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Novel Features in New Electric

23rd October 1953
Page 56
Page 56, 23rd October 1953 — Novel Features in New Electric
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DESIGNED to meet the current needs of the dairy industry, a new Helecs battery-electric, known as the Helpmate, will make its first appearance at the Dairy Show which opens next week. Carrying bottled milk, the capacity is 90 gallons, equivalent to an 18-cwt. payload. The platform of the dairy model measures 6 ft. by 4 ft. 11 in., without overhang, and this size can be extended where loads of a less concentrated nature are being carried.

Overall length is 9 ft. 4 in., width is 4 ft. 11 in., the wheelbase measures 5 ft. 6 in. and the track 3 ft. 8 in. Several important refinements have been introduced in the electrical equipment.

The Help-mate will be supplied either in chassis form or complete with body and cab. For the dairyman the body is of the canopy type, having a platform height of 1 ft. llt in. The cab, although intended as a one-man design, might also offer accommodation for an assistant. Price for body, cab and chassis, complete with batteries, is £595 in priming finish. The vehicle is also being made available as a works truck.

15-mile Range

The Help-mate will achieve twice the speed of the pedestrian-controlled types and, on what appears to be a conservative estimate, will have a 15-mile range under any urban conditions.

An important development is the incorporation in this machine of the Elexmatic power-unit pack. This system is controlled by a carbon compression cylinder and spring-loaded piston. Requiring neither lubrication nor maintenance, it gives a constant rate of acceleration irrespective of ambient temperature and of violent applications of the accelerator. Although acceleration is controlled, giving constant torque, accelerator return is simul taneous. • All electrical components are contained in this easily removed pack which can be detached from the vehicle by slackening off the four fixing bolts B22 and four lugs on the traction-motor leads. The pack is a development of the uniticontrol system employed on the larger Helecs vehicles and it is enclosed by a light steel box which forms the driver's seat.

Forward and reverse control is located on the left of this box and the light switch on the front. Above this switch is a plug and jack unit, the removal of the jack neutralizing the system. So as to make it impossible for the vehicle to be driven away while

connected to the charging board, there is an interlock on the controller.

Equally, this device makes it impossible for the vehicle to be put on charge while the controller is in gear. Interlocks also prevent the motor being switched straight through into reverse.

There are two pedal controls, accelerator and brake, both operated by the same foot. The vertical steering wheel is mounted centrally and operates a tensioned heavy-duty roller chain that, in turn, drives a shaft linking with a standard steering box. The chassis is built up with 4i-in. by 11-in, by steel channels, being well cross-braced by members of the same section.

Located amidships is the traction motor which is mounted on Metalastik bondings; so as to assist in giving smooth torque. With 16 cells in two banks of eight, the batteries are mounted pannier fashion on the outside of the main chassis members.

A 2-in.-section straight beam is employed for the front axle and this component carries a jackihg socket f use in conjunction with a special Bele jack which is instantly adaptable for u as a towing hook. There is also a jac ing socket on the rear cross-beam. Fro and rear springs are identical, havi the forward end rubber-mounted a the rear in a sliding block.

Tyre section is 4.50 by 18-in. a Lockheed Phase HI braking employed all round, with an integi master cylinder and supply tank. TIA leading-shoe type brakes with 8-in. fl-in, facings are employed at t front.

The Help-mate is easy to mancetn in confined spaces and has a read accessible spare wheel. The cab sufficient to protect driver and recoi from inclement weather, but is open the sides so as to give ready acce From the driving position vision excellent.

The sole concessionnaires are Hel. Vehicles, Ltd., 77 Baker Street, Lond. WA.


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