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What transport is all about...

26th October 1979
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Page 36, 26th October 1979 — What transport is all about...
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RHA S Road Transport Show will provide a rare chance for transport organisations and ne public to get toge er. Bibn Chalmers-Hunt details what the visitor will find there.

NINETY ORGANISATIONS are contributing to the Road Haulage Association's Road Transport Show opening tomorrow (Saturday) at the Metropole Hotel, Brighton.

The show, although organised by the RHA, is really an opportunity for the whole of the road transport industry to present its case positively to the public and the RHA is hoping to attract many visitors. Entrance to the show is 60p including a booklet Going Places For You, although tickets can be bought at any RHA area office.

"'Imagine a High Street in any typical town," says the first of many articles explaining aspects of transport. "If you think about it, practically every single item on sale in every shop was brought there in a lorry or van." That is the kind of angle the RHA is taking in its efforts to emphasise to the public the importance of transport.

All RHA activities are explained at the show, plus the Prestel Viewdata system under evaluation as a future membership service. Road Transport Finance Ltd, the RHA's official financial group, will also be prpsent.

The exhibition's layout is geared towards major concerns and so far as possible specialist RHA interests are sited where most appropriate.

The RHA Long-Distance Group, for instance, found on stand 114., sets out to underline the relationship that household products and the essentials of everyday life have with the lorry. For example, there will be a special competition for visitors.

The International Group; stand 129, features a crossContinental specification Mercedes tractor unit and ancillary displays which show the various customs documentation and specialist equipment requirements for international haulage.

In Hall 3, stand 304 will be occupied by the RHA Heavy Haulage Group and incorporates a three-section theme emphasising the complicated route planning involved for abnormal loads and the close relationship that heavy hauliers have with the police with regard to escorting. The second theme relates to the history of heavy haulage and the third refers to the current range of activities covered by members of the RHA Heavy Haulage Group.

The North Western Area of the RHA is on stand 315 with a theme covering road haulage as a major industrial employer.

In the gallery of Hall 1 is a number of RHA interest groups which relate to the operations being shown particularly by the larger exhibits below them on the ground floor. Stand 1 is the RHA Express Carriers Group whose display consists of a moving conveyor system on which is the specialist cargo of the group.

The RHA Metropolitan and South East Area is on stand 2 and tells the story of the transport of newsprint to the Fleet Street national press. Stand 3 is occupied by the RHA National Tipping Service. Banners illustrate six operational areas in which the Group are involved under the theme "Tippers carry the Bulk of Britain's Goods."

Stands 4 and 5 cover the RHA Agricultural Hauliers Group and the RHA Livestock Carriers Group. The theme here is the link between fresh food from the farm and its arrival at the domestic table. The two stands are linked by the central theme 'Hauling the Essentials of Life.'

Stand 6 is occupied by the RHA Temperature Controlled Group and continuing on the foodstuffs theme, the group demonstrates the care taken in ensuring food freshness and the essentials of reliability and safety.

Stand 8 is the RHA Tanker Group which demonstrates the nature of the stringent safety requirements for the transpiiirt of corrosive and dangerous goods. The stand also demonstrates a trailer for use on emergencies and an "Emergency Load Transfer Scheme" operation is on show.

Concluding the RHA's appearances in Hall 1 gallery is a joint stand, 9, 10, and 11, being operated by the RHA Scottish Area in conjunction with the Strathclyde Regional Council and the Scottish Milk. Marketing Board.

The gallery of Hall 3 incorporates three basic areas: security, publications and training. The RHA's Security Committee site on stand 12 is a joint exercise with a number of specialist companies in the security field, namely Notcutt Insurance, Camrex, the Billows Group and Acme Seals.

Adjacent to the well of Hall 3 is a bookstall facility being managed by Kogan Page on which some RHA publications will be available.

Stand 27 is the RHA Young Executives' Section. The centrepiece of the stand is the new recently accepted section low and the group's theme looking forward to the Eighti€ is carried through to an IC 1503 computer installation di monstrating VEHICL prr grammes for transport ma nag' ment.

