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Over 125 Vehicles at Kelvin Hall

13th November 1959, Page 177
13th November 1959
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Page 177, 13th November 1959 — Over 125 Vehicles at Kelvin Hall
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AFTER the spate of new models introduced last year at the London Commercial Motor 3how, it is not surprising that corn)letely new vehicles are something of L rarity at the 42nd Scottish Motor '..:xhibition which opens at Kelvin Hall, 31asgow, , today. As at the previous ;catfish Show in 1957, 23 makes are n display, but Seddon are now stand 'alders, making the number of manuacturers exhibiting 11. The remainder )f the 52 stands which feature cornnercial vehicles are occupied by disributors.

Local interest is sustained by new dbion models. These are the Chieftain ;eries II chassis which supersede the :hieftain Series I range introduced at lads Court . last year. The new chides retain many features of the irevious models, iticluding the easyntry forward-control cab, but have

new, higher-powered four-cylindered it engine and an improved braking ystem. Also to be seen for the first me at an exhibition is the latest dbion Reiver light six-wheeler, owered by the Leyland 0.375 Oil agine, for 10-ton payloads.

Those operators concerned with cal-delivery work will find much to iterest them on stands showing the ew Austin and Morris F.G. forwardantrol range of 2-, 3and 4-ton todels described fully on page 483 of us issue. The cab fitted to these !hicks provides exceptional all-round ision and greatly simplifies access to oth the drivers' and passengers' seats. Leyland have several versions of their revised 12-ton-gross Comet range, designated the CS3, on View and making their ddbut at a show. '

In addition to two vehicles with their attractive forward-control cab inside the hall, Guy have the prototype of their advanced Wulfrunian low-height double-deck bus in the demonstration park. This model has a front entrance, disc brakes and air suspension at all wheels.

Other innovations include the Bedford and Dodge forward-control 12ton tractor units, the Dodge 6-tonner with the new Perkins •Six 305 engine, and the recently introduced Seddon 16ton-gross tractor unit with Scammell coupling gear and the Seddon SD4 24-ton-gross prime mover.

A directory and quick guide to the accessory and workshop equipment stands are given on pages 514-517. New products are also described.


Stand 116—A .E.C., Ltd., Squire Street, Glasgow.

TWO representative vehicles from the A.E.C. goods and passenger ranges are shown. The lorry is a Mercury Mark TI 14-ton-gross platform vehicle of 17-ft. 3-in, wheelbase powered by an A.E.C. 7.7-litre six-cylindered direct

injection oil engine developing 112 b.h.p. at its maximum rated speed of 2,000 r.p.m.

A five-speed synchromesh gearbox is incorporated, and the rear axle of the vehicle displayed is a spiral-bevel unit. The single-speed double-reduction axle, Which is an option for this chassis, is shown separately in sectioned form. Other features of the Mercury specification include air-pressure brakes and helper springs for the rear suspension as standard.

Scottish Omnibuses, Ltd., are to operate the other vehicle shown. This is a 16-ft. 4-in, wheelbase underfloorengined Reliance coach chassis with a 30-ft. single-deck body by Walter Alexander and Co. (Coachbuilders), Ltd.

Powered by an A.E.C. 6.75-litre 98 b.h.p. horizontal oil engine, the Reliance has a five-speed gearbox and a spiralbevel 'rear axle similar to that of the standard Mercury. Brakes are -hydraulic with vacuum assistance, and 9.00-20-in. (10-ply) tyres are fitted.

On the engine the drive to, the dynamo and water pump is now by gears. The Alexander body is of light-alloy construction with 41 seats and provides good luggage capacity in a boot and containers on each side of the body concealed by traps in the skirting.

A sectioned working model of the A.V. 690 11.3-litre six-cylindered oil engine completes the display. ALMON

Stand 112—Albion Motors, Ltd., Scotstoun, Glasgow, WA.

Stand 121—Millburn Motors, Ltd., 31-79 _ Millburn Street, Glasgow, NJ.

Stand 126—Walter Alexander and Co. (Coach builders), Ltd., Glasgow Road, Falkirk.

DRIDE of place on the Albion stand

goes to a representative of the new Chieftain Series II range,described in The Commercial Motor last week. The show vehicle is a 13-ft. 6-in, Wheelbase CH3AXL haulage model in chassisand-cab form.

It is powered by the new Albion 5.5litre four-eylindered oil engine, which develops 94 b.h.p. at 2,200 r.p.m., 252 1.b.-ft, torque at 1,250 r.p.m., and differs. structurally from the former Chieftain engine in having a nitrided crankshaft with replaceable strip bearings and a C.A.V. DPA-type injection pump incorporating a hydraulic governor.

