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13th November 1953
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Page 96, 13th November 1953 — NEW MODELS AMONG
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TWENTY FOUR makes of commercial vehicle are /exhibited on 50 stands at the second post-war Scottish Show, which opens at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, at 10 a.m. today. Other vehicles will be seen in the demonstration parks or at distributors' showrooms in the city. Only nine commercial-vehicle manufacturers have stands. The others are exhibiting through local distributors. A number of new models is on view in Kelvin Hall and in the m deonstration parks. Among them the following, llowing, the dates on which they were fully described and illustrated in The Commercial Motor being given in parentheses:— • A.E.C.-Park Royal Monocoach integral-construction coach, A.E.C. Reliance 41-44-seater and A.E.C. Mercury. 8-tonner (October ,30); Albion Claymore 4-ton oiler with new engine (November 6); Atkinson tractor with Scammell coupling gear, Alpha bus with air-operated gearbox chassis with Gardner Alpha coach cardner 5LW engine (November 6); and and Austin 2-tonner 5-tonner with forward control (October. 30); Comrner 25-cwt. van and pick-up (October 23); Land Rover 10-cwt. pick-up (September 25); Leyland Comet with full forward control and Tiger Cub coach with Alexander body (October 30); Seddon 25-cwt. van with Perkins P3 oil engine (November 6); Thames 5-ton articulated-vehicle tractor with new Brockhouse semi-trailer coupling gear. (this issue, page 388). The previous Show was held in 1949, when vehicle exhibits were limited to 12 tons gross. This year there is no restriction, and sixwheelers and eight-wheelers are on view. In addition to vehicles, there will be a strong display of accessories and components and workshop equipment, a directory to which is published on pages 418-419. Products to be shown to the public for:the firsi time are also described. The Commercial Motor Occupies Stand 202, to the left of the entrance from Argyle Street.


Stand 77—A.C.V. Sales Ltd., 49 Berkeley Square, London, W.I.

GREAT interest will be caused by the new range of A.E.C. vehicles. On the passenger side is the integrally constructed Monocoach, designed and developed in conjuction with Park

Royal Vehicles Ltd. It incorporates steel and alloy sections and gives great strength with light weight. The A.E.C. type AH 410 direct-injection underfloor horizontal oil-engine of 410 cu. in develops 98 b.h.p. at 2,000 r.p.m. and mounted to it is the five-speed, inertialock, synchromesh gearbox.

With a wheelbase of 16 ft. 4 in. the seating capacity is 44-45, and the unladen weight less than 5i tons. The Girling braking system is notable, having interchangeable cam-operated front and rear brake assemblies with Clayton Dewandre triple-vacuum servo.

The new Reliance 41-44 seater will be found in the demonstration park.

With a legal gross weight of 12 tons. the new Mercury chassis will carry a payload of 8 tons and is powered by the A.E.C. type AV 410 oil engine of 410-cu.-in.-capacity, developing 98 b.h.p. at 2,000 r.p.m., to which it is governed. The chassis, of 7 ft. 21. width, has a five-speed, inertia-lock, syncromesh gearbox mounted with the engine, and Girling heavy-duty brakes. the front and rear being hydraulically operated and applied independently of each other by a tandem master cylinder. The foot brake has a Clayton Dewandre vacuum servo. This model has a special Duramin cab and a wheelbase of 13 ft. 6 in.

All models of the new range, both passenger and goods, are also available with the 470-en-in-oil engine.


Stand 74—Albion Motors, Ltd., Scotstoun, Glasgow, W.4.

Stand 96—A. C. Penman, Ltd., Queensbury Motor Works, Dumfries.

Stand 94—Millburn Motors, Ltd., Millburn Street, Glasgow, N.

