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Two clean sheets on Highway Code

16th July 1971, Page 29
16th July 1971
Page 29
Page 29, 16th July 1971 — Two clean sheets on Highway Code
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y lain Sherriff

I As an RAF cadet, Mr G. L. Steele used to iy Swordfish aircraft onto the Fleet Air Arm rtding strip at Donibristle, Fife. Last Sunday hr Steele returned to the same landing strip, his time as clerk of the course of the )unfermline LDoY competition. Donibristle is he new home for this centre, and it has verything.

Despite a recession in the haulage industry Fife, there was an increase in the entry. In tot, everything about this event marked it as omething special. The road route was more tan 16 miles long; the marshals from the >cal car club were strict but fair in their larkings so the scores were high and,' believe or not, two competitors answered every lighway Code question correctly.

The happiest man of the day was Mr A. linnel, the Class B winner. Last year he had le bad luck to touch a barrier and lose first lace; this year he made sure of his trip to ramcote with only 89 penalty points.

Leading Aircraftwoman Pauline Smith suf)red from nerves and will not be joining her oileague from Plymouth at the finals.

Freightliners Ltd won Classes G and H and ational Carriers Ltd won Class E and terefore has 19 finalists with four

D m pe t ti on s still to come. These men are iined by drivers from BOC Ltd, the Electricity oard, Walker Brothers and Scottish Grain istillers at the finals. There will be 40 )mpetitors due from north of the Border this tar and there are already suggestions that ley will be accompanied by a pipe band!

Rigid Vehicles

Class A: up to 20ft and over 1 ton unladen:

1, T. Cunningham (SSEB) Ford, 145 penalty points; 2, F. Burke (Dunfermline Co-op Society Ltd) Commer, 158; 3, H. Russell (Shell & BP (Scotland) Ltd) Ford. 185.

Class B: over 20ft to 24ft: 1, A. Dinnel (Robert Lawsons and Sons (Dyce) Ltd) Ford, 89; 2, C. McKenzie IBOC Ltd) Morris, 139; 3, T. Sterling (BOC Ltd) Albion. 160.

Class C: over 24ft to 28ft: 1. G. Fotheringham (Walker Brothers (Cowdenbeath) Ltd) Volvo, 193; 2, J. Payne (Shell & BP (Scotland) Ltd) Albion. 252; 3, J. Philp (NCB) Leyland. 277, Class D: over 28ft: 1. A. McNicoll (BOC Ltd) BMC. 185: 2. I. Williamson (Shell &BP (Scotland) Ltd) Leyland, 189; 3, A. Brown (Texaco Ltd) Atkinson, 209.


Class E: flat or sided or drop-frame, up to 40ft: 1. A. Blair (National Carriers Ltd) Bedford, 175: 2, A. Watson ISSEB) Bedford, 244: 3. R. G. McAra (Scottish Grain Distillers Ltd) Bedford, 289.

Class F: box or tank to 40ft: 1, J. Docherty (Scottish Grain Distillers Lid) AEC, 116; 2, F. Howden (Shell & BP (Scotland) Ltd) AEC, 230: 3. W. Milne (BOC Ltd) Foden. 241, Class G: flat or sided, flat or drop-frame, over 40ft: 1, J. McLaughlan (Freightliners Ltd) Guy, 286; 2. R. McGrath (British Road Services Ltd) AEC, 289: 3, J. Hewitt (Freightliners Ltd) Guy, 442. Class H: box or tank over 4Crft: 1, F. Rogers (Freightliners Ltd) Seddon, 183; 2, E. Ritchie (BOC Ltd) Atkinson. 188; 3. C! McGinty (Freightliners Ltd) Guy, 241.

Overall winner: None declared.

Team award: Robert Lawson and Son (Dyce) Ltd.

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