A revised layout has been adopted for the hydraulic clutch withdrawal mechanism, and the vehicle. on display has the optional sixth-speed overdrive ratio added to its constant-mesh. gearbox. As before, the Albion double-reduction rear axle is used, but the braking system is now assisted by a 9i-in.-diameter 14ydrovac unit. The Chieftain Series II haulage range is rated for a gross weight of 10i tons.

Also shown in chassis-cabL form is an Albion Reiver 6 x 4 model for 10-ton payloads. An interesting feature of this chassis is the manner in which the drive is conveyed from a relay gearbox, behind the main five-speed unit, through separate shafts to the two bevel-drive doublereduction rear axles. A Leyland 0.375 110 b.h.p, oil engine powers the Reiver.

Bath the Reiver and the Chieftain have the easy-entry forward-control cab first introduced for the Series I Chieftain last year. This is .of pressed-steel construction and incorporates a step ahead of the front axle normally covered by the leading edge of the door.

The third exhibit on the Albion stand is a Claymore underfloor-engined delivery vehicle chassis with a boxvan body. It can carry a 5-ton payload and is powered by the Albion 4.1-litre four-cylindered horizontal oil engine which produces 72 h.h.p. at 2,000 r.p.m. A 5.5-litre engine complete with six-speed .gearbox, and a sectioned double-reduction axle are included in the Albion display.

Millburn Motors show a Clydesdale CD.21TR. tractor with the standard Albion cab. It is designed to operate at a gross train weight of 18 tons. Albion passenger vehicles are represented by a Nimbus on the Walter Alexander-stand. This has a 29-seat coach body.


Stand 108—John Mitchell of Greenock, Ltd., 4 Gray Place, Greenock,

AGARDNER 5LW 7-litre oil engine, .producing 94 b.h.p. at 1,700 r.p.m. and 300 lb.-ft. torque at 1300 r.p.m., powers the Atkinson L745L 16-ft. wheelbase chassis shown on this stand. It has a five-speed constant-mesh gearbox and

an overhead-worm rear axle. Vacutu assistance is provided for the hydraul braking system, and tyres are 11.00-20 i (12-ply). The vehicle has a 20-ft. pla form body manufactured by exhibitors, and a standard Atkins plastics cab with a wrap-round win screen.


Stand Stand 86—Taggart's (Motherwell), Ltd Knowetop, Motherwell.

Stand 88—Valentine's Motors, Lid., Ch. Hall Square, Perth.

Stand 89—Lambs Garage, Ltd., Troth Lane, Dundee.

Stand 93—A, C. Penman, Ltd Durnfries.

Stand 96—Moir and Baxter, :Ltd Comely Bank, Edinburgh.

Stand 97—Carlow (Cars), Ltd., 32-5

Finnieston Street, Glasgow, C.3. Stand 108—John Mitchell of areehoc,

Ltd., 4 Gray Place, Greenock:

NTEREST on Taggart's stand is centrt 1 upon. the Austin 2-ton 200 mode This is a member of the new Austi medium-weight range described on pal 483. It has the ingenious F.G. forwari control cab giving easy access and remarkable range of vision:

The 2-tanner on showis powered k the B.M.C. 3.4-litre 68 ,b.h.p. oil engir and carries a drop-sided body. Also di played by Taggart's is a tipping vehic based on the Austin 7-ton forwao control chassis in which is a 5.1-litre c engine. This vehicle is equipped wi; automatic chassis lubrication.

• A 3-ton oil-engined model from 0 new low-loading range is exhibited } Penman. This vehicle also has the ne F.G. cab, and other ways in which differs from its predecessor include 0 use of 16-in.-diameter wheels and Vactium-assitted braking system. P Austin A152 Omnivan is also shown.

A mobile showroom body for ti Scottish Gas Board mounted on a 3-tt forward-control chassis is featured on 0 John Mitchell stand. The vehicle has 3.4-litre oil engine and a composite hod Penman have a forward-control 30-cv chassis with their own mobile-shop hod Half of the body is fitted out as a,bakei shop and the other part for the dispensit of groceries. Also on this stand is 7-ton forward-control chassis with Penman two-deck cattle body panelled corrugated aluminium sheets. ,

A Martin Walter mobil shop conversion of the Al: 15-cwt. chassis can be i. spected on the Lan-II Garage stand. It has a raim 'translucent roof giv in adequate headroom and light interior. Also exhibiti is an Austin Gipsy 4 x utilityvehicle which le independent rubber suspei sion at all wheels at several other features

outstanding •t echn ic; interest. Other Austin vehicles are shown by a tentine's Motors and Carlaw (Cars), td. These are a 4-ton drop-sider and a :ton forward-control long-wheelbase aassis respectively.


rand 99—S.M.T. Sales and Service, Co., Ltd., 39 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh. rand 100—Croall and Croall, York Lane, Edinburgh.

and 107—Mackay and Jardine, Ltd., West Cross, Wishaw.

'and 122—Watson Bros. (Airdrie), Ltd., High Street, Airdrie.

