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15th February 1921
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Page 4, 15th February 1921 — WHEELS OF INDUSTRY.
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The wheel of wealth will be slowed by all difficulties of transport at whatever points arising, as a carriage is by the roughness of the roads over which, it runs."—John Bottle Crozier.

Renewal of Licences.

It has now been made clear that licences which replies renewal at the end of-each quarter can be renewed at a post office, on filling up a short form centaining a, declaration to the effect, that no alteration has been made in the vehicle.

We .understand that the new licence can be obtained any time within 14 days prior to the close of the quaeter. It is to be hoped that owners and users will not be:asked to produce the old licence and/or to forfeit it in exchange for the new one, as vehicles will be required to he used up to the very last minute of the last day of the quarter, and it would be an offence for them to run without the display of the current licence, whilst it is quite obvious that, if the new lisenee is obtained before quarter-day, it musC not be displayed until the first day of the new quarter.

Defining the Term "Owner."

As was fully anticipated, there has been a good deal of misapprehension over the meaning of the word " owner " in the licensing registration book used, in the Roads Act of 1920, particularly in the case of vehicles which are let on simple hire or hire purchase agreement. The Ministry of Transport state that regulations will shortly be issued which will define the term " owner " as.meaning the person by whom the vehicle is kept and used, who is, of course, not necessarily the legal owner. It thus becomes obvious that the registration book willnot, us was at first thought, be an absolute proof of legal ownership with the power to sell.

No Licences for Industrial Trucks.

An official announcement has now been made by the Ministry of Transport, to the effect that licences need not be taken out for electrical industrial trucks which only cross or run a short distance along & public highway, from one factory to another wider the same ownership.

The announcement is contained in a circular letter which has been despatched lay the Ministry of Transport to licensing anth registration p auth or i ti e s asking that particulars of the um of public roads by such trucks shall be furnished to the Ministryeof Traesport, and pending the consideration of the report by the Minister of Transport ntesteps shall be taken to enforce the taking out of licences.

Agents'. Deposits.

There has been recently a good deal of unrest amongst agents nandling the re-. tail aide of the motor industry, in peeped of the refunding of deposits paid by them to manufacturers in cases of financial collapse of any of the latter group, although this feeling has mainly concerned the mantifactueers of private cars and much less the marnifactu•rers of commercial vehicle.

The directors of Karrier Motors, Ltd., however, in view of this unrest, have taken a vary sound line' for they have recently circularized all their agents to the following effect:—

They gay that they have always held BIB

the 171A2sw that when an agent placed a deposit with them the money so received was trust money and should not be used by the manufacturer for the purpose of financing his business. In the pest the question of deposits has not been serious, but recent conditions have altered this.

In order that the dealers in Karrier motor vehicles shall feel every confidence, the directors of Karrier Motors, Ltd.,' have made special arrangements to safeguard their interests, and have opened a trust account with the National Provincial and Union Bank of England, Ltd., King•Street, Huddersfield, and into this account will be paid all deposits received by them. The bank manager will send direct to the dealer an intimatioca, stating that his deposit has been paid into this account. The trustees for the faithful safeguarding of the money and return of the deposits upon satisfactory completkm of agreements will be Mr.' H. F. Clayton, who is chairman of Karrier Motors, Ltd., and one other director.

We believe that a somewhat similar step was taken by a mannfactorer concerned in the ;items-ere car trade mane time ago, but this is the first time that such a step has been taken by any meanfacturer of commercial motor vehicles, and the directors of Karrier Motors s Ltd., feel that it is an, important advance which will undoubtedly be followed by other makers of repute. They ask that the statement, in their letter to their dealers shall not be misconstrued so as to mean that there is any doubt about their .ahility to refund the deposits in question. The policy has been adopted as a guarantee of good faith to the dealer, and as such it should e-ern the approval of everybody with whom they have business transactions, Petrol Imports Up, We have been, anticipating the Board of Trade returns for January with a considerable.amount of interest, as in watching the weekly petrol import figures it has been obvious that there would be an abnormal return of petrol imports' for the full month. The figures, indeed, -are extraordinary all round. In December, 12,381.806 gelloni.werebrought in, which comperes with 32,124,702 gallons in January, 1921, the increase being no less than 19,742,896 gallons. If the imports of January, 1921, are compared with those of the. same month of 1920, the increase is even more striking for it is 22,665,013 gallons! If we take the imports for January in the pee-war year of 1913, the increase is 26,246.425 gallons. As showing the extraordinary all-round increase

