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21st September 1956
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Page 172, 21st September 1956 — 200 BODIES FO] ,VE NEED
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OPERATORS visiting the Commercial Motor Show during the coming week will have a wide variety of bodywork from which to choose. There are nearly 200 exhibits on the 66 stands occupied by bodybuilders, and many other fine examples are displayed on chassis manufacturers' stands and in the demonstration park outside the exhibition hall.

On bodybuilders' stands, 179 complete vehicles are shown, as well as drivers' cabs, containers for meat, fish and horses, and tipping gears and associated equipment. Of the complete vehicles, 121 are built to carry goods, 39 are passenger vehicles and nine are ambulances. The remainder, designed for specialist purposes, include a television control van, a mobile office, dental clinic, grocer's shop, refuse collector and a soil-testing laboratory.

ANTHONY , Stand 46

Anthony Hoists, Lid., 170 Piccadilly, London, W.I.

A LL-STEEL bodies are provided on these 1-3five tippers. An Albion has the Anthony ST7 telescopic slant-type underbody tipping gear and a 6-cu.-yd. drop. sided body. A drop-sided body of similar capacity, together with the Anthony ST7 gear, is also shown on a Dodge chassis.

Intended% for use by a sand and ballast merchant, a Maudslay Mercury chassis has the ST7 gear working in conjunction with an 8-cu.-yd. lixed-sided body.

Five-cubic-yard bodies are available for inspection on the two other vehicles, one of them an Austin and the other a Thames.

A.P.V. Stand 116 A.P.V. Co., Ltd., Manor Royal, , Crawley, Sussex.

DES1GNED to carry furnace oil, the I./4,000-gal. aluminium' tank on an A.E.C. Mammoth Major chassis has three compartments. The tank is mounted in 'fontmild-steel rings connected to the chassis frame by Alpax pads and brackets incorporating Silentbloc flexible mountings. The unladen weight of the complete vehicle, which is 30 ft. long and 7 ft. '6 in, wide, is 8 tons 19+ cwt.

The other exhibits are an Atkinson eightwheeler with a 3,400-gal. single-compartment stainless-steel tank and a Maudslay Mercury with a 1,500-gal. single-compartment stainless-steel tank for the carriage of vinegar.

ARLINGTON Stand 111 Arlington Bodybuilders, Ltd., Ponders End, Enfield, Middx.

AllENTION has been paid to safety in the driver's cab of the Bedford 1.660-cu.-ft. light-alloy Luton pantechnicon. The, driver's scat is adjustable, Perspex quarter lights are shaped to thelines of the cab, and light-alloy felt-inserted slats are fixed to the floor.

A translucent glass-fibre panel is incorporated in the roof. The unladen weight of the complete vehicle is under 3 tons.

Plastick rear wings are provided on the chassis of, a Crossley Mercury light-alloy tipper. The 7-cu.-yd. body has a tophinged tailboard with double locking device. The other exhibit is an Albion Chieftain light-alloy platform lorry.

AUTOLIFTS Stand 128 Autolifts and Engineering Co., Ltd., Highfield Road, Blackburn.

A N extra-wide metal-framed cab, incorporating integral domed glass-fibre wings and a dash in the same material, can be seen on an Atkinson 6-cu.-yd. steelbodied single-drop-sided end-tipper. The Edge L8F power-operated single-ram hydraulic tipping gear can lift 8 tons to 50°. The Edge Sl4F twin front-ram poweroperated hydraulic end-tipping gear provided on the other exhibit has a lifting capacity of 14 tons. This vehicle is an Albion with a 51-cu.-yd. all-steel prefabricated double-drop-sided tipping body. The forward-control cab is also of steel construction.

BAWN Stand 137 W. B. }lawn and Co., Ltd., Blackhorse Lane, London, E.17. .

TIS new-corner to a commercial Motor Show is exhibiting a Thames 5-tonner with a 1,200-gal, two-compartment tank for the distribution of fuel oil. The pipework arrangement has manifold and flexible hose

connections designed to permit the pump to be used either to empty or fill the tank in normal service, and to empty tanks at customers' premises. The foot valves are operated by remote control.

B.L.S.P. Stand 125 British Light Steel Pressings, Ltd., Warple Way, London, W.3.

AN all-steel full-forward-control cab built for the Karrier Bantam 2-ton chassis is shown on this stand. Easy entry is claimed for the 35-in, front-hinged doors, which are set well forward and are provided with steps. There is a wide-vision two-piece windscreen of safety glass, and all instruments are easily visible. Engine servicing is facilitated by a quick-release top to the engine cover. There is a bucket-type driver's seat, and accommodation for two other persons.

The refuse collector on which the cab is mounted is destined for service in Colombo. The 7-cu.-yd. all-steel body is designed for side loading. BONALLACK Stand 70 Bonaliack and Sons, Ltd., 40-42 Cannon Street, London, E.C.4.

TWO examples of theJecently introduced light-alloy packaged standard" range Of bodies are among the-exhibits. One, based on a Commer 7-boner, is of dropsided design, and the other, on a MorrisCommercial 7-ton chassis, is a platform lorry.

A Forien

tipper has a fight-alloy dualpurpose body. In its basic form it is suitable for carrying cement in -bags. For the bulk carriage of cement, there is a specially designed removable bottomless container, the lower edges of which fit into rubber-sealed channels on the platform. The cab has a roof panel and front quarter panels of glass-fibre.

A light-alloy television tontrol van, based on a Bedford 7-ton chassis, has an all-in weight of less than 5 tons which, it is claimed, is more than a ton less than it would have been had it been built in other materials. A cotimact air-Conditioning unit. the main function of which is to cool the equipment while it is in operation, is provided.