3ROMINENT on the S.M.T. stand is

a Duple Super Vega 41-seat coach ised on the Bedford passenger chassis. he vehicle has the 300-cu.-in. oil engine, hich also powers the 7-ton dump truck town. The dumper has a 6-cu.-yd. alleel body with Pilot tipping gear on a iort-wheelbase forward-control chassis. has a four-speed gearbox, a two-speed ar axle and, for arduous operation, a tch-plated chassis frame and 9.00-20 in. 2-ply) cross-country tyres.

S.M.T. display as well a 4-ton normalintro' long-wheelbase chassis in which the 200-cu.-in, oil engine. This vehicle one of the Bedford J range, introduced St year and making its first appearance a Scottish Show. Noteworthy points e the use of l6-in.-diameter wheels and e practical cab. The model on view has S.M.T. drop-sided body.

Watson Bros. show an oil-engined forard-control 7-tonner with a Weston wing body and gear. It has a twoeed axle and heavy-duty chassis equipent. A new Martin Walter 12-seat inversion of the Bedford CAL 102-in.heelbase 15-cwt. van is also, on display, :companying a 90-in.-wheelbase CA tassis fitted with Smith's Cornette III e-cream-dispensing bodywork.

Another tipper is exhibited by Mackay id Jardine. It is a long-wheelbase 7-ton rward-control chassis with a 300-cu.-in. I engine and a two-speed axle. Exibro )ping gear is fitted beneath the Hornloy light body. Also on this stand

a 6-ton oil-engined normal-control chassis and cab with a Telehoist tipping body.

The display is completed by a Martin Walter Workabus 12-seat conversion of the CA van, and a Kenex Kenebrake Special model on a similar chassis. A standard Kenebrake conversion of the chassis is shown by Croall and Croall.


Stand 92—Melvin Motors, Ltd., 25-41 Kingston Street, Glasgow; C.5.

Stand 94—Claud Hamilton (Aberdeen), Ltd., 254 Union Street, Aberdeen.

Stand 95—Hamilton Bros., Ltd., Ralston Garage, 255 Glasgow Road, Paisley.

Stand 104—James Ross. and Sons (Motors), Ltd., Lochrin, Tollcross, Edinburgh, 3.

Stand 105—The Scottish Automobile Co., Ltd., 7-8 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh, 1.

Stand 127—Munro Motors (Glasgow), Ltd., 243 Garriock Road, Glasgow.

BOTH Commer vehicles on the Melvin Motors stand are poviered by the Routes opposed-piston two-stroke oil engine. One is a 7-ft. 10-in, wheelbase forward-control tractor for 12-ton payloads. it has Scammell automatic coupling gear. A 9-ft. 7-in, wheelbase forward-control 7-tonner is the other vehicle shown. This model has a fivespeed constant-mesh gearbox, whilst both vehicles have the air-hydraulic braking system offered as an option to the standard vacuum-assisted equipment.

A special exhibit is a sectioned working model of the multi-fuel version of the TS3 engine, which will run satisfactorily on fuels ranging from diesel oil through the kerosenes to low-octane petrol.

A Cob 7-cwt. van, in company with a forward-control 30-cwt. van, is shown by Claud Hamilton. The Cob has a 43 b.h.p. petrol engine and a four-speed synchromesh gearbox. A 2.2-litre 48.5 b.h.p. oil engine powers the larger van, which has a capacity of 300 cu. ft. The Perkins C305 almost-horizontal oil engine fitted to Commer medium-weight chassis is displayed separately.

This engine is found in the 5-ton forward-control drop-skier exhibited by

Hamilton Bros. It develops 87 b.h.p. and, in this application, is matched to a four-speed constant-mesh gearbox. Also shown are a Superpoise 15-cwt. all-steel pick-up of 9-ft. 4-in, wheelbase powered by a 56 b.h.p. petrol engine, and a Commer: five-speed constant-mesh gearbox offered optionally for the larger models.

The recently introduced 1-ton forwardcontrol van (which is in effect the 30-cwt. model shortened by 1 ft.) is to be seen on the James Ross stand. A steel body with a capacity of 280 cu. ft. is mounted on the 9-ft. 3-in. wheelbase chassis, and the vehicle on show has a 48.5 b.h.p. •oil engine. A 7-ton oil-engined drop-sider of 13-ft. 6-in, wheelbase displayed has the standard four-speed synchromesh gearbox and vacuum-assisted brakes. The• TS3 engine in normal form is another exhibit.

The Scottish Automobile Co. have a similar 7-ton drop-sider on show, but with the five-speed constant-mesh gearbox. They also display an Express delivery van with 109-cu.-ft. capacity and a 49 b.h.p. petrol engine.

