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14th September 1945
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Page 16, 14th September 1945 — News of the Week
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R.H.A. Policy on the Future of Haulage A T the time of going to press we

reCeived from the Road Haulage Association some 4,000 words of notes from a speech which the chairman, Mr. H. T. Dutfield, made at a meeting 'of .road hauliers at Sheffield, last Monday. It is. said to be the first pronouncement from the road transport industry since the election of the new Government, and deals very extensively with thepros and cons ofnationalization as applicable to the haulage industry. We shall deal with it more 'fully in our next issue, but will now refer to one or two remarks.

Mr. Duffield says that. it behoves us as. loyal citizens of ademocratic country not to throw spanners into the works, but to co-operate with the powers that be to the best of our ability. For this reason, the R.H.A. welcomes the new Minister of Transport and assures him that it is not the wish or policy of that body to regard him as

CALL FOR SECOND MAN BY LIVERPOOL UNION • NOTICE has been given by the Liverpool and District Carters and .Motormen's Union that it proposes to instruct its members to comply with the terms of the Merseyside wages agreement, by not loading more than 'four tons on vehicles (with certain exceptions), unless a second man be carried. During the war period this clause in the agreement has been difficult to observe.

• The Union has pointed out.that some operators are not observing -this clause. which provides that a second man shall be carried on vehicles loading upwards of four tons with the exception of tank, tipping and hopper wagons, or up-cpuntry container or flat traffic where no work entailing the services of a second man arises.


THE London Branch of the Industrial Transport AssOciation has inaugurated a series, of lectures which should be of much help to students, and per-. sons engaged on transport staffs generally and in industrial transport particularly. For this purpose the London Branch Educational Society has been formed,' and membership is open to all o below'the grade of associate, without fee, and to any other interested person on payment of an inclusive fee of 2s. 6d. Six lectures will be given in the Court Rom, Caxton Hall, Caxton Street, Westminster, London, --S.W.I. -at 7 p.m., on the following dates:—

a natural 'enemy. He should be given every, opportunity of showing his desire to make the best possible use of road haulage in the national interest.

It would only he if. the AssoCiatitin were forced to the-conclusion that the Government was proceeding, in respect of the industry, on lines detriniental to tiae• welfare of the country, as well as that of the operators as individuals, that the R.H.A. would be justified in adopting an attitude of hostility.

In the latter case it would do its level best to educate the Government's own supporters into a' belief that persistence in the Government's policy would be contrary to their own interests and that of the country ,as a whole. .

It does not necessarily mean that because the Government has been given a clear mandate !every' item in , its advertised programme must be accepted without question or criticism.

Relation 'to Industry," by Mr. F. ft Wilson. .

F.I.T.A ; April 2, Distribution,". by Mr. C. Courtney Cramp, F_511.

Membership cards may be obtained through -.Members of the London Branch of the I.T.A., or direct from the branch honorary secretary, Mr. A. W. . Ferguson, 12, Hyde Park Avenue, Winchmore Hill, London. N.21..


IN the year ended May 31 last, Fodens,.. . Ltd., made a net profit of '£37,100. A dividend of 9 per cent., less tax, is being paid, which compares with 8 percent.; less tax, for the previous year.


ADECISION by the Minister of Agriculture that facilities cannot be granted for the revival, next year, of agricultural shows that last several days, owing to labour problems, the housing situation, and food shortage, precludes any possibility of a " Royal " Show in 1946,

The Royal Agricultural Society of England had made tentative plans for a Show next v at Lincoln, but despite efforts of the Council of the Society, the Minister has been unable to agree to the event being held.


I N the year ended March 31 last,

Tilling-Stevens, Ltd., made a profit, after deducting all expenses, depreciation and provision for estimated taxation, of £16,258, the amount available being £74,701, after adding the balance of £48,443 brought forward and £10,000 reserved for taxation but not required. A sum of £5,000 is being transferred to the maintenance of buildings reserve, and after a.,dividend at the rate 'of 5 per cent, per annum, less tax, has been paid, there remains a balance cif £64,137 'to be carried forward. GROUPING-AND TI-16 'pouritAL


THE exeCutive ofthe . National Association of Road Transport Groups has ;recently 'discussed th question of fears expressed in some quarters.. that -recent :political developments may have a severe effect on the group movement. in road transport, , It has, accordingly, issued a statement inwhich, amongst other things, it is 'pointed out that it will be-sOrne years. at. least before nationalization' of the road haulage industry atteinpted and that, in the meantime, every possible effort should be made to workout and set up, so far as possible; an organized alternative to nationalization.