OUTSTANDING amongst Albion's own exhibits is the new Claymore 4-ton oiler, shown for the first time. With a wheelbase of 11 ft. 9 in. for bodies up to 13 ft. 3 in. internal length, it is powered by the new Albion 3.83litre four-cylindered direct-injection unit which develops 60 b.h.p. at 2,200 r.p.m. This drives through a four-speed gearbox and overhead-worm rear axle. A powerful Clayton Dewandre vacuum servo operates two-leading-shoe brakes on all wheels. This model has a van body of 725 Cu. ft. in light alloy and weighs under 3 tons.

The Chieftain oiler is shown with 17-ft. platform body and is rated as a 6-tonner. Also here is the latest Clydesdale long-wheelbase goods chassis with 75 b.h.p. oil engine and five-speed gearbox.

On the Penman stand is an example of the Albion Chieftain 61-ton oilcngined chassis equipped with the Penman lightweight cab of triangulated construction, roofed in Fibreglass plastic. This with the Penman light platform body with underframing in resin-glued timber girders, keeps the total weight to under 3 tons.

Shown by Millburn Motors is the Albion Victor oiler with 3I-seat fullfronted luxury coach body by Plaxtons ,.`Scarborough), Ltd. This coach has the Albion 4.88-litre engine mounted in unit with a five-speed gearbox. Another exhibit is avi Albion Clydesdale with Anthony Hoist tipping gear and Millburn steel-lined wood body of 61-cu.-yd. capacity.


Stand I06—John Mitchell of Greenock, Ltd., Grey Place, Greenock.

'T HREE fine goods vehicles are on 1 this stand. The largest is the 15-ton eight-wheeler with Gardner 6LW engine and Pilot U.7 twin-ram underbody tipping gear. Mantes steering gear controls all four front wheels and there is a third differential between the driving axles, the balance beams of which arc lubricated by their own rocking, which operates a piston-type pump. Brakes in this instance are operated by air pressure on the forward front axle and both rear axles; normally this model has hydraulic operation with servo.

The second tipper, like the larger, has five forward speeds, but it also has a top-gear over-drive ratio of 0.75 to I. It is a 7-ton four-wheeler with Gardner 4LW engine and Pilot U.2 twin-ram tipping gear. The body, built by the exhibitor, is timber with steel floor. This vehicle is the first shown equipped with the new hypoid-type rear ,axle.

A Homalloy platform body of light alloy, built by Mitchells under licence, is mounted on the Atkinson 7-ton fourwheeler with Gardner 4LW engine. The vehicle, complete for registration, weighs 3 tons 18 cwt. 3 qr. 7 lb. Stand 75—Taggarts (Motherwell), Ltd., Knowetep, Motherwell. " Stand 89—Carlaw (Cars), Ltd., 97-103 West George Street, Glasgow, C.2.

Stand 90—Moir and Baxter, Ltd., Comely Bank, Edinburgh.

Stand 96—A. C. Penman, Ltd., Queensberry Works, Dumfries.

Stand 106—John Mitchell of Greenock, Ltd.. Grey Place. Greenock.

THREE vehicles comprise the exhibit I of Taggarts. These -are all the makers' standarel models, an A40 van, a 2-ton drop-sided lorry and a 5-ton tipper. Both the larger models have similar four-litre engines, Lockheed' hydraulic brakes with ClaytonDewandre vacuum servo and two leading shoes on the 5-tonner, with similar brakes applied by pedal only on the 2-tonner.

Carlaw's are associated with Moir and Baxter, the first staging an A40 van, a 16 h.p. taxicab and a 2-ton van based on one of the new forwardcontrol chassis. Their associates exhibit an A40 pick-up, a 5-ton dropsided lorry and a 14-seat bus by Plaxtons of Scarborough on the 25-cwt. extended chassis. The pick-up can carry 10 cwt. and the all-steel cab provides exceptional comfort. The open body has aluminium side panels and interior steel supporting strips.

The engine of the -little bus develops 65 b.h.p. and a four-speed gearbox takes the power to a spiral-bevel rear axle. The Girling two-leading shoe brakes are operated hydraulically.

