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Volvo city bus for UK

20th August 1971, Page 17
20th August 1971
Page 17
Page 17, 20th August 1971 — Volvo city bus for UK
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Powered by a Volvo TDH100 -urbocharged diesel developing 230 bhp DIN) at 2200 rpm and available with a wheelbase of 18ft or 19ft lin., the new krolvo B59 city bus will be available in this :ountry at a future date. The chassis can be :quipped with a fully automatic or

■ emi-automatic gearbox and air suspension it the front and rear is standard.

Copenhagen Transport recently ordered in additional 69 vehicles of this type for iefivery before the spring of 1972, after a 3rototype B59 was acquired in September [970 for testing in service and a :ontract was signed in December 1970 for he supply of 20 production buses.

The power unit is a horizontal version of he TD100 diesel and is mounted ongitudinally behind the rear axle. Having a ;opacity of 9.6 litres, its bore and stroke are 1.74in. and 5.51in. respectively while its ;ompression ratio is 17 to 1. It has a torque nting of 672 lb ft (DIN) at 1200 rpm. The bc cylinders have separate heads. Power is transmitted forward to a single-reduction hypoid back axle through an SCG GB346 or G8356 semi-automatic gearbox; alternatively, the bus is available with a Voith Diwabus SR or JSR fully automatic torque converter transmission.

The GB346 is a four-speed unit having ratios of 4.28 to 1 (first) 2.43 to 1, 1.59 to 1 and 1 to 1 (top) while the reverse gear ratio is 5.97 to 1. With five forward speeds, the 011356 has ratios of 7.25 to 1, 4.28 to 1, 2.43 to 1, 1.59 to I and Ito 1, reverse being 5.97 to 1. The Voith SR transmission is a single-stage type with a ratio of 1.39 to 1 and the JSR is a two-stage unit with ratios of 1.39 to 1 and 0.85 to 1, the reverse ratio in each case being 0.96 to 1.

There are three final-drive ratio options if the vehicle is equipped with either of the SCG gearboxes or a Voith JSR transmission-5.43 to 1, 4.87 to 1 or 4.3 to 1. If the vehicle is equipped with a Voith SR transmission, the options are 4.3 to 1 or 3.56 to 1.

The longer-wheelbase bus is known as the B59-59 and the shorter-wheelbase vehicle as the B59-55. Both models have a steering angle of 60deg and a turning circle of not more than 56ft. The chassis are designed to accommodate bodies of semi-integral construction.

A new type of levelling and stability control system is incorporated in the layout of the air suspension and ZF power steering is used. The engine turbocharger is located in the normal position above the unit.


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