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26th December 1969
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Page 40, 26th December 1969 — NEW COMPANIES
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A. S. Gibson (Transport) Ltd. Cap.: £100. Object: To carry on the business of haulage and transport contractors, etc. Subs.: A. S. Gibson, 104 Gloucester Road, Cheltenham, haulage contractor. N. H. Stows, Ford Cottage, North Huish, South Brent, Devon, landscape • gardener. Sec.: R. Powell. Reg. Office: 104 Gloucester Road, Cheltenham.

Bobisorth Ltd. Cep.: £100 Object: To carry on the business of haulage contractors. etc. Subs.; L H. Lewis and F. A. Dean, 12 Norfolk Street, WC2. Sec.: F. A Dean. Reg. office; 12 Norfolk Street. WC2.

R. V_ Transport Ltd. Cap.: (1,000. Object: To carry on the business of haulage contractors and carriers of goods and passenqers. etc. Des.: R. A. Eales and V. Eales. 15 Woodstock Terrace. Poplar. E14. Sec.: R. A. Estee. Reg. office: 37 Victoria Avenue. Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

Dolly Enterprises Ltd. Cap.: £100. Object: To carry on business as haulage contractors, etc. Subs.: L. H. Lewis and F. A. Dean. 12 Norfolk Street. WC2. Sec.: F. A. Dean. Dangled° Ltd. Cap.: £100. Object: To carry on the business of haulage and transport contractors, etc. Subs.: S. H Davis and D. Ordish, 1 /3 Leonard Street, EC2. Sec.: S. H. Davis. Reg. office: 1/3 Leonard Street, EC2.

Elliotts Haulage (Uley) Ltd. Cap.: £1,000. Object: To carry on the business of haulage and transport contractors, etc. Subs.: R. C. Keen and D. Hodgson, Wiles House, 82 City Road, EC1.

McKenzie Freights Ltd. Cap.: £100. Objects: To carry on business as haulage contractors, etc. Dirs.: C. McKenzie, 51 Sullivan Road, Sholing, Southampton, Mrs. Katherine M. McKenzie, 16 Granby Grove. Highlield, Southampton. Sec.: C. McKenzie. Reg. Office: 16 Granby Grove, Highfield, Southampton.

K. Thompson and Sons Ltd. Cap.: £5.000 Objects: To carry on business as haulage contractors. etc. Dirs.: K. Thompson. "Springwood". Old Whackhouse Lane. Yeadon, Yorks. K. P. Thompson. 18 Ascot Drive, Bradford 7. Sec.: May Thompson. Reg. office: Sedgwick Street, Bradford 8 Yorks. Arider Haulage Ltd. Cap.: £100. Subs.: L. H. Lewis and F. A. Dean, 12 Norfolk Street, WC2. Sec.: F. A. Dean. Reg. office: 12 Norfolk Street, WC2.

Keenspeed Freight Co. Ltd. Cap.: £100. Object: To carry on the business of international haulage and storage contractors, forwarding and shipping agents, etc. Dirs.: D. P. Keen, and Mrs. Grace Keen, both of 35 Queens Crescent, Horndean. Hants. Sec.: .1.8. Linane. Reg, office. 100 Park Street, W1 .

Transfeliz Ltd. Cap.: £100. Objects: To carry on the business of carriers, etc. Subs.: B. F. G. Ribbons, "Barrabys", Ponders Road, Fordham, Colchester, K. R. N. Stamp, 15 Cower Street, Ipswich. Dir.: B. F. G. Ribbons. Sec.: J. 0. Rudd. Reg. office: 505 Trelawney House. Felixstowe.

ICenway Haulage (Liverpool) Ltd. Cap.: £1,000. Objects: To carry on the business of haulage and transport contractors, etc. Dirs.: K. M. Corbishley, and Dorothy M. Corbishley. both of 157 Liverp000l Road, South Maghull, or. Liverpool. Sec.: J. S. Histop. Reg. office: 157 Liverpool Road,•South Maghull. nr. Liverpool.

