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18th July 1922, Page 3
18th July 1922
Page 3
Page 3, 18th July 1922 — ONE HEARS
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Keywords : Scammell, Packard, Tire

Of terrific traffic. That the truck acts.

That the new Atkinson 50-cwt. steam wagon is a peach.

That American commercial vehicle makers are not welcoming new ideas.

That if they did, and our manufacturers remained complacent, they would quickly gain most of the world's markets, as they have done in the case of the private car trade.

That there is ample room for enterprise in the designing of multi-wheeled vehicles.

That it is useless to increase axle weights until the roads are constructed to bear the strain.

That Col. Crompton is one of the firebrands in the matter of legislation on electricity supply.

That Cucho-Slovakia is one of the few countries in Europe that is sound financially and is going ahead on good principles.

That the manufacturers of tractor-lorry attachments for converting lorries into articulated six-wheelers are full up with orders.

That Manchester's municipal bus services have turned the financial corner and that last year's operations showed a profit.

That Goodyear's recently produced their 45,000,000th tyre and celebrated the occasion by blowing each factory whistle 45 times as the finishing touch was being put to it.

That the man who was in charge of the Goodyear factory when the 45,000,000th tyre was made was in charge when the first tyre was turned out and has held the post ever since.

That Mr. A. D. Patterson, the New Zealand carburetter expert and inventor, is again in charge of affairs and that temperature control in carburation will again come to the front. Of running a tilt body.

And of running a muck collector.

Of sharp cuts and short circuits.

That Packards recently took .on a thousand more men.

That labour supply in the motor vehicle trade in the United States is no longer so flexible as it was.

That the Scammell looks like being the Fodeh of the six-wheelers.

That Mr. Shrapnell-Smith's hospital collection pub licity is extraordinarily good.

That The Daily Mail's drought looks almost as silly as The Daily Mail's hat. • That the Ford factory output is being raised from 4,300 to 5,400 vehicles per day.

That Dublin's Leyland six-cylinder fire-engine caught it hot in Sackville Street a week or two ago.

That a large number of rents in the S.M.M. and T. Bond fabric revealed themselves, both in and out of the Cambridge Show.

That the Electrical Engineer of Glasgow thinks that, unless an electric vehicle can do the work of three horses, its use is not justified.

That all municipalities are nowadays aware that to continue to use horse-drawn appliances leaves them open to a charge of being unprogressive.


People: A. D. Patterson
Locations: Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin

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