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Team prize in the

14th June 1968, Page 30
14th June 1968
Page 30
Page 30, 14th June 1968 — Team prize in the
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postmen's bag by lain Sherriff

• 'The sixth, the biggest and the best": this was the general opinion of the competitors at the Castlereagh (Belfast) eliminator on Saturday. The first two points could not be disputed; there were 114 entries which was 30 up on last year and the record book confirms that this was the sixth event. As for the rest the organization clicked, the weather was glorious and interest was maintained till the end.

It was at the end, in fact, that the real stories of the day were told. Jim Millar of Cawoods Containers driving his 49ft Sin. AEC/Crane Fruehauf out-fit was the last man through and he had the following of every competitor (except one) and the spectators. He did touch the rear barrier at the loading bay test but thereafter he gave an immaculate display through the pylons and placed his vehicle parallel to and 9in. from the kerb. The roar of applause must surely have rattled the walls of nearby Stormont Castle.

The competitor who didn't see all this was Tom Stewart, of Scott of Toombridge. He won his class last year and of course took home a team prize from the final so, working on the basis that lightning never strikes in the same place twice, off he went home.

In fact he won his class.

Another man returning to this year's final is J. Campbell of Kraft Foods Ltd. who won class C with only 63 penalties. The GPO postal and telephone entries both did exceptionally well with the postmen lifting the team prize.

The announcement at the end that T. Porter of T. J. Kennedy and Son Ltd. won class D with only 56 penalty points caused a buzz of excitement-this was an exceptionally low score. However, it was F. W. Johnston of SPD Ltd., the El class winner, who won the champion's award. He had the largest improvement over his class average, about 65 per cent.

At the last a lady shared in the honours: Pte A. Drobinska from Edinburgh was commended by a police officer who witnessed her action in averting what could have been a serious accident while she was on the road test.

The sixth, the biggest-yes, the best.

CASTLEREAGH RESULTS Class A: Up to 16ft: 1, J. F. Dougan (GPO Postal) Morris, 55pts; 2, R. E. McFarland (GPO Postal) Morris, 74; 3, R. Irwin (GPO Postal) Morris, 76.

Class B: 16 to 19ft: 1, G. Rogan (GPO Telephones) Morris, 77; 2, J. S. Lavery (GPO Telephones) Morris, 79; 3, N. R. Allen (GPO Telephones) Morris, 91.

Clam C: 19 to 22ft: 1, J. Campbell )Kroft Foods Ltd.) Bedford, 62; 2, J. E. Marshall (GPO Postal) Karrier, 73; 3, W. J. Anderson 1G PO Postal) Karrier, 73.

Class D: 22 to 25ft: 1, T. Porter IT. T. Kennedy and Son Ltd.} Dodge, 56; 2, Gas Mothers (Allied Supplies Ltd.) Bedford, 74; 3, J. A. Shaw (R. J. Shaw) Bedford, 80. Class El: 25ft with two axles: 1, F. W. Johnston IS PO Ltd.) Bedford, 77; 2, W. D. Neill (Irish Bondin Co. Ltd.) Bedford, 124; 3, H. Stitt (T. J. Kennedy and Son Ltd.) Commer, 143.

Class [2: Over 25ft with more than two axles:. 1, T. Stewart (Scott (Toombridge)) Foden, 82; 2, R. J. Keatley (Shell-Max and BPI Leyland, 91; 3, D. Crawford (Texaco Ltd.) Foden, 105.

Class Fl: Flat or sided semi-trailers with flat or drop-frame, up to and including 33ft overall length: 1, S. Gray NI. Eggs Ltd.) Ford, 113; 2, J. Scott (NJ. Eggs Ltd.) Ford, 193; 3, J. King (NJ, Eggs Ltd.) Albion, 230. Class F2: Box or tank semi-trailers with flat or dropframe, up to and including 33ft overall length: 1, B. Butcher (N.I.C. Ltd.) Albion, 100; 2, R. H. McVeigh (N.I.C. Ltd.) Albion, 135:3, J. Keenan (MIL. Ltd.) Albion, 161, Class G: Flat or sided aemi-trailers with flat or dropframes, over 33ft: 1, S. Murray (Cawoods Containers) Leyland, 151; 2, P. G. Haverin (N.I.C. Ltd.) Ford, 161; 3, F. Ratcliffe IN.I.C. Ltd.) Leyland, 165.

Class H: Box or tank semi-trailers with fiat or dropframe over 33ft: 1, J. Miller (Cawoods Containers) AEC, 230.

B est team: GPO Postal.

B est Service driver: Cpl. B. Morgan 126 Sgn. RCT). OveraN champion: F. W. Johnston.

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