18g. steel, are welded and riveted to form a box section. The double-skin construction is -extended to the drop tailboard. Interior dimensions are 7 ft. 44 in. long, 5 ft. wide and 20• in. "high.

The wooden drop-sided builders' truck body is shown similarly mounted. It is available from stock and can be assembled in 90 minutes. The underframe is of 14-in. hardwood and the drop tailboard and floor ing are softwood.

HOMALLOY Stand 54 Holmes (Preston), Ltd., Blackpool Road, Preston

1LsOR the first time, the company are

exhibiting an all-plastics cab and tipping body. The chassis is a Foden and the double-skin body is cradled on Homalloy light-alloy extruded sections.

All the other vehicles on the stand embody both light-alloy and plastics members. The IMaudslay for Lincolnshire Canners. Ltd.,)

has a full-vision cab of plastics and an 18-ft. platform body of alloy extruded sections. A somewhat similar design is used for the Guy Otter to the order of Pilkington Brothers.

The Austin for Mitchells and Butlers, Ltd.. has an extruded platform body with deep corrugated sections and plastics skirting. Homalloy sections are used for the B.R.S. (Parcels) van based on a Scammell semitrailer chassis: plastics, however, are employed in the roofing. The Austin bread van, too, is of extruded sections, with plastics for the cab dome and roof.


J. H. Jennings and Son Ltd., Crewe Road, Sandhach, Cheshire -L'OUR vehicles, each designed for a specific trade, arc typical of Jennings products. The ice-cream van, on a Bedford

l0-12-cwt. chassis, is constructed With hardwood cross-bearers, pillars and rails, panelled inside and outside in aluminium. Access is provided from the cab to the interior and customers are' served through two large sliding windows on each side. Counters and cupboards are covered in Formica.

An Austin LDI chassis demonstrates the Jennings butcher's shop. There are two display windows on each side and a customer-serving area at the rear, access to which is by a sliding door. Exterior panelling is in aluminium, with plastics-faced hardboard inside. A stainless-steel meat rail is suspended from the roof.

A Karrier Bantam is shown as a general ..hop. The hardwood framework carries aluminium external panelling. Fittings include customers' sliding entrance door, large display windows, art insulated compartment and storage space.

Finally, Jennings show an oak and mahogany cattle truck-horsebox on a Thames Trader 7-ton chassis. Four horses. all facing to the front, can be carried. Both the rear and near-side ramps have patent springs and an inspection door is located at the rear. KENNINGS Stand 79 Kennings; Ltd., Gladstone Buildings, Clay Cross, Derbyshire

A N ice-cream canteen shown on a Morris JB chassis has hardwood framework, with the body front end and roof moulded in glass-fibre and the remainder of the panelling in aluminium: The van offers 6 ft. 7 in. of length behind the driver and 5 ft. 8 in. headroom_ Service windows are provided on each side and interior appointments include a cabinet for minerals and glasses, a counter and sink unit. Ventilation is by extractor vent and two interior lights are supplied.

LOCOMOTORS Stand 23 Locomotors, Ltd„ 154 Grosvenor Road, London, s.W.1

ACOMMER 5-ton chassis with cab is shown with a special refrigerated body for Neilsons (Ice Cream and Frozen Foods),

• Ltd. The insulation material is expanded polystyrene, with Bitumastic vapour seals to both interior and exterior. The panelling is in light alloy, with glass-fibre roof. The insulated storage space of 430 Cu. ft. is cooled by a Frigidaire 3 tt.p. unit with a Lister oil engine as auxiliary drive.

A dust-proof body in two-tone colourimpregnated laminated polyester glass-fibre panelling has been built for Sketchley, Ltd., dyers and cleaners. The chassis is a Morris 3-ton with a Baico 54-in. extension. The glass-fibre roof panel is set in light-alloy sections and embodies hanger rails capable of carrying 24 tons of clothing. At each side and at the rear there are dust-proof twin loading doors with rubber gaskets, closing over recessed steps.


Mann Egerton and Co., Ltd., 8 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich

HERE the emphasis is on mobile refrigera

tion. The exhibitors are showing an Austin 2-ton forward-control chassis with refrigerated box body, and a 770-cu.-ft, referigerated container.

The bodies are of composite construction and have superfreeze " doors. The van is panelled on the outside in steel, with aluminium sheet on the interior surfaces. Insulation is 4 in. thick with refrigeration by holdover plates. The compressor unit is mounted in the cab.

Similar general construction of steel exterior and aluminium interior panelling is used for the container. Refrigeration is by evaporator plates, for which the compressor is carried in a separate compartment at the front.