imports mports of petroleuin products, we may point out. that lamp oil imperfect in January shows an advance-of 18,534,203 gallons over December

Farmers and Motors.

About 80 farmers around Aliergue . have formed a society to collect their milk to make cheese. Some of them convey the milk in their own vehicles, but to secure the supplies of the more distant ones three motors—a Vulcan, a Whiting, and a small Ford—have been purchased, and a daily conveyance of 900 gallons of milk ensured.

Sentinel Report.

The report of the' directors of the Sentinel Waggon Works (1920), Ltd., for the year ended December Met, 1920, shows a profit on the-year, after meeting all necessary charges and making provision ior excess profit duty and contingencies, of 4105,809. Out of this. &um provision. for depreciation of property, plant-, machinery, etc., amounting to 212,909 and income tax and Corporation profits tax, totalling £29,000 (a combined total of £41,909) has been made, leaving a balance of £63,900. The dividend on the preference shared for the period ended June 39th, 1920, at the rate of '7•4 per cent, per annum, less tax, absorbed £1,302, whilst a dividend on the preference shares for the remaining part of the year' at the same rate per cent. per amen will absorb .£5,250, plus a supplementary dividend on the preference Aare, amounting to £874. • A dividend on. the ordinary shares is being paid at the rate of 10 per cent,, leestax, which. will dispose of £14,000. After these dividends have been paid, £25,000 transferred to the. seeseeve fund, and £9,263 applied in writing off preliminary expenses (in all a total of £55,688), there remains a balance to be ca.nried forward of £8,212.

Thornycroft's Directors.

The board of John I. Thernyeroft and Co., Ltd., has recently been enlarged, as stated in the panagraph dealing with the recent London dinner, by the election of technical directors and the secretary of the company, and now consists of :— Sir John E. Thonlyeroft, K.B.E., M.I.N.A., managing director; Mr. S. W.

Barriaby, M.I.N.A., Sir Edwin Grant Duels, C.S.I.; Mr. T. Donaldson, M.Inst.C.E., M.I.N.A.; Mr. Alex. Glen, J.P,, Mr. J. Maughiling, C.A. Mr. John Smith, M.I.N.A., Mr. Thornycroft. The founder of the firm, Sir John I. Thornyoroft, F.R.S., LL.D., centinues Isle association with the company as advisory engineer and naval architect.

Presentation to Mr. S. D. Begbie.

The committee of the Accessories and Components Sectitin of the Society entertained at luncheon on February 8th Mr. S. D. Begbie, who had been chairman of that committee from 1913 until January of this year. The chair was taken by the president of the Society, Mx.. A. S Mays-Smith, who referred to the importance of the work of the sections, and eulogized Mn Begbie:s high aim to devote business capacity to the interests of his particular section. Their appreciation of this took concrete form in the gift which he (Mr. Mays-Smith) then presented. Mr. F. R. Simms (the first president of the Society) referred to the work which Mr. Begbie had performed on behalf of the Society.

Mr. Begbie in returning thanks, expressed the pleasure which the presentation gave him as recognition of being a. useful unit in a great industry.

Dunlop Disposals.

Having discontinued their teas service, the Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd., are now offering for sale" a well-equipped fleet of omnibuses comprising the following vehicles :—Seven 35 h.p. Straker-Squire double-deckers of the London type to seat 34 passengers, and one 35 h.p. StrakerSquire single-decker to seat 18 passen gers. The bodywork on these eight vehicles is as good as new, and each of them. is equipped with C.A.V. electric equipment abd head, side, and tail lamps. They have also for disposal a spare chassis frame with dashboard complete and one spare engine distnentled.