A Perkins P6 oil engine is fitted in the Superpoise 5-ton normal-control tipping vehicle shown by Munro Motors. It has a four-speed constant-mesh gearbox and vacuum-assisted brakes. Also on view is a 30-cwt. forward-control van with a four-cylindered 48.5 b.h.p. petrol engine. The 2.2-litre oil engine, which is an option for this vehicle, appears as a separate exhibit.


Stand 113—Transport Vehicles (Daimler), Ltd., Coventry.

ACOMPLETE 73-seat double-deck bus dominates this stand. The CSG 6-30 chassis has a front-entrance highbridge body by the Northern Counties Motor and Engineering Co: Powered by a Gardner 6LW 8.4-litre oil engine developing 112 b.h.p., the model has a David Brown gearbox with Porsche-type synchronizers for all forward gears. Airpressure brakes are included.

The Daimler chassis exhibit is the CVD 6-30 model with a CD.6 Mark VIII 8.6-litre direct-injection engine. Cempled to this engine is a Daimler Diama tic semi-automatic gearbox with two-pedal control. This chassis also has airpressure brakes, and automatic lubrication equipment employing flexible nylon tubing. Nylon is also used for the fuel pipes.

The chassis has been designed to operate with little servicing under difficult conditions. The front of the frame is boxed to increase rigidity, and the semifull front-end and cab structure is in plastics to reduce the weight imposed on the front axle.

A turbocharged version of the CD.6 Mark VIII engine is on show as a separate exhibit. Normally aspirated, this unit produces either 118 b.h.p. at 1,800 r.p.m. or 125 b.h.p. at 2,000 r.p.m. With pressure charging, the outputs are increased to 135 b.h.p. or 148 b.h.p. at the same speeds. Maximum torque at

1250 r.p_m. is raised from 358 lb.-ft. to 440 lb.-ft.

The Diamatic gearbox, which is available in all air-braked Daimler chassis, is another exhibit. This unit is a directair-operated four-speed epicyclic gearbox with electrical controls. Also displayed is the automatic " strut " brake adjuster manufactured under Clayton Dewandre licence. This device is on the CVD 6-30 chassis exhibited.


Stand 119—Central Motor Co. (Calder

bank). Ltd., Calder-bank, Airdrie. • , Stand I20—Dennis Bros., Ltd., Guildford,


TWO examples from the extensive Pax III forward-control range form the Dennis display. A 147ft. 6-in, wheelbase chassis with a 5.1-litre .oil engine, fivespeed gearbox and spiral-bevel rear axle carries a special body made up of a platform, the front half of which is built up to form a boxvan with sliding doors. Telescopic dampers are fitted at the `front ax-le, which has cam-and-double-roller steering gear. Tyres are 9.00-20-in. (12ply) all round.

The other Pax chassis carries a sixcompartment .900-gal. semi-elliptical tank. It is designed for carrying and dispensing lubricating oil, and , is known as the D.B.10. The compartments in the tank each contain a different grade of oil and discharge through six separate outlets: The dispensing apparatus consists of six pumps, driven ,-from the top gearbox power take-off,discharging the oil through delivery hoses mounted on drums. The hoses can each be extended to 30 ft.. Wheelbase of the tanker is 11 ft. 9 in., and it is powered by a B.M.C. 5.1-litre direct-injection oil engine which produces 105 b.h.p. at 2,600 r.p.m. A Dennis fourspeed gearbox is fitted and. the brakes are vacuum assisted.

The Central Motor Co. show a Dennis Pax II 13-ft. 2-in, wheelbase chassis with the B.M.C. 5.1-litre engine. It has the standard cab and an 18-ft. 3-in, long platform. body.


Stand I 1 1—Ritchies, Ltd., 36-44 Renfrew Stree;, Gla.sgow, C.2.

Stand .118—Jumes..Bowen and Sons. Ltd., 45-59 Pitt Street, Edinburgh, 3.

Stand 125—Dodge Bros, (Britain), Ltd., Mortlake Road, Kew, Surrey.

THE 6-ton forward-control tipper I exhibited by Dodge has the Perkins Six 305 5-litre oil engine, which is now a standard option for this chassis. The new power unitproduces 87 b.h.p. at 2,600 r.p.m. In the 6-tormer it is matched with a five-speed gearbox. A similar vehicle is shown by Ritchies.

The other vehicle on the Dodge stand is the new 12-ton forward-control tractor powered by the Leyland 110-b.h.p. engine, and it is displayed coupled to a York semi-trailer. A five2speed gearbox and an Eaton 18,500 two-speed axle with electrical shift mechanism are included in the specification. The tractor has a wheelbase of 8 ft. 4 in. and can accommodate semi-trailers up tei 26 ft. long.

Ritchies' two other exhibits are both

7-tonners. One is a short-wheelbase tipper and the other a long-wheelbase platform lorry. James Bowen have a 7-ton chassis and cab with aBonallack bulk-cement container.


