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• 100 Seddon Buses for Hong Kong

24th May 1957, Page 60
24th May 1957
Page 60
Page 60, 24th May 1957 — • 100 Seddon Buses for Hong Kong
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Keywords : Biggar, Beattock

A N order for .100 complete singlePl deck buses has been placed in this coutiry by the Kowloon Motor Bus Co., Ltd., Hong Kong. This is the first step in a large expansion programme envisaged by the concern reputed to be the largest private bus company in the world. The population of Honig Kong

• is increasing rapidly every. year.

The complete contract, the value of which is about £300,000, has been secured by B. Ashworth and Co. (Overseas), Ltd., distributors in the territory for Seddon Diesel Vehicles, Ltd. The chassis selected is the recently introduced Seddon Mk.17, which has a 16-ft. 4-in, wheelbase and is powered by the Perkins R6 engine..

The bodywork will be built by the Kowloon Motor Bus Co. in their own workshops from Metal Sections' framings and parts, which will be supplied as part of the contract. When complete, each bus will seat 37 passengers.

The first 10 vehicles have already left for Hong Kong and should be in service by September.


DECAUSE the structure is damaged, I-) Paddy's Rickle Bridge over the Glasgow—Carlisle railway line, about four miles south of Crawford on A74. the main road used by heavy vehicles coming from or going to the south, is to be closed to all traffic for repairs from midnight on Saturday, June 15, until 8 a.m. on June 17. It is hoped to start work in September on a new bridge.

Alternative routes suggested for use during the 32 hours while the bridge is closed are: Northbound—Beat tock, Moffat, Broughton, Biggar, Coulter Station, .Symington, Lanark; Southhound—Millbank AA. Box, Hyndford Bridge, Symington, . Coulter Station, Biggar, Broughton, Beattock, Moffat.

For traffic going south from distant points, the recommended route is through Kilmarnock and Dumfries to Carlisle, and vice versa for northbound vehicles.


AT least 30 per cent. of road casualties could be avoided if all road users observed the Highway Code. The lack of road space, however, seriously militated against its 'consistent observance. This is stated by Mr. W. E. Riche, chairman of the Roads Improvement Association, in his annual report.

Travelling in almost continuous congestion, all classes of road user took risks discouraged by the Code, and the clashing of these risks was the basic cause of most accidents.

It was beyond understanding how the Government could consider it wise to limit road accommodation so that road transport was compelled to operate at less than half of its potential usefulness.


People: W. E. Riche
Locations: Crawford, Glasgow, Ltd.

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