BROMILOW AND EDWARDS Stand 26 Bromilow and Edwards, Ltd., 264 Goldhawk Road, London, W.12. LTIGHLIGHT of this company's exhibits is an A.E.C. Mammoth Major 10-cu.yd. all-steel electrically welded dumper. The power-operated 15 DN twin underbody slant-type triple-extension end-dumper gear, which gives a body angle of 70° when fully tipped, is fitted. This has an operational cycle of about 29 sec.

End-tipping gear is also provided on an Austin 7-ton tipper with a wooden body having a steel-lined floor, and on a Dodge 7-cu.-yd. all-steel drop-sided tipper.

A 4-cu.-yd. all-steel three-way tipping body is mounted on an Albion chassis. This has the 2YTW power-operated hydraulic three-way tipping gear with twin underslung rams.

BUTTERFIEL Stand 132 D W. P. Butterfield, Ltd., Shipley, Yorks. THE largest of three tankers is mounted on an Atkinson eight-wheeled chassis. Constructed in mild steel, it has a capacity of 4,000 gal. and is intended to carry butadiene. It is 24 ft. long and 6 ft. in diameter.

The other tankers, both of which have a capacity of 1,500 gal., are also made of mild steel. One is of frameless construction and is shown together with a Scammell 6-ton tractor. A Bedford chassis forms the basis of the other exhibit, which is of elliptical design. CARMICHAEL Stand 109 Carmichael and Sons (Worcester), Ltd., The Butts, Worcester. .

LIVESTOCK carriers will find much to interest them in the two-deck cattle container mounted on a Thomyeroft Swiftsure lorry with an alloy platform. The container is constructed in special corrosion-resistant alloy, It has a pair of interlocking rear gates and a single ramp

fitted with lifting springs. It is claimed

that, with the proper equipment, one man can remove. the container in five minutes. Another platform lorry, the basis of which is a Morris-Commercial 5-ton chassis, is shown with a three-horse container.

Desned to carry 7 tons of dry cement, the aluminium tubular tank shown on a Commer 7-ton tipper can, it is claimed, be discharged up to a height of 40 ft. in 15 minutes.

COCKERS Stand 81 James Cocker and Sons (Southport), Ltd., Meols Cop Road, Southport.

FURNITURE is to be carried in the Dennis 2,000-cu.-ft. van seen here. Light alloy forms the basis of the body, but the side panels, radius panels and the roof are all constructed in glass-fibre. The roof is translucent. Plastics are also employed in the integral cab. Because of the distances , that this vehicle will cover the cab has luxury seating.

Glass-fibre is also used extensively in a full-fronted cab which Cockers have designed for the B.M.C. 7-ton chassis. An unusual feature of a light-alloy body shown on a Seddon chassis is the cross-boarded floor. This design obviates the use of cross-bearers and, consequently, keeps the weight down.

COUNTY Stand 123 County Commercial Cars, Ltd., Fleet, Aldershot.

EXIIIBITED for the first time at a Commercial Motor Show are examples of the Jekta and Litex all-metal bodies. The Piston Jekta is a new addition to the range of controlled-discharge vehicles. Based on a Dennis Pax chassis, this new design is particularly suitable for the carriage and discharge of wet concrete and similar materials. Complete load ejection is claimed, the cylinder being cleaned out by each stroke of the piston.

The Litex Mark III 14-ft. meat-delivery van, which is shown on the Thames 4-ton chassis, is one of a standard range of bodies having capacities of from 2 to 15 tons. It is fitted with a Market Loader for hygienic meat handling. A number of Litex 6-ton all-metal lift containers for the carriage of meat is also displayed.

COVENTRY Stand 142 Coventry Steel Caravans, Ltd., Newport Baguet!, Bucks. MEWCOMERS to a Commercial Motor 11 Show, but caravan builders for many years, this company have recently turned their entire capacity over to the production of special commercial outfits. Shown on a Tasker 4-ton semi-trailer is an office built for a company manufacturing electronic equipment. This basic design is also suitable for shops, branch premises, banks,, showrooms and similar purposes.

A dental clinic is shown on a Brockhouse 4-ton trailer. This is a cheaper design and is suitable for health clinics, site offices, workshops, survey units, and canteens. CUNARD Stand 38 The Cunard Commercial Body Building Co., Abbeydale Road, Wembley.

ESIONED -specifically to carry biscuits LI is a box body shown on a MorrisCommercial 2-3-ton chassis. Special mildsteel racks are fitted at the rear.

Another special body on a MorrisCommercial 2-3-ton chassis is intended for a dry-cleaning concern, but it can easily be adapted for other purposes. Its fittings include detachable rails in the roof for hanging garments. There is a large door on the near side and two double doors at the rear. Of Luton design, it has a capacity of approximately 1,025 cu. f I.

A de luxe van body is shown on a Morris 5-cwt. chassis.

DARHAM Stand 110 Darham Industries (London), Ltd.,

13 Victoria Street, London, S.W.1. TODUNTED on a Leyland Octopus IV-Ichassis is a 4,000-gal. five-compartment multi-purpose mild-steel insulated tank. The tank mountings consist of two longitudinal box girdCfs, which also provide accommodation for two 20-ft. lengths of hose. A concealed walk-way is provided

with a non-slip expanded-aluminium tread-way along its entire length, access to it being by means of an aluminium ladder and a wide platform at the front.

Constructed for easy cleaning, the tank is shot-blasted and coated internally with aluminium to prevent corrosion and contamination of its contents.

DURAMIN Stand 48 Duramin Engineering Co., Ltd.,

Standard Road, London, N.W.10. TWO examples of Duramin standard

bodywork are on show for the first time. A 16-ft.-long drop-sided body, weighing only 81 cwt., is seen on a Dodge chassis, and a 15-ft. 9-in.-long platform body, weighing 6* cwt., on an Albion Chieftain.