The company also show a twin-boom breakdown crane on a Thames 7-ton tipper chassis. Each boom is capable of lifting3 tons up to 90° from the centre-line of the vehicle.

MARSHALL Stand 121

Marshall Motor Bodies, Ltd., Airport Works, Cambridge A BOX body is exhibited on a 13-ft. 6-in.3. wheelbase Thornycroft chassis with cab.

The ash frame is reinforced with steel plates and the side panels are of Flexornetal glued to the framing. Aluminium-foil flashing excludes water from the panel edges and the roof is a glass-fibre dome.

The sales van, based on a Bedford 2-ton

long-wheelbase chassis, is notable for its natural and artificial lighting, achieved by wide glazed areas and tubular units. The insulated roofis aluminium and display boards are provided on each side of the body.

A composite-construction Luton body is displayed on an Austin chassis. External panelling is in aluminium alloy, with roller shutters on each side at the front and rear. Specially designed for biscuit delivery, the Austin 7-ton van is of composite construction. Except for the floor, it is fully insulated and has four adjustable loading bars. A door on the near side at the front gives access to a special compartment, and there are two full-height doors of narrow section at the rear.

MARSTON Stand 142 Marston Motor Co., Ltd., Seven Sisters Road, London, N.15

ABODY built on an Austin 7-ton chassis with power-assisted steering) to the requirements of the manufacturers of Britvic is seen here. Of composite construction, it has internal dimensions of 16 ft. 6 in. length, 7 ft. width and 7 ft. 3 in. height, The hardwood floor carries two sets of rollers for the handling of crates.

The roof is domed and at the rear there is provision for a Burtonwood electrically operated stacker and loader. The remainder of the rear opening is made up with roller shutters.

MULLINER Stand 36 Mulliners, Ltd., Bordesley Green Road, Birmingham, 8

A DELIVERY van and a pick-up, both of Cl 6-cwt. capacity, are shown on Standard 10 chassis. The van is of all-steel construction, with two side doors and rear freightloading doors hung on external hinges to give maximum opening. To increase the loading space, the van is normally equipped with a driver's seat only.

The rear panel of the pick-up is hinged to facilitate loading and sockets are provided for hood poles on the side rails. As in the delivery van, the spare wheel is carried on the cab floor.

NEVILLE Stand 49 G. E. Neville and Son, Ltd., FOrest Road, Mansfield, Notts

A.13EDFORD 7-ton long-wheelbase chassis is shown with a dual-purpose body, for use as a pressure-discharge bulk cement carrier on a platform lorry. The tank unit is easily removable and is mounted on a light alloy tipping platform. The load is discharged by air pressure from a blower unit driven from the gearbox power take-off.

A ferry-service container of 900-cu.-ft. capacity and designed for a 12-ton load is shown. This is constructed from rolled alloy extrusions and is fully weather-sealed.

Three tipping bodies are shown, of which the largest has a struck capacity of 28.6 cu. yd. It is seen on a Foden eight-wheeled FE 6/24 chassis, with underbody hydraulic tipping gear. A 9.5-cu.-yd. body, with aluminium-alloy sub-frame, is shown on a Thornycroft Mastiff, and a 9-cu.-yd. tipper, with Pilot underbody gear, appears on a Guy.

OLDLAN D Stand 145

Oldland Motor Body Builders, Ltd., Oldland Common, Near Bristol OOACHBUILDING in the traditional materials of the craft is shown on this stand. Oldland have chosen the Guy Otter chassis to display their 650-cu.-ft. refrigerator van and 1,200-cu.-ft. Luton pantechnicon. A trailer with Maudslay tractive unit is also shown.

PILOT Stand 116 Pilot Works, Ltd., Manchester Road, Bolton

40DEL H.20 high-speed dumper gear, ILL shown with a 12-cu.-yd. all-steel body, on an Atkinson six-wheeler, is making its first public appearance. It gives a tipping angle of 72° and has four control positions. On a Foden FE6/24 chassis the F.9 tipping Lear is mounted on the outside of the frame. The light-alloy body of 24-cu.-yd. capacity is tapered and is intended for chemicals.

