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Mobile Aid for Veterinary Research

1st April 1955, Page 56
1st April 1955
Page 56
Page 56, 1st April 1955 — Mobile Aid for Veterinary Research
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AMOBLLE laboratory is being used by the Research Institute (Animal Virus Diseases), Pirbright, Surrey, in fighting diseases among animals. It collects fragments of living tissues from slaughter houses. These tissues are kept alive in the laboratory until they are delivered to the Institute, where viruses are grown from them. The development of these techniques is considered to 'he one of the major advances in veterinary and medical virus research.

King and Taylor, Ltd., Thc Wharf, Godalming, Surrey, who built the body, used an Austin 2-ton forward-control chassis as a basis. The only deviations from standard lie in the Baico 21-in. extension to cope with an overhang of 6 ft. 2 in.. and the use of the Austin 25-cwt. grille which lent itself better to the frontal styling adopted.

The whole of the body framing, including the underframe, is in hardwood, with 18 s.w.g. aluminium panels for the sides and rear. For the roof 20 s.w.g. aluminium sheet is used. Hardboard is employed to line the interior, which is divided into two sections—a collection room at the rear and a washroom at the front.

The collection room is entered through a full-length near-side rear door, on the right of .which is a large refrigerator cabinet. Immediately in front of the door is a collapsible table on which is mounted a meat-slicing machine. On the off side is a bench with cupboards above and below it.

D14 In the left-hand corner, close to the partition, is a wash-basin and above it a 11-gallon 750 w. water heater. At the rear. above the refrigerator cabinet. is a large Vent-Axia and fan unit which provides for ventilation. Air is discharged through a. louvred panel into the wash-room. The partition, or intermediate bulkhead, incorporates a 24-in. by 15-in. sliding hatch on the off side and a glazed window in the centre.

In the wash-room there are a sink. a 3-gal. 1,000 w. water heater and two benches with plenty of cupboard space. All bench tops are covered with Formica.

Gas and electricity supplies are available. Gas is obtained from bottles housed in a skirt locker on the near side. and electricity from the mains. The wiring of this mobile laboratory is no less elaborate than that Wind in the average house.

Heating is by electricity. ,there being two 7-ft. 840 w. tubular, components in the collecting room and one 6-11. 360 w. unit in the wash-room.

Accommodation for five people is provided in the driver's cabin. up to four passengers being carried on a bench seat at the rear.


Organisations: Research Institute
Locations: Austin, Surrey

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