Another innovation is the Bulkmobile, mounted on a Dodge chassis, which is designed to carry animal food in bulk. Basically, it is a fixed-sided end-tipper with a normal tailboard hinged at the bottom to

swing down and hang vertically so that loads in sacks may be easily handled. Conversion to enable it to carry and discharge loads in bulk is claimed to be easy and quick. In this form, the load can be discharged up to heights of 40 ft. .

Other exhibits are a Maudslay 13-cu.-yd. end-tipper, the body of which weighs only 91 cwt., and a lightweight biscuit container.

EDWARDS BROS. Stand 25 Edwards Bros. (Tippers), Ltd.,

264 Goldhawk Road, London, W.12. (-NNE of the four end-tippers on this stand Vi is equipped with a 9-cu.-yd. fixed-sided all-steel body and SAT power-operated twin-underslung-ram end-tipping gear with a load capacity of 15 tons. The basis is a Leyland Super Hippo chassis.

The Commer 7-tonner, which has a 6-cu.-yd. wooden body, has the W.2 poweroperated hydraulic slant-cylinder underhody gear.

A detachable drop-sided body with a capacity of 31 cu. yd. is provided on a Karrier Bantam 2-tonner. This has the 1LN power-operated hydraulic gear. Model 2LM power-operated hydraulic gear is fitted on a Thames 4-ton chassis, which has 3-cu.-yd. prefabricated all-steel body.

EXPRESS Stand 43 Express Motor and Body Works, Ltd., 150 GoswelfRoad, London, E.C.1.

A COMPOSITE cab specially designed to Cl suit the new A.E.C. Mandator dash is displayed on a platform version of this K20

vehicle. The hardwood body is designed to carry heavy rolls of paper.

Steel will make up the loads of a Commer 7-tonner fitted with a hardwood half-fixed-sided body with a fiat platform at the rear, Incorporated across the floor are steel-panelled joists with peg holes suitable for carrying various si2es of steel rods and bars.

A Thornycroft Swiftsure has an all-alloy double-drop-sided body with panelled sides and a ribbed floor., It has an unladen weight of under 3 tons.

HOLMES Stand 53

Holmes (Preston), Ltd., Blackpool Road, Preston. 'GULL-FRONTED glass-fibre cabs and full-fronted alloy cabs, both with wrapround windscreens, are among the new products on this stand. Three glass-fibre cabs are shown, one of them on an Albion platform lorry which also has glass-fibre rear wings.

A glass-fibre panelled roof is incor porated in a light-alloy Luton van based on a Crossley chassis. Roller shutters are provided at the front on the near side, as well as at thc rear, on a Seddon light-alloy van.

The new design of light-alloy cab is shown on the Guy platform lorry. Another exhibit is a two-compartment container for the carriage of fish.


J. H. Jennings and Son, Ltd., Sandbacb. A SLIDING door for customers is pro-Z-ivided at the rear of a grocer's shop based on a Ranier Bantam chassis. There are large display windows on each side, and the interior fittings include counters, shelves, an insulated compartment, and washing facilities.

Hanging rails and skirt boards are provided on each side of the interior of a gown van, which has been constructed on an Austin taxi chassis.

A cattle container is shown on a Dodge chassis which has a specially designed platform with hinged divided side boards and tailboards. Part of the container is constructed in aluminium alloy. The other exhibit is a three-horse box on a Bedford 4-tonner.

KENNINGS Stand 29 Kennings, Ltd., Clay Cross, Derbys.

ACANTEEN on a Morris-Commercial chassis is shown with a one-piece roof formed in polyester resin-bonded glass-fibre. There is a fixed counter extension, frames

with trays, three open lockers and an insulated water container with complementary equipment.

KINGSLAND Stand 107 kingsland and Sons (Camberwell), Ltd., 246 Bromley Road, London, S.E.6.

A CAB which is claimed to permit almost tt unobstructed vision through 180 is a feature of a Guy 1,459-cu.-ft. Luton pantechnicon.. The body is constructed with ash and hardwood framing, the standards being reinforced with concealed steel plates.

Moulded glass-fibre panels are incorporated in the roof of a 1,450-cu.-ft body on a Thames 3-ton chassis. This vehicle has been converted to full forward control by the exhibitors. Framework is of ash and sapele, exterior panelling being in aluminium-faced plywood. The two doorsat the rear open in line with the side panels.

LOCOMOTORS Stand 138 Locomotors, Ltd.,

154 Grosvenor Road, London, S.W.1. DUILT for brewery work is an Albion Chieftain platform lorry. The heavyduty body is provided with a slot-in type tailboard, other fittings including rope hOoks and a tool box. The orthodox cab is of composite construction.

A display van has as its bbsis a Morris 5-cwt. chassis and cab. The body is of hardwood framing and is panelled in aluminium and polyester resin, translucent plastics panels being incorporated in the roof. The display windows are of toughened glass and are fixed in polished aluminium frames.


Mann Egerton and Co., Ltd., . 5 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich.

ASEM1-INTEGRAL aluminium fourwheeled lorry with a payload capacity of nearly .101 tons is the highlight of this company's exhibits. This vehicle, which incorporates Albion running units, weighs only just over 31 tons (see also page 270).

Claimed to be the first vehicle to be built in this country specifically for'clelivering animal food in bulk is the. Bulkfeed, shown on a B.M.C. 7-tonner. The integral aluminium container has a capacity of 352 cu. ft. Standard poultry pellets can be discharged at the rate of 12 tons an hour to heights up to 50 ft.

MARSHALL Stand 114 Marshall Motor Bodies, Ltd., Airport Works, Cambridge.