Next door on stand 28 ttGroup Training Association' stand continues the futur theme under the banner 'GI Right on Course for the Eigl ties." Full details of managi ment and other courses will t available and visitors will b

bl to discuss their own in ual training requirements.

ort of Le Havre, stand 02, will be showing photoraphs and slides to illustrate hej increasingly active part ak n by the port authorities to o st roll-on/roll-off freight rafihic between Britain and rarlice. Le Havre is the second us est French port for crossha nel road traffic. Townsend ho esen and Normandy Ferries ffe between six to ten deparure daily according to the seaoni between Le Havre and oijthampton or Portsmouth itli a journey time of between 1/2 nd seven hours.

wnsend Thoresen, stand 07, aims to demonstrate to isitors its facilities for carrying 'reight, not only on its multipurpose ships but also on the "European"-class freight ships 3 n d to emphasise the frequency )f silings and the variety of 'out @s available to the transport )nd freight industry.

On stand 108 British Naterways will be presenting ;orne display panels and a )ush/tow model which shows hat the Freight Services Diviion of British Waterways Board ,ffers a comprehensive network

of docks, wharves, island depots and warehouses. While the primary objectives of the Board are devoted to the carriage of freight by water transport, it also needs, and makes use of, road transport for collection and delivery services and to provide the link between inland depots and water transport terminals: for example, between the Birmingham depot and Nottingham on the River Trent.

In some areas the Board owns and operates its own transport and its own livery. In other areas much use is made of hauliers in both public and private sectors.

The display will show that the British Waterways Board believes that an integrated and multi-disciplined transport era is about to begin with each form of transport making its contribution to the benefit of both customer and operator.

Kenning Tyre Services, stand 109, will be demonstrating the theme "Anytime anywhere" of their 24-hour tyre breakdown service. In addition Kenning Tyre Services will be showing a new wheel drawer for spigot mounted units, and the new Rubery Owen lockstyle wheel nut.

On stand 111 Hope Tech-2.. nical Developments Ltd is to show its pneumatically operated anti-jack-knife device which is now available in five different forms including one for the heavy-duty 3.5in SAE kingpin. Apart from improvements in material specification and Hope's special control valve, the device is still the same automatically operated and simple to install and maintain unit.

Also on display will be the latest Scrutineer model with remote control and rear fog light test facility to meet the latest legislation. Hope claims that this unit is now being used by most of the trailer manufacturers on their production lines as well as by many commercial-vehicle operators.

Semperit Tyres, stand 112, will be showing the full range of Semperit CV full-steel radial.

tyres: Eurosteel, Athlet Allround, M & S. and STC. Information will be available to all commercial-vehicle users to ensure that the right tyre is fitted to the correct wheel.

The Semperit Rebuild service will also be featured on the stand. The latest addition to Semperit's quality range of tyres is a high-speed version of the Eurosteel with "L" rating for up to 120km /h (75mph) which will be of particular interest to coach operators.

Fodens Ltd, on stand 113, will be demonstrating to the "not so technically minded" that trucks are not as complex as they appear. They will also be showing several of their products including a tractive unit and a rubber suspension system.

With the word "tachograph" firmlyimprinted on every operator's mind, Veeder Root on stand 115 will be showing its range of instruments and chart analysers. Staff will be on the stand to answer any questions and also to explain the use of a new top-speed governor as a contribution to fuel economy.

On stand 117 SPD Group is to show how the separate SPD companies can provide -The Vital Link" in the distribution of various types of merchandise throughout the world. The stand will be illustrating how the Group's engineers can apply technology and forward thinking to their transport fleet and distribution system.