Stand 118—James Bowen and Son's. Ltd., 45-59 Pitt Stre,et, Edinburgh, 3.

rAA FOUR.-WHEELED and an eightwheeled chassis may be inspected

• here. The four-wheeler is an E.R.F. 54.02 14-ton-gross vehicle of 15-ft. 10-in. wheelbase with a 20-ft. body giving a payload capacity of approximately 81 tons. Power is provided by a Gardner 5LW 94 b.h.p. five-cylindered oil engine.

A five-speed constant-mesh gearbox with direct-drive top gear is specified, and its ratios are doubled by the use of an Eaton 18,800 two-speed axle for the •final drive, Electric shift mechanism is employed for the axle, which has ratios of 5.14 and 7.02 to 1 providing a maximum speed of 40 m.p.h. and a claimed gradient ability of 1 in 3.7 at 14 tons gross. Suspen sion is by semi-elliptic leaf springs -1; assistance by rubber helper units at front axle The hydraulic braking syst is assisted by a Hydrovac.

A Gardner 6LX • 10.45-litre six-cy dered oil engine powers the 68.GX eig wheeler shown. This engine produ 150 b.h.p. at 1,700 r.p.m. In the 18wheelbase chassis it is mounted in t. with a five-speed constant-mesh Oath Drive is taken from the gearbox out flange to the dauble-drive balance-bea type rear bogie by a two-piece Prope shaft. •

With a typical:24-ft. body, the 68.( . can 'carry' a payload of approximat 161 tons.


Stand 117—Fa4ens,. Ltd., Sandba Cheshire. .

APAYLOAD of approximately. 18 14 can becarried ,on ' the FED6 dumper exhibited by Fodens. The s wheeled vehicle has a half-cab and 11-cu.-yd. body reinforced with angle it on the floor and bulkhead. The eng is a Foden FED Mark III six-cylinde supercharged two-stroke oiler which now rated to develop 150 b.h.p. at 2,2 r.p.m. and 365 lb.-ft. torque at

A 12-speed double-underdrive geart multiplies the drive to the two clout reduction rear axles, which have a re • of 5.2 to 1. The dumper has 11.00-24, (14-ply) front tyres and )5.00-20 (24-ply) equipment at the rear.

A Foden six-cylindered supercharj engine is also used for the KE6/24 eig wheeler. This model, which is shown chassis-and-cab form, is suitable for 24-ft. body. It has a five-speed geart and one driven axle in the rear bogie.

A powerful six-wheeled • tractor

independent trailers ' conipletes display. This is an. 'HGTU6/20 chat with a special cab and a small body C4 -taming over 6 tons ofballast. It is 8 wide and has a double-drive rear bo made up of two double-reduction n axles suspended on heavy-duty sprin The engine is a Gardner 6LX 10.• litre oiler producing 150 b.h.p. at I.'. r.p.m., driving through a 12-speed daub underdrive gearbox. Hydraulic pon. assistance is provided for the steering, a the tractor is fitted with a Darlington winch.


Stand 87—T. M. Erskine and Co., Inchinnan Road, Renfrew.

Stand 92—Melvin Motors, Ltd., 25:41 Kingston Street, Glasgow, C.5.

Stand 94—Claud Hamilton (Aberdeen), Ltd., 254 Union Street, Aberdeen.

Stand 95—Hamilton Bros., Ltd., Ralston Garage. 255 Glasgow Road, Paisley.

Stand 104—James Ross ' and Sons (Motors), Ltd., Lochrin. Tot'cross, Edinburgh, 3. .

Stand 105—The Scottish Automobile Co.. Ltd., 7-8 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh, 1.

THREE Karrier vehicles displayed by I T. M. Erskine are a 1-ton • forwardcontrol mobile butcher's shop, another mobile shop based on a Bantam chassis, and a Bantam 4-5-ton tractor. Both the shop-bodied vehicles have four-cylindered petrol engines, whilst the tractor, which has a `J-type automatic coupling, is powered by the 2.2-litre 48.5 b.h.p. oil engine used for the lighter Commer models.

This engine is also fitted to the Bantam 2-3-ton forward-control van shown on Melvin Motors stand. This 10-ft. 2-in.wheelbase vehicle has 27 x 6-in. -tyres. Claud Hamilton have on their stand a Gamecock 3-4-ton platform lorry with a wheelbase of 11-ft. 9 in. The Gamecock has the Perkins C305 six-cylindered oil mgine introduced last year.

It has a capacity of 5 litres and produces 87 b.h.p. at 2,000 r.p.m. and 208 lb.-ft. torque at 1,400 r.p-m. In the Gamecock it is inclined at an angle of 24 degrees from the horizontal to allow it to be mounted beneath the cab seat.

