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17th March 1931, Page 131
17th March 1931
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TORE details are now available to 111.The Commercial Motor g regarding the important step reeently taken by Greyhound Motors, Ltd., of Bristol, in starting a coach service on the LondonBournemouth route, on which, of course, other companies have for some years Details of the Railway's Efforts to Obtain an Important Share of Coach Traffic on this Busy Line

been providing regular and reliable coaching facilities.

The new service was started on January 81st, the Greyhound concern working in conjunction with the Devon General Omnibus and Touring Co., Ltd., and in association with the Great Western and Southern railways. The Devon General coaches connect with the Greyhound vehicles at Bournemouth, conveying passengers between that town and Torquay ; the big station of Richmond Garages, Ltd., adjacent to The Square, is used for the connection.

At the London end the London Terminal Coach Station, in Clapham Road, is made use of, the route thence being via Hammersmith j Basingstoke, Wjnchester, S,outhampton. Bournemouth, Poole, Dere Regis, Dorchester, l3ridport, Charmouth, Axminster, Honiton, Exeter, Dawlish, Teignmouth and Newton Abbot A coach leaves . Bournemouth at 9.45 a.m. daily for Torquay. The de. partures from London are at 8.35 a.m. and 12.35 p.m., these connecting with' departures westward from Bournemouth at, respectively, 2.45 p.m. and 6.45 p.m., the latter coach travelling only so far as Exeter, except on Saturdays and Sundays.. The departures from -Torquay are at 8.45 a.m., 12.45 p.m., and 3.45 p.m., these linking 'with .departures eastward from Bournemouth at 2.45 p.m. and 6 p.m. The afternoon coach from Torquay finishes at Bournemouth.

The LondonlTorquay fares are £1 single, £1 15s return, the LondonBournemouth fares being 108.. single and 15s. return, There are, however, several cheap day-return facilities between London and Bournemouth and between Bournemouth and Exeter, the day re-. turn fare between London and Bournemouth, for example, being 12s. 6d. Quite apart from this, there are special excursion returns applicable between these two towns on Wednesdays only, the return fare being 10s., and a weekend ticket, available between Friday and Monday, costs 12s. 6d. On Wednesdays the day-return ticket between Southampton and London is 5s.: the week-end fare between these towns is 8s.

A point which is of particular interest In connection with the future is that the Devon General concern proposes, later on, to link up at Bournemouth with a Bournemouth-Margate service, operated by Southdown' Motor 'Services, Ltd., of Brighton.

In our issue for last week mention was made of the 10 new A.E.C. Regal 26-seater coaches which are being purchased by the Devon General Co. ; the bodywork is being executed by Park Royal Coachworks, Ltd., Abbey Road, London, N.W.10, and we are now in a position to publish details and an illustration showing the type of vehicle being built.

The coaches are designed to comply with all the latest Ministry of Transport regulations, and low and pleasing lines have been obtained, resulting in unquestionable elegance. Entrance is by two doors at the front end on the near side, these being mounted at the top of the second step and arranged to open outwards. An emergency exit is situated behind the off-side wheel-arch, Semi-bucket seats, trimmed in moquette and having headrests and armrests, are specified and the interior is to be taste

fully finished, the root—being lined with sera tehproof rexine and the lining boards finished in moquette.

The luggage accommodation for the nencoaches is a subject of interest, there being a compartment upon the roof which is divided into two containers; tire construction is to the special design of Park Royal Coachworks, Ltd., and allows the containers to be adjusted according to the amount of luggage which it is required to carry. A destination indicator is bulk into the front canopy, whilst the rear waistband incorporates an illuminated sign showing the company's name. -The interior appointments include all the latest devices, stainless steel and chromium plate being freely employed. Ventilation has been considered by the incorporation of four extractors in the roof, as well as an inlet ventilator in the bulkhead. All the side windows are made to drop, a continuous glass louvre being fitted, at the cantrail level.

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