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German Hansa to be Marketed Here

15th October 1937
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Page 46, 15th October 1937 — German Hansa to be Marketed Here
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Another Continental Machine in Wide Range of Sizes Makes its Debut

DISTRIBUTING rights for Great L./Britain, including Northern Ireland, of the Hansa range of commercial vehicles, made by the Hansa Lloyd Goliath company, Bremen, Germany,

have been obtained by Smith and Hunter, Ltd., Rossmore Court, Park Road, London, N.W.1.

It is anticipated, by this concern, that a range of models will be intro duced to the home market by the opening of the Commercial Motor Show, and will be available for inspection at the above premises.

Goods vehicles of from 15 cwt. to 12 tons pay-load capacity are built by the Hansa concern. The smallest,

rated actually at from 15-20 cwt., is designated the Goliath and is a three wheeler. Although descended from the machine bearing this name, that was well known in this country a few years ago, the new Goliath is kardly recognizable as such. Two forms are available—a model with a single-cylindered engine and a

twin. The former has.a unit of 200 c.c.

piston displacement and the latter a 400 c.c. engine. In layout, they follow orthodox practice, having conventionally placed engine-gearbox units, propeller-shaft transmission, normal rear axles, and brakes on all wheels, the last named being detachable.

It is stated that the Goliath is capable of 25 m.p.h. and will stand up

to exacting operating conditions. The price of the complete vehicle will be in the neighbourhood of £110 for the smaller model and £10-£15 more for the larger. For purchasers who wish to use special bodies, a chassis will B28

he available, but in the main it is intended to import entire vans and lorries.

Next up the scale comes the Express, a 2-tonner (approximately) which will cost, according to equipment, as a complete lorry, from £206-2211. Then there is a 5-tonner available with oil or petrol engine, the prices being, respectively, £515-£527 and £400£409. A maximum-load four-wheeler rated as a 0-7-tonner is also offered with these two types of power unit, the cost with compression-ignition engine being £670-£097, and, powered for the lighter fuel, £570. Finally, there is a

10-12-tonner priced at £1,216. •

In all cases the pay-load ratings are subject to slight modification, *whilst it is hoped that it may be found pOS sible to reduce the prices below the figure quoted. Additional to these main types there are intermediate models, whilst those named are available in a variety of different forms, a choice of wheelbase lengths and body equipment being offered. A notable point, we understand, is that Smith and Hunter, Ltd., will be able to give delivery of any model, including the oilers, in approximately one week from the receipt of the order. Certain items of the equipment to be employed will be of British manufacture.


Organisations: Rossmore Court
Locations: London

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