ABODY specially designed for the distribution of cartoned goods is shown on an Austin 5-tonner. Of light alloy, it incorporates a flat floor. The temperature of the interior is controlled by means of louvres in the bulkhead, with hit-and-miss shutters on the inside. In addition, there are louvres at the front and rear Of the double-skinned roof.

On the other van body exhibited on an Austin 3-ton chassis, there is a special grill bulkhead which enables the driver to see into the body. There is a sliding door in the bulkhead.

A feature of the remaining exhibit, which is a Thomyeroft light-alloy drop-sided lorry, is its glass-fibre cab. MARSTON _ Stand 141 Marston Motor Co., Ltd., Seven Sisters Road, London, N.15.'

GRAN1TE and other rock materials will be carried in the 15-cu.-yd. steel-lined timber body, shown on an Atkinson eight'wheeled chassis. Pilot U.7 twin-ram underbody tipping gear is fitted.

Marston are also exhibiting an Atkinson with a 950-cu.-ft. van body. This is of. composite construction with a steel-lined floor. It is 23 ft. long arid 7 ft. 6 in. wide.

MARTIN WALTER Stand 117 Martin Walter, Ltd., 'Cheriton Road, Folkestone.

'TWO new versions of the Dormobile are • ± being displayed for the first time: Each 'Ean be used as a four-seat saloon, a holiday sleeper, or for carrying goods. One is based on a Standard chassis and the. other is a conversion of the Thames 5-cwt. van.

MULL1NERS Stand 27 Mulliners, Ltd., Bordesley Green Road, IlErmingham, 8.

A DELIVERY van and a pick-up body, -L-1both of all-steel construction and based on Standard chassis, are among the exhibits on this stand. The van has a capacity, behind the front seats, of 73•1 cu. ft., with an additional 161 Cu. ft, beside the driver. The pick-up has a payload capacity of 6 cwt.

NEVILLE Stand 78 G. E. Neville and Son, Ltd., Forest Road, Mansfield, Notts. •

A DROP-SIDED U-shaped alloy tipping body is an interesting feature ofthe four exhibits. It is mounted on a Thornycroft Swiftsure chassis and has a capacity of 6 cu. yd.

Unusual points in a Guy Warrior dumper include rubber insulation between the body and chassis, to insulate the chassis frame from the impact of loads dropped into the body.

Designed for work in manganese-ore quarries in Australia is an E.R.F. 15-eu.-yd. aluminium alloy fixed sided tipper. It is displayed without a cab, as it is to be shipped to Western Australia in c.k.d. condition.

An alloy fixed-sided body, with a capacity of 6 cu. yd., is mounted on a Bedford 7-ton tipper. This has an unladen weight under 3 tons, and will be employed by • Eastwoods, Ltd., cement manufacturers, of London. NORMAND Stand 120 Normand, Ltd.,

Cumberland Avenue, London, N.VV.10. WITH the exception of the front end. Y V the Commer 25-cwt. van is built entirely in polyester resin reinforced with

chopped-strand glass-fibre mat. It has a domed roof, and the sides are extended to form swept skirting and radiused rear corners. It has a capacity of about 190 Cu. ft. Designed to carry ice-cream, it is insulated with Onazote, refrigeration being by means of evaporator plates.

An Albion 4-ton chassis forms the basis of a van framed in hardwood arid panelled in aluminium. A mobile soil-testing laboratory forms the other exhibit. Based on a Thomycroft Big Ben chassis, the body is provided with a sun-roof above the main roof

OLDLAND Stand 134 Oldland Motor Body Builders, Ltd., Oldland Common, near Bristol.

1ik4AH0GANY is employed for the fram47V-1ing of both the cab and body mounted on the Crossley Mercury 14-ton tipper. Curved Perspex quarter lights are fitted in the cab. The body is lined with I-in, board and the floor with 18-g. sheet.

A Guy Otter 6-tonner has a semi-Luton van body with integral cab. The body, which is 22 ft. 9 in. long, 7 ft. 6 in, wide and 10 ft. 10 in. high, is constructed in aluminium-alloy sections.

PILOT Stand 124 Pilot Works, Ltd., Manchester Road, Bolton.

FOR the first time. Pilot are showing a tipper with special safety devices. These include an electrical device which gives warning in the cab at the commence

ment of tipping, and a 341..-long prop which can be placed under the body when it is partially raised for maintenance.

A stabilizer is provided on a Maudslay 26-cu.-yd lightweight corrugated-alu7 minium-alloy coal tipper.

Other exhibits are a Guy 6-cu.-yd. wooden end-tipper, a " Leyland 6-cu.-yd, wooden end-tipper, a Foden 12-cu.-yd. aluminium-alloy end-tipper, and a Seddon with a special export cab and steel endtipping. body REALL Stand 80

ReaP (Coachbulders), Ltd., 470-474 Bath Road, Cippenham, Slough.

Tbc used both for. carrying furniture -Iand for a parcels: deliyery service,a Thames .900-cu.-ft. . Luton .van has an integral cat). Framing is of lightweight composite Material with intersected . alloy sections.. The full-length rear doorsgive a flush finish. A well is provided at the rear, and into this is fitted a detachable ramp for use in loading and unloading. When not required it folds to cover the floor, of the well.

An all-alloy platform body, 25 ft. long by 7 ft. 6 in. wide, is shown on. a Dyson 14-I6-ton semi-trailer.


W. .1. Reynolds (Motors), Ltd., New Road, Dagenham, Essex. nUTSTANDING features of the oilfield body on a Thames 4-ton chassis are a 12,000-lb winch for loading or lifting purposes, a tail roller enabling skid-mounted machinery to be pulled on to a lorry, and gin poles with a 5-ton lift. The all-steel welded platform has a detachable safety rack between the back of the cab and the front of the body.

ROBSON Stand 51 W. and T. Robson, Ltd., 60 Farriogdon Road, London, E.C.1.

