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A New 10-cwt.

18th November 1949
Page 40
Page 40, 18th November 1949 — A New 10-cwt.
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COMPETITION in the battery‘---,electric field is increased by the announcement of a new Midland lightweight 10-cwt. model selling for £450, inclusive of an open-side dairy body, battery and charger, The sloping-front dash and windscreen used in Other Midland models. are retained in the new vehicle, and side panels and quarter lights are provided for the protection of the driver. This addition to the cab does not impede access to the driving position.

Batteries, carried in the cab beneath the seat, are in an accessible position for routine maintenance. D.P. Kathanode 60-volt 75-amp.-hr. batteries are employed. These afford a range of 17-20 miles per charge with eight stops per mile. An oversize battery of 100 amp-hrs. capacity is available for an increased range.

The controller has three speeds with delayed-action operation and there is no break in circuit between intermediate speeds, thus affording smooth acceleration. A feature of the system is that although there is an instantaneous cut-off when the control pedal is released, the starting-resistance circuit is made automatically and' limits the current which is finally broken. This minimizes contact wear.

A 3/ hp. motor drives through Layrub shaft to the double-reduction spiral-bevel helical-spur gearing of the three-quarter floating rear axle. Girlingpattern brakes are used, the hand and foot brakes being interconnected to operate at all four wheels.

With the front axle forward of the cab entrance, the new model has a

wheelbase of 5 ft. 6 ins. This makes for improved suspension and particularly absence of pitching. The loadingheight is restricted to 1 ft. 7/ ins, by the employment of small wheels.

The Chassis frame is an all-welded construction with an integral hrody frame. The all-metal body has interior dimensions of: length -6 ft., width, 4 ft. 6 ins, and height 4 ft. 4 ins, The overall length of the complete vehicle is 9 ft. 41 ins. and it has a turning circle of 22 ft. This model is made by Midland Electric Vehicles, Ltd., Leaminaton Spa, Warwicks.


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