A large quantity of spare parts valued at over £1,000, which was considered necessary and adequate for the maintenance of the fleet for a considerable period is also to be disposed of, and offers for the whole stock or part. of it are

invited. Further information can be obtained from the Service Department at Para Mills, Aston Cross, Birmingham.

The Splash-guard Trials.

The date of tho trials of anti-mudsplashing devices, which are being arranged by the Borough of Camberwell, London, is March 14th. The trials will start at 10 a.m., and be carried over to the foilowieg -day if necessary. :A list of the draft rules was published in our issue dated February 1st. . Certain amendments have been made to these, and the revised rules will be published in due course. It should be noted that all entries must be forwarded to the :Town Clerk, Town Hall, Camberwell, London, S.E.5; before March 7th.

Allen-Liversidge Report.

The report of Allen-Liversidge, Ltd., for the year ended October 31st, 1920, shows a net profit of £35,469, which, together with the undistributed balances, brought forward from the previous account of Allen-Liversidge, Ltd., the Dissolved Acetylene Co.' Ltd., and Imperial LightaLtd. (which were amalgamated a few months ' ago), make a total balance of £43,064. After deducting from this min the final dividend for the year endecT October 31st, 1919, which amounted to £4,427, and the interim dividend for the six months ended April 30th, amounting to £5,337, there remains a balance of £33,300; £11,365 is reserved against excess profits duty, corporations profits tax, and income tax, which, when deducted, with £5,850 taken to general reserve, and the balance n' expenses and commission on

issue of shares and debentures and amalgamation expenses written off of £1.700, leaves a disposable balance of £18,914. After the dividends, to which we referred in our issue for February 8th, have been paid, there remains a balance of £1,028 to be carried forward.

"Automobiles of the ,World."

An ambitious production (and only those who have had occasion to get together portions of similar information can realize the difficulties involved in the compilation of such a work) has just been published under the title of "Automobiles of the World, 1921." A large quarto publication of 450 pages, in which is illustrated and described (in brief specification form), with a few accompanying notes, every pleasure car, commercial motor vehicle, and agrimotor produced in the world, all correctly classified according to type and according to country of origin. As a work of reference in the trade the volume will be invaluable. It is the 'outcome of the labours of W. E. de B. Whittaker and Capt. P. A. Barron, each of whom is thoroughly an fait with his subject, and it is published at 42s. net by the Aeroplane and General Publishing Co., Ltd., of 175, PiccadillyW1.

Personal Pars.

One of the milestones in a busy man's Masonic life is when he is elected to the chair of his lodge. That is the culminating point, and we congratulate Mr. Cecil S. Windsor on reaching that desired haven. One of our staff was a guest on this occasion, and found many other motoring friends present—guests of different members. The menu card of the Salisbury Lodge was full of bright distinctive features, and we think we trace the handiwork of C.S.W.

Carlyle, Shakespeare, Pope, and Dickens were called in to give some terse and appropriate motto to the various officials. We like especially the one relegated to the wine steward, and Tennyson is respot2sible for the intelligent antici . potion given below :— ..

"Take Dora back and let all this be as it was before."

It is not generally known that the subject of this, paragraph is the brother of Mr. A. Whalesby Windsor, formerly on the staff of this journal and now business manager at Leyland Motors, Ltd.

Mr. W. Ff. Furphy, of the Coilingwood Transport Co., Liverpool, has been appointed chairman of the Liverpool area of the Liverpool District, Chester and North Wales Char-iabancs Owners Association, in succession to Mr. Richards, who has resigned.

• L.G.O.C. Figures.