McKenna (Trailers) Ltd. Cap.: £2,000. Objects: To carry, on the business of manufacturers of and dealers in trailers and conveyances, etc. Dirs.: B. E. McKenna, and Mrs. Hilda, McKenna, both of "Green Ridge", Prospect Road, Today Rise, Sheffield, J. McKenna and Rosemary M. McKenna, both of 12 Clifford Road, Sheffield, 11. Sec.: Hilda McKenna. Reg. office: Barrow Road, Wincobank, Sheffield. .

Embeco Engineering Ltd. Cap.: £1,000. Objects; To carry on the business as manufacturers of and dealers in motor lorries, etc. Dirs.: B. Faulkner, 93 Longdown Road, Cmgleton, Cheshire. P. J. Ribbons, 6 Davidson Avenue, Gublawton, Congleton, Cheshire, J. R. J. Rowland, and D.

Pearce. .

V. Selmic and Sons Ltd. Cap.: (2,000. Objects: To carry out the business of haulage contractors. eta Dirs.: V. Selmic. and Mrs. Ivy W. Selmic. both of 11 Cromford Road, Wirksworth, Derbys. Sec.: Ivy W. Selmic. Reg. office: 11 Cromford Road, Wirkswonh. Derbys. I.F.M. Mast Anglia) Ltd. Cap.: £3,000. Objects: To carry on the business of haulage contractors. etc. Dirs.; B. J. Barker, 52 High Street. Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk. G. R. Barker. Shrublands, Polka Road. Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk. E. R. B. Willets, 64 Hagley Road, Hayley Green. Halesowen, Worcester. Sec.: B. J. Barker, Reg. office: Freeman Street, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk.



The Pyrene Co. Ltd.'s metal finiahing division is now operating from new p-emises at Ridgeway, lver, Bucks (phone lyer 1812).


Jost (GB) Ltd., specialist in fifth-wheel and landing gear equipment. the English subsidiary of Jost-Werke G.M.B.H. of New-I senburg, Western Germany, has moved nto larger premises at Roeacre Works, Roeacre Street, Heywood, Lanes (phone 68011).


Wadham Stringer Ltd, has acquired the premises of Borough Hall Garage, 1 BA High Street, Newport, Isle of Wight. comprising showroom, workshops, forecourt, totalling 25,600 sq. ft. and is now operating same under the name of Fowlers (Isle of Wight) Ltd. The firm is a distributor for Morris cars and BLMC commercial vehicles, and also holds franchises for Austin, Jaguar, MG and Wolseley.


Gaedor Ltd. has acquired part of the business of Southern Battery Services Ltd, Under the agreement Gaedor will take over the Exide battery franchise, the Ilaybestos franchise and the exhaust trade; Gaedor wi,1 provide 24-hour delivery service on these lines from the existing premises in Brighton. Hove and Chichester. Other Gaedor lines will be made available from the new depots at a future date.

Tyre spreader

A manually-operated tyre spreader suitable for car-size and light-truck tyres is now available from Narco Rubber Equipment. The claws on the spreader—the NS 1—are designed to fit without adjustment all tyres in the size range for which the tool is designed.

Provision is made for the spreader to be fixed to a bench through two bolts but if only one of the fixing holes is used the tool can be swung out of the way when not in use. An over-centre design is employed so that the handle -locks" with the jaws in a full-open position when past a certain point; there are no springs or ratchets.

Made by: Narco Rubber Equipment Ltd., 2 Manorgate Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.

Price: £10 1 Os (trade).


The Featherwing sectional tandem mudguards from Boydell and Jacks announced in CM on May 2. are now offered as sectional single mudguards as well.

Produced from high-quality thermoplastics, the mudguards are rigid yet flexible, non-corrosive. chemical resistant and have good impact resistance. The mudguards are easy and quick to fit, complex support bracings being unnecessary. They weigh under 16Ib per pair.

