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25th October 1957
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Page 41, 25th October 1957 — New Electrics •
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for Dairymen

SEVERAL new battery-clectrics are among the vehicle exhibits in the Dairy Show, which opened at Olympia, London, on Tuesday and closes today. They include the N.C.B. Commuter 1-ton dairy truck by Smith's Delivery Vehicles. Ltd., and the Wales and Edwards Tonner three-wheeler. both announced in The Commerdal Motor on October 11.

, A Harbilt 750 driver controlled delivery vehicle suitable for a 25-cwt. payload and capable of up to 18 m.p.h. fully laden has been introduced by the Harborouah Construction Co., Ltd., Market Harborough, Leics. • With a 252-a.h. battery it has a non-stop range on the level of 46 miles per charge if a 15-cwt, lad is carried. Over a hilly route with the same load the mileage is reduced to 28. Maximum gradient ability is 1 in 7 under full load.

Plastics is used for the cab, which has a floor and back of wood. There are a cushioned seat and back rest for the driver. A loading space 8 ft. long and 5 ft. wide is afforded by the open-sided dairy body. Aluminium is used for the roof and valances, and wood for the floor. Aluminium flooring is an alternative at extra cost.

The enclosed series-wound traction motor is fan ventilated and controlled by a solenoid contactor giving four speeds forward and reverse: Lockheed hydraulic 11-in. by 2+-in, brakes are fitted, with two-leading-shoe units at the front. The mechanical hand brake operates on the rear wheels only. Tyres are 6.00-16 in.. whilst suspension is by rubber-bushed leaf springs. A double-reduction helical-spur and spiralbevel-gear differential is installed in the rear axle.

Leading dimensions of the Harbilt 750 are: Overall length 12 ft. 6 in., width 5 ft. 6 in. and height 7 ft. 2 in.

A new battery-electric chassis known as the Tonner is seen on the stand of Wales and Edwards. Ltd., Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury. Based on the 25-cwt. model it incorporates a new type of front suspension which is now available on all models. A pivoted fork supports cantilevers carrying the single front wheel, movement of the levers being controlled by 12-in.-long heavy-duty coil springs in tension.

Greater Range

Capable of 15 m.p.h., the Tonner is faster than its heavier counterpart and has greater range. Allowing for 150 stops, a range of 25-30 miles is provided when the standard battery of 259 a.h. capacity is fitted. The totally enclosed series-wound motor is mounted over the rear axle and rated at 4.25 h.p.

Exhibited last year as a prototype, the 25-30-cwt. oil-engined chassis also on the stand has an all-plastics cab and body produced by Mickleover Transport,•Ltd. It is coloured right through and has a wrap-round cab with curved windscreen and quarter lights. Chassis changes apart from the front suspension have been minor.

Principal vehicle of interest on the stand of Smith's Delivery Vehicles, Ltd., is the N.C.B. Commuter 1-ton heavyduty battery-electric dairy truck, which is being shown in public for the first time in this country. It is based on an export model for the North American market, and has a walk-through cab fitted with sliding doors. The seat swivels to permit stand-up driving.

The load space is 7 ft. 103 in. long

and 5 ft. in. wide, and gives a loading height of 2 ft. 4+ in. Maximum speed is 16-18 m.p.h., range varying between 20 and 30 miles per charge according to load and delivery conditions. Gradient capacity on full load is 1 in 4.

Also to be seen on the Smith's stand is an improved version of the Suburbanite, which now has a flush roof and cab line, smaller (23-in. by 5-in.) wheels, and deepened quarter lights. .

Among the comprehensive range of Morrison Electricars being shown by Austin Crompton Parkinson Electric Vehicles. Ltd.. 95-99 Ladbroke Grove, LondOn, W.11. is a 30-cwt. M.D. chassis carrying a new all light-alloy body for milk delivery. There is also a 10-cwt. B.M. chassis having a Bonallack lightalloy body with plastics roof, and marketed by F. CI. Smith (Motors), Ltd. It will carry 42" 15-loaf bread trays, whilst the confectionery compartment accommodates 10 cake trays.

A new canvas-covered lattice-type cab door made by F. G. Smith (Motors), Ltd.. is shown as an individual item and will he available on all models.


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