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22nd October 1965
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Page 48, 22nd October 1965 — NEW EQUIPMENT
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Automatic Vehicle Washer LOW running costs are a feature of a new commercial -Li version of the Magic Circle automatic vehicle-washing equipment now available from Ross Autowash (London) Ltd.

The unit consists of a self-powered carriage fitted with a control panel and detergent tank; two nylon brushes are employed, one vertical and one horizontal. The carriage travels around a vehicle on a specifically-laid track and the rotating brushes (being sprayed with water and detergent) automatically follow the vehicles' contours. Manual controls allow the brushes to be lifted away from the vehicle and a cut-out ensures that the carriage stops when any resistance is felt. The wash cycle is claimed to take from two to three minutes, depending on the size of the vehicle.

Two basic models of the unit are available. Model A requires a working area of 24 ft. by 14 ft. by 12 ft. high, and will wash vehicles up to 14 ft. long by 7 ft. wide by 8 ft. 6 in. high. Model B needs an area of 31 ft. by 14 ft. by 13 ft. high and will accept vehicles up to 21 ft. long by 7 ft. wide by 9 ft. 2 in. high.

Made by: Ross Auto-Wash (London) Ltd., 85 King's Road. London SW3. Price: Expected to be less than £3,000, installed.

De-icing Fluid BEING introduced this year by Petrofina (Gt. Britain) Ltd. is a de-icing fluid called Fina D-Icer. This is to be supplied through retailers in a 10 oz. aerosol pack, together with a free, flexible screen scraper, made of p.v.c., designed to clear light frost from windscreens or to remove melted ice quickly. Fina D-Icer includes a propellent, claimed to ensure that virtually all the contents of the aerosol are utilized.

Made by: Petrofina (Great Britain) Ltd., Petrofina House, York Road, London SEI.

Price: 5s. 6d. per pack.

Lubrication chart for Ford Transit ALUBRICATION chart for the new Ford Transit range of vehicles is now available from Castrol. Requests for a free copy should be addressed to: Castro! Chart Library. Castrol Ltd., Castro] House, Marylebone Road. London NWI.


Flexible Shaft Drive L1KELY to be very useful in workshops is a flexible shaft drive being produced by Precitools Ltd. This unit, which has an overall length of 4 ft., is designed for drilling, rotary filing, deburring, fettling, sanding, burnishing and polishing.

This device has a in.-capacity chuck and a shank at the drive end of 73r, in. diameter; ball bearings are fitted at both chuck and drive ends. -It will run only clockwise at speeds of up to 4,000 r.p.m. The drive can be from a drilling machine, lathe, and so on, or from a portable electric drill held in a vice. A pistol grip is fitted for ease of handling. Special lengths and sizes can be made to order. Made by: Precitoois Ltd., 30 Heath Street. London, NW3.

Price: £4 8s. (retail).

-1--t A COMPLETELY redesigned range of tanker discharge equipment has been announced by the Drum Engineering Company Ltd. Included in the range are both displacement pumps and air compressors, the designs being the result of a considerable amount of research and a number of recommendations by both fleet operators and tank builders.

Among the compressors made are air-cooled and watercooled models and the emphasis has been placed on the need to keep the equipment simple and flexible. For those requiring electrically-driven or hydraulically-driven equipment, units are offered as complete package assemblies, and there is a full range of power take-off units suitable for the transmission of auxiliary power for use on road tankers.

The illustration shows a reversible assembly comprising a 8.4E external bearing pump, piping and a directional flow valve, which when assembled provides two-way pumping without the need for complicated gearboxes or the changing of hoses. The problem of changing direction of rotation, and position of drive shaft from top to bottom or vice versa has been overcome by the inclusion of a directional flow valve and by the continuation of the two rotor shafts through the casing. This enables any vehicle (regardless of p.t.-o. type or position of pump mounting) to have a pump mounted from stock. The pumps are still produced with the quickly changeable pressure-relief valve permitting the unit to be changed from

rection of flow to the other mechanically by reversing the in of the shaft This is necessary when fitting a unit to a that differs from the one from which it was removed to the nature of the p.t.-o. and its direction of rotation. er-cooled compressors will operate at 40 p.s.i. consly and 50 p.s.i. intermittently, making them particularly le for some of the more arduous duties encountered when ipping highly viscous materials such as glucose, bright, cylinder oils and resins. The water jacket is piped to !hide radiator from where the coolant is circulated. .1 units installed in this manner are claimed to be working etorily. being able to blow for considerable periods witherheating.