Specialists in container and other bodies and all-metal flexibly mounted cabs, the Penman concern show a 5-ton full-forward-control chassis with their Sectional steel cab and body with cantilever steel underframe and their patent livestock container, which can be dis F16 mantled or refitted by the driver in a few minutes.

Accompanying this is an Austin 2-ton forwardcontrol chassis with a similar cab, steel body and a Penman special container for works refuse.

A notable Mitchell exhibit is the 5-ton tipper with Perkins P6 engine and . Eaton two-speed axle. The steel body and tipping gear were built and mounted by Anthony Hoists, Ltd. Full hydraulic operation with Clayton Dewandre vacuum servo is provided for the brakes. The all-steel cab can accommodate three persons.


Stand 108—Vauxhall Motors, Ltd., Luton, Beds.

Stand 68—S.M.T. Sales and Service Co., Ltd., 39 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh.

Stand 85—Mackay and Jardine Ltd , West Cross, Wishaw.

Stand 98—Scammell Lorries Ltd., Watford West, Herts.

Stand 100—Watson Bros., County Garage, High Street, Airdrie.

ON their own stand, the makers show a 10-12-cwt. van . which embodies many improvements, including higher compression ratio, Burman re-circulating-ball steering gear and a Zenith 30 V.I.G. 7 carburetter, whilst a Delco oilfilled coil replaces the previous pattern. Body sealing has also been improved to avoid draughts.

The other vehicle is a 7-ton longwheelbase drop-sided truck with Perkins R.6 oil engine developing 108 b.b.p. at 2,700 r.p.m. Improvements include a completely flat floor and a simplified servo unit with replaceable cylinder of pressed aluminium for the hydraulic brakes. A 115 b.h.p, petrol engine' is shown in section, The S.M.T. exhibit includes a 12-cwt. van With Dormobile conversion and a special Bonallack light-alloy body on a

5-4on long-wheelbase chassis. This has a Perkins P.6 oil engine. The Perkins R.6 oil engine is used in the 7-ton shortwheelbase tipper; this model is shown for the first time. The fourth vehicle is a new coach, also with Perkins R.6 oil engine, the body being a Duple Vega 36-seat luxury type.

. An exceptional pick-up is the Canopy conversion by the Grosvenor Carriage Co. on the 10-12-cwt. Bedford. It provides accommodation for three further passengers behind the cab parti tion. The two other exhibits on the Mackay and Jardine stand are a 20-25cwt. van and the 3-ton long-wheelbase drop-sided truck.

^ An interesting combined outfit is the Bedford-Scammell S.A: tractor with 10ton, 20-ft. platform semi-trailer, shown by Scammells. The tractor wheelbase is 7 ft. 2 in. The service brakes are operated hydraulically through a tandem master cylinder and there is a servo control valve for controlling the trailer brakes only.

Watsons add to this comprehensive display with a long-wheelbase 4-ton petrol-engined chassis with special coach-built body, with drop sides, and a 5-ton short-wheelbase end tipper with Weston tipping gear. This employs a Perkins P.6V oil engine. The capacity of the body is 4.4 cu. yd.


Stand 62—Claud Hamilton, Ltd., 254 Union Street, Aberdeen.

Stand 65—James Ross and Sons (Motors), Ltd., Lochrin, Edinburgh, 3.

Stand 73—Scottish Automobile Co., Ltd., 39 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, 1.

Stand 80—Melvin Motors, Ltd., 25-41 Kingston Street, Glasgow, C.5.

Stand 91—Hamilton Bros., Ltd., Ralston Garage, 255 Glasgow Road, Paisley.

THE Claud Hamilton exhibit comprises two Commer vehicles, a Superpoise and a f.c. 7-tonner. The former, to carry 3-4 tons, has a dropsided body 14 ft. long on a 12-ft, 11-in.wheelbase chassis. This has a sixcylindered o.h.v. eneine eivine RS h.h.p.

operating gear is automatically connected when the motive unit is coupled.

