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Convertible Cars.

15th November 1906
Page 6
Page 6, 15th November 1906 — Convertible Cars.
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Types of Detachable Bodies for Business and Pleasure.

The system of construction which has been designed to meet the views of those who desire to possess a motor vehicle which will fill a dual capacity, by forming a valuable trade asset, and, transformed by a simple operation, a pleasure motorcar, was dealt with, at some length, in the issue of "THE CON1M RRCIAL MOTOR " for September 271.11, 1906. Three makes of convertible car were then illustrated and described. A fourth example has now been brought ta the notice of the writer--that marketed by Autocars and Accessories, Limited, of 158b, Norwood Road, West Norwood, S.E. The " A. and A." light delivery carts (as they are called) have neat and well-designed interchangeable bodies, the style of which can be varied according to the taste of the customer, or the business in connection with which it is proposed to use the machine.

In this make of oonvertible car the entire upper body, including the driver's seat, is made detachable : it can hc removed by the undoing of four bolts. The inclusion of the driver's seat in the removable portion permits of the joints being in one continuous horizontal line, and whilst obviating any appearance of a " makeshift " contrivance and the structural, disadvantage of vertical and horizontal joints, each part of the body (the upper and lower) serves to strengthen the whole and to produce a thoroughly rigid construction. No part of the upholstered upper body is common to the business and pleasure cars : risk is not run, therefore, of a shabbiness in appearance resulting from use of that part for trade purposes. It has been found by the makers that it is as cheap to incorporate a front seat in the business body as to provide a satisfactory means of attachment to the rear of a permanent seat. It will be apparent, also, that great freedom in the design of the bodies is allowed, as each is a complete unit without other restriction as to its form than the dimensions of its base. It is, therefore, possible to use the car for more than one establishment' by fitting different bodies suitably designed and lettered for each shop. -These bodies are fitted to chassis of different makes by the company, the smallest type of car being that with a ┬░lap. engine and Rover chassis. This type is being used with much success by, amongst others, the London and Suburban Meat Stores; an illustration of this firm's cart is given herewith, and It will be noted that ample space for the carriage of goods is provided, whilst a smart appearance is retained in the completed car (see, also, page 134 ante).

The " Starling " 611.p. chassis has also been fitted with this type of body-work, and the company is now making a feature of the supply of a box-cart body on a new French chassis with a erh.p. single-cylinder engine, at the modest price of ,47r35, or, with a pleasure body in addition, 135 guineas. This chassis has a strong pressedsteel frame, an automatic carburetter, fan cooling and an expanding clutch. The clutch and change-speeds gear are enclosed in an extension of the crankcase, the whole is dust-proof, and is suspended flexibly from two cross members of the frame. The metal clutch runs in oil.


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