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New Midland Electric 1-tonner at the B.I.F.

25th February 1938
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Page 62, 25th February 1938 — New Midland Electric 1-tonner at the B.I.F.
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A Recent Entrant into the Popular Battery-electric Field, Midland Vehides, Ltd., Has Just Added a Larger Model to Its Range For a gross weight of 2 tons 13 cwt. and with space for a 177-cubic-ft. body, the Midland Electric chassis is shown at the BJ.F. with a sectioned van body.

T UST over a year ago the Midland Electric was introduced by Midland Vehicles, Ltd., Upper Grove Street, Leamington Spa. The original model, a 10-15-cwt. batteryvehicle, was described in our issue dated January 22, 1997. This machine was followed by a. 1-tonner, which is making its first public appearance at the British Industries Fair, now in progress at Castle Bromwich.

B24 Designated model B20, this attractive van is rated at 18-22 cwt., and has a body capacity of 177 cubic ft. Its chassis price is £198, whilst a choice of makes of battery is available at makers' current prices. These include Britannia, D.P. Kathanode, Exide-Ironclad and Tudor. Westinghouse metal-rectifier chargers are available.

The motor is a series-wound ventilated unit, the commutator being easily accessible from the cab. It is controlled by a series-parallel controller, having quick make-and-break contacts and magnetic blow-outs. A Layrub-jointed shaft transmits the drive to an overheadworm rear axle, and the wheels have 5.5 by 17 tyres.

A low-built frame ensures easy access to the driver's compartment, entry being behind the front wheels. There is a number of interesting and desirable features about its construction, notably the use throughout of fitted bolts.

For the accommodation of the batteries, quickly withdrawable frames of a patented design are provided. They enable the cells to be inspected, topped-up, etc., without disturbing the body floor, load or electric connections. They also permit the batteries to be readily removed. A display novelty of the exhibit at the B.I.F. is the staging of a chassis on which is mounted a body cut in half along its centre line. By this means visitors can obtain an excellent impression of the external appearance, the interior accommodation and the make-up of the chassis.


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