The annual statement of accounts of the -London General Omnibus Co., Ltd., shows that the traffic receipts for the year ending December 31st last amount to £6,533,951, being an increase of £1,291,653 over the figure for the previous year. The deficiency, met from the common fund of the Underground system, of £286,942 is added and also £113,437, being a. proportion of the balance of the common fund, making a total income of £6,934,330, the expenditure leaving been £6,675,238. Miscellaneous receipts on the one side and certain fixed charges on the other leave a balance of £458,163, of which 2285,000 is placed to reserve, leaving £173,163 available for dividend and further reserves. The directors recommend the payment of a dividend of 5 per cent., free of income tax, leaving £58, be carried forward. In the previous year the dividend was 7 per cent. and the amount carried forward was 259,726.

Chassis Price. Reductions:

There is a tendency for many chassis prices to fall, arid in addition to those makes of vehicles which have already fallen in price, and of which particulars have already been published, we understand that one or two other important manufacturers have seen fit to reduce their prices. Amongst these are Dennis Bros., Ltd., the new prices for their various types of chassie being as follow : New Price. Reduction.

2-2i ton chassis ... £850 £147 2-2k ton char-a banes chassis ... £870 £137 3-4 ton chassis ... £1,050 £130 34 ton char-a banes chassis ... 21,080 £110 4 ton omnibus

chassis £1.,180 £120

5-6 ton chassis ... £1,200 £130 It will be seen that an average reduction of £130 is, therefore, made in the price of Dennis chassis. Another important company who have amended their prices are the Vulcan Motor and Engineering Co., Ltd., who in addition to the recent reductions in the prices of their chassis, have made a further reduction, which will take effect immediately, on all complete vehicles fitted with electric lighting to the extent of £75 and on all complete vehicles without electric lighting to the extent of £50. Melchior, Armstrong and Dessau ad

vise us that after to-day (Tuesday) the list prices of Stewart chassis will be as 'follow :-:-15 cwt. model, £435; 1 -ton Model 8 on solid tyres, £550; 1 ton Model 12 on pneumatic tyres, £575; 30 cwt. model, £595.

The present prices of De Dion chassis

are £875 for the 4 ton Model FR., chassis on solid. tyres; £950 for the same model on Michelin pneumatk tyres ; and £995 for 5 ton Model F$. chassis on solid tyres. The manufacturers of this partimilar make ef chassis state that, whilst they liege to maintain these greatly reduced prices during the next two months, they are quite certain that no further reductions will take place; and any alterations which are made in prices will be more likely by way of increases.

We might mention in ,passing that we understand that a new 30 cwt. chassis is shortly to be placed on the market by De Dion Beaton, Ltd., which will be a small replica of the F.R., chassis, and that a 1 ton model with live-axle drive is also to be manufactured in the near future.

Patrol Motors for Manchester Police.

Manchester Watela Committee considere it desirable' that there should be quick trausit facilities for the police in cases of emergency, and therefore proposes to purchase two motor patrol wagons at a cost of £2,300. The committee has provisionally accepted the tender of Crossley Motors, Ltd., for the supply of the two vehicles.

Thornycroft Annual Dinner.

The annual dinner of the London staff -of John I. Thornycroft and. Co.,Ltd., held at the Florence Restattrant on Fri. deV, February 4th, proved a most enjoyable function. Over 130 asseanbled, chiding,visitin.g members .from the staff of the Basingstoke and Sotithenipton .worke; the 'chair being occupied by .Mr. J. -.Maughfling, one of the directors and ' secretary of the company, supported by Sir John E. Thornyoroft, K.B.E. (manag,ing director) and Mr. Alex Glegg, J.P., the senior director of the company.

In giving the toast of "The Chairman," Mr. R. C. Hewitson (registrar of the company) took the opportunity of expressing the congratulations of the staff upon Mr. Maughfling's recent appointment to the board of directors. In proposing the toast of the firm, Mr. L. M. Seabrooke (motor vehicle sales manager) congratulated the directors on behalf of the staff upon the company's success throughout the past year, when production in some departments had achieved record figures. In responding, Sir John E. Thornyoroft, K.B.E., paid a further tribute to the loyalty of the corn-. pany's employees. Although there weredifficult times ahead of them, he said he was confident of the company's future progress, especially in view of the strengthened directorate by the acquieition on the board of four of the technical managers of the company's works.

The next article in our series dealing with methods of overhauling commercial vehicle chassis will deal with the 2-21. toll Guy, and will appear in our next issue, the price of which, by the way, will be threepence.

Transport of Road Materials.

At the quarterly meeting of the County Councils Association, the Highways Committee reported having considered a letter from the County Surveyors' Society drawing attention to the fact that all tarred road material is included in railway rate class "B," and is consequently liable to an unrestricted advance in rate according to distance, whereas ordinary road metal is in class " A" and is liable to a maximum inerease of only 4e. per ten, and asking the association to make representations to the Ministry of Transport with a view to obtaining a favourable revision of the matter.

The association came to the conclusion that there is no valid reason for the inclusion of tarred road material in railway rate class " B " and the consequent liability of such material to unrestricted advances in the cost of carrine,, and accordingly decided to make a strong representation to the Ministry of Transport that. the present position of the matter constitutes a -gross injustice to highway., authorities and seriously increases the cost of road Maintenance and improvement, and should therefore be modified immediately by the transfer of tarred road material to railway rate class "

Children on Trailers.

The Ministry of Transport has ref erred to the Departmental Committee on the Taxation and Regulation of Read Vehicles the communication from some of the London borough councils as to the dangeroue practice of children riding ow the rear of motor trailers,

No Sidecar Taxis for Worthing

Worthing Licensing Committee has had an application from Mr. Arthur G. Joynson, of Barnes, inquiring if hecould have licences for sidecar taxis for public hire in Worthing. The committee decided that it was not prepared to consider such applicatiens.

Three prizes of £5„£3, and £2, respectively, will be awarded every quarter by Leyland Motors, Ltd., of Leyland,' Lancs., to drivers and others in charge of Leyland vehicles who send in what is considered to be the best short suggestion for effecting improvements to Leyland steam or petrol vehicles.

Buses in Lancashire.

The Ministry of Transport has. sent a memorandum to the Warrington Rural District, suggesting that as the motorbuses now paid greatly increased taxation, local authorities would have very little power in dictating what they should contribute towards the repair of the roads as the 'taxation would be handed over to -a central fund, which would deal with the matter. Only in rare cases would a local authority be able to make a mileage charge after March 1st.

The St. Helens Corporation intimated that they were modifying their' Parliamentary Bill and inquiring whether or not buses were desired in the rural area. The reply was non-committal.

The C.M.I.J.A. Parade.

The first entries for the annual parade of commercial motor vehicles, organized by the Commercial Motor Users Association, with the object of encouraging drivers to take a personal interest in the driving and condition of their vehicles, to be held in Landon on Saturday afternoon„4pril 2nd, have been received from Anglo-American Oil Co.; Ltd., Beck and Pollitzer, Ltd., Gas Light and Coke Co., Ltd., E. Nelson and Co., Ltd., Westminster City Council.

Full particulars of the parade may be obtained on application to Mr. F. G. -Bristow, 50, Pall Mall, London, S.W. 1.

Crystal Palace Show of Secondhand Vehicles.

An exhibition of privately-owned motorcycles, cars, and commercial motor vehicles for sale will he held at the Crystal Palace from April 2nd to 16th inclusive. The promoter is Mr: W. Glass, Walter House, Bedford Street, Strand, London, WC., and we understand that the Crystal Palace trustees Are interested in the scheme. A similar exhibition was held at the Agricultural Hall in November. 1916, 357 motor vehicles of all desoriptions being entered, with, it is

claimed, sales to the extent of 74 per cent.

