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23rd October 1936
Page 60
Page 60, 23rd October 1936 — TROLLEYBUSES FOR BELFAST
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BELEAST Tramways Committee has recently decided to experiment with trolleybuses, the success of which may decide the future transport system in the city.

In his report, submitting a proposal for the experiment, the general manager, Major M'Creary, said that the corporation would not, in any way, be committed to adopt a particular type of vehicle; but the experiment would be of valuable assistance in the framing of a policy, irrespective of the transport medium finally adopted. The expenditure during the next 10 years will amount to ov,er 11,000,000.

The report shows that the experiment of operating trolleybuses can be made without causing interference to the present working and with an expenditure negligible in comparison with the amount at Stake. Major M'Creary recommends that the test be made on the Falls Road service as being the most economic route for the purpose.

It is intended to hire vehicles from a few selected manufacturers on a mileage basis, with the option of purchase should it be decided to adopt a trolleybus system.


DUNFERIVILINE Town Council tdiscussed, last week, the position arising out of the refusal of W. Alexander and Sons, Ltd., Falkirk, to make any advance on its offer of £11,800 for the lifting of the tram rails in Dunfermline and the reinstatement of the roadways. The estimated cost is 429,000.

It was proposed by Bailie Izatt that, if the bus concern declined to met the full liability in the matter, the Town Council should consider acquiring and operating the tramway system as a

municipal enterprise. It was pointed out, however, that this would mean taking over the whole of the West Fife system and it was finally agreed to await the outcome of a further meeting to be held between the law agent of the Alexander concern and the local authorities.


uOW the fortunes of football clubs 1. inlay affect bus services was illustrated in a case which came before the East Midland Traffic Commissioners at Nottingham last week, when Mr. J. Robinson, of Burbage, applied for a licence to run trips from Burbage to the Coventry City F.C. ground,

Mr. W. H. Perry, representing the applicant, said Coventry City had gone up while Leicester City had gone down in prestige, and the result had been that Mr. Robinson had had many requests to run to Coventry for the football games there.

Applicant's proposal to charge a fare of 1s. 9d. and to pick up at Hinckley (1i mile from Burbage) was opposed by various opera tors.

A.34 Mr. Britzius, for the Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Co., Ltd., pointed out that this concern had frequent and adequate services 'between Burbage and Hinckley and the latter town and Coventry, and that the through fare was 2s. 5d. His company would not object to the granting of the application if Mr. Robinson did not pick up at Hinckley and charged a fare of 2s.

The Commissioners granted the application, with the proviso suggested.


ARRANGEMENTS are being made for the abandonment of the tramways in Swansea, and a p_ovisional programme for the abandonment of the tramways in sections has been agreed between the borough engineer and surveyor and the general manager of the

South Wales Transport Co., Ltd. It is reported that the work of reinstatement of the roadways will (with the Transport Company's consent) be carried out in sections. As the sections of tramway track are abandoned, so the work of restoration of the highway will follow immediately, MERSEY HEARING POSTPONED.

TrliE hearing of the joint application 1 by the Ribble and Crosville concerns to run a bus service between Chester and Southport, via the Mersey Tunnel, has been postponed until October 27 and 28.


WALSALL Corporation proposes to seek powers to run trolleybuses in various parts of the town, also in the borough of Wednesbury and the urban district of Darlaston.

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