An 18-ton twin-ram underbody gear and 23-cu.-yd. light-alloy end-tipping body are shown on an Albion Chieftain chassis, The body has a new stabilizer to prevent body sway over uneven ground. A 10-cu.-yd. U-shaped body lifted by 10-ton rams is seen on an A.E.C. Mercury and a 6-cu.-yd. U-shaped body with 8-ton twin-ram gear is shown on a Seddon chassis. REALL Stand 77 Reall Coachbuilders, Ltd., 470-474 Bath

Road, appenham, Slough THREE widely differing types ofcoach.1 work indicate something of the versatility of the exhibitors. The largest exhibit is a 27-ft. 6-in.-long three-floor van body on a Dyson low-loading semi-trailer. It is of ash and steel construction. Exterior panelling is in aluminium-faced plywood, with translucent plastics panels in the roof.

Also shown is an insulated meat van on a Karrier Bantam 10-ft. 2-in.-wheelbase chassis. This is of composite construction, with Fibreglass insulation throughout. The• interior is lined with zinc-coated steel sheet on sides and front, with aluminium roof lining.

Finally, an attractive milk-float is displayed on the Morris J2 chassis. The body has open sides, level floor and centre pulley. The chequer-plate floor is attached to reinforced longitudinal steel• channels.

REYNOLDS BOUGHTON Stand 29 Reynolds Boughton Engineering Services, Ltd., Amersham Common, Bucks ffiH1S company's_ exhibit is specially developed for civil engineering, oilfield operations and so on. The basic unit is a Thames Trader 4 x 4 160-in, wheelbase chassis with cab, on which is mounted a hydraulically controlled 4-ton U-frame body and winching equipment. The all-steel platform is electrically welded, at the front of which a 15,000-lb. power winch is located directly on the frame.

The two-speed and reverse drive is taken from a power take-off. The U-frame has two heavy-duty hydraulic rams controlling the movement from a 6-ft. overhang position.

ROBSON Stand 124 Wm. and Thos. Robson, Ltd. 60 Farringdon Road, London, E.C.1 TWO attractive and practical bodies, on -I2-ton Guy Wolf and Thornycroft Swiftsure chassis respectively, are on view. The Guy is a van, panelled outside in aluminium, with plywood interior. Dimensions overall are: Length, 18 ft. 6 in.; width, 6 ft. 9 in.; height. 9 ft.

On the Thornycroft 13-ft. 6-in.-wheelbase chassis Robson have built a Luton body 22 ft. 6 in. long overall and 10 ft. 9 in. high. Exterior panelling is in aluminium-faced plywood and aluminium. The interior has

t flush-fitting floor and panelling closeDoarded to the waist line, with slats above. The Luton compartment has a sloped V-front and the centre section kif the roof is A translucent glass-fibre panelling.

iCAMMELL AND NEPHEW Stand 119 G. Scanitnell and Nephew, Ltd., Fashion Street, London, E.1

A LARGE-CAPACITY road tanker with LAL Dunlop air suspension for the rear axlesDf tractor and semi-trailer is of exceptional nterest The tractor is a Guy, with Card

n ore running gear and Steel Barrel tank. The total laden weight of the unit is less than 10 tons. Petrol capacity is 4,000 gal.

The stepped tank has five 800-gal. compartments, each with a 16-in. man-hole. Two "1-in, outlet faucets are provided on the near tide. The axle is attached to the tank by Long trailing arms, the front ends of which ire mounted in rubber-to-metal-bonded pushes and the rear have diaphragm air springs.

There is also a Luton van based on an kustin 3-ton chassis. The hardwood body with aluminium-faced plywood exterior panels is 15 ft.. 4 in. long, 7 ft. wide and 7 ft. 6 in. high. The radiused roof has a anvrts. top. and the front and sides of the Luton are brought low over the cab.


J. IL Sparshatt and Sons, Ltd., London . Road, Portsmouth

A 1,500-GAL. toil tanker is based on a Commer 7-tonchassis. The equipment includes a meter with pre-setting device and iutomatic hose retraction, hose reel and :icket printer.

A Luton body with swept front glass-fibre panelled cab is seen on an Austin 5-ton rorward-control chassis. The body is framed n hardwood with aluminium-faced plywood panelling. The cab accommodates driver and live additional persons on a bench seat.

A Dennis 30-cwt. chassis is the basis of a lelivery van with a special compartment for lry-cleatied goods. Special features include sliding doors pivotilag up into the roof.

A refrigerated " container-in body van on a Dodge 2-3-ton chassis is of unusual interest. The 400-cu.-ft. container is installed within the outer body and is of folded-panel frameless construction, reducing conductivity to a minimum. Rear access is through a super-freeze door with airlock.

SPENBOROUGH Stand 27 Spenborough Engineering Co., Ltd„ Union Road, Heekmondwike, Yorks

LATEST development from these wellknown hydraulic engineers is the Model UPT1700 twin-ram underbody tipping gear of 12-ton capacity, shown on a B.M.C. 7-ton 12-ft. 6-in.-wheelbase chassis.The gear gives a lift of 6 ft. 3 in. and 53° angle of tip.

