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20th July 1926, Page 10
20th July 1926
Page 10
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Page 10, 20th July 1926 — THE BIRMINGHAM PARADE.
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A Commendable Display of Well-turned-out Vehicles. Keen Competition for the Dunlop Challenge Trophy.

mHE West Midlands Division Of the Commereitil Motet. tIkers Association conducted the seventh aninial parade in -Birmingham in the. Queen's Drive, Cannon Hill, on Saturday the 10th inst. The weather was fine and the proceediags were Well organized and efficiently carried out. Ii Jill 130. vehicles were entered, -97 by members and 33 by. non-members, and in interesting pointabout the.competidon was the entry Of three Daimler lorries by the Daimler Co., Ltd., as illsaa unusual thing for-A manufacturer to set his. vehicles in contest with those of non-manufacturing users. Yet, if the ehides are used by the Manufacturer in the course Of his business, in fetching and carrying goods or raw material,there ie. every reason why he should be encouraged to compete.

The classes in which' entries were received were :—

Class 1, the champion team for the best team of three vehicles a any type or age, the award being the Dunlop 100 Guinea Challenge Trophy, with :-`t0s. and a medal for each driver of the winning team; £1 for each tither of the secord team; £2 between the three drivers of the third team ; and £1 between the three drivers of the fourth team.

Class 2 was for the best single vehicle in five divisions, namely, up to 1 ton, up to 30 cwt., up to 3 tons, up to 40 tong, and over 4 tons. Prizes in each ease £1 and a medal to first vehicle, 10s. and 7s. 6d. to second and third vehicles.

Class 3 was for the best-turned-out vehicle built prfor to 1918. Prizes £2 and a medal, £1 and 10s.

Class 4 was for the lest-turned-out Vulcan (prizes 50s., 30s. and £1) ; class 5 for the best-turned-out Leyland (prizes 5(is., 30s. and 25s.) ; and class 6 for 'the best-turned-out Ford (prize £5).

Class 7 was for non-members in respect of a single vehic12., tind open to steam, petrol or electric vehicles (prizes £1 and 10s.).

The judges were Mr. F. G. Bristow, Mr. V. B. Butt, Mr. J. F. Diamond, Mr. C. W. Flear, Mr. W. Marshall, Mr. H. Miller, Mn G. F. Piercy, Mr. G. Le Beadle, Mr. N. S. Sargpeant-, Mr. L. G. Wyndham Shire and Mr. E. Tindley.

Mr. John Howell, the secretary responsible for the arrangements.

The following were the awards:

Dunlop 100 Guinea Challenge Trophy for the hest team of three vehicles of any type or age : 1, Birmingham City Solvay Department (Edison, -Drivers D. Jones, G. Lewis and A. Pritchard) •, 2, Birmingham City Salvage Department (Edison, Drivers T. Stock and W. Stocks ; Garrett, Driver W. Ricketts) ; 2, Anglo-American Oil Co. (Liberty, Drivers J. Thomas, C. Bosteek and H. C. Harris); • special prize, 33irmingleam Public Works Department (k'oden, Driver J. North; Aveling and Porter, Driver W. Wheeler ; Sentinel, Driver T. G. Degg).

Best single vehicle not exceeding 1 ton: 1, Lunt and Co., Ltd„ Richmond (Ford, Driver X. Till) • 2, Lunt and Co., Ltd. (Ford, Driver J. Beet) ; 3, Lunt and Go., Ltd. (Ford, Driver T. Hutchins).

Best single vehicle exceeding 1 ton but a OI exceeding 14 tons: 1, Lunt and Co., Ltd. (Albion, Driver C. Staples) ;

2, British Petroleum Co., Ltd. (Vulcan, Driver A. Sheldon) ; 3, Birmingham City Salvage Department (Morris, Driver C. Griffiths). Best single vehicle exceeding 1 tons but not exceeding 3 tons : 1, British Petroleum Co:, Ltd.. (Guy, Driver G. Bacon) ; 2, British Petroleum Co., Ltd. (Guy, Driver F. Simpson) ; 3, British Petroleum Co., Ltd. (Guy, Driver G. Trowman).

Best single vehicle exceeding 3 tons but not exceeding

4 ton's : 1, Birmingham Salvage Department (Edison, Driver G. Lewis) ; 2, British Petroleum Co. (Dennis, Driver J. Newman) ; 3, Ansell's Brewery, Ltd. (Leyland, Driver L. Brooks).

Best single vehicle exceeding 4 tons: 1, Birmingham Public Works Department (Avelijag and Porter, Driver W. Dumbledon) ; 2, George Sykes, 'Ltd. (Leyland, Driver W. Boyles) ; 3, M. Walden Mason (Leyland, Driver C. Hudson).

• Oldest vehicle; 1, Birmingham Public Works Department (Aveling and ,Porter, Driver W. Dumbiedon) ; 2, Birmingham Public Works Department (Sentinel, Driver T. G. Degg) ; 3, Lunt and Co. (Albion, Driver C. Staples).

Vulcan Class : 1, British Petroleum Co. (Driver A. Sheldon) ; 2, 'Brampton Bros., Ltd. (Driver Hicks) ; 3, Muuslow and Holder(Driver A. Holder).

Leyland Class: 1, George Sykes, Ltd. (Driver W. Boyles). 2, M. Walden 'bfason (Driver C. Hudson) ; 3, Ansell's Brewery', Ltd. (Driver L. Brooks).

Ford Class; 1, H. Hill (Driver IL Hill).

Non-Members' Class : 1, Brampton Bros., Ltd. (Vulcan, Driver Hicks) ; 2, Brampton Eros., Ltd. (Halford, Driver Adams).

The scale of marks adopted in connection with the parade was as follows :

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