The standard colour is black with an attractive gloss finish. Special colours can, and are, being produced for large orders. Initial painting is unnecessary and paint maintenace is also eliminated.

The flexibility of the mudguard reduces collision damage, but where damage is caused repairs are simple and in the case of major damage a half section can be replaced quickly and inexpensively.

Made by: Boydell and Jacks Ltd., 77 Union Road, Bolton, Lancs.

Price; £14 lOs per pair, ex works.

Key to metrication

Recently published by Pentice Press, the Concise Metric Converter is available in pocket and desk use size.

Both books contain identical information; they give detailed conversions from British measurements to metric measurements of length, area, volume, capacity, density, velocity, mass, mass /length, pressure, stress, work energy, quality of heat and temperature.

The more commonly used conversions are supported by basic tables, symbols, equivalents and examples, and a most useful section of the book contains explanation of the metric and S.I. (Systeme International) systems.

An explicit index is a useful adjunct and within the 108 pages are 6,000 conversions and 235 conversion factors.

Anyone likely to be making constant use of the converter would be well advised to invest in the desk edition, as the type face is very small in the, pocket version,

Published by: Pentice Press Ltd., 109 High Street, Winchester, Hants.

Price: pocket size 10s; desk edition 20s.

Tax slide

All tax codes and all ranges of pay up to £40 per week in £ s d and in decimal currency with increments of 5s are included in the latest tax slide available from Clayton Tax Slide. This timesaving calculator shows PAYE and graduated insurance payable according to wages and tax code number. Two inner sliders are supplied one for £ s d and one for decimal currency, the latter being the new feature.

To use the calculator all that is necessary is for the slider to be adjusted so that the code number is positioned against an arrow and then the tax payable and graduated insurance can be read off against the pay figure. The Clayton Tax Slide is supplied in a fabricated vinyl case with a soft lining and a press-button lid. Made by: Clayton Tax Slide Ltd., 30 St. Dunstan's Hill, Cheam Surrey.

Price: £9.

Skil orbital sanders

Hard-rubber pads for wet sanding and felt pads for dry sanding are available for two recently introduced Skil orbital air sanders. A compact design makes the sanders convenient for use in difficult places but they are equally effective on large surfaces.

At an air pressure of 90 psi., model 1126 has a maximum speed of 6,500 orbits per minute while the comparable figure for the 1127 is 6,000. Ball-bearing construction provides_ long life and minimum maintenance and the sanding speed can be adjusted from zero to maximum by a simple air-throttle control. Both models have a low air consumption and can operate on an air hose of 0.2 Sin. diameter.

The 1126 sander weighs 3Ib and has a 3in. by 5.25in. pad while the 3.25Ib 1127 has a 3.5in. by 6.75in. pad. The pads can be easily exchanged and paper clips hold up to eight sanding sheets, the outside sheet only needing to be removed when worn.

Marketed by: Skil (Great Britain) Ltd., lb Thames Avenue, Windsor, Berks.


A standard range of its Duo-Positive seals is now offered by George Angus and Co. Spiroseals Type D.P. as they are called were recently developed by the company which claims to be the first in the world to produce a practical and efficient design of positiveaction seal suitable for operating with shafts rotating in either direction.

Until now, positive-action seals have been offered to meet special, critical applications only but they are now offered to all users of the standard metric range of seals and conform dimensionally to the new British Metric Standard BS.1399: 1969 and the German Standard DIN .3760.

Made by: George Angus and Co. Ltd., Angus House, Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Electric tractor for 20 tons

A four-wheel battery-electric industrial tractor with a drawbar pull of 1,000lb—equivalent to towing a 20-ton load—has been announced by ' Wessex Industries. Unladen speed is 8 mph and with a load of 20 tons, 5.5 mph is possible. Range depends on operating conditions but with average loadings (part unladen) and eight to 10 stops a mile 17.5 miles can be covered with normal-duty batteries and 20 miles with the alternative heavy duty type.