Another heavy-duty tipping gear, the UPT1400, is shown in conjunction • with a U-shaped all-steel body an a Commer 7-ton chassis with 9-ft. 7-in. wheelbase. This twostage gear has a capacity of 10-12 tons, and the 10-gauge body is of 6-cu.-yd. capacity. Similar hydraulic arrangements, but with three-stage operation. are exhibited on a Dodge 7-ton chassis with Primrose third axle. The wood and steel tipping body has a 53° angle of tip.

An Atkinson 644 with glass-fibre cab and light-alloy fixed-sided tipping body is also seen with EPT1400 front-end tipping gear. This body is of 12-cu.-yd. capacity.

SPURLING Stand 69 Sanding Motor Bodies, Ltd., The Hyde, London, N.W.9

A BOX body on a Bedford 4-ton chassis is of composite construction, with hardwood frame and aluminium-faced plywood panels to the exterior. The roof domes are

in light alloy and there is a Perspex light Midway on each side of the roof.

A body on a Scammeli 6-ton drop-frame semi-trailer with Bedford tractor is also a composite structure. The two-level floor is of Dekaloy, and the roof has a glass-fibre panel.

A Tharnyeroft Swiftsure is the basis of a double-drop-sided body of aluminium-alloy extrusions. Centre and rear panels are detachable for conversion to a platfarm body.

Spurling also show a cut-away example of their all-metal bodywork, This is suitable for a 25-35-cwt. chassis and has a panoramic windscreen.

STEEL BARREL . Stand 118 The Steel Barrel Co., Ltd., Phoenix Works, Uxbridge, Middy

THE Super Pluto 6,000-gal. aircraft fueller is seen with' Foden tractor and Carrimore running gear. The fueller is designed to deliver at the rate of 700 g.p.m., over or under the wing. Two Pegson 4-in, centrifugal pumps are located on each side of the semitrailer, and two hose reels can each stow. 105 ft. of 2-in, delivery hose:

Friel is removed from aircraft by two Varley 1311.20 pumps. The drive to pumps and hose reels is hydraulic, and is controlled from a panel at the rear of the vehicle.

Steel Barrel also exhibit a 4,000-gal. elliptic-al tank of six compartments on an Albion Caledonian chassis, and a 2,000-gal. tank on an A.E.C. Mercury.


Telehoist, Ltd., Manor Road, Cheltenham A/rUCH of the tipping gear exhibited is -LY-1either new or developed from models introduced at the 1956 Commercial Motor Show. • In • the former category are the T.W.5H/D three-way underbody gear designed for 7-ton chassis and the S,E.7 underbody slant-type gear on a Dodge.

Developed -versions include the Telelever link-type gear with single extension ram and tompouhd hilkage giving power return from '70°."

THOMPSON Stand '107 Thompson Brothers (Bilston), Ltd., Bilston, Staffs

HERE is to be seen a 2,100-gal. frameless light-alloy articulated tanker on an airsprung bogie, suitable for 8-10-ton tractors with fifth-wheel coupling. A 4,000-gal. stainless-steel (all-products) tanker is also based on a Leyland Octopus.

A Karrier Bantam chassis is shown with a special-product aircraft-fueller tank. The unit is broken down into two, tanks of 150., gal. capacity, for lubricating oil and water: methanol respectively, and a third, of 50-gal., for de-icing fluid.


University Commercials and Coachwork, Ltd., 99-117 Boston Road, London, W.7 A FIXED-SIDED end-tipping 7-cu.-yd. body with Telehoist Telelever L.K.L. underbody gear on a Dodge chassis, is 11 ft. long, 6 ft. 10+ iri. wide, 2 ft. 6+ in. high. The construction is based on a hardwood frame with steel reinforcements.

An 18-ft. double-drop-sided truck body is exhibited on a Dodge 3126R chassis_ This, too, is of composite construction, With front, tailboard and sides of 1-in. planking.

University also show a van body, of approximately 600 Cu. ft. capacity, on a Morris forward-control 5-tormer.

WALKER Stand 102 B. Walker and Son, Ltd., 1 Gammons Lane, Watford •

T" pantechnicon bodies of welded construction are shown on Austin 30-cwt. and Thames 3-ton chassis. The smaller vehicle has a capacity of 520 Cu. ft. The framework is built up from rolled-steel channel and hardwood, with the exterior sheet panelling protected internally by spaced battens. The Luton extension measures 4 ft. by 3 ft. and is carried on channel bearers.

