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New Medium-capacity P.s.v.

18th June 1965, Page 43
18th June 1965
Page 43
Page 43, 18th June 1965 — New Medium-capacity P.s.v.
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Chassis from Bedford

Seen here we a Plaxtan prolorype from-entranee roach ein the new Bedford V.-144 chassis, and a general arrangement drawing (11. the ehassis itself.

Dimensions as keyed are : A, 1038 in.; 0,104 C, 32 in: laden; D,• 193 G,7.5.42.M.; H, 46.7 J, 315-12 in.

PRODUCTIGN is to begin at Dunstable later this month of a new Bedford passenger chassis designed to take front-entrance, 41/45-scat bodywork. The new chassis will he designated the Bedford VAM, and will replace the SB to complete the range of modern p.s.v. chassis from Bedford. Deliveries of complete VAM buses and coaches should begin in August, The VAM has been designed to allow a low-step entry to the body ahead of the front axle, in similar fashion to the twin-steer VAL, and will accommodate body lengths up to 32 ft. (9.75 tn.) and widths up to 8 ft. 2-i-in. (2-5 m.) with a gross vehicle weight of 20,500 lb. (9,300 kg.). Three power units arc available: the Bedford 300 Cu. in. 133 b.h.p. petrol engine or 330 cu. in. 107 b.h.p. diesel, both with dry seal end-to-end waterflow construction, or the 400 en. in. 131 b.h.p. diesel engine. With the latter engine the Bedford four-speed, wide-ratio gearbox is replaced by an overdrive-top, Rye-speed gearbox, with 15 in. clutch.

A front overhang of up to 80 in. is

available on the 193 in.-wheelbase chassis. The frame sidemeni bers are swept inwards and down at the-front, with the power unit mounted low and vertically in the frame, facilitating the design of either rightor left-hand drive bodywork. A removable front crossmember is fitted to facilitate forWard withdrawal of the engine for major overhauls,

The completely new wide-track front axle is rated at 9.000 lb. (4,354 kg.) whilst the single-speed rear axle of 15,000 lb. (6,804 kg.) rating is similar to that titled to the SB chassis, but has longer halfshafts and more widely spaced spring centres. The 18,000 lb. (8,165 kg.) twospeed rear axle with ratios of 5'3/5.8 to 1 is available as 'an optional extra.

Hydraulic service brakes operating on all four of the 20-in, wheels have a total Lining area of 600 sq. in. (6,335 sq. cm.): 248 sq. in. (1,602 sq. cm.) on the front and 352 sq. in, (2,270 sq. cm.) on the rear. A dual-safety tandem piston master cylinder controls separate hydraulic


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