Various permutations of the Bantam 2-3-ton chassis are shown by the other exhibitors of this marque. Hamilton Bros. have an oil-engined platform lorry of 8-ft. 2-in, wheelbase, whilst James Ross show a 10-ft. 2-in, wheelbase model with a petrol engine. A 2-ton tipping version of the shorter chassis can be seen on the Scottish Automobile stand in addition to an oil-engined 2-3-tonner with mineral-water-carrying bodywork.


Stand 85—James Gibbon (Motors), Ltd..

385 Parliamentary Road, Glasgow, C.4. Stand 106—Rossleigh, Ltd., 32 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, 2.

TFIREE Land-Rovers are to be Seen on

the stand occupied by James Gibbon. Two of these are 88-in, wheelbase models, one with a petrol engine and the other with the Rover four-cylindered oil engine.

An oil engine is mounted also in the other Land-Rover. This is the 109-in,wheelbase version. Additional exhibits are a special display chassis with asectioned petrol engine, and a separate cut-away oil engine.

Rossleigh have a petrolengined 88-in, wheelbase model, and the longer chassis with an oil engine. The only station wagon shown is to be found here, and it is based on a short wheelbase petrol engined chassis. It can carry seven passengers and 200 lb. of cargo or five passengers and 200 lb. of goods off the road.


Stand 98—John Gibson and Son, Ltd., Jameson Place, Leith, Edinburgh, 6.

Stand 114—Leyland Motors. . Ltd., 4 Newton Place, Charing Cross, Glasgow, C.3.

Stand 121—Millburn Motors, Ltd., 51-79 Millburn Street, Glasgow, N.1.

THE main exhibit on the Leyland stand is a representative of the 'recently introduced Comet CS3 I2-ton-gross range. It is a CS3. 3R model with a 21-ft. platform body and a -1,089-cu.-ft. container built by Holmes (Preston), Ltd.

The new Comets have the all-steel cab used previously for the Super Comet range. The 0.350 100 b.h.p. engine drives through a five-speed gearbox, which has the option of an additional overdrive sixth ratio, and a double-reduction rear axle. Two-leading-shoe brakes at all wheels are another feature of the CS3 Comets.

On display for the first time at a Scottish Show is a Super Comet 8-ft. 1-in, wheelbase tractor. This vehicle is powered by the 0.375 oil engine producing 110 b.h.p. at 2,400 r.p.m. and 285 lb.-ft. torque at 1,100 r.p.m. As on the Comet, a five-speed gearbox with an optional sixth speed, a double-reduction rear axle and the Vista-Vue , cab are included in the specification.

Braking area for the air-pressure system is 623 sq. in. The tractor has Scammell fifth-wheel coupling gear. In payload-carrying form, the Super Comet is rated for a gross weight of 14 tons.

Completing the Leyland display is an Octopus 24.04 24-ton-gross eight-wheeler. It has a wheelbase of 17 ft. 9 in., carries a 24-ft. platform body and is powered

by the 125 b.h.p. oil engine. A fivespeed gearbox is specified and its output drives both rear axles. Optionally, the Octopus can have a single-drive rear bogie or a 150 b.h.p. engine. Air-pressure brakes operate on the leading front axle and on both axles of the rear bogie.

A Comet ECP02.1R passenger chassis is the basis for a pantechnicon shown by Gibson. The body is manufactured in light alloy and has an interior floor length of 23 ft. It is 9 ft. 6 in. high, 7 ft. 6 in. wide, is built integrally with the cab, and gives the complete vehicle an unladen weight of 4 tons 10 cwt.

Gibson also display a new Comet, a CS3.3R haulage model with a platform body. The 20-ft. platform has a special hardwood floor, and other non-standard equipment includes a cab roof rack and a 55-gal. fuel tank.

The only Leyland passenger chassis proper to he found in the Show appears on the stand of Millburn Motors. This is a new high-powered Leopard chassis with a Plaxton 41-seat coach body. The Leopard is powered by an 0.600 125b.h.p. underfloor ,horizontal oil engine driving a two-speed rear axle through a four-speed synchromesh gearbox. It has lively acceleration and, when tested by The Commercial Motor in its coach version, gave 15.1 m.p.g. at an average speed of 31.8 m.p.h. on a level route.


Stand 80—McLay's Garage, Ltd„ Kirkintilloch.

Stand 81—The Fife Motor Co., Ltd., Halbeath Road, Dunfermline.

Stand 82—William Gillespie and Son, Ltd., 53 Love Street, Paisley.

Stand 109—A. and D. Fraser, Ltd., 65 Springkell Avenue, Maxwell Park, Glasgow, S.I.

Stand 110—The Westfield Autocar Co., Ltd., Westfield Avenue, Edinburgh, 11.

EXAMPLES of the new Morris F.G. forward-control range of 2-, 3and 4-tanners described on page 483 are to be found on three distributors' stands. William Gillespie show a 4-tonner with a drop-sided body. A. and D. Fraser have .oil-engined 3-tonner on view, whilst The Fife Motor Co. exhibit a 2-ton dropsider, also with an oil engine. All three vehicles have the novel cab designed by Morris for the new range.