The 3-tormer has a capacity of 870 cu. ft. and is panelled in aluminium-faced plywood. The roof is of steel With a full-length translucent plastics centre panel. The Luton extension is 4 ft. 6 in. long and 3 ft. 3 in. high, and at the rear there is a 3-ft. tailboard.

WESTON Stand 25 Weston Works (Birmingham), Ltd., Weston Lane, Greet, Birmingham, 11

THE type 85MD front,of-body tipping gear, shown on a Leyland Octopus

chassis, is a new development. It, has a large-diameter four-stage extension ram. Under maximum loading, stability, is ensured by a heavy-duty all-welded rectangular folding stabilizer that relieves the ram of stress and controls side movement of the body, . Also shown are a twin-ram underbody tipping gear on a Thomycroft RG/CR6 with all-steel body, a twin slant-ram underbody gear for a short-wheelbase Bedford and a single-ram front-of-body gear on a Dodge forward-control truck with Homalloy body.

WOOD HOISTS Stand 32 Wood Hoists, Ltd., 264 Goldhawk Road, London, W.12

AHEAVY-DUTY tipper on a Thornycrort Model PK/DRS chassis and cab unit has Wood Model 5LNX/9 end-tipping gear with twin 'vertical rams for front-of-body mounting. The cab controls give "tip," " hold" and "

lower" positions; the power unit is a combined nine-cylindered swashplate pump and power take-off. Load capacity of the gear is 15-18 tons.

The 27-cu.-yd. rectgigular body is of allsteel construction. The combined floor and cross-bearer panels, as well as the super

structure, are of Fin.' steel plate. The detachable taildoor is hinged from the top and is provided with a quick-release locking mechanism.

YORKSHIRE ENGINEERING Stand 127 Yorkshire Engineering and Welding (Bradford), Ltd., Bradford .Road, Idle, Bradford

A N ALL-STEEL 4,000-gal. tank can he

seen here on a Guy Invincible chassis. The exhibit is unusual in that the tank is a dual-purpose unit, suitable for petroleum spirit and/or lubricating oil. It has five compartments and is lined with Epikate.

A 6,600-gal, oil tanker on York running gear is also shown. This is a double-compartment tank and is of all-steel construction.


WALTER ALEXANDER Stand 51 Walter Alexander and Co. (Coach

builders), Ltd., 63 Drip Road, Stirling CANE of the most interesting passenger 'LI vehicles in the Show is the 78-seat reareugined Leyland Atlantean, The „Alexander body is of all-metal construction. Sides, rear frame, upper and lower-saloon roofs are jig-assembled for easy replacement. The two-stream platform is at the front, with the spiral staircase behind the driver.

There are recirculating and fresh-air heaters on both decks and the driver's compartment is equipped with a Clayton demister. The interior roofs of both saloons are finished in Darvic p.v.c. bonded to lightalloy panels. The side casing panels are also plastics covered. The seats are filled with Dunlopillo, with moquette and leather upholstery. BURLINGHAM Stand 37 H. V. Burlingham, Ltd., Preston New Road, Blackpool

THE New Seagull is a 44-cwt. 4I-seat allmetal coach body and is seen on the Commer Avenger chassis, The lightweight seating is designed to give the maximum forward vision: the cushions are rubber, with moquette and Vynide upholstery. The front entrance has a sliding door and the double sliding windows of toughened glass have aluminium-alloy frames. Two Perspex liftup panels are located in the roof, as are four air extractors.

A Mark VII Seagull, of broadly similar design, is shown on a Leyland Tiger Cub chassis.

The Maudslay Reliance 45-seat coach body weighs 38 cwt., and has service-type seating on tubular frames. The interior trim is enamelled, with plastics as an alternative, and safety glass is fitted throughout.

A 68-seat double-deck body is seen on a Guy chassis. It is of stressed-skin construction, with steel framework for the lower saloon and light alloy for the upper. The front entrance door is a single sliding panel and the staircase is behind the driver. Tubular seating is provided and many of the interior fittings and mouldings are of anodized aluminium.

DUPLE Staads 43 and 44 Duple Motor Bodies, Ltd., and Duple Motor Bodies (Midland), Ltd., The Hyde, London, N.W.9 THREE luxury coaches, based on A.E.C. 1Reliance, Bedford S.B.3 and Commer Avenger chassis, take full advantage of recent regulations, particularly regarding fixed windscreens.,

The Britannia 41-seater ,on the A.E.C. chassis is of composite, front-entrance construction. The passenger door can be of coach or bus type. Rear visibility has been improved by the adoption of larger quarter lights and a wider window.