THE largest of three van bodies is one of Luton design mounted on a Thornycroft Swiftsure chassis. It has an overall length of 22 ft. 6 in., and is 7 ft. 5 in. wide and 10 ft. 9 in. high. There is a full-depth sliding door on the near side of the cab bulkhead on an Albion boxvan, which has doors on the near side of the body, and a hinged tailboard and roller shutter at the rear.

A Guy Wolf 2-ton chassis forms the basis of the other van, which has a loading rack on each side.

SCAMMELL AND NEPHEW Stand 112 G. Scammell and Nephew, Ltd., High Road, London, N.12, A PATENTED device for loading and Cl unloading pallets is a feature of an enclosed body shown on a Carrimore 5-6-ton semi-trailer. The device comprises an endless chain actuated by a handle coupled through gearing.

A Dodge 5-tonner with a 1,025-gal, oil tank has exterior panelling designed to improve the appearance of the outfit. A roller shutter is provided at the rear.

SPARSHATTS Stand 50 J. H. Sparshatt and Sons, Ltd., London Road, Portsmouth.

A1-1EATED and insulated 6-cu.-yd, tipping body to carry asphalt is exhibited on a Dodge chassis, The body, which is of welded all-steel double-skin construction, employs glass-fibre for the insulation. A report of a test of such a vehicle was published in The Commercial Motor on June 8.

A one-piece glass-fibre roof is incorporated in a 1,450-cu.-ft. composite Luton van body mounted on an Austin 5-tonner. Intended for the delivery of fuel oil for domestic and industrial purposes is a Dennis 1,200-gal. tanker. The tank has two equal compartments and is panelled in alloy to present an attractive appearance. Metering and hose equipment is mounted in an enclosed compartment at the rear.'

SPENBOROUGH Stand 119 Spenborough Engineering Co., Ltd., Union Road, Heckmondwike, Yorks. CTABILIZERS are provided on three of the five tipping vehicles being shown. These comprise a Dodge with timber body and EP.48 power-operated hydraulic front-ram end-tipping gear, a Dennis 5-tanner with aluminium-alloy body having EP.46 power-operated hydraulic front-ram end-tipping gear, and a B.M.C. 7-ton wooden-bodied end-tipper with EP.81 K24 power-operated hydraulic twin front-ram gear.

A 3-cu.-yd. timber body on a Thames chassis has a steel-lined floor. This has the EP.43 power-operated hydraulic frontram end-tipping gear, Twin slant-ram underbody end-tipping gear is fitted on a Commcr 7-tonner with a 6-cu.-yd. all-steel body, The tipping cylinders are built inside the chassis frame in order to give a low loading height.

SPURLING Stand 115 Spurting Motor Bodies, Ltd., Edgware Road, London, N.W.5.

COMPOSITE construction is employed in the 1,050-cu.-ft. van body displayed on a Thornycroft 7-8-ton chassis. The floor is formed in Dekaloy section and is

covered with hardwood wearing strips.

The Bedford 950-cu.-ft, pantechnicon is also of composite .construction. The driver's cab is built integrally with the body. A detachable drop-sided body is shown on a Scammell 10-ton straightframed trailer.

STEEL BARREL Stand 108 Steel Barrel Co., Ltd., High Road, London, N.12. INTEREST on this stand will centre on -Ithe 4,000-gal, aircraft inciter, mounted on a Carrimore semi-trailer. Of elliptical design, this outfit can fuel aircraft through one or two hoses, each delivering 250 g.p.m. at the same time. The Dennis Max tractor has a specially designed cab, and the entire outfit is panelled to give a clean appearance.

Panelling at the sides and rear is also

a feature of an A.E.C. Mercury 2,400-gal, five-compartment tanker. On the Dennis Condor 2,000-gal. four-compartment tanker, the hose boxes at the side of the . tank are panelled.

TELEHOIST Stand 52 Telehoist, Ltd., Swindon Lane, Cheltenham.

ANEW tipping gear exhibited is attached directly to the chassis frame, thus permitting the loading height to be kept to the minimum. Known as the Telelever twin-ram heavy-duty gear, it has a tipping angle of 50' It is shown with

• a 27-cu.-yd light-alloy body based on a Maudslay eight-wheeler. .

The Teletever medium tipping gear, which was introduced early this year, is

also shown for the first time. This is of unit construction, enabling it to be fitted to any chassis without difficulty. It will be seen on a Crossley, with an 8-cu.-yd. steel body of a new design, which has a

quick-action self-locking tailboard fastener,. A similar body, but having a capacity of 4 Cu. yd., can be inspected on a Bedford chassis with the S.L.1 I-1/3 tipping gear. A Dodge 7-tonner provides the basis for a wooden body with alloy floor and runners, fitted with the S.L.2 twin-ram tipping gear.

Stand tand 69 Thompson Bros. (Bilston), Ltd., Bilston, Staffs.

A N unusual feature of the A.E.C. la Mammoth Major 4,000-gal. tanker is the hydraulically topor bottom-operated

foot valves, which complement a Varley pump provided for power delivery. The elliptical tank shell is constructed in mild steel and is divided into five compartments. Another 4,000-gal. tanker, of frameless construction, is shown in conjunction with a Scammell 15-ton tractor.

The tank and chassis of a Dennis 900gal. oil-delivery tanker are completely panelled. Access to the walkways is by means of a patent folding ladder built into the near-side panelling and designed to present a flush appearance when closed.

UNIVERSITY Stand 131 University Commercials and Coachwork, Ltd., 69 Lots Road, London, S.W.10.

HARDWOOD is used throughout in the construction of the 550-cu.-ft, van body on a Morris-Commercial chassis. A Dodge has a 6-cu.-yd. drop-sided endtipping body constructed in light-alloy extruded sections.