Edbro (London) Ltd, stand 119, will be exhibiting one HMF self loader and two T FL recovery cranes. Of particular interest is the TIR hydraulic recovery crane which is designed to cater for 80 per cent of all commercialrecovery situations. It has a maximum lift of 12 tons (12.2 tonnes), a closed boom of 4 tons (4.06 tonnes), a fully extended boom, and a maximum lift height of 5181mm (17ft) when fitted to a standard vehicle chassis.

Two containers will be featured on the Freightliner stand, 124, a 30ft container stacked on a 40ft container. Inside the "Freightliner experience"' container will be a moving wall of vision — a special multiprojector audio-visual presentation using the sight and sounds of Freightliners. There will also be a simulated traincab interior where children can imagine themselves to be train drivers.

Mercedes-Benz (United Kingdom) Ltd on stand 125 is to show a New Generation Mercedes-Benz 1626 artic to back up a complete range of information available at the stand. Information will also be available on the company's transport consultancy services and commercial vehicle cost calculation programme.

On stand 126 Transport International Pool Ltd will be illustrating services and equipment available from the company, together with a flat-bed trailer mounted on a cradle to give an underside view.

P & 0 Ferries will show on stand 128 how it as a group of icompanies operates drive-on! drive-off passenger car ferries, ro-ro freight vessels, together with cellular and general cargo vessels, within the European transport and agency services division of the P & 0 Group.

The fleet of P & 0 Ferries maintains regular services linking Ireland, the Orkney.and Shetland Islands and Europe with England and Scotland. Full details of the P & 0 Ferries' services, including those operated by associate companies, will be available from the stand.

British Rail Sealink, with more than 50 ships on 23 ro-ro routes, will be presenting four concepts in international freighting on stand 130. Information will be available on its routes linking Britain with Europe, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight, together with the six train ferries on these routes which provides a continuous rail wagon load service• to the Continent. Seven ports are owned and operated by Sealink and as most of them are ro-ro ships, container ships and general cargo vessels can be

berthed. continued overleaf The highlight of the DAF 'rucks stand, 131, is an Tipressive working model cal.3d "The Wheels For British Inlustry' which has a compehensive range of vehicles iperating in their own particu3r. environment to form a simu3tion of the various aspects of idustrial usage. Also on the )AF Trucks stand will be a lifeize FT2800DKS 51 ton 4 X 2 ractive unit with sleeper cab.

To!omens Holding Cornany Ltd on stand 202 is thowing the extensive nature of ts car-delivery operation, with )ver 600,000 vehicles being Jelivered annually for nine maor car manufacturers.

There will be a huge backloth featuring Tolemans' new 3st transporter, the Magirus 3eutz 18m rigid and drawbar :railer unit by Lohn. Also of intrest will be the presence of folemans' Formula 2 racing Jrivers, Brian Herton and Rad Dougall, who will be answering questions and signing autographs.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd on stand 203 will be fea turing nine original posters illustrating the main reasons why "Britain Needs Heavier Trucks". The stand also features a wide range of models of British and imported commercial vehicles.

On the beach opposite the Metropole, British Road Services Group will be offering free trips in their hot-air balloon and another entertaining diver sion will be Michelin's old-style open-top bus ferrying visitors between the Metropole and Madeira Drive. Inside, on BRS's stand, 206, there will be a full display of the many BRS pro ducts and services and this will be supported by a continuous audio-visual presentation of BRS activities. A fully equipped BRS rescue truck will also be on display in the hotel forecourt.

"Telling the Public" how road transport makes the wheels of industry go round, puts the goods into the shops, and the food on the family table, is the purpose of a driver of the future sitting in a full-sized lorry cab on stand 207.

, Also on display will be a Rolls-Royce lpg fuelled engine, a disc-brake unit for heavy trucks, a Ratcliff-Hobbs automatic drive, and a computer demonstation by the NFC's subsidiary, Freight Computer Services Ltd.

The NFC stand will also display the liveries of the Corpo ration's main operating companies, with examples of the services they typically provide to the community, commerce and industry.