Also shown are the BedfordScarrirnell S.A. tractor and 10-ton 20-ft. platform semi-trailer (see Bedford).


Stand 95—The Bass Rock Motor Co., Ltd„ Milton Road West, Portobello.

Stand 105—Moodie and Co., 27-29 Colston Road, Bishophriggs, Glasgow.

MUCH interest attaches to the Bags Rock exhibits, because they include two of the latest models, the 7-tonner with Perkins R.6 oil engine produced three or four months ago and the 25-cwt. oil-engined chassis. On the passenger side there is also the unusual Pennine coach, with Duple 4I-seat body. This also has a Perkins R.6 oil engine mounted vertically in the centre of the chassis below the .floor.

The 7-tonner has forward control, with the engine mounted low at the front. The brake pedal operates through a Clayton Dewandre vacuum servo and Lockheed hydraulic system to Girling two-leading-shoe units at all wheels.

The 25-cwt. oiler is shown by Bass Rock with a platform body. It has a Perkins P,3 three-cylindered engine, constant-mesh four-speed gearbox and hypoid-drive axle: The low bonnet gives good, wide vision. The Mark II tipper is also staged. The new 25-cwt. is shown in van form by Moodie; it affords 250-cu.-ft. capacity and the wings are boxed to blend with the frontal styling and bonnet. The two-piece windscreen is fixed and sloping, the panelling is aluminium and the metal wheelboxes are of square construction. A 3-tonner is also displayed with a body designed for a baker. This has the Perkins P.4 oil engine.


Stand 70—Cameron and Campbell. Ltd., 171-181 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, C.2.

Stand 72—Rossleigh, Ltd., 32 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, 2.

. Stand 83—Havelock, Ltd., 69 Minerva. Street, Glasgow, C.3.

Stand 86—Macharg, Rennie and Lindsay, Ltd., 2-28 Berkeley Street, Glasgow.

Stand 93—David Blane and Son, Ltd., Weir Street Garage, Paisley.

Stand 100—Watson Bros., County Garage, Airdrie.

ON the Cameron and Campbell stand are a 12-cwt. delivery van and a pick-up truck finished in primer. The four-cylindered engine has overhead valves and is of 2,088 c.c. It drives through a Borg and Beck singleplate clutch to a three-speed syncromesh gearbox and hypoid final drive. The suspension is independent at the front by coil springs and the braking

is Lockheed hydraulic. The boc capacity is 105 cu. ft.

Similar models are also displayed Rossleigh, and a 12-cwt. van by Hay lock. Macharg, Rennie and Lind% show both the pick-up and the 12-cv van, as do David Slane. The pick-s with all-steel body to carry 12 cwt, w also be found displayed by Wats( Bros.


Stand 97—Transport Equipme. (Thornycroft); • Ltd., Thornycro House, Smith Square, Londo S.W.!.

THREE goods vehicles have bet I selected out of a wide range wi load capacities of 4-100 tons. Takir them in order, the Nippy Star 12-ft. 6-in, wheelbase is designed for gross load of 61 tons. The body is Homalloy sections, designed by Holm (Preston), Ltd., and built by Jot Mitchell, lad., Greenock. It say' weight and is highly resistant to chem cal action. The four-cylindered sid, valve petrol engine produces 68 b.h. The brakes on all wheels are operate hydraulically.

The Trident is ,shown as a chess which indicates clear. the system of moult ing the latest all-ste cab, in which the ha: comprises foot plate engine bonnet ar radiator cowling, a mounted on fol. Silentbloc bushe allowing easy remova A single pin sock, electrical connectic assists this. The Tr dent is a forward-col trol model of 16-1 6-in, wheelbase fi bodies up to 20 ft. ar is rated for 12 to gross. it has a Thorