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Bodywork Cavalcade

26th September 1952
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Page 158, 26th September 1952 — Bodywork Cavalcade
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LARGER and more capacious bodywork weighing less than ever and showing signs of having been designed from the beginning for the particular needs of the work to be done, is to be seen on practically every one of the 66 bodybuilders' stands at the Commercial Motor Show. Long experience in the use of light alloys, and particularly in the construction of all-metal bodywork, has helped manufacturers to offer many improvements called for by to-day's inflationary conditions.

Goods bodywork is becoming ever more sturdy, without incurring a weight penalty which would reduce payloads and operating speeds to an uneconomic level. Passenger bodywork development follows the sometimes divergent lines of improved facilities for passengers and of greater practical merit for operators.

ANTHONY Stand 16 Anthony Hoists, Ltd., Braintree Road, South Ruislip, Middx.

L1GHT, medium and heavy-duty vehicles for British and overseas operating conditions are found on this stand. The light vehicle is a new steel-bodied Austin A70 pick-up of attractive appearance and robust construction. On the Morris NVS 13/5 stake-sided lorry is seen the first example of the maker's Sigma floor, which uses Sigma-shaped ribbing under a swaged steel floor to prevent dimpling. This vehicle has an Anthony hydraulic tailboard loader.

The Thornycroft Trusty 10-cubic-yd. tipper on show demonstrates the newly introduced ST 27 twin-ram gear for heavy vehicles.

A.P.V. Stand 32

The A.P.V. Co., Ltd., Wandsworth Park, London, s.w.18. 'Two all-welded tankers appear on I this stand. One is an A.E.C. Mammoth Major eight-wheeler with a stainless-steel 3,600-gallon spirit and chemical tank divided into six compartments. The other is a Leyland Comet 2,000-gallon four-compartment aluminium tank for carrying spirit. The tanks in each case arc flexibly mounted on the A.P.V. Silentbloc system with Alpax bearers.


Arlington Bodybuilders, Ltd., Ponders End, Enfield, Middx. wirrH a capacity of 1,850 cubic ft., a W Dennis Pax II pantechnicon with a light-alloy body is-the largest vehicle of its type at the Show. On an extended-wheelbase chassis, the body, which is 22 ft. 6 ins, long, is built up of aluminium extrusions, Huntalloy flooring and aluminium panelling.

A smaller van accompanies it, based on a Bedford 5-ton long-wheelbase chassis. This has sliding cab doors and, like the Dennis, has curved quarter lights alongside the windscreen panels.

K20 BEADLE Stand 91 J. C. Beadle (Coachbuilders), Ltd., Lowfield Street, Dartford, Kent.

BASED on this exhibitor's long experience in the construction of light-alloy bodywork, the Beadle chassisless coach offers comfortable accommodation for 37 passengers and weighs only 4 tons 12 cwt. unladen. The petrol engine, under the floor of the driver's cab, produces 109 b.h.p. at 3,000 r.p,m.

BELLHOUSE, HARTWELL Stand 104 Bellhouse, Hartwell and Co., Ltd., Greenvale Works, Westhoughton, Lancs.

SPECIALLY developed for the eventual operator, Blue Cars (Continental), Ltd., the Sentinel underfloorengined coach embodies every refinement for long-distance touring, including a toilet and buffet.


Bonallack and Sons, Ltd., Cable Street, London, E.1.

A N entirely new design of platform lorry, based on a Thornycroft Trident chassis, is one of the six

exhibits by this light-alloy specialist. The special feature of the Thornycroft is that the Dekaloy flooring is laid transversely, increasing its strength.

A more conventional design is the Leyland Comet platform lorry, which has an underslung trap in the floor for use with the discharge hopper in the bulk-grain carrier which is also displayed. This has a capacity of 40 quarters of grain (420 cubic ft.).

A Dodge tipper with Telehoist gear, weighing under 3 tons unladen, reveals that light alloy can be used successfully for this arduous work, and an A.E.C. Mammoth Major brewer's lorry typifies the maximum-sized vehicle similar in some respects to export designs built by the concern. A light-alloy container for frozen fish completes the display.

BROMILOW AND EDWARDS Stand 23 Bromilow and Edwards, Ltd., Foundry Street, Bolton, Lanes.

DESIGNED to facilitale the transport of logs, a side-tipping vehicle based on an Atkinson L746 chassis is

of particular interest. It is arranged to discharge logs from the framing on one side only.

Accompanying it are an Albion export twin-ram tipper with a steel body which has bottom-hinged sides, an Austin 5-ton 5-cubic-yd. timber-bodied tipper with single-ram gear, and a Leyland Super Hippo 8-cubic-yd. twinram tipper with a steel, fixed-sided body.

The Leyland, which is for export, has a steel detachable protector over the cab and A-in. steel plate lines the interior of the body.

BURLINGHAM Stand 24 H. V. Burlinghatu, Ltd., Preston New Road, Blackpool.

WAVING set a high standard with its I Seagull body in the past. two years, this concern now reveals a new version, shown on a Maudslay Regal Mk. IV chassis. Operators will be particularly interested in the new type of seat, with detachable headrests, with which this vehicle is equipped., •

Another Seagull body, this time the original version, is seen on a Leyland Royal Tiger chassis and seats 41 passengers, compared with 37 on the Mandalay. A metal-framed 37-seater based on a Daimler CVD/6 chassis completes the display.

BUTTERFIELD Stand 19 W. P. Butterfield, Ltd., Shipley, Yorks. TWO special-purpose semi-trailer I tankers are being given prominence this year. One is a 2,400 gallon mildsteel elliptical tank stepped at the front to give a level line to the top of the vehicle and enclosed in valances. The turntable, coupling and rear bogie are of Carrimore design.

In contrast, Scammell coupling gear is employed for the 1,500-gallon transformer-oil tanker also shown.. The tank dimensions in this ease are 5 ft. 6 ins. by 3 ft. 9 ins. by 15 ft. 91 ins.

CAMPION Stand 128

E. W. Campion and Sons, Ltd., 45, Braunstone Gate, Leicester. I IMITATIONS of space on the first floor, where this concern is stationed, prevent complete vehicles from being, exhibited, Instead, body sections are being displayed. These reveal the new meat-loading device developed by the concern, the type of light-alloy body work normally produced and a Campion-Deplirex expanding body, which will be demonstrated, power for the extension of the body being obtained from an electric motOr.

CARBODIFS Stand 28 Carbodies, Ltd., Holyhead Road, Coventry.

rAMILIAR all over London, the I Austin taxicab on this stand is aCcompanied by a four-door version for. use outside the capital. or. as a hire car, in which the, division has been sel

back to improve comfort in the driving compartment. The occasional seats in this model face forward. A range of additional equipment is now available for these vehicles.


Carmichael and Sons (Worcester), Ltd., The Butts, Worcester. nNE of the two Thomycroft crosscountry water tenders in Earls Court is on this stand. Based on the Nubian chassis and powered by a Rolls-Royce petrol engine, the vehicle is of a type 'being supplied to local authorities in Britain and abroad.

A dual-purpose cattle truck, also with a Thomycroft chassis, is another exhibit, the basis of the vehicle being a platform lorry with a lift-off container, A Karrier Bantam van for a bacon manufacturer is also on show.

CHURCHILL Stand 11 Churchill Constructors, Ltd., ' Salhouse Road, Norwich.

ONCE again a 14-seat coach built to comply with Ministry of Transport regulations is on show on the Churchill stand. This model is based on the Karrier 10-ft.-wheelbase chassis. Rather larger and equipped in more luxurious style is the Commer Avenger 34-seat coach also exhibited. A completely

detachable engine cover is a feature of Commer Avenger coach bodies built by Churchill.

COCKER Stand 68 James Cocker and Sons (Southport), Ltd., Meots Cop Road, Southport. rOMPLETELY equipped exactly as —'the static equivalent would be, a mobile drapery shop on a Dodge 2-ton chassis is the Cocker exhibit. Panelled throughout in aluminium, the body has Perspex roof panels, a fitting room complete with mirrors and chromium. plated equipment.

CUNARD Stand 7 The Cunard Commercial Body Building Co., Ltd., Abbeydale Road, Wembley, Middx.

COUR Nuffield products, ranging I from 10 cwt. to 5 tons capacity, are on the Cunard stand. The 10-cwt. model is a Morris-Cowley gown van specially equipped for use by travellers. A Morris-Commercial PV. 15-20-cwt. chassis forms the basis of the de luxe van shown, and the LC4 25-30-cwt. chassis is displayed with a generalpurpose body. On the MorrisCommercial FV 12/5 chassis is mounted a mineral-water body for carrying bulk loads in crates and offering rapid loading and unloading.

DUPLE Stand 55 Duple Motor Bodies, Ltd., The Hyde, London, N.W.9.

EIRST in the field with a design for 1 the Coronation year, Duple is showing two coaches with the new Coronation-Ambassador style of bodywork. One is based on a Daimler Freeline chassis and is for Northern Roadways, Ltd. It is equipped with an aircraft-type toilet, a buffet and a water boiler, radio, heating, special lighting and reclining seats for 30 passengers.

Similar in outline, a Leyland Royal Tiger for Southdown Motor Services, Ltd., is also shown, this having a different style of front and fixed seats for 41 passengers.

A ramped floor, revised front end and rear-wheel covers are new items which will be noted on the Bedford Super-Vega 35-seat coach. Better visibility all round and improved appearance have been achieved. Two half-bay sections of the Duple-Metsec service-bus body designed for rapid assembly and ease of shipment are also on view.

DURAMIN Stand 18 Duramin Engineering Co., Ltd., Standard Road, London, N.W.10.

DUAL-PURPOSE vehicles abound at Earls Court, and one of the most outstanding is the Atkinson Duramin six-wheeler, designed to carry. wheat in bulk—for which purpose there is a perforated floor over the hopper discharge points—or for the transport of bagged flour. Loading hatches in the roof and double doors and a tailboard at the rear, with special sealing devices to prevent wheat from working through, are notable details.

Other light-alloy bodies are displayed on an Albion Chieftain chassis, in this instance a van, on a Dodge oil-engined chassis—a 10-cubic-yd. tipper weighing under 3 tons unladen—and on a Maudslay Monarch, a platform body with Duraplank flooring, for the Tunnel Portland Cement Co., Ltd. Two light-alloy road-rail-sea containers are also displayed.

EAGLE Siam! 35 The Eagle Engineering Co., Ltd., Warwick.

'THIS year, the only example of the Eagle range of public-works vehicles is an Austin tower wagon with a crew cab and a linesman's workshop. The tower extends to 24 ft. A Thornyeroft steel-bodied tipper is also shown.

EDWARDS BROS. Stand 21 Edwards Bros. (Tippers), Ltd., 251 Goldhawk Road, London, W.12. yJEIGH1NG only 26 cwt. complete, VY an 8-cubic-yd. tipping body on a Thomycroft Trusty chassis is the biggest vehicle on the stand. There is a cab protector on this vehicle, which has twin-ram tipping gear. Next in size come a Maudslay Monarch with a 7-cubic-yd. steel U-shaped body and a Commer 8-cubic-yd. ti m be r-bodicd drop-sided tipper.

A Dennis Centaur drop-sided tipper with a capacity of 6 cubic yds. is shown with the Edbro 2TN twin-ram gear, and a Dodge 5-cubic-yd. model with 2LN gear has a steel-lined timber body. Three-way tipping gear is represented by an Albion with a steel 4-cubic-yd. body with drop sides.

EXPRESS Stand 89 Express Motor and Body Works, Ltd, .150, Goswell Road, London, E.C.1.

ADAPTED for the carriage of the variety of. loads needed in building, ciVil engineering and contracting, a Commer 3-4-ton drop-sided lorry with a front bolster for long loads is seen on this stand. More specialized is the Albion Clansman Luton van for Crown Bedding, Ltd., which has a composite body. This has half doors and a tailboard at the rear. Direction indicators are fitted above the rear number plate.

.Another special type is the A.E.C. Mammoth Major six-wheeled platform lorry designed for the carriage of newsprint in rolls. It has a high headboard, deep skirted sides, a sheet rack and sunken rope handles.

GARNER Stand 34 'Garner Motors, Ltd., North Acton Road, London, N.W.10.

ALL-METAL construction is employed by this exhibitor for a Thames 2-ton long-wheelbase mobile library. The body has a capacity of 430 cubic ft., and has a large hinged flap on the near side giving access to the bookshelves,

Another special body, a 110-cubic-ft.van with a tailboard and a rear roller shutter, is shown On a Thames 10-cwt. chassis.

GURNEY NUTTING Stand 2 Gurney Nutting, Ltd., Lombard Road, London, .S.W.19.

CAREFUL attention to detail is seen in the Gurney Nutting exhibits, a Maudslay Regal Mk. IV 4I-seat coach and a Crosiley 41-seater. Both have large rear luggage lockers, access to which is gained through a top-hinged door with mechanically assisted arms. The Crossley has tinted glass roof and canopy pandIS and a Metcalfe heating system. In the M-audslay,'Clayton .heat

ing is used, two S. 12 heaters being fitted, with separate demisting arrangements.

HARRINGTON Stand 8 Thomai Harrington, Ltd., Old Shoreham Road, Hove.

QOMETHING entirely new in coach"-, building methods and in outward appearance are found on the Harrington stand. The Harrington-Commer chassisless coach (see page 287 for drawing) for British Overseas Airways Corporation attracts most attention. because of its completely unconventional light-alloy structure, which has been responsible for keeping the weight of this 30-ft. by 8-ft. vehicle down to • 4 tons 12 cwt. unladen.

Similar in appearance but otherwise different are the Leyland Royal Tiger 17-seat express-service coach for Maidstone and District Motor Services, Ltd.. and the Daimler Freeline 41-seater. The Daimler has a new type of ventilation system, passing air from the front of the vehicle through grilles under the parcel racks, where they are under the passengers' 'control. HOLMES Stand 129 ,

Holmes (Preston), Ltd., Addison Road West, Preston, nRIGINAL detail abounds in the Holmes exhibit. On a Foden eightwheeled bulk-cement carrier, the sides are built up of hollow, tongued-andgrooved aluminium extrusions and the aluminium canopy can be removed, and the tailboard converted to drop instead of to lift up for carrying' cement in bags.

A Seddon 2-ton mineral-water lorry, with open sides, a fixed tailboard and canopy, and an Albion Chieftain with a cab offering improved visibility are more conventional types of vehicle. The Albion weighs under 3 tons unladen. A Karrier Bantam bakery van with a separate compartment for confectionery is also on show.

JENNINGS Stand 17 J. H. Jennings and Son, Ltd., Sandbach, Cheshire.

AOBILE shops that really look like shops are the Jennings specialities at the Show. One, based on an Austin 2-ton chassis with an extended wheelbase, is adapted as a mobile florist's establishment and provides storage space for flowers, seeds and bulbs, as Well as washing and watering facilities and seed showcases.

Another is limed on a Thames chassis and has large show windows, a serving well and counter at the rear and fluorescent lighting. This is designed as a mobile butcher's shop. Two of the well-known Jennings animal-transport vehicles, a Commer three-horse box and a Dodge container-type cattle truck, also attract notice. The Commer has particularly attractive lines. KENNINGS Stand 84

Kennings, Ltd., Leadmill Road, Sheffield, 1. i-NIVERSITY, in the shape of one

ambulance and five sales vehicles for different trades, is found on this stand. The ambulance is based on a Morris-Commercial NVS chassis and can accommodate 12 sitting-case patients or two stretchers.

On a Morris-Commercial PV chassis is an ice-cream vehicle, with an internal counter reached through double doors on the near side, and an outside serving hatch. More unusual is the newsagents' bookstall on a MorrisCommercial 3-type chassis. On the off side there is a display window and on the near side a service hatch.

A mobile butcher's shop on a Tasker trailer with a counter running diagonally across the body, and a mobile office on a Tasker trailer with general and private office compartments, complete the display.

K1NGSLAND Stand 13 Kingsland and Sons (Camberwell), Ltd., 246 Bromley Road, London, S.E.6.

PRIDE of place on the Kingsland stand goes to a Guy Vixen 1,450cubic-ft. pantechnicon which weighs under 3 ions unladen. This remarkable figure is achieved by the use of lightalloy body cross-bearers, Huntailoy interlocking aluminium flooring and a composite hardwood and Plymax body. Under the floor of the body is a box for carrying bed irons.

Ash framing and Plymax panelling are also found in the two Karricr Bantam vans shown; one is a generalpurpose vehicle with a canvas-covered roof and the other a laundry van with a low step and roller shutter at the rear.

LEVERS Stand 11A Levers Garages, Ltd., Longeauseway, Farnworth, Bolton. QIMILAR to 70 already delivered to Kent County Council, a Bedford ambulance for two stretcher cases or one stretcher case and four sitting cases is on show on this stand. Ease of loading has been studied in the design of the body, which is a particularly attractive one with enclosed rear wheels.

LOMAS Stand 6 Herbert Lomas, Ltd., 10-32, City Road, Manchester, 15.

1:1QA.SED on a Bedford chassis, the 1--/ ambulance displayed by this specialist in ambulance construction incorporates a new patented type of scaling on the off side, which can be used as a conventional stretcher platform, or converted to carry sitting cases in forward-facing seats. The vehicle is one ordered by Northumberland County Council.


Mann Egerton and Co., Ltd., 5, Prince of Wales Road, Norwich. rRYSTALLIZING the progress made 1,--• by this long-established concern since it took over the manufacture of hall deck vehicles of the Crellin-Duplex K24

patent type, a Foden rear-engined 50seat half-decker on show is sure to interest home and overseas operators. The excellent appearance of the vehicle is noteworthy.

Quite different in design and function is the Austin 32-seat Norfolk coach also shown. This light-weight vehicle is only 26 ft. long and has a steel framing with timber inserts.

MARSHALLS Stand 102 Marshall Motor Bodies, Ltd., Airport Works, Cambridge.

vehicles based on Austin, FIVThames and Bedford chassis represent this bodybuilder's skill. On the Thames 10-cwt, chassis is a van specially designed for carrying the equipment and staff of an office and window-cleaning concern. The interior of the body has seats for seven cleaners, and ladders are carried in a trough in the roof. The rear of the body is open.

The Bedford model is a 3-ton. sweet and confectionery sales vehicle panelled in Flexometal with special interior shelving. Similar in type is the Austin 2-ton bakery van which has a sliding door in the near-side front of the body giving access to the confectionery racks, and hinged doors at the rear to the bread trays. A Perspex panel in the roof ensure adequate interior lighting. a An Austin 2-ton furniture van has Flexometal panelling attached to the composite framing by Aerolite glue— a process also employed in the baker's van. Another Austin 2-ton van is more conventional in construction.

MARTIN WALTER Stand 82 Martin Walter, Ltd., 145-147, Sandgate Road, Folkestone.

Q. EATING accommodation for from 1.--; four to nine passengers or an equivalent number of stretchers is provided in the Martin Walter exhibits. The smallest model is a Thames 5-cwt. four-seat Utilecon and the largest a Morris-Commercial Utilabus.

Second in capacity is the Bedford seven-seat Utilecon, the bench seats of which convert into full-length beds, raised off the floor. A medium-sized all-purpose vehicle is represented by the Morris Cowley five-six-seat utility. METALCRAFT Stand 105 Metalcraft (Staffs), Ltd., Blythe Bridge, Stoke-on-Trent.

ANOTHER coach for Continental touring is seen on this stand. Based on a Guy Arab chassis, it seats 41 passengers in high-back seats. Curved Perspex roof panels ensure good upward visibility and in addition to the large rear locker and interior parcel racks, there is a folding luggage carrier on the roof.

METROPOLITAN-CAMMELL Stand 26 Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage and Wagon Co., Ltd., Birmingham, 8.

ONE of the new " named" body designs developed by M.C.W.—the Orion lightweight double-deck body— is the latest arrival on this stand. Based on a Daimler lightweight chassis. it is 27 ft. 'long and 7 ft. 6 ins, wide. and seats 58 passengers. The unladen

weight is approximately 7 tons.