William Gillespie also display an example of the Morris J2 Minibus, which complies with the public service vehicle regulations, and a Hon pick-up. A Hon van is exhibited by A. and D. Fraser in company with an LD.2 30-cwt. forward-control van. The Fife Motor Co. also display a 4-ton van and a forward-control oil-engined tractor.

The Westfield Autocar Co. have on. view a +-ton van and a Kenex 11-seat conversion of the Morris 32 chassis which meets public -service vehicle regulations. Their largest exhibit is a 7-ton oiler carrying a brewer's body. A sectioned 3-ton chassis is also shown.

Another Hon van can be inspected on McLay's stand, and comparisons may be drawn with the 12 van alongside it. Another vehicle here is a 5-ton oilengined chassis and cab fitted with a Bonallack light-alloy body,


Stand 84—Scammell Lorries, Ltd.. Wet ford, Herts.

THE oil-engined version of the Scarah

3-4-ton mechanical horse is the only Scammell tractor on this stand. The engine used in place of the Scammell , petrol engine, which is still available, is the Perkins Four 99 1.6-litre fourcylindered unit producing 42 b.h.p. at 3,500 r.p.m.


For the new engine the final-drive ratio is altered to 7.5 to I. A sectioned Scarab petrol-engine and similarly prepared steering gear from the mechanical horse are separate exhibits.

To display their 12-ton automatic-coup: ling semi-trailer, Scammell show a new Bedford I2-ton tractor coupled to it. The semi-trailer, like the others in the range, has rolled-steel chassis side-members and tubular cross-members. A cambered tubular axle is fitted and this has diameter brake drums with 5-in.-wide linings. For 12-ton loads, the retractable undercarriage has been strengthened and the turntable is of increased diameter.


Stand 101—Moodie and Co., 27729 Colston Road, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow. Stand 119—Central Motor Co. (Calder bank). Ltd., Calderbank, Airdrie. .Stand 128—Seddon Diesel Vehicles, Ltd., Oldham, Lancs.

nN view for the first time at any

exhibition are two recent additions to the Seddon range. One is a forwardcontrol 'tractor for 16-ton-gross train weight with a Scarnmell Mark II automatic semi-trailer coupling. It has a wheelbase of 7 ft. and is powered by the Leyland 0.350 six-cylindered oil engine developing 100 b.h.p. at 2,200 r.p.m.

A five-speed constant-mesh gearbox is employed in conjunction with a singlespeed rear axle. It can be seen on the Seddon stand.

The other relatively new vehicle is an SD4 tractor shown by Central Motors. This 9-ft. wheelbase prime mover is intended primarily for the export market, and is available in two forms for gross train weights of 24 or 32 tons.

The example on display has a Gardner 6LX 150 b.h.p. oil engine (other engines available are the Cummins HF-6 and the Gardner 6LW), a five-speed constant

mesh gearbox and a double-reductioi rear axle.

Also on the Seddon stand is an 11-fi 6-in. wheelbase Mark 15110 tipper. Thi is a 14-ton gross four-wheeler powerei by the Leyland 0.375 HO b.h.p. oi engine. A 15/10 chassis is also show, by Moodie, but in this case it has wheelbase of 14 ft. 6 in. and carries ; 20-ft. platform body.

The second vehicle on Moodie's stain is the Leyland 0.350-powered Seddoi 7-tonner.


Stand 83—Macharg, Rennie and Lindsay Ltd.,, 16 Berkeley Street, Charing Cron Glasgow,

Stand 103—Cameron and Campbell, Ltd 171-181 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, C. Stand 106—Rossleigh, Ltd., 32 Chandwic, Place, Edinburgh, 2.

QTANDARD'S latest C0131 mercia te.) vehicles, the Atlas van and pick-up are exhibited for the first time at Scottish Show. The chassis, .which i powered by the petrol engine used for th 6-cwt. vehicles and the smaller Standar. cars, incorporates a. number: of cleve design features,. including a divide chassis frame to simplify engine am front-suspension overhauls, and a,narrol front track contributing to aturnin circle of only 29 ft.

Macharg, Rennie and a

Atlas vett, a'pick-up and Kenex 12 seat passenger-carrying version of lb van. A similar Kenex conversion of th Atlas is shown by Rossleigh in additio to a pick-upand a van with sliding dome Also on view here is the latest 6-cw: Standard van with restyled front-win pressings. Further examples of the Ada van and pick-up are to be found o Cameron and Campbell's stand.


rand 77—Frew and Co., Ltd., 14 Princess Street, Perth.

'and 78—Alexander's of Edinburgh, Ltd., Semple Street, Edinburgh.

and 79 —Wylie's, Ltd., 370 Pollockshaws Road, Glasgow, S.1.