It is cohsidered that the most acceptable alternative scheme is likely to conform with the Jibes' oL grouping as advocated by N.A.R,T.G., it can, the benefits attributed to. nationalization, but Without the defects ofbureaucratic control or the stifling of

individual. initiative. .

• The executive calls for 'all possible support from the industry and looks to . hauliers generally to proceed with the, formation Of .new 'groups.

A further group has now joined the Association, .. this being Catleford,., Pontefract and District Hauliers, Ltd., 60, Beancroft Road, Castleford.


THE taxi school which was operated pre-war by the British Legion in London will recommence active operations as soon as premises are obtained. The secretary of the school is-Capt. E. Reeland, and he will be glad to get into touch .with anyone who has a suitably Large building which Can be rented, until permanent accommodation can be found.

The Metropolitan offices of the Legion at 49, Pall Mall, London, S.W.1, have received many inquiries on this training, some from prisoners of war. Taxicab drivers in London have to pass police ,and driving tests, including a rather stiff one on knowledge of London; they must even know how to get arotind London on a bicycle.


Wareadvised-that Crossley Motors, W Ltd., has received orders foi,.trolleybus chassis for New Zealand. These comprise 10 single-deck two-axlechassis for Wellington and four similar chassis for New Plymouth.

The chassis will be equipped with non-regenerative stabilized control with rheostatic braking on the footbrake pedal, so that, when braking, thefirst movement of the pedal sets up the connections for rheostatic braking and a further movement of the pedal brings in the compressed-air brake. This arrangement relieves the brake shoes and brake drums of the initial braking effort, 'therebyreducing the wear on these items to a minimum. • ' Automatic acceleration controL and. radio interference suppressors will be inchided in thy equipment. BIG OVERSEAS ORDERS.OR t is stated by the Asiociated Equip men Co. Ltd., that at is now busy

-• renewing contacts in former markets . .

overseas, and,. following these efforts, . it iinnounces that two important orders have been received from abroad—One irom South Africa and the other from In October, 1939, Johannesburg Council ordered 30 A.E.C.English Electric six-wheeled double'deck trolleybus chassis, but, owing to war-time difficulties, this contract cOtild not be fulfilled. It has now been renewed and doubled, so that the . total number of trolleybuses that the company will supply to Johannes:burg will be 60. It is anticipated that the chassis will be shipped overseas in. the third quarter of 1946.

The other, order has been obtained frorn the Iraq Petroleum Co., Ltd., and .is for the supply of.20 articulated-type tractors with special semi-trailers for pipe carrying, 17. articulated-type „tractors with special semi-trailers for hauling machinery, nine 10-ton endtippers and four 10-ton vehicles for general-purpose loads. The design of all these vehicles will be based upon the latest-type A.E.C. six-wheel-drive model " 0858 " chassis, and will be powered by the Comet 9.6-litre oil engine, developing 150 b.h.p.


ATOTAL of 4,000 surplug Army motor trucks and other vehicles are to be placed on the retail market each month by the Commonwealth Disposal Commission of Australia, according to an advice from Canberra. Vehicles suitable for commercial purposes will be released first. Up to the present, the rate of release of Army vehicles has been only about 1,000 a month.


AMEETING of the national executive of the Hauliers Mutual Federation will be held at the Grand Hotel, Leicester, on Wednesday, September 19. Another rneetirk under the gis of the H.M.F. will Are held, at the earliest •possible date, at the Caxton Hall, Caxton Street, Westminster, London, S.W. This will be open to all hauliers, and questions arising from the possible nationalization of sections of the road-transport industry will be discussed.


THE associated businesses of Harvey Frost and Co., Ltd., and Ernest Lake, Ltd., announce an important change in sales policy. To enable progressive traders, haulage contractors, service engineers, etc., to keep up to date on the equipmentside of their work, HF and Ern-Lake garage and vehicle equipment will, in future, be available at the depots of authorized distributors within easy reach of all centres of industry.

The first list is inclusive of the following places: — Belfast, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Glasgow, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Newbury, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, Salisbury, Slough, Swindonasid Tonbridge. At these depots interested traders, engineers and others will be able to inspect a range of HF and Ern-Lake equipment and to buy from stock when circumstances permit. In addition, servicing facilities will be provided at these depots.

Readers who have any immediate peed of equipment should write to Harvey Frost and Co., Ltd., Bishop's Stortford, for the address of the nearest authorized distributor.

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