Each vehicle will be given a thorough examination 'upon arrival at the Crystal Palace, and a certificate of its mechanical condition will be issued. The seller fixes a price and also notifies the management of a reserve price, which will only be declared on the last day of the show if the vehicle is then unsold. The show will be spread over two floors of the Crystal Palace, all vehicles a one make beang grouped together. The entry fee is based on the price, being 5 per cent, on the first £200, and 11 per cent, on the balance, with a minimum of £5 for commercial vehicles up to 30 cwt. and £6 for larger types, this including pulaication of specification, expert exammation, certificate, insurance against fire, polishing of exhibit during the show, and road trial if held If a sale is made, theprometers receive a commission of 5 per cent. on the price realized.

"Automotive Engineering."

We have received No. 1 of a little booklet entitled "Automotive Engineering." The purpose of this publication is entirely practical, its object being to supply the latest data bearing. on all branches of automotive engineering, collected from every available source throughout the world, and to rresent all the reliable formulm of permanent value which the automotive engineer may require in practice, and to. give these technical data and practical formulae in the most condensed form. It is expected that the various branches of automotive engineering will be ,fully covered in 26 instalments of this publication.

No. 1 deals with the compression and expansion of gases, volumes and areas of solids, automotive engineering materials, design of laminated springs, practical aerodynamics, and fuel oils—their composition and properties. The price of each issue is 6d. the Standard Air Press, Ltd., 36, Shaftesbury Avenue, Piccadilly Circus, London, W.1, being responsible for its publication.

Bradford Taxi Owners.

The inaugural dinner of the Bradford Taxi-Owners' Association was held on February 1st, Mr. F. Smithies, president of the association, presiding over the proceedings. In proposing "The Bradford Taxi-Owners' Association" the President recalled that the association was formed in September with a dozen members. Now there were fewer than a dozen taxi owners of the town who were not members. It was commendable that such rapid progress had been made.

Mr. F. W. Berwick, in responding to the toast of "The Guests," reviewed the advantages of the association as shown by the operations of the Bradford Motor Owners' ASsociation during the post four years. At the present time they were having a big controversy with regard to Corporation work, he said. Because the job was an easy one some thought it should be done at less than the standard rate, but that kind of thing led to the ktandard falling, because every customer thought he was entitled to. the Corporation rate. A few years ago the taxi drivers looked askance at the. motor char41-bance, but it, was now known that, the motor char-i-bancs created trader for the taxicab. People going for a motor coach trip got back to town late at night and took a taxi home. Moreover, having created in them a love for beautiful coontry spots where the char-h-bancs would not stop, people got up taxi parties of their own. One 'business is the means el helping the other.

Refusing to Pay for Road Maintenance.

Writing to the Worthing Corporation, the general manager of the Southdown Motor Services, Ltd., states that he is prohibited by the minutes of his directors from making any payment towards road .maintenance, and that, though the amount asked-10 a year—is only nominal, it was a question of principle— the directors had declined to make any payment towards road-maintenance any where.

Users' Conferences.

At the Efficiency Exhibition now being held at Olympia., the Automobile Association ha-'e a stand (No. 46, Ground Floor) upon which is shown a number of exhibits interesting to motorists, including a model of an A.A. roadside telephone box, a model of an A.A. roadside fuel filling station, and examples of the numerieus road signs and warnings erected by the Association.

During the exhibition. conferences are being held and papers read relating to motoring subjects. Major Stenson Cooke, the secretary of the A.A., will deal with "The Road User's Requirements ''; Capt. E. II. Fryer, road manager of the A.A., will contribute a paper on " Maps and Signposts " ; Capt. R. H. Montgomery, head of the Fuel Department, A.A., will take for his topic "Fuel for Transport"; and Mr. W. T. Parkes, solicitor to the association, will • cover " The Rule of the Road."

Sidecar Taxis for Liverpool?

Last week the Liverpool Licensing Committee inspected a motorcycle taxi, for which Motor Cycle Taxie, Ltd., are hoping to obtain permission to. place upon the streets. The motorcycle was an Excelsior, made by the firm of Bayliss, Theenae and Co., of Birmingham, and was temporarily in the charge of Mr. W. H. Carson, who is well known in motorcycle circles in connection with these machines. It, is not yet known whether permission will be given for a ! fleet of these vehicles to apply for hire, but if it is, the fares will he is. for the first mile, and 3d for every additional quarter of a mile; or, if hired by time, at 6s. par hour.