A Dodge platform tipper provides the basis for an 8-ton hulk cement container. Both the body and the container arc conStructed in heat-treated light-alloy extruded sections. Two manholes are provided in the roof of the container for loading purposes and there is a corrugated alloy walkway.

WALKER Stand 105 IL Walker and Son, Ltd.,

I Gammons Lane, Watford, Herts. THREE all-welded vans are exhibited by 1 this bodybuilder. One of them, having a Thames 2-ton chassis with a Baico 25-in. extension, has a capacity of 720 Cu.. ft. A separate loading compartment is provided above the driver's cab, access to it being by means of a door in the bulkhead. An Austin 1-1-ton chassis has a 515-cu.-ft. Luton body. The rear frame is heavily reinforced and is enclosed by a ramp tailboard with double doors swung on outrigger hinges above.

The largest exhibit is a 1,385-cu.-ft. Luton van based ort a Commer 5-ton chassis with a Baico 36-in. extension. There is provision for an intermediate detachable nine-piece floor at a height of 4 ft. 8 in. from the main floor.

WESTON Stand 30 Weston Works (Birmingham), Ltd., Weston Lane, Birmingham, 11.

TWO new Weston tip gears are fitted on two of the four vehicles. One, known as the 4LD twin-ram triple-extension underbody gear, is seen on an Atkinson chassis with an 8,7-cu.-yd. fixed-sided lightalloy body.

The other, the 8LD, is a single-ram triple-extension front-of-body gear and is shown on a Dodge fitted with a heavy-duty all-welded fixed-sided steel body. Other new features on this vehicle are a large high-pressure gear-type pump built integrally with the power take-off, a gravel spreadingcontrol valve in the cab, and rectangular binged body stabilizer.

A Thornycroft tipper with a steel doubledrop-sided body has a new remote-control valve which enables tipping to be regulated from the driving position. The other exhibit is a standard Thames 4D chassis which has been converted to a generalpurpose vehicle.

WILLOWBROOK Stand 40 Willowbrook, Ltd., Derby Road, Loughborough, Leics.

A MOULDED one-piece glass-fibre roof CILii a feature of a Guy 1,200-cu.-ft. alloy pantechnicon for British Road Services.

WOOD HOISTS Stand 24 Wood Hoists, Ltd., 264 Goldhawk Road, London, VV.12.

THE Thornycroft Trident exhibited is

fitted with a 7I-cu.-yd. prefabricated all-steel drop-sided end-tipping body, together with the W.3 twin-ram slantcylinder unclerbody gear. The equipment incorporates a control valve in the cab which gives "tip," "lower" and " hold " positions. A detachable tailboard, hinged from the top and fastened with quickrelease locking-bar mechanism, is fitted.

The other exhibit is a CR1 cam-androller end-tipping hoist mounted on pedestals.


BEADLE Stand 41 John C. Beadle (Coachbuilders), Ltd., Lowfield Street, Dartford, Kent,

ALTHOUGH the names of these two exhibits will be new to most operators, the vehicles are not new designs. Both are of light-alloy integral construction, employing the Rootes oil engine (see page 262).

The Rochester 41-seat coach has a front entrance with a single-panel hinged door opening inwards_ Seats have individual cushions and foam-rubber fillings. The design provides for uninterrupted forward vision, and the wheel-arch projection is avoided by having a ramp floor.

In the Chatham 45-seat bus, a fullheight partition is provided behind the driver. The entrance is enclosed with a jack-knife door operated by the driver.

BURLINGHAM Stand 37 II. V. Burlingham, Ltd., Preston New Road, Blackpool.

AA 11AL-F-WIDTH driver's cab blended -C1 with the new look" front is provided on a Guy Arab 73-seat metal-framed double-deck bus. The weight of the body is 3 tons 4 cwt.

A Seagull Mark V lightweight coach, based on an A.E.C. Reliance chassis, has 41 seats of oyster-shell design. Of metalframed construction, it has a single-panel door opening inwards at the front. There is a partition, glazed in Perspex, behind the driver's seat, a hinged door on the near side giving him access to the saloon. A locker at the rear and parcel racks inside have a capacity of 200 cu. ft.

A Maudslay chassis forma-the basis of a 45-seat metal-framed single-decker, specially designed for stage and private-hire work. It has sliding doors at the front.

CARBODIES Stand 33 Carbodies, Ltd., Holyhead Road, Coventry.

AN Austin Metropolitan taxi, designed and built to conform to Scotland Yard requirements, is the sole exhibit on this stand. The body and roof are of stressed steel construction, and toughened glass is

provided for all windows. Seats have Latex foam-moulded interiors and are upholstered in hand-buffed leather, There is generous luggage space and provision is made for interior heating.

C HA.USSON Stand 79 Societe Anonyine des Usines

35 Rue Malakoff, Asnieres (Seine), France. XHIB1TING for the first time at Earls Court is this well-known French manufacturer, who claims to have built, last year, 70 per cent, of all hoses exported from France.

The coach on view has recently contpleted the round trip from Paris to Bombay. Of integral construction, it has btten specially designed for export markets and can be supplied completely knocked down.

It has 44 scats, with provision for adding a further 10 of folding design, and large luggage compartments as well as individual luggage accommodation beneath the seats. The overall length is 33 ft. (see also page 263).

DUPLE Stand 32 Duple Motor Bodies, Ltd., Edgware Road, London, N.W.9.

A METHOD of mounting seats which za obviates the need for bolt-holes in the floor is employed in all three exhibits. Another common feature is lightweight seating with shaped foam-rubber cushions, squabs and had rolls.

Thirty-three of this type of seat arc provided in a coach with a Cornmer chassis. In this vehicle, the two seats at the rear are reversed and detachable Formicatopped tables provided.

