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21st May 1965, Page 59
21st May 1965
Page 59
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A Good First Effort

By George Kirkley 'THE Torquay round of the LDOY I competition on ,Sunday was the first at this centre—so one could not fairly expect top-class organization. Nevertheless, the event generally ran very smoothly —until we came to the announcement of the results. Then the organization faltered and it was almost 1+ hours after the last lorry had finished its tests before we got the anal details. Organizing secretary, Mr. L. Newman, Torquay's road safety officer, was well aware of the causes of this delay—not enough method. in the procedure for finalizing the team result was one—and agreed with me that the experience would prevent this happening in any future event.

As a first-time venture, comparisons cannot, of course, be made with previous years. But the standard of driving was fairly good. Outstanding in the road test was R. Curtis (I4eavy Transport Ltd., Commer), who Won the trophy for the best road performance without ineurring, any penalty points at alt. This Must be a rare feat in these competitions. How

ever, Curtis did not show the same skill in the remaining tests and failed to place in the first three.

Especially noticeable was the high standard of many drivers in the third test —reversing into loading bay—as it seemed to me that they did much better than those I have seen at other competitions. And the low penalty points incurred by the leading competitors confirmed this impression.

In the kerb-parking test, there was spontaneous and loud applause from the large • crowd for the performance of R. Botting (Western Express, Foden).

TORQUAY RESULTS Class A---up to 1611. and from 201 cwt.: 1. .1. Semmens (Semmens, Plymouth), Morris. 105 penalty points. Only one entrant.

Class B-16-19 ft.: 1, G. Yeoman (Heavy Transport ltd.), Cornmer, 175; 2, R. E. Sheppard (Torbay Builders' Merchants). Ford, 180; 3. B. C. Dudley (Heavy Transport Ltd.), Commer, 190.

Class C-119-22 ft.: I, W. Matthews (Heavy Transport 118; 2, R. Boorman (Schweppes (Home) Ltd.). Bedford. 132; 3, F. Chudley (Wyatt and Bruce): Commer, 142 and G. W. Biwa (Thomas Provisions), Bedford, 142. lied for third place.

Class D-22-25 ft.: L. D. Taylor (SPD, Exeter), Bedford. 94; 2, B. C. Clark (SPD. Exeter), Bedford. 132; 3, S. Hinkley (Wyatt and Bruce). Austin, 115.

Class E(1)—over 25 ft., two nkIes: I, R. Day (Gibbs of ('.hudleigh). Leyland, 269; 2, W. Garland. Leyland. 2%. Only: two entrants." Class KC)---over 2511.. wore than two axles:

1, R. M. Dickson (ltegern Oil). Leyland. 118:

2, It. Bnd OOP(Western repress). !Orden. 151; 3, 1. Brown t Western Fxptess). AEC'. 226.

Class Ft 1)—artic tractive antis under 4 tons, Sat or sided semi-trailer up to 35 ft.: 1, A. Bennett (Heavy Transport Ltd.), Leyland, 187; 2, G. I:Mb tHeavy Transport Ltd.), Ford, 199; 3, W. J. Mennear (Western Express), Leyland, 219.

Class IO21—arde tractive units under 4 tons, hot r or tanker semi-trailer op to 38 rt.: 1, R. 5. Toozo (Regent Oil), Bedford, 2(14. Only one entrant.

Class G—artle tractive units' over 4 tons, flat or sided semi-trailer up to 38 ft.: I, T. Sandford (Gibbs of Chudleigh). Leyland, 312; 2. R. Trebble (Gibbs of Chudleigh), Leyland. 411; 3, F. Porkiss (Gibbs of Chudleigh). Leyland. 842.

Team Award: Wyatt and Bruce (F. Chudley, S. Hinkley, M. Hicks).

Chanioion of Champions: T. Sandford (Gibbs of Chudleigh).

-Best Read Performance: R. Curtis (Heavy Transport Ltd.).

Best Bedford Driver: D. Taylor (SPD, Exeter). Best . BMC Driver: T. Semmens (Semmens. Plymouth).

Best Arlie Driver: A. Bennett (Heav)' Transport Ltd.).

Rest Torquay Driver: E. • Brooks (Renwick. Wilton and Dobson)


Locations: Austin, Exeter, Plymouth

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