In general, similar design features are employed in the 37-seat Super Vega-Bedford. The windows are of full-drop pattern, the roof quarters are of glass and there is an exterior sun visor.

The oil-engined Commer Avenger is a 41-seater, built for Greatrex Motor Coaches, Ltd. The roof quarters are panelled, with glazed centre sections, the windows are of top slider type, and radio and speech amplification is provided.

On stand 43 a Leyland Tiger Cub chassis displays the Donington 41-seat metal-framed coach body. The door opens inwards and the roof is largely glazed. The alternative front ends of the Donington and Britannia F52 coaches are shown as a separate exhibit with glider-type doors, manually controlled.

A metal-framed 45-seat bus body is shown on a Maudslay chassis. This has power. operated sliding doors and a rear emergency door on the off side, The windscreen is wrapped round on the off side and there are two fixed plastics roof lights.

HARRINGTON Stand 35 Thomas Harrington, Ltd., Old Shorcham Road, Hove, Sussex TWO examples of luxury coachwork on A.E.C. Reliance chassis are shown. That in the livery of Maidstone and District Motor Services, Ltd., is a 30-ft. 4I-seater weighing 64 tons. Distinctive features include excellent all-round visibility from all scats and the attention paid to heating and ventilation. There are three uplift root ventilators, with an air intake at the fron and punkah louvres in the bulkhead. Thrc Clayton Dewandre under-seat recirculator heaters and a Smith's demister are installed The 37-seater for Creamline Moto Services (Bordon), Ltd., follows the sam general all-metal design and is of simila dimensions. Ventilation is by two three-wa: uplift ducts in the roof and there are threi Clayton Dewandre heating and demistim units. Insulation of roof and engine trap is by slabs of resin-bonded Fibreglass.

KENEX Stand 41 Kenex Coachwork, Ltd., 54 Castle Street, Dover

SPECIALISTS in conversion coachwork Kenex are showing their standar( Bedford 12-seat brake and two examples 0. 12-seat coaches based on Thames and Austii 152 chassis respectively.

The Kenebrake has two rows of threi forward-facing seats (including the driver's) with two banks of double seats facim inwards behind them. They are of tubulai steel, upholstered in latex foam and trirnrnec with Armoride p.v.c. material, The largt windows are mounted in rubber with plastic: inserts, and have sliding sections at the rear A common layout is followed in au design of both the Thames and Austir Kenecoaches. Each accommodates the driver and 11 fare-paying passengers, one of whom shares the cab.

MARSHALL . Stand 121 Marshall Motor Bodies, Ltd., Cambridge

THEsemi-utility " Busette is a purchasetax-free conversion of the 13cdford 10-12-cwt. van and offers seating for 12 passengers, including: the driver. Six seats,

tpholstered in foam rubber and p.v.c., face or‘vard, in two banks of three. Six more. vith timber slats, face inwards at the rear. ripping seats facilitate movement between ront• and rear.

The deep safety-glass windows are nounted in polished light-alloy frames, with sal( on the inner faces, The flooris inoleum-covered, and polished light-alloy Licking panels cover the front wing shields Lnd engine cowling.

dARTIN WALTER Stand 55 Martin Walter, Ltd., 145-147 Sandgate Road, Folkestone

rHE Utilabus conversion of the Bedford light van complies with the latest reguat ions as a public service vehicle and is free rem purchase tax. It seats 12 adults, includng the driver, and has heavy-duty tyres and prings to carry weights up to 15 cwt.

One passenger is seated beside the driver, he remainder being accommodated on two nward-facing bench seats. The spring cases save foam overlays and are trimmed in a vashable p.v.e. cloth. Added headroom has seen provided by a raised roof of translucent einforced glass-fibre.

vIULLINER Stand 36 Mulliners, Ltd., Bordesley Green Road, Birmingham, 8

%/TAKING their first appearance in the luxury coach field. Mulliners introduce . 41-seat lightweight body on a Guy Warrior chassis, The construction is largely e aluminium-alloy extrusions, with alumislum panelling to waist height, both inside ,nd out. Front and rear portions of the roof ,re Perspex panels, with a Fibreglass oneiiece moulding forming the centre section A deep. wrap-round windscreen and four teadlights, arranged horizontally, give a disinctive appearance to the frontal treatment, vhich is matched by the glazed rear quarters aid lighting arrangement.

A swing-slide forward entrance door is ittcd with a device making it impossible to men when the vehicle is in motion.