Institute of Metals Annual ' Meeting.

We have received a copy of the official programme • of the Institute of Metals London meeting and annual dinner, ' which are to be held at the Institeition of Mechanical Epgineses, Storey's Gate, Westminter, London, S.W., 'on Wednesday and Thursday, March 9th and 10th, respectively. The meeting will commence at 10.30 each day and on the first day the annual dinner of the Institute will ha lield,•ariel on the second day there will

be a visit to the National Physical Laboratory. We cannot refer to the programme in detail, owing to lack of space, but we notice that there are one or two very interesting papers to be read dering the meeting. . Further partieulare can be obtained from the secretary, Mr. G. Shaw Scott, at 36, Victoria Street, London S.W. 1.

London Motors.

During the quarter ended December 31st the London County Council registered 4,370 light motorcars, 904 heavy. motors, and 1,695 motorcycles. Driving licences issued numbered 16,104.

Asking for Buses.

Rumford Urban District, Council has invited the L.G.O. Co. to extend its services of motorbuses from Ilford to Rumford Town. Before acceding to this request, the company hee asked the fiord Council to discuss the traffic situation and members of the council have been asked to have an informal conference with the company.

A Unique Tyre Stand.

The Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd., is issuing a novel type; of tyre steed to contractor customers for displaying ebe Magnum type motor vehicle tyre. The stand is manufactured from stiff board in the well-known black and yellow colours so closely identified with Dunlop advertising, and is collapsable, thee crewing safe and economical transit

through post. It supports practieally any size of tyre and is not sufficiently obtrusive to mar the distinctive appearance of the Magnum deseen.

Lorries Quicker and Cheaper than Rail: It is roughly 60 miles from Coverittry to Oxford, where the Moncie-Gowley and Morrie-Oxfoid cars are made. A service of lorries is run between the two toeme, taking castings from the Morris foundry to Coventry and bringing back complete engines, several dozen being accommodated on the lorry and trailer. Taking theedoor-to-door service into censideration, arid the time saved, it is estimated that the road service effects a consider'able economy over rail transport, which. is unreliable.

Southampton Town Council, is raising a loan of £312 for the purchase of a motor van.

The purchase of a tractor for drawing the fire-engine_ is being considered by Goclaiming Town Council. Durham County Council has arranged to provide a central garage and motor repairs department at Durham.

East Ham Corporation has asked the borough engineer to obtain quotations for the supply of a 2 ton Burford chassis,

Brighten Watch Committee has decided to purchase, for the fire brigade, three motor chassis and a motor ambulance.

Norwich R.D.C. proposes to purchase a motor fire-engine, etc., at an estimated cast of £3,860, including the provision of a fire station, The Ministry of Health has given the York Corporation power to borrow £400 for the purchase of a Simplex tractor for the sewage farm.

Leeds Watch Committee has refused the application of Mae Samuel Ledgard for permission to carry passengers en ehers-e-liancs on the eeats at the right of the driver.

The Laere Motor Car Co., Ltd., has given demonstrations of an improved type of. motor galley cleanser to a number of municipal engineers in Hampstead Marylebone and Chiswick.

Bridlington Corporation has asked the borough surveyor to obtain prices of suitable motor vehicles and submit a comparative statement showing what saving will be effected if motor haulage is

adopted Though the L.C.O. has sanctioned loans by the Hammersmith Borough Council of £11,688 fir six electric vehicles, £975 for a motorcar, and £761 for a petrol motor roller, it notifies that it cannot itself lend the money, ,which, the Borough Council, therefore, will have to raise elsewhere.

The Chester Town Connell has adopted a recommendation of the ImprovementsCommittee for the purchase of a motor road roller at a cost of £1,157. It was stated that at first it was proposed to purchase a steam roller, but a motor roller was better adapted for the paving of tar macadam.

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