Called the ET1000, the new Wessex tractor has a welded channel-section chassis with heavy-steel-plate body. Ackerman steering is provided for the front wheels and there are separate hydraulic circuits for the front and rear brakes.

For normal duty, Exide 36TH F 15 batteries with a capacity of 441 Ah at the 5 hour rate are fitted, the heavy-duty alternative being Exide 36THF 17 with 504 Ah capacity at the same rate. The battery connector is a 300amp butt-type fitted with two silver-faced main contacts and two auxiliary contacts; they are mounted in a moulded insulated block enclosed in a heavy steel case.

A hand-operated forward /off /reverse switch is mounted on the steering column with the horn button on a separate stalk. The driver's seat is fully adjustable and to prevent unauthorized use of the vehicle there is a key switch on the dash plate.

A rear tow hitch that can be modified to suit individual requirements is fitted and various types of battery charger can be supplied.

Made by: Wessex Industries Ltd., Market Street, Poole, Dorset.


Suspended heaters for use in garages and workshops where fire regulations call for heating equipment to be sited high above floor level have been introduced by Park Engineering (Paddock VVood), manufacturer of the Khamsin range of oil-fired heaters.

Three models, all direct-fired, are available: 160TS (Output 160,000 Btu/Hr), 225TS (225,000 Btu/Fir), and 340TS (340,000 Bth/Fir). All can be operated by time switch or thermostat.

The TS models—approved by the GLC for use in above-ground licensed garages—are mounted on drip trays. They are equipped with instant-operation fire valves fitted with double fusible links in the drip wire. Fuel is delivered through steel or copper piping from an outside souice. In case of fire the links melt and the fuel supply is automatically cut off.

In addition, the heaters have safety circuits which prevent overheating, cool the heater when it shuts off and guard against the release of oil fumes should the heater fail to ignite.

Fuel can be paraffin or gas oil, preferably of low-sulphur type. When using paraffin bought at bulk prices, heating costs with the Khamsin heaters are around 1s 2d per therm.

Made by: Park Engineering (Paddock Wood) Ltd., Europa House. Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Prices: 160TS C130 10s: 225TS £160 12s 6c1: 340TS £190.


A drum-truck which can provide a means of placing full barrels from a position on the floor on to a suitable fork-lift pallet 6in. or 8in, high, has been developed by A.P. Manufacturing Co. The mechanism is foot-operated and locks into position for safety, while in use. When being transported the drum is securely held in place by a harness band. The truck is known as the ET8 /PAL.

Made by: A.P. Manufacturing Co. Ltd., The Avenue. Rubery, Birmingham.

Price: E30 9s, ex works.

Pamphlets on brakes

The three latest pamphlets from Westinghouse C.V.B. ccver air compressors and the firm's quick-release and light-laden valve. They are supplied from the publicity department free of charge.

The air-compressor publication illustrates and describes typical units from the Westinghouse range for commercial vehicles while that on the Westinghouse quick release valve shows how this unit can be installed in an air brake system to speed up the exhaust of air from brake actuators when the applied pressure is released.

In the case of the pamphlet on the light-laden valve which Westinghouse calls the Variable Load Valve, the operation is described and the methods that are recommended for its fitting into existing layouts are detailed. Both versions of the valve are described — the standard and a low-deflection type which is for vehicles fitted with suspension systems having relatively small deflections between laden and. unladen conditions.

Published by: Westinghouse C.V.B. Ltd., Hanham Road, Kingswood, Bristol.

Price: Free of charge from Publicity Department, Westinghouse.

Disposable wipers

A booklet recently published by Kimberly-Clark entitled "How Disposable Wipers cut Industrial Health and Safety Risks" explains how risks of contracting cancer of the skin and other skin diseases and infections can be reduced with the use of disposable wiping products.

