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Goodwill should remain

21st July 1978, Page 6
21st July 1978
Page 6
Page 6, 21st July 1978 — Goodwill should remain
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FREIGHTLINERS is now to be handed over to Br Rail on August I, said Br Rail's freight manager F Patterson last week.

In an exclusive inter with CM, he said that Fre liners staff would not n any difference between king for the National Fn Corporation or workinl BR.

"I don't visualise any straction of traffic from mal road services and I w hope that the goodwill ween road hauliers Freightliners that has ex under the NFC would tinue," said Mr Patterson.

He admitted that there been acrimony between road and rail sections of n nalised industry over ur nomic rates being quot( the early days of Freightli but he assured CM that would not be the case aga Mr Patterson pointed that Freightliners woul completely autonomous a would operate within BR He commented that service that had been ui utilised over the past 10 had been the Aberdee London line which, Patterson, would be "a i ral" for Freightliners.

It was impossible pinpoint the reasons foi low levels of traffic — ar, added that he was optimistic about buildin traffic


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