An all-steel 39-seat service bus on a Leyand Tiger Cub is also shown, constructed to he requirements of West Bromwich r'orporation.

■ IORTHERN COUNTIES Stand 47 Northern Counties Motor and Engineering Co., Ltd., Wigan

A 69-SEAT double-decker on a Daimler ra. chassis is shown in the livery of Potcries Motor. Traction. The front-entrance )ody has a steel-framed lower saloon, with iluminium alloy above. The double folding

and sliding doors are electrically controlled by the driver and can be rapidly removed.

A rear-entrance double-decker is based on a Dennis Loline chassis. This has an overall height of 13 ft. 5 in. and seats 67 passengers. Twirr heating-ventilating radiators are located at the front of the upper saloon.

A metal-framed rear-entrance doubledeck body is displayed on a Guy Arab chassis. Constructed to the requirements of Lancashire United Transport, the bus accommodates 73 passengers. The seats are trimmed in moquette and leather, and front and rear bulkheads are faced with Formica.

PARK ROYAL Stand 89 Park Royal Vehicles, Ltd., Abbey Road, London; N.W.10.

.THE A.E.C. Routcmaster double-decker, designed to replace London's trolleybuses, is a 64-seater of chassisless construction and incorporates easily replaceable' aluminium panelling. The structure is jigassembled and many parts -are interchangeable. Both saloons have the benefit of a heater system, controlled by the conductor via the engine cooling system. Seating upholstery is largely of plastics materials, and reinforced plastics mouldings are used for bonnet top, rear ' emergency exit frame, ticket. box and so on.

Park Royal also show a 72-seat doubledecker of conventional design for the East Kent Road Car Co., Ltd. The structure embodies aluminium and steel sections. The front sliding door is air-operated and a. spiral staircase serves the 4I-seat ripper saloon.

PLAXTON Stand 48 Plaxtons (Scarborough), Ltd., Seamer Road, Scarborough

'TAKING advantage of recent legal concessions, Plaxtons have re-styled their coach bodies to incorporate large, fixed,

wrap-round windscreens. The new Consort IV is a 41-seater, with alloy-composite construction and certain plastics components, notably in the roof. The exterior panelling is in aluminium, except for the roof, which embodies a large Perspex panel. Luxury Seating is provided, and interior trim makes use of Wood mouldings and plastics.

The Panorama 36-scat long-distance coach has been modified in small details since its introduction earlier this year. The door now opens inwards and a fixed, wrap-round windsemen has been adoPted. Amenities include pressurized ventilation, a rear canteen and .a cocktail cabinet.

Plaxtons also show a 45-seat single-deck service bus. This is of the front-entrance type, the doors being controlled by the driver. Equipment includes Perspex roof ventilators, two under-seat heaters and motorized roll-ticket register.

ROE Stand 90

. Charles H. Roe, Ltd., -Crossgates Carriage Works,Leeds A71-SEAT rear-entrance double-deck body is shown on a Leyland PD3 chassis in the livery of 'Leeds Transport Department. Of composite construction, the body is of teak for the lower framework and aluminium sections for 'the upper. The staircase has two passing platforms and "a coat-hanging compartment. .

The Dalesman Mark IV 43-seat coach body is shown on a Maudslay Reliance chassis. Framework is of • hardwood, reinforced with, steel and aluminium-alloy sections. The seats have foam-rubber cushions, squabs and headrolls, upholstered in Vynide and moquette. Interior window finishers And side and front lining panels arc in Formica, There are two heating "units and four roof ventilator's. WALKER Stand 102

B. Walker and Son, Ltd., 1 Gammons Lane, Watford, Herts

A12-SEAT bus based on a Karrier oilngined chassis is an addition to the Walker . range. Conforming with current regulations, the body has sliding doors at the front and an emergency door in the rear panel. All seats face forward and are of tubular framework with foam-rubber cushions and rubberized-hair squabs covered in p.v.c. cloth. •

The Grosvenor 12-seat personnel carrier is a purchase-tax-free conversion of the Bedford CA van. Attractively trimmed, the vehicle has polished aluminium-alloy window frames, two-tone upholstery, pile carpeting and oak-faced finishers. There is a side entrance step to the near-side door and a folding rear step.

