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Mercedes small coach for Hanworth Acorn

16th June 1972, Page 29
16th June 1972
Page 29
Page 29, 16th June 1972 — Mercedes small coach for Hanworth Acorn
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• A Mercedes 309D coach fitted with a 21-seat Charterway Cocker Courier body has recently entered service with Hanworth Acorn Coaches Ltd. The vehicle, built to psv specification, is intended to cover all types of operation. Features include an ambulancetype suspension incorporating Aeon spring buffers and riders and anti-roll torsion bars fitted front and rear.

Massey Coldshield

• The entire range of refrigerated and insulated vehicles manufactured by Robert B. Massey and Co, Ltd, of Market Weighton. York, will in future be marketed under the name of Massey Coldshield.

A distinctive symbol, in blue and silver to represent low temperatures, has been designed, and the name Massey Coldshield, together with the symbol, will be carried on a plate fixed to all vehicles in the range.

Rolls-engined Fodens

• To the table of tractive units obtainable in Britain, published in CM June 2 should be added the Rolls-Royce Eagle 220-engined Foden model 4AR6 /32. The specification is as given for the Cummins engined model, 4A6 /32 except for the engine change.

Fodens now also offer the Rolls-Royce Eagle 220 (220 bhp at 2100 rpm, 605 lb ft :orque at 1400 rpm) in a 30-ton :.ight-wheeler, model 8R6 /30.

Hope moving to Ascot

• Hope Technical Developments Ltd 'formerly Self Energising Disc Brakes Ltd) makers, among other things, of the Hope anti-jack-knife device and the Check-mate brake pondition indicator, is moving on rune 19 to High Street, Ascot, Berks, 'telephone Ascot 24855).

Not agents

D Dick Hampton (Earth Moving) Ltd wish to make it clear that they are not agents for 2 aterpillar plant and equipment as stated in CM lune 2 in an article entitled: "Lower rates for ow-loaders".

Manganese fuel additive

• According to news from Moscow, a Zil petrol-engined lorry is operating experimentally on a fuel treated with a manganese additive that enables a high compression to be employed without the addition of lead to the fuel. It is claimed that manganese is comparable to lead as an anti-knock agent and that its use greatly reduces the emission of toxic pollutants. No petrol-eneined vehicles are now allowed to run in Moscow on a fuel with a lead additive. All must be operated on a manganese-treated fuel.

Some 300 lorries in the Soviet Union are operating on liquefied gas and it is forecast that "tens of thousands" of lorries, buses and taxis will be converted to liquefied gas by 1975. Other developments include electric vehicles, the batteries of which are charged by an auxiliary power unit, that are said to have a range equal to that of conventionally powered vehicles.

Automatic tailgate for tipping

The lower section of the Safegate two-piece tailgate is air-operated automatically when the body is tipped and acts as a chute for tarmacadam if a vehicle with a short overhang is used for feeding a Barber-Green type road-making machine; it also affords protection of the lights and chassis components against damage by liquid loads. Made by Safegate Tippers Ltd, Glazebrook Lane, Glazebrook, Nr Warrington, Lancs, under licence to the inventor, Mr Sven Sandberg of Sweden, the tailgate provides for the carriage of bulk loads with the upper hinged section in place and for heavy loads with the section removed. Safegate has sole manufacturing and marketing rights for the equipment in France, Germany and Italy as well as the UK. The Foden 30-ton-gvwtipper illustrated on page 17 of the April 28 issue of CM was equipped with a Safegate tailgate.

Harbilt buys Douglas

• The entire business operation of Douglas electric industrial trucks and tractors has been taken over by Harbilt Electric Trucks and Vehicles. Manufacture of the Douglas trucks will be continued at Harbilt's Market Harborough factory.


People: Sven Sandberg
Locations: York, Moscow

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