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New Battery-electric Articulated Vehicle

24th September 1948
Page 86
Page 86, 24th September 1948 — New Battery-electric Articulated Vehicle
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ABATTERY-ELECTRIC version of the Jen-Tug tractor is now being produced by Hindle Smart and Co., Ltd., Manchester. Designated the Jen-Helecs model 210, the new tractor is claimed to have a maximum speed of 16 m.p.h., with a range of 20 miles. Like the Jen-Tug, it operates with a semi-trailer of 30-40 cwt. payload capacity.

The batteries are carried in two separate pannger cases, one on each side of the chassis, located to the rear of the cab. A 36-cell 192 amp.-hr capacity battery is installed. An automatic preselected relay controller, incorporating an interlocked forward-reverse arrangement by push-button control, is used. All speeds are controlled by foot operation. A heavy-duty safety switch is provided for isolating the motor from the battery.

A selenium metal rectifying charger

unit, supplied with the tractor, operates on a 200-300-volt A.C. 50-cycle singlephase supply. It is fitted with a rotary switch, providing control over a range from normal to equalizing rates of charge, giving a starting rate of 25 amps. D.C. output with automatic taper according to the battery maker's requirements. An M.J.V.-type relay switches off the charger -when the battery is fully charged.

The tractor is Supplied with 12-volt double-pole electrical equipment, but the semi-trailer unit hat a single-pole system to permit interchangeability with units already in operation in the petrol engined Jen-Tug. _ .

With the exception of the unladen weight, which for the Jen-Helecs is 45-cwt,, the chassis Specification of the battery-model is generally similar to that of the JenTug. The final-drive ratio is 11.66 to 1, the standard off: set worm and warmwheel being retained.

The price of the battery-electric chassis,. complete with cab, is 025, with an additional £233. 12s. for the battery and f77 10s. for the charger. The cost of the semi-trailer is £120.


Locations: Manchester

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