A Britannia 41-seat coach body, based on an A.E.C. Reliance chassis, has its entrance door opening into the step well forward of the front axle, An outside sliding door is provided behind the front axle of the Bedford Super Vega 41-seat coach.

DUPLE (MIDLAND) Stand 31 Duple Motor Bodies (Midland), Ltd.,

Edgware Road, London, N.W.9. nESIGNED " for use overseas is this

Bedford 42-seat single-deck metal bus. The scats are steel tubular-framed and have foam-rubber cushions and shaped rubberized-hair squabs trimmed with plastics.

There are 10 main pan-type side windows with full-depth sliding glasses. The windscreen has two panels. Normally the one immediately in front of the driver is hinged and adjustable on side quadrants, but in the example shown both windscreens are fixed. The entrance door is of twopanel folding design opening into a step well An emergency coach-type door is located alongside the driver's scat.

The exhibit shows alternative seating arrangements.

HARRINGTON Stand 91 Thomas Harrington, Ltd., Old Shoreham Road, Hove, Sussex.

MWO coaches of integral construction (see page 268) and one of conventional design are exhibited by this bodybuilder. Special features of the 1957 Contender 41-seat coach are fresh-air ventilation taken in from the front roof canopy and controlled from inside, vision panels in the front canopy, and tubular-framed seats with two-way adjustable foot rests.

The 35-seat light-alloy integral coach built for British Overseas Airways Corporation employs the Rolls-Royce B60 petrol engine mounted under the floor. It is 27 ft. 6 in. long and 7 ft. 6 in. wide. The unladen weight is 4 tons 19 cwt.

A central entrance with an inward opening one-piece door is provided on a 41-seat coach on a Leyland Tiger Cub chassis.

TWO small-capacity vehicles which are seen for the first time are the Aristocrat —a 12-seat conversion of the Bedford 15-ewt, van—and a 14-seat conversion of

the Austin 152 van. Both have large windows. The Aristocrat has six forwardfacing seats and six placed longitudinally, all of them provided with arm-rests MANN EGERTON Stand 82 Mann Egerton and Co., Ltd.,

5 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich. A GAIN this exhibitor is showing an

Equator bus, on Leyland Comet 90 chassis. .As .its name implies, this 47-seater is designed specifically for use in tropical countries. MARTIN WALTER Stand 117 Martin Walter, Ltd., Cheriton Road, Folkestone.

SEATING for 12 persons is provided in the Utilabrake conversion of a Bedford C.A. van.

METROPOLITAN-CAMMELL Stand 45 WEYMANN'S Stand 44 Metropolitan-Cammell-Weymanit, Ltd., Vickers House, Broadway, London, S.W.1.

OF special interest to overseas operators is the Arcadian, which has been designed to suit the Leyland Worldmaster Series Il chassis. Over 34 ft. long and more than 8 ft. wide, the design of this vehicle calls for only three main windows on each side, which provide excellent vision.

There are 40 independently adjustable reclining seats, each pair of which is pro sided with individually controlled reading lamps. Other features of note are the flat floor, air-conditioning system, and luggage lockers beneath the floor and at the rear giving a total capacity of about 162 Cu. ft.

Another exhibit of interest to overseas operators is the M.C.W.-Leyland Olympic integral bus for Jamaica Omnibus Services, Ltd. This has a capacity of 88 passengers, 44 of them seated. Sliding doors are provided at both the front and rear.

A Leyland Titan forms the basis for the Orion fightweight 74-seat double-decker. Forty-one of the scats arc in the ukper saloon and 33 on the lower deck. he unladen weight of the complete vehicle is just over 71 tons, the body weight being 2 tons 8 cwt. 2 qr.

A conventional 60-scat all-metal doubledeck bus is shown on a Leyland Titan chassis, MULLINERS Stand 27 MuHitters, Ltd., Bordes:ey Green Road, Birmingham, 8.

THE new 44-seat service bus body on an Austin chassis, which is specially designed for export, is claimed to be,casily adaptable for any make or size of chassis with a variety of entrance and exit positions. As shown, the body has its main entrance on the near side.

Exhibited on an Albion chassis is a 42seal bus body with an entrance at the front on the near side.

NORTHERN COUNTIES Stand 42 Northern Counties Motor and Engineering Co., Ltd., Wigan Lane, Wigan.

I N common with most other bus bodybuilders, Northern Counties show a double-decker which takes advantage of the recently authorized 30 ft. maximum length. Built to the requirements of Lancashire United Transport; Ltd.; this low• weight Metal framed high-bridge body on a • Guy Arab chassis has 73 seats. Glass-fibre is employed for the rear wing s, rear corner panels, and the inside casings in both the upper and lower saloons.

A .conventional 64seat metal framed low weight doubledeck body on a Daimler chassis is also shown. This is one of 40 being built for Manchester Ti ansport Department.

PARK ROYAL Stand 35 Park Royal Vehicles, Ltd., Abbey Road, London, N.W.I0.

A DOUBLE-DECK bus and two singkiladeckers built for export are seen on this stand. The double-decker, the design of which has been evolved specifically for the Central African market, is a 70-seater based on a Guy Arab chassis. . The large seating capacity in this 27-ft. long by 8-ft. wide vehicle has been achieved by having double seats along one side of the lower saloon and seats for three on the other side.

There are 64 scats in the 354r.-long metalframed single-decker on an A.E.C. Regal chassis. Four of the seats are situated in a separate compartment at the front. The other single-decker, based on an A.E.C. Reliance chassis, has 37 scats.

PLA.XTONS . Stand 39 Plaxtons (Scarborough), Ltd., Seamer Road, Scarborough.