An improved half-cab is a feature of the vehicle, which is for the Potteries Motor Traction Co., Ltd.

Two well-known types of vehicle accompany it—a Leyland Olympic integral 44-seater for Montevideo and an A.E.C. Regal Mk. IV RF-type 41-seat single-decker for London Transport central area services.

MULLINERS Stand 77 Multiners, Ltd., Bordesley Green Road, Birmingham, 8.

cERVICE bus bodies designed to tJmeet overseas conditions and mounted on an Albion FT39AN and an Austin forward-control chassis respectively represent this exhibitor's attack on the low-cost overseas market. Both bodies are constructed entirely of steel and light alloy, and before production was commenced, exhaustive tests were carried out under operating conditions. Low weight and maximum capacity in relation to size have been achieved in these robust vehicles.

NEVILLE Stand 45 G. E. Neville and Son, Ltd., Forest Road, Mansfield, Notts. XAMPLES of this exhibitor's patent lift-up all-metal cabs mounted on Guy Otter and Thornycroft Sturdy Star chassis respectively reveal the many advantages of this type of structure. The cabs can be readily hinged forward for access to the engine and can be supplied knocked down or in two major sections.

NORMAND Stand 20 Normand, Ltd., Cumberland Avenue, London, N.W.10.

ONCE again a fully equipped mobile workshop, this time on an Albion FT37AL chassis, is the larfest vehicle on the Normand stand. The equipment includes everything from a 230-volt alternator driven by a two-cylindercd oil engine, to a 61-in.-centre lathe, a hydraulic bench press with a 100-ton ram and a nozzle-testing outfit.

Less exciting, but nevertheless valuable, is the Thornycroft Nippy Star van with the maker's patent slatted rolling doors at the rear and a roller shutter on the near side behind the cab. A particularly attractive body for a laundry company is shown on a Karrier Bantam chassis with a rear slatted sliding shutter.

NORTHERN COUNTIES Stand 94 Northern Counties Motor and Engineering Co., Ltd., Wigan Lane, Wigan.

APARTICULARLY effective ventilation system developed by the exhibitor is the one common feature of the three metal-framed buses shown. The first. is a Daimler Freeline singledecker for the Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley and Dukinfield Joint Transport Board. It accommodates 60 passengers, 34 in seats in two compartments forward and behind the central 4-ft-wide entrance, 12 standing on the central platform and 14 in the front and rear gangways.

The other single-decker based on an Atkinson chassis has seats for 44 passengers, the driver being completely enclosed in a cab with a separate entrance door. This and the doubledecker shown—a Guy Arab 57-seater for limited-stop services—are both for Lancashire United Transport, Ltd.

PARK ROYAL Stand 86 Park Royal Vehicles, Ltd., Abbey Road, London, N.W.10.

V/ARIETY in the form of a London

V Transport double-decker, an airline coach, a dual-purpose single-decker, an overseas single-decker and a fire appliance enlivens the Park Royal section of Earls Court. As the exhibitor has already delivered over 2,500 RT-type double-deckers of the type displayed (an A.E.C.) to London Transport, it must be one of the bestknown vehicles in the world.

Likely to become equally well-remembered is the A.E.C. Regal Mk. IV coach for British European Airways, which seats 37 passengers on two levels and has a truly remarkable luggage hold, locker being hardly the word to describe it. The Guy Arab 52-passenger single-decker for Southampton Corporation has also attracted much attention because of its novel approach to the peak-hour transport problem, which differs greatly from that employed in the A.E.C. Regal

Mk. IV 42-seater for .Christchurch, New Zealand. This imposing vehicle is 33 ft. long.

A fire-engine based on an A,E.C. oilengined chassis and intended for South Shields 'completes the display.

PERRY Stand 125 Perry (Repairs and Service), Ltd., North Finchley, London, N.12.

AN exceptionally large Thames Luton van and a capacious Thames 10-cwt. gown van are this exhibitor's contribution to the Show. The Luton van is based on a Thames ET7 5-ton chassis with a 2-ft. I-in, chassis extension, thus providing a body length of

17 ft. The construction is composite with Plymax panelling. The 10-cwt. gown van has a reinforced roof with three hanging rails and full-length guard rails 18 ins, above the floor.

PILCHERS Stand 130 RU Pitchers, 314, Kingston Road, London, S.W.20.

REASONABLE first cost and comprehensive equipment are found on the Commer Superpoise ambulance

exhibited. The vehicle is of a type supplied to the British Red Cross and the St. -John Ambulance Organization.

PILOT Stand 103 Pilot Works, Ltd., Manchester Road, Bolton.

QAVING almost 15 cwt. in unladen weight compared with a similar body of composite construction, the A.E.C. Mammoth Major 23.4-cubic-yd. tipper featured by this chncern has a light-alloy body weighing only 19 cwt. It is the largest tipper on show. The U7 tipping gear, a twin-underbody-ram type, has a capacity of 15-18 tons, and the exceptionally large body is constructed almost entirely of corrugated alloy sections and channels.