WEYMANN Stand 45 METROPOLITAN-CAMMELL Stand 46 Metropulitan-Cammell Weymann, Ltd., Vickers House, Broadway, London, S.W.1

QN the Wcymann stand a Leyland Atlantean rear-engined double-decker is shown as a 73-seater. In the colours of Maidstone and District Motor Services, Ltd., the bus has M.C.W. all-metal framework, in which steel and aluminium units are used. Resin-bonded glass-fibre forms the front and rear domes. The windscreen has a single fixed panel of laminated safety glass. The other windows are of toughened glass. The front double jack-knife doors are electrically controlled by the driver. Unladen height is 13 ft. 4 in.

Weymann also exhibit a chassisless 41-seat Olympian semi-coach with Leyland Tiger Cub running units (see page 304).

Metropolitan-Cammell have a normalheight Atlantean double-decker, and a 35-ft. Olympic chassis-less 44-seater, incorporating Leyland Worldmaster mechanical units, built for the South American market (see page 304).

WILLOWBROOK Stand 38 Willowbrook, Ltd., Derby Road, Loughborough

.C1. A T Earls Court Willowbrook introduce a • 70-seat low-height body on a Dennis Loline chassis. The vehicle has dimensions of 30 ft. by 8 ft. and is 13 ft. 7 in. high. The front entrance has air-operated sliding doors and the staircase is of the two-landing type. Features of importance include level floors and wide gangways in both saloons.

On an A.E.C. Reliance chassis, a 43-seat express-service body is shown withmetal framing and plastics front, rear end and wheel-arches $ Equipment includes poweroperated doors, heating and demisting units, full-length parcels racks and luxurious seating.

A country-service 31-seat bus is shown on an Albion Nimbus chassis. Of lightweight, ail-metal construction, the vehicle is intended for one-man operation, The entrance door is manually controlled by the driver.

YEATES Stand 42 W. S. Yeates, Ltd., Derby Road, Loughborough

THE Europa coach was introduced at the Commercial Motor Show of 1956 and three versions of the latest type are shown. The chassis chosen are Bedford SB, Commer Avenger and Maudslay Reliance, and all are 41-seaters.

The coaches are notable for their " contemporary " appearance. Much good' use has been made of aluminium sections and wide window areas. Coloured Perspex panelling is incorporated in the roof construction. The style of seat trimming has been simplified to improve both appearance and comfort.



Appleyard of Leeds, Ltd., North Street, Leeds, 7 A NEWCOMER to the Appleyard =burl lance range is the lightweight model

derived from the Morris Oxford. It is expected to meet a large demand in industry and as an emergency vehicle for hospitals.

Interior panelling is in washable plasticsfaced hardboard with polished hardwood mouldings. The floor is covered in linoleum. Morris stretcher gear, modified by Appleyard, with automatic raising and lowering action, is located on the near side. The off side is provided with a five-passenger bench seat that can be converted into an emergency stretcher platform by a single movement.

KENNINGS Stand 79 Kennings, Ltd., Gladstone Buildings, Clay Cross, Derbyshire

ALUMINIUM" and .plastics are widely used in the Morris Loi ambulance with 8-ft. 7-in, wheelbase and 15-ft. 10-in, overall length. The framework, including the floor, is of light alloy and the exterior panelling, roof and doors are of resin-bonded Fibreglass. The double-panelled bulkhead behind the driver is aluminium and carries a fullwidth sliding window,

On the near side there is a single M.C.C. low-loading stretcher with Dunlopillo bed, and a full-length seat locker occupies the Opposite wall. LOMAS Stand 1C Herbert Lomas, Ltd., Handforth, Wilmslow, Cheshire L'OUR ambulances on Thames, Austin }Carrier and Bedford chassis are seer here. Both the Thames 15-cwt. and Austii 152 chassis carry Lomas Junior bodies witt two-stretcher equipment and certain optiona extra equipment. The Austin version ha: been built for Denbighshire County Council

Somerset County Council have ordered tin Type B general-purpose ambulance on tin Karrier 10-ft. 3-in.-wheelbase chassis. Thii model provides for a special forward-sittim patient. The interior layout is to a standarc Lomas specification, with a number of additional features required by the purchasers.

WADHAM Stand Si Wadham Brothers (Coachbuilder8), Ltd., Waterlooville, Hants

WADHAM'S. have extended the use oi polyester resins to the construction 01 the whole of the ambulanee body shown or a Morris LD chassis, The strength anc rigidity of metal construction have beer retained by using a double-skin technique, with moulded metal inserts for location and fixing. A large wrap-round windscreen give, excellent visibility, and interior light improved by an unpainted centre section ir the roof moulding.

Aluminium panelling is used extensively inside the ambulance, and particular cart has been taken to avoid dirt-traps. Locken are provided at convenient points withoul interfering with working space. There it one self-elevating'foam bed.

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