'and 90—Paisley Motor Co., Ltd., Causeysicle, Paisley.

'and 9I—Croft Bodybuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd., 1009 Gallowgate. Glasgow, E.1.

and 102—George and lobling (Glasgow), Ltd., 160 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, C.2.

'and 124—James A. Laidlaw (Airdrie), Ltd., South Biggar Road. Airdrie. THAMES Trader 12-ft. 8-in.-wheel-I base model with a 2-ft. 1-in. Baico tassis extension is the basis for a 1,330i.-ft. van shown by Alexander's " of dinburgh in company with a Trader 1-ft. 4-in.-wheelbase 5-tonner with 17-ft. atform body.

Frew and Co. have a Thames 7-cwt. in and a Trader 7-ton platform lorry. he 7-tonner has the Ford six-cylindered 4-litre 10 b.h.p. oil engine and a ngle-speed rear axle.

The low-loading version of the Trader ton chassis is displayed by the Croft ndybuilding and Engineering Co. It is own with a composite Luton body anufactured by the exhibitors and inwporating a drop-well at the rear. nother _example of the Trader lowading range is an oil-engined 4-ton Lassis shown by James A. Laidlaw. Wylie's have on their stand a Trader Ictor of 7-ft. 9-in.-wheelbase with Iskers D.S. automatic coupling gear id connected to a low-loading 6-ton 300-cu.-ft. semi-trailer van. Also splayed here is a Kenex passengerrrying conversion of the Thames 15it. forward-control van.

Examples of the Thames 15-cwt, van and ck-up, in addition to a Trader 5-tonner, e shown by George and Jobling. nother Trader can be inspected on the ind occupied by the Paisley Motor Co.


Stand 115 — Transport Equipment (Thornycroft), Ltd., 57-61 Bishop Street, Glasgow, C.3.

TilE largest vehicle shown by hornycroft is a Trusty forwardcontrol eight-wheeler with a 24-ft-long platform body. Advanced features of this chassis include the provision of continuous-flow hydraulic power-steering and air-pressure braking on all wheels as standard.

The Trusty is powered by a 9.83-litre six-cylindeired direct-injection oil engine which has net outputs of 130 b.h.p. at 2,000 r.p.m. and 430 lb.-ft. torque at 1,200 r.p.m. A I6-in.-diameter clutch is used with the engine, and the gearbox fitted on the show vehicle is a five-speed unit with an additional overdrive.

Before the introduction of the Mastiff six-wheeler, described last week in The Commercial Motor, the Mastiff forwardcontrol four-wheeled 14-tons-gross vehicle was the newest addition to the Thornycroft range. The smaller Mastiff shown has a wheelbase of 14 ft. 6 in. and carries a 19-ft. platform body. It has a 7.88litre 115.5 b.h.p. oil engine driving a spiral-bevel rear axle through a six-speed overdrive gearbox. The Mastiff, which is a repeat order for a Scottish operator, h as cam-anddouble roller steering with hydraulic assistance and an airhydraulic braking

system. Tyre equipment is 10.0020-in. (14 ply) all round.

A Swiftsure forward control four-wheeler is the third exhibit on this stand. It is powered by a 4.18litre 85.5 gross b.h.p. oil engine which runs at up to 2,600 r.p.m.


Stand 118—James Bowen and Sons, Ltd., 45-59 Pitt Street, Edinburgh, 3. ON this stand is the only Trojan vehicle in the Show. It is the latest forward-control 25-cwt. chassis fitted with a Bonallack 350-cu.-ft. body.. The van is powered by a Perkins P3/144 threecylindered oil engine.

A four-speed constant-mesh gearbox is used in conjunction with a 4.55 to 1 ratio hypoid-rear axle.


Stand 100—Croall and Groan. York Lane, Edinburgh, 1.

Stand 103—Cameron and Campbell, Ltd.; 171-181 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, C.2..

A LL-INDEPENDENT suspension and rt a rear-mounted air-cooled engine distinguish the Volkswagen from conventional British commercial vehicles. Croall and Croall show van and pick-up versions of the basic 15-cwt. chassis. Similar vehicles are displayed by Cameron and Campbell.

In the Park—

"THE following goods and passenger vehicles are among those available for inspection or trial in the demonstration park outside Kelvin Hall:—

A.E.C.: Two Mercury Mark 11 goods vehicles; Mercury tractor unit with a York semi-trailer; Mammoth Major eight-wheeler; Reliance coach with Duple Britannia bodywork ; Bridgemaster double-deck bus.

Commer: Nine haulage models and an Avenger coach (all at Claud Hamilton [Motors], Ltd.).

Guy: Wulfrunian double-deck bus with air suspension and disc brakes at all wheels.

Thames: Trader coach with Duple bodywork .which recently completed a record run from London to Moscow. Thornycroft: Mastiff 6 x 2 chassis announced last week. c49

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