Another new tipper is the Guy Otter all-steel dump truck. This is equipped with 116 gear and provides a 50-degree angle of tip. For an 'overseas project, 18 vehicles of this type have been supplied. Two timber-bodied vehicles are also featured, one a Seddon 3-tonner with Ul twin-ram gear, and the other a Foden FG4 designed to enable a load of lime to be tipped through a sliding shutter in the tailboard.on to a narrow conveyor belt.

PLAITONS Stand 9 Plaxtons (Scarborough), Ltd., Seamer Road, Scarborough.

VENTURER ,,is the name chosen by this well-known coachbuilder for its range of coach bodies, the suggestion of enterprise implied by the narrte being fully borne out in the three examples displayed. One, on a Daimler Freeline chassis, is a 39-41-seater with double-curvature toughened glass in windscreens and rear corner lights and Perspex panels in the side quarters, roof and front and rear domes. Formica cappings are used for the window framings.

_ Showing how this ultra-modern type of body can be adapted to the older type of chassis, two Venturer bodies are featured on an A.E.C. Regal Mk. Ill chassis and a Commer Avenger chassis, the former seating 37 passengers and the latter 33.

REALL Stand 101 Real! Coachbuilders, Ltd., Popes Lane, London, W.5.

SPECIALIZED bodywork of two types and a conversion of a standard vehicle to a specialized task are featured by Reall. On a Dodge 6-ton long-wheelbase chassis is shown a pro: visions body framed in hardwood and panelled in Plymax, with Perspex panels in the roof quarters and with special ventilation details.

Alongside the Dodge is a container body mounted on a B.T.C. fourwheeled trailer. The container is 12 ft. 6 ins. long. A conversion of the standard Thames 10-cwt. van is also featured, this being fitted with interior framing carrying Onazote 2-in. insula tion. The floor is covered with zinc and the rear doors are replaced by a single sealed door.

REYNOLDS Stand 5 W. J. Reynolds (Motors), Ltd., New Road, Dagenham, Essex.

li4ULTI-PURPOSE vehicles for oilIV/field operations are a speciality of this concern, which is again exhibiting a Thames ET/6 Sussex six-wheeler. Equipped to enable loading operations to becarried on from behind, beside, in front of or underneath the vehicle, it has a jib pole complete with stay and check chain, a "head-ache" rack and a hatch above the cab permitting winching operations to be controlled from above the platform.

ROBSON Stand 88 Wm. and Thos. Robson, Ltd., 60, Farrhtgdon Road, London, E.C.1.

rIONTRIVED for the transport of, a Commer Q2 2-3-ton van on this stand has a close-boarded interior and hanging rails for the clothing. The cab is equipped with sliding doors and glazed quarter lights alongside the windscreen provide perfect visibility.

The other exhibit is a Seddon 3-ton oil-engined'van with a hinged tailboard and roller shutter at the rear.

ROE Stand 87 Charles H. Roe, Ltd., Crossgates, Leeds,

LEEDS ORPORATION colours are once again represented on the Roe stand on an A.E.C. Regent Mk. III 58seat rear entrance double decker. Appreciated features of the bodywork, comprised of Burma teak framing with steel flitches, include the patent staircase with two passing platforms and luggage and coat accommodation below, and a Jicwood roof.

Another double-deck 58-seater 'on a similar chassis is displayed, this being finished in Sheffield Corporation livery and having interior fittings and finish of a type which contrast with those of the Leeds double-decker. The third exhibit is a Guy Arab 39-seat coach with a sliding central door. This is finished in Lancashire United Transport's red livery. SAUN1DERS-ROE Stand 99 Saunders-Roe (Anglesey) Ltd., Beaumaris, Anglesey, North Wales.

pRIDE in achievement lies behind the decision of this relative newcomer to Earls Court to name its lightweight body Saro, a name renowned in aircraft exhibitions. The two models shown are a Leyland Tiger Cub 44-seat singledecker weighing 5 tons 12 cwt. unladen and a Guy double-decker built on the same principles for Birmingham Corporation Transport Department.

Seating 55 passengers, the latter vehicle weighs 18 cwt. less than comparable double-deckers operated by the undertaking, but the specification of the Saro exhibit includes all the special features found on the city's fine vehicles. The concern's unit-construction principles are revealed in a special exhibit.

SCAMMELL AND NEPHEW Stand 95 G. ScanuneII and Nephew, Ltd., c/o Carrimore Six Wheelers, Ltd., London, N.12.

ENVIABLE as is this concern's long history of bodybuilding, its exhibits show that it is not bound by tradition. For example, a Dennis Fax 10-cubic-yd. tipper with a light-alloy body with barn-type rear doors, weighs under 3 tons unladen. The body is 10 ft. long, 6 ft. 10 ins, wide and 4 ft. 6 ins. high.

Another light-alloy body is seen on the Dennis Pax van with a tailboard and roller shutter at the rear. This body is 18 ft. long inside. More conventional is the Thornycroft Nippy Star general-purpose van with composite bodywork panelled in Plymax.

SPARSHATTS Stand 67 J. H. Sparshatts and Sons (Portsmouth), Ltd., Mises, Portsmouth.