In addition, the booklet points out that serious industrial accidents caused by linen rags catching in moving machinery and dragging workers' hands into the machinery can be reduced by using cellulose wadding wipers which are designed to tear before this sort of injury occurs.

The booklet is free of charge. Published by: Kimberly-Clark Ltd., Larkfield, Maidstone, Kent.

Consumption meter

A fuel consumption meter introduced by Leslie Hartridge provides an accuracy of + 1 per cent when operating within the fuel consumption range of most types of vehicles.

This equipment gives a direct reading of mpg continuously, unlike the normal flow-meter type which indicates total usage.

A measuring cell is installed in the fuel line between the lift pump and carburetter and the equipment can be used either on road tests when the instrument can be pre-set for given road speeds, or in conjunction with a chassis dynamometer. An important use will be for engine tuning in conjunction with a dynamometer when it will permit maximum fuel economy to be obtained.

Made by: Leslie Harridge Ltd., Bucks.

Conversion panels

A system for converting estate cars into vans through the use of removable panels has been designed and developed by Futurama Signs.

Made from Darvic, ICI's rigid vinyl sheet, the panels fit over the side windows of estate cars. A smaller sign-panel can be fitted beneath the window in the rear door. The panels are attached by sliding them into nylon-coated metal channels and they are secured by waterproof rivets. If required. screen printing to customer's requirements can be carried out.

The system is simple to install, no major alterations to the vehicle being necessary. For group fleet operators, this means that when vehicles are transferred from one section qf the group to another they can be re-signed merely by changing panels, a task taking less than 10min per vehicle. Made by: Futurama Signs Ltd., Chessington, Surrey.

Exhaust analyser

One of the most popular items of American engine testing equipment that TEM Sales is to distribute in the UK is expected to be the MEXA 200 carbon monoxide analyser. The Ameri can manufacturer is Olson can manufacturer is Olson

Laboratories Ltd. and as well as :1"M the MEXA 200 various items of vehicle test equipment including engine and chassis dynamometers are produced.

The MEXA 200 uses an infra-red analysis principle andis a completely self-contained unit weighing only 211b. It operates in an ambient temperature range of 32degF (OdegC) to 100degF (38degC) and all electronic circuits are solid state; all external controls are recessed to prevent unintentional changes of settings. The instrument is set by sampling clean room air and adjusting the zero knob. Calibration is carried out in one of two ways: one is by introducing a gas with a known carbon monoxide content—available in disposable containers—while the other is by using an optical filter which is built into the unit.

Measuring range is 0 to 5 per cent of carbon monoxide and claimed accuracy is +0.25 per cent.

Marketed by: T.E.M. Sales Ltd., Gatwick Road, Crawley, Sussex.

Toilets for sites

The range of portable toilets made by Portasilo has been extended to include a chemicalflushing model. Based on the Portaloo 25, it differs from it by the integration of a 45ga1 tank in the base of the unit and the use of a floor-mounted flushing mechanism.

Polyurethane-coated steel is used in the construction of the portable toilet with a translucent reinforced-plastics roof panel to admit daylight. A built-in hose point facilitates washing out the interior.

The underfloor 45gal tank has a special filter, agitator and recirculating pump.

Made by: Portasilo Ltd., Blue Bridge Lane, York.

Price: Standard £175; De-Luxe £218.

Carburetter cleaner

Lacquers, gums, carbon deposits, rust and lead build-up can be removed by a carburetter cleaner introduced by Pennsalt and is claimed to be safe for use on all metals. Called Tyme, it is a

cold-liquid decarboniser. /degreaser.

Tyme is said to be nonflammable and non-explosive and successful tests in America are reported.

Marketed by: Chemicals Division, Pennsalt Ltd., Doman Road, Camberley, Surrey.