THREE examples of the new Consort coach are exhibited on Commer, Crossley and Maudslay chassis. This new design embodies a restyled exterior incorporating Continental combination lamps at the front and rear which blend with the decorative mouldings. The front and rear corner panels and the luggage locker door are formed in glass-fibre.

Seats, of which there are 41 in each ol the exhibits, are claimed to be of improved design and are mounted on. alloy single pedestals with a fixing rail on the body side. Each pair of seats has an alloy suspended foot-rest.

The design on the Crossley incorporates a central entrance, that on the Maudslay having El front entrance.

ROE Stand 34 Charles H. Roe, Ltd., P.R.V. Group Body Sales Division, Abbey Road, London, N.W.10. • QEATING for 60 passengers, 27 in the lower saloon and 33 on the upper deck, is provided in an A.E.C. Regent doubledecker built for Leeds Transport Department. The weight of the body is 2 tons 14 cwt. 3 qr. The tower saloon is framed in teak, the upper saloon framework being of aluminium alloy sections.

A Dalcsman Mark III lightweight 41-seat coach body for the West Riding Automobile Co., Ltd., is shown on an A.E.C. Reliance chassis. This has a single-panel sliding door almost in the centre of the body on the near side, an emergency door being fitted at the fear on the off side.

WILLOWBROOK Stand 40 Willowbrook, Ltd., Derby Road, Loughborough, Leics.

BU1LT to B.E.T. specification is a lightweight metal-framed Express coach on a Leyland chassis. This has 41 semi-coach seats and driver-controlled entrance doors.

Shown on an A,E.C. chassis is a teakframed 37-seat Empress coach body. Both exhibits are fully air-conditioned and have roomy 'Luggage accommodation.

YEATES Stand 47 W. S. Yeates, Ltd, Derby Road, Loughborough, Leics.

riEv ELOPED primarily for long-distance -Li touring, two examples of the Europa coach arc exhibited. AS its name indicates, the design of this new model owes much to Continental bodybuilding practice. Tht example shown on a Crossley chassis ha,

39 individual seats. The door, fitted forward of the front axle, opens inwards. Similar seating is found in the Commer Avenger 41-seat coach. In this case, the door is behind the front wheels. Both have special pan-type windows with topsliding lights designed to give a continuous fine effect.

The Riviera, exhibited on an A.E.C. Reliance chassis, follows closely on the lines of its predecessor, but the • seating capacity has been raised to 43 by placing the door forward of the front wheels.


APPLE YARD Stand 23 Appleyard of Leeds, Ltd., North Street, Leeds, 7.

AN unusual feature of the ambulance seen here is a fulldepth sliding partition built into the bulkhead behind the driver's scat, which gives the driver easy access to the interior. The basis of this vehicle is a Morris. Commercial L.D.1 chassis. It has the orthodox exterior aluminium panels, but moulded glass-fibre is used for the front and rear dome, and small interior fittings.

. The four side windows have sliding upper sections of clear toughened glass, t h c lower sections being glazed in tinted safety glass. This allows in more natural light without exnosing patients to view. K EN NINGS Stand 29 Kennings, Ltd., Clay Cross, Derbys.

A PART front the frame, work and the La exterior panelling below waist level, a Morris-Commercial ambulance on this stand is constructed almost entirely in polyester resin-bonded glass-fibre. Equipment includes M.C.C. single low-loading stretcher gear and a Dunlopillo bed on the near side. and a full-length seat locker and full-depth back-rest with folding arm-rests on the off side Two stretchers are also provided.

LEVERS Stand 122 Levers Garages, Ltd., Longeariseway, Farnworth, near Bolton.

FEATURES not hitherto associated with ambulance body construction are claimed for the latest Lever Lancastrian Minor ambulance on a Bedford 10-12-cwt. chassis. Particular attention has been paid 10 the driver's visibility, there arc cab

sliding doors with low entrance steps, and Single or double doors can be lilted at the rear.

Exterior panelling is in aluminium, the one-piece roof being formed of two skins of glass-fibre with air space between them. Glass-fibre is used also for the wheel-arches and window finishers.

Equipment includes Rapidload stretcher gear, a fixed stretcher, and a longitudinal seat to accommodate four persons on the off-side. This has a quick-release back-rest which can be used as an emergency stretcher platform.

LOMAS Stand 54

Herbert Lomas, Ltd., Elandforth, Wilmslow. 1r11REE exhibits comprise an Austin 1. general-purpose ambulance, a Karrier general-purpose ambulance and a Junior dual-purpose ambulance on a Bedford 10,12-cwt. chassis.

The Karrier has a compartment behind the driver's seat in which four sitting patients can be carried in a forward position. A fixed stretcher, designed for easy loading, is provided on one side of the ambulance, and a combined seat and platform on the other.

The Junior also carries a stretcher, but the principal feature is its accommodation for 7-8 seated patients.

MARTIN WALTER Stand 117 Marlin Walter, Ltd., Cheriton Road, Folkestone.

TWO folding stretchers are provided in this ambulance version of the Dormobile conversion of the Morris-Commercial 1-ton van. The seats, of which there are six on each side, can be folded to form longitudinal beds.

WADHAM . Stand 49 Wadham Brothers, Ltd., London Road, Waterlooville, Hants.

ALTHOUGH generally of composite ,construction, the body of the MorrisCommercial L.C.0.5 oil-engined anibulance on this stand has a one-piece roof moulded in glasspol. The front and rear doors have

also been formed in plastics. • Interior equipment includes new M.C.C, patent low-loading stretcher gear mounted on a special locker on the near side. The Wadham patent combined seat and stretcher carrier, complete with folding arm-rests, is fitted along the off side.

The other exhibit is an ambulance Carversion of the Morris J2 Minibus. Two forward, and one rear-facing, seats are provided on the near side. A stretcher is carried under the off-side. seat; which can accommodate six persons.

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