D USES appear for the first time on

the Sparshatt stand, two Dodge models being prominently displayed. One is a 20-seater only 20 ft. 81 ins, long and 6 ft. 9 ins, wide, and the other a 29-seat " native "-type bus which is 23 ft. 81 ins, long and 7 ft. 6 ins. wide.

This vehicle is presented with half of the body incomplete, to display the Sparshatt patent tube-and-block method of construction. Composite construction is not neglected by the concern, however, as is proved by the presence of a Dennis Pax 5-6-ton Luton van, which weighs less than 3 tons unladen.


Spenborough Engineering Co., Ltd., Union Road, Heckmondwike, Yorks. A LTHOUGH a newly devised mobile tthoist is one of the more unusual Spen borough exhibits, it is backed up by four working tipping vehicles. The largest is a Dennis Fax 6-cubic-yd. dropsided tipper with a timber body and a steel-lined floor actuated by a UPT.91.A twin-ram underbody gear.

Next is a Commer 7-tonner with twin-ram gear which tips a special coaldischarge body of composite construction. A 5-cubic-yd. three-way tipper is displayed on a Morris-Commercial FV9/5 chassis equipped with PT52 single-ram three-way gear. Similar in size is a Dodge 6-cubic-yd. outfit, which has EP46 single-ram gear giving a twostage lift to 7 ft. 10 ins.

G14 SPURLING Stand 57 Spurling Motor Bodies, Ltd., Edgware Road, The Hyde, London, N.W.9.

QUANTITY production of the Bedford 30-cwt. all-metal van body which is featured on this stand, has enabled the bodybuilder to endow it with a number of excellent features, among them low weight and cost and adaptability to many applications.

Accompanying it on the stand are two composite-bodied products, one a meat-transport body on a Scammell drop-framed trailer chassis drawn by a Bedford S-type tractor and the other a dyer's and cleaner's van on a Bedford 5-ton chassis. The meat-transport body has Dekaloy flooring and detachable stabilizing transverse rails to control the hanging load.

Improvements in the interior appointments of observation coaches may be noted in the W h itson 39-seater on the Foden rear-engined chassis (Stand 3). Individual seats and ample luggage space are provided for all the passengers. There is a glazed sliding panel in the upper

saloon roof.


The Steel Barrel Co., Ltd., c/o Carrimore Six Wheelers, Ltd., London, N.12. TANKERS need not always appear i as cumbersome as is sometimes the case, if the exhibits on this stand are a good guide. Even the largest model, a Dennis Max articulated outfit, the semi-trailer part of which is a Pluto aircraft-refuelling unit, has a clean appearance belying its capacity of 4,000

gallons. The tank itself is elliptical.

Smaller by only 400 gallons, an Atkinson six-compartment tanker is of the more conventional type, whilst in the third exhibit, an Austin 800-gallon rigid tanker, special attention has been paid to the appearance. The latter vehicle is constructed for the transport of lubricating oil, which it can dispense at a rate of 20 g.p.m.


Strachans Successors, Ltd., Wales Farm Road, London, W.3. QERVICE bus bodywork on the new Dennis Lancet underfloor-engined chassis may be examined on this stand, where the first complete vehicle on a new Dennis passenger chassis may often be found, in this case it is a 41-seat body which has been mounted on the chassis, the body itself being of lightweight metal construction.

Another metal-framed exhibit is the Maudslay Regal Mk. IV 41-seat coach with radio, heating equipment and having luggage accommodation at the rear and in the side of the body. TELEHOIST Stand 127 Telehoist, Ltd., Swindon Lane, Cheltenhsun.

1JIAKING its first Earls Court appear

ance under its present name, this concern is featuring a Foden FE 6/12 with a new type of twin-ram tipping gear, the SL 12. The body is of timber construction. On a Dodge 6-ton chassis is shown a Telehoist SL 2 heavyduty gear actuating a 5-cubic-yd. body. Two Teleloader power lifts for goods are also shown.


Thompson Bros. (Bilston), Ltd., Bilston, Staffs.

UNDER-WING, over-wing or pressure refuelling of aircraft is catered for by the Thompson Lincoln tanker

based on a Bedford S-type chassis. It has a capacity of 1,500 gallons and delivers fuel through two hoses at 200 g.p.m. The machine is also capable of defuelling an aircraft, of loading itself from an outside source, or of delivering fuel while drawing supplies from an outside source.

A cylindrical 3,000-gallon stainlesssteel tank for milk on a Leyland Octopus chassis is also on view; this is insulated with 1 in. of Onazote. An elliptical tank of 2,000-gallon capacity for transporting spirit and based on a semi-trailer chassis is also shown.


University Coachwork, Ltd, 99, Boston Road, London, W.7. WEIGHING only 2 tons 19 cwt. YV 3 qrs. unladen, a Dodge 6-cubic-yd. light-alloy tipper represents the skill of this bodybuilder. The vehicle is equipped with Telehoist gear.

WADHAM BROS. Stand 1 Wadham Bros., Ltd., London Road, Waterlooville, Hants.

MORRISCOMMERCIAL ambulances are popular with public health authorities, and the two examples shown here meet two classes of operation. One is based on the NVS ambulance chassis and is equipped with Morris-Commercial low-loading stretcher gear on the near side and a convertible stretcher platform or seat on the off side. The other is based on a PV chassis and is similarly equipped, but the NVS model has Pye radio installed.