*cement pumps are made in a variety of materials. The rd and the cheapest versions are all cast iron, but there veral alternative specifications. Cases, rotors, and endcan be supplied in cast iron, aluminium, bronze or ss steel: depending on the material in the pump body and , the shafts are either of ENI5 steel or stainless steel. s are now made .with plain or roller bearings and with internal or external bearings. Seals are available for :ally every known liquid, some being of the Mechanical nd some of the gland type.

of the most important developments is a.newly designed which, unlike its predecessor, has elliptical lobes and is le for operating at high speeds.

by: The Drum Engineering Co. Ltd., P.O. Box No. 178, yd.Yorks.

Pumps from (17I 10s. to (2417; compressors from . 6d. to 030 18s. 6d.

ke Safe Warning Device FETY device, called Brake Safe, is now being produced z Lincoln Plastics Ltd. An amber triangular lamp is to the rear of a vehicle Which 'lights up when pressure apletely released from the accelerator pedal. By this warning of intention to brake is conveyed to the driver following vehicle before braking actually takes place. thus able to brake at the same time as the driver in so avoiding the danger of possible ramming.

e luxe version of the Brake Safe features two lamps and rial cut-out switch, which prevents the device operating the Clutch pedal is depressed. Vehicles fitted with this are now available for trial on application to the makers. by: Lincoln Plastics Ltd., Outer Circle Road. Lincoln. .E1 15s. (retail); de luxe set. £2 15s.

i-freeze Irometer

UTE POLAR MASTER nti-freeze hydrometers, very r to those used in the es. are now being made by ni Equipments Availhrough wholesalers only, the meths are claimed to give and accurate readings, cooling for extreme temperature es. Ranges arc from 0-70°C rom a 5-60 pet' cent solution. instructions are supplied, as dditive tables in pints and

by: Gordon Equipments Kings Place. 13uckhurst Hill,

Heavy-duty 1-ton Trailer

A DDED to the range of trailers made by Tollbridge Trailers Ltd. is a new standard 1-ton heavy-duty model called the Tollbridge Council Trailer. This has an interior of galvanized iron and is fitted with a drop tailboard which can also be used as 'a loading ramp. The trailer is specifically designed to carry light machinery but is claimed to he equally suitable for removing rubble and so on.

The chassis and framework is of rolled, rust-proofed steel with welded and rust-proofed joints. The timber platform is 8 ft. long and 5 ft. wide: the sides and front hoard are 2 ft. high and the tailboard is 3 ft. high.

Independent suspension by rubber torsion units on each wheel ensures a smooth ride. .Large drum brakes are operated through a rod linkage system by an overrun device on the hitch and other standard equipment includes a brake lamp for reversing. handbrake, telescopic jockey wheel. 50 mm. ball coupling. manteuvring handles, lashing eyes, full road lighting and drop stands for both rear corners.

Made by: Tollbridge Trailers Ltd., Lymington, Hants.

Price: €215 (ex work s1.

Brake Bleed Unit THE claim made for a brake bleed unit manufactured by Pneumatic Components Ltd. is that it enables one man to bleed Girling and Lockheed brake systems with ease--without the need for any complicated adjustments. The unit is operated pneumatically, using for the brake-fluid reservoir a seamless steel tube with polished bore made by Tubes Ltd.

The equipment consists basically of an aluminium pneumatic c■ finder and a cylindrical brake fluid reservoir (I-gal. capacity) with a rod connecting the piston in each cylinder. The brake fluid is separate from the 'compressed air supply and thus cannot he contaminated or aerated.

The blake bleed unit is connected to a compressed air supply and to the brake fluid reservoir on the vehicle. After purging the unit, each brake can be bled through the valve fitted at each wheel. The equipment is designed to operate from a normal garage compressed air supply of 150 p.s.i.; a hydraulic pressure of 25 p.s.i. is imparted—well within the safe limit of a vehicle's hydraulic system.

Made by: Pneumatic Components Ltd.. Eyre Street, Sheffield Yorks.


Locations: York, London

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