On stand 208 National Carriers will be showing various ways in which the company can contribute to the national energy-saving campaign. On display will be an Electraflow town parcel-delivery van which has been developed by Dodge in conjunction with Chloride Technical.

Information will also be available on the "trunk-in" facility offered by many of the branches, whereby the customer does the trunking and National Carriers break down the load and deliver it. The high street consolidated scheme operated by the NC Fashionflow will also be featured.

As the show is being promoted as a family occasion, NC will be operating for the children a seated-down battery-driven artic vehicle which has hand and foot brakes and can be driven at 4mph. Children taking rides will be invited to contribute 5p for the Year of the Child fund.

The Windshields Group on stand 302 will be outlining its windscreen-replacement service for both car and commercial vehicle owners and operators. The company now has 68 nationwide control centres, each with a fleet of mobile service vans on call 24 hours a day. Windshields are the official windscreen replacement company for the Road Haulage Association and its members.

Fiat commercial vehicles will be showing the 35F.8 Daily chassis cab on its stand, 303. This vehicle is powered by a' four-cylinder indirect injection diesel engine developing 64bhp' at 4200rpm and connected to a five-speed all-synchronised gearbox. Fiat is also showing a 159NC17, 16 ton gvw, and a 170F26T tractive unit on Madeira Drive.

Lombard North Central Finance Ltd on stand 305 will be featuring a continuous audio-visual presentation on Trucklease, its commercialvehicle leasing facilities. A leasing specialist will be in attendance throughout to answer questions.

By exhibiting a vehicle in the livery of Scots Meats Products Ltd — well known in the food distribution business — Volvo on stand 309 hopes to emphasise the point that without road transport food would reach ,he table at a considerably greater cost.

Volvo's features of economy and safety will also figure strongly on its stand and will be supported by the slogan "Volvo delivers more grub per gallon than anything else."

The British Association of Removers on stand 311 will be showing visitors the services that the association can offer them and emphasising the benefits to removal companies of membership. In addition representatives will be on hand to answer any questions about the association and advise visitors who are about to make a domestic move.

On stand 312 the Ford Motor Company Ltd is featuring the Ford Operating Cost Analysis System (FOCAS). A videotape will be shown on a monitor screen to explain the system. The latest FOCAS developments will be demonstrated by a visual display unit attached to a computer terminal. The terminal will be linked to the FOCAS database of information on 6,000 vehicles at Croydon. The database can be interrogated by FOCAS personnel during the show to demonstrate the usefulness of the system to fleet owners. A copy of operatingcost information will be available for operators when required.

Seddon Atkinson on stand 316 is demonstrating the heart of the commercial vehicle in the form of two cut-away engines and a rear axle. Also available on the stand will be full information on its current range of vehicles.

On stand 317 BTN Turbo is showing various manufactured products including turbochargers, air-brake compressors, fuel-injection equipment, starter motors and alternators, water pumps, spring back chambers and power steering rams and pumps. Throughout the western and south-western "Home Counties" the company offers a comprehensive service through its representatives, and in most cases units are available from stock as "advance replacements so saving the expense of down time."

T Royal Corps of Trans3ort will be exhibiting a motor:ycle rake-test reactor on stand 119. or motorcycle enthusiasts hey will also be showing a ?5Occ CAN-AM which is now ised by the army.

Thip brake-test reactor will be iurrotinded by a photographic iispl y depicting the many ictivi es of the corps and the tand will be manned by perionnel from the corps mobile lispla team.

Fo the theme of its stand, )9, t e Scottish Milk Martetin Board has the sophist.ation of the present-day milk.ollec ion tanker. The stand will ie de onstrating the importnce Of road transport in the rans on of milk from the farms %/her it is produced to the lairies where it is manufacired, emphasising in particular let the procedure is carried out 65 chys a year. The high techology involved in and the inustry's concern with the enironment will also be a theme. Strathclyde Regional Council on stand 11 will be illustrating the excellence of the region's highway network and how it is related to the rest of Scotland. Maps and photographs will illustrate the extent and standard of the region's strategic road system, identifying lengths of motorway and dual carriageway and the ferry links to the islands of the west coast. Also to be demonstrated is how the region's highstandard road system links Strathclyde's main urban centres to seaports, airports and container terminals, thereby providing the region with good transport links with the rest of the UK and the world.