WALKER Stand 46 B. Walker and Son, Ltd., 1, Gammons Lane, Watford. QTEEL-FRAMED vans with a capacity of almost 950 cubic ft. and weighing under 3 tons unladen are the Walker speciality. Two examples are shown, a 940-cubic-ft. Bedford pantechnicon which is 22 ft. long overall, the body length being 14 ft. 10 ins., and a Thornycroft Nippy Star Luton van which has a body 15 ft. 6 ins, long and a capacity of 938 cubic ft. The rear wheels of this model are enclosed and an access door on the near side of the body complements the rear tailboard and half-doors.

Sliding and hinging rear doors are found on the third Walker exhibit, a Commer Q2 van with a capacity of 370 cubic ft.

WESTON Stand 14 Weston Works (Birmingham), Ltd., Weston Lane, Greet, Birmingham 11.

HYDRAULIC tipping gear and allsteel bodywork are seen on all the Weston exhibits. A newly developed single-extension twin-ram gear is found on the Austin 5-cubic-yd. drop-sided lorry. The rams are widely spaced for stability and a tie bar relieves the chassis of stress, and it is possible with this type of ram to replace the pressure cups without removing the rams from the chassis.

Twin-ram gear is also fitted to the Albion 5-cubic-yd, tipper and singleram gear is found on the MorrisCommercial FV9/5 5-cubic-yd. tipper. Heavy-duty gear is represented on the Thornycroft 7-cubic-yd. double-dropsided twin-ram tipper.

WEYMANN'S Stand 25 Weymann's, Ltd., Addlestone, Surrey. I NNOVATIONS in the frontal styling of the double-deckers, much sought after in recent years, and a lightweight body for export are two of the outstanding features of the Weymalin display. The single-deck body for export, based on a Leyland Tiger. Cub chassis, -is similar to the Hermes (" The Commercial Motor," September 12), but is known as the Jason. The new double-decker (" The Commercial Motor," September 19) is to be known as the Aurora, and the enclbsed radiator and deep side windows provide something new in outward appearance. The vehicle is for the Devon General Company. A 40seat single-decker having a Leyland Royal Tiger chassis, finished in silver and blue, one of the celebrated vehicles on order for Argentina, provides a contrast from overseas.

WHITSON . Stand 3 James Whitson and Co., Ltd., Yiewsley, West Drayton, Middlettex.

OBSERVATION coaches of the type shown by this concern are popular. with some operators. The Foden rearengined 37-seater shown has a clerestory roof for improved visibility. The Crossley Regal Mk. IV 41-seat coach alongside has an entirely original interior finish.

A fire appliance of a type supplied to a number of oterseas countries is also featured. This is based on the Thornycroft Nubian chassis.

WILLOWBROOK Stand 76 Willowltrook, Ltd., Derby Road, Loughborough.

HAVING taken over the manufacture of bus bodies based on the Brush patent methods of construction, this concern is featuring an Atkinson Alpha 44-seat single-decker for the North Western Road Car Co., Ltd.

Fine finish and complete comfort are found in a Guy Arab 37-seat coach also shown. This has seats trimmed in three shades of furniture hide and the woodwork is Indian ,silver greywood. For only slightly less luxurious travel there is also a Miudslay Regal Mk. IV 43-seat coach with a sliding roof. WINDbVERS Stand 78 Windovers, Ltd., 33, Sloane Street, London, S.W.1.

BELIEVING that there cannot be too much of a good thing, this concern is this year exhibiting two bodies • of the Kingsway type which caused such a stir in 1950.

One is based on an A.E.C. Regal Mk. IV chassis and seats 34 passengers in a degree of comfort more than adequate for overseas tours. The main seats are adjustable, three large Perspex lift-up panels in the roof provide draught-free ventilation and upward visibility and there are luggage lockers at the rear and in the sides of the body. A similar body on a Foden rear-engined chassis, seating 39 passengers, provides a contrast, as does the Commer water tender on show.

WOOD HOISTS Stand 22 Wood Hoists, Ltd., Foundry Street, Bolton.

BOTH composite and steel bodies are shown by this concern. The timber bOdy is fitted to a Bedford long-wheelbase 5-ton tier equipped with the exhibitor's 12164 end-discharge hoist and a drop-sided body. The steel body is found on a Dodge oil-engined 6-cubic-yd. tipper.

YEATES Stand 15 W. S. Yeates, Ltd., Derby Road, Loughborough.

OATERING for the Continental ‘...touring market, the Riviera model featured by this concern is shown based on a Maudslay Regal Mk. IV chassis. An original, but not freakish, appearance has been obtained, and the 39 passengers who may be accommodated enjoy the benefits of Perspex lift-up vents in the roof, !gazed dome and quarter lights.

Steel sections in the rear framing of a Crossley Mk. IV 41-seat coach also shown, have enabled the bodybuilder to increase the luggage capacity to 95 cubic ft. Modern lines also characterize the Dennis Lancet 37-seater with an all-glass bulkhead.

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