Decimal kit

Concerns involved with preparing staff for the change to decimal currency will find a training kit introduced by Decimal Training Currency Co. of use.

The kit contains plastics replicas of all the new coins, to a total "value" of £5. Conversion and change tables show corresponding values for amounts up to £1 in present and future currencies.

A detailed training manual outlines a practical eight-hour training course. Marketed by: Decimal Training Currency Co., Peterley Manor (West), Prestwood, Great Missenden, Bucks.

Price: £3 17s 6d—Special prices for bulk orders.

Orbital sanders

Three new air-powered orbital sanders introduced by IngersollRand have a vinyl motor-housing cover giving a non-slip grip. Large-capacity bearings are designed to give maximum tool life with minimum downtime. Each model has an air regulator, adjustable from zero to any speed up to the maximum.

The three new models are the GRO 600—called the AstroOrbit model—and the GO 800 and GO 900. The Astro-Orbit sander weighs only 4Ib loz, has a free speed of 11,500 rpm, a 6in. circular sanding pad and, with its oscillating rotary movement, gives a swirl-free finish. The GO 800 and the GO 900 are conventional orbital sanders with a free speed of 8,000 orbits per minute; each weighs 3Ib 5oz. The length and width of the sanding pad on the GO 800 is 5.5in. by 3in., while on the GO 900 it is 6.5in. by 3.5in.

Made by: Ingersoll-Rand Company Ltd., 165 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4.

Sling for palletized loads

A new type of sling designed by Miller Weblift for use with heavy, palletized loads during transit, is fitted with an exclusive tensioning device and contains 230in. of Latex-impregnated Terylene-webbing with a breaking strain of 8,5001b.

This new sling is particularly valuable for truck, rail, shipping and air freight cargoes: boxes are kept tightly in position and speed of loading and unloading is greatly increased over conventional methods of tying, with the aid of a quick-releasing locking device.

Loaded pallets can be lifted when handling is necessary. by means of the sling, there being no need to employ other slings or tackle.

Made by: Miller Weblift Ltd., 14 Aylmer Glade, London, N2.


braking castor

A castor introduced by Home Engineering and designated No. P9/3 /TSB 3 has several special features. A swivel-braking castor, it has a swivel lock with swivel-lock /wheel-brake and neutral swivel positions, each position being easily selected by a foot pedal.

The swivel lock and wheel brake will set trolleys in a fixed position. The pedal faces the operator and when depressed to the right the swivel lock is engaged and the castor becomes fixed. Neutral is selected when the pedal is set back into the horizontal plane, and the castor is then free swivelling. Depression to the left selects swivel lock and wheel brake, when the castor and wheel become fully locked.

The castor has full ballbearing hardened-steel swivel race. There is a choice of standard or anti-static non-vinyl staining tyres on the 9in. ballbearing hub wheels.

Made by: Homa Engineering Ltd., Home Works, Cosby, Leics. Price: £3 14s 9d each.

Rootes anti-freeze

Two types of anti-freeze are now marketed by Rootes—the BSS 3152 intended for normal cast-iron engines and BSS 3150 designed for power units having light alloy components.

This anti-freeze has been manufactured for Rootes by Shell-Max and BP and is marketed in a range of quantities from 1 pint containers to 45 gal drums.

Marketed by: Rootes Motors Ltd., Devonshire House, Piccadilly, London, W1.

Worksheet clamp

A gadget which provides a convenient method of holding papers, worksheets and so on in vehicles and offices is now available from Fonadek International. Called the Klemmboy, it is little more than 1in. square and has a self-adhesive backing to enable it to be attached to any smooth surface.

Paper is held in the Klemmboy by a roller which runs against a vertical inclined plane. The roller moves away from the clamping face as paper is pushed into the jaws of the Klemmboy.

Made by: Fonadek International Ltd., Fonadek House, St. Wilfrids Road, New Barnet, Herts.

Price: 2s 1d.

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