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South African Trolleybuses For London

14th November 1941
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Page 22, 14th November 1941 — South African Trolleybuses For London
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DUE to the abnormal circumstances of to-day the opportunity is being taken for London Transport to operate trolleybuses originally intended for South Africa-25 for Durban and 18

for Johannesburg. The chief feature

of interest is that the African vehicles are 6 ins, wider than the maximum width of 8 ft. permitted in this country. This enables the width of the gangway and seats to be increased slightly, with a consequent improvement in comfort, and with more room for the conductor to pass along the gangway. The extra width, Of course, entails an increase in weight to 9 tons 19 cwt. 3 qrs. empty, or approximately 14+ tons •with 72

seated passengers. This is 1 ton more than normally allowed here.

Another feature in which the African trolleybuses differ is as a result of the warmer conditions. Drop windows are fitted throughout, and the upper halves are provided with Purdah glass, thus providing plenty of ventilation and reducing glare from the sun.

In other aspects the Vehicles generally conform with practice in this country. The driver's cab occupies the full width of the vehicle.

The chassis is the rigid six-wheeled type with an 18-ft. 7-in. wheelbaseoancl is provided with standard-type bornpressed-air brakes.


Locations: Johannesburg, Durban, London

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