Davco Instrumentation and Security Company Ltd is showing, on stand 13, how easy it is to fit an alarm system to a commercial vehicle. With insurance premiums regularly increasing, any device or system that helps to contain the number of thefts from vehicles can only help to control transport costs.

With fuel also increasing in price and in short supply, operators must keep a much tighter control on it. Petromatic Securi-Key Ltd is showing, on stand 16, its range of vehiclefuelling monitoring systems. Units to be shown on the stand include the Eurolock, Securi-key series 4500 and the most sophisticated series, 8400. Also a remote-control system will be shown using an inexpensive desk console control of fuelling from gatehouses or stores. All systems are designed to adapt to existing or new electric pumps.

Forward Trust Ltd, a subsidiary of Midland Bank Ltd, has a network of over 90 branches throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland and will be showing on stand 17 how it can provide instalment finance to both the private individual and the road-transport industry. Full information of the company's facilities will be available on the stand.

The Greater London Council exhibit on stand 21 will display the manner in which the council is developing its policy to assist the freight industry. The display will illustrate the current improvements to the road network in London and the continuing role of the railways and waterways in the movement of freight through London. The council stand will also deal with the support available for the introduction and development of improved road freight facilities for small shared haulier depots through to major freight complexes, the extent to which overnight on-street lorryparking bans have been introduced in London, and the London electric goods vehicles trial being sponsored by the Department of Industry and the council.

The theme of the Department of Information stand, 23, is safety. Three divisions of the Dol will be displaying examples of its work in connection with hgv,

The Transport and Road Research Laboratory will be displaying statistics and photographs relating to accidents involving hgv, research tests on articulated vehicle roll-over, braking instability, and its ''Quiet Heavy Vehicle" project.

Road Safety Transport and Local Division will be concentrating on accidents involving high vehicles striking low bridges and explaining the new legislation regarding the need to show the vehicle height in the cab. The Vehicle Inspection Division is illustrating its work involving the testing of vehiCles and the latest report of the Lorries and the Environment Committee, based on the studies of the scope for improved goods delivery, will be displayed.

Several Institute of Traffic Administration members will be on stand 24 to answer questions on the Institute generally, its educational programme and how this can assist advancement in careers for transport management, and any other related matters. A range of publicity material will be available from the stand.

Kalamazoo Business Systems on stand 25 will be showing its new microcomputer designed to keep vehicle fleet operators firmly in control of their costs, income and profits. The equipment, which takes up no more space than a desk top, was developed in conjunction with the Management Development Division of the Road Transport Industry Training Board.

The Chartered Institute of Transport, the senior examining body for transport professionals, will be sharing a small stand, 26, with the Institute of Road Transport Engineers and reflecting the close working relationship between the two institutes. The CIT will be displaying a selection of material detailing its membership procedures and its role as a forum for the discussion of current transport problems. Advice will be available on the stand for prospective members.

The Road Transport Industry Training Board stand, 29, will be of particular interest to anyone wishing to improve professionalism" in industry. As training advisors, the Board offers a wide range of assistance. The range of management ;aids — new topics include finance, operations and employment legislation — allows an individual to learn at his own pace.

Training for specialist drivers and instructors is also available as is a new mobile testing unit for local use around the country.

The latest edition of Commercial Motor wil I be available from stand 19. As this is the Year of the Child the journal's stand will be manned by representatives from the Gateway Club a society for helping local mentally handicapped children. CM editorial staff will be on hand throughout the exhibition. Commercial Motor is also sponsoring the cinema in Hall 4 where a programme of

• transport-orientated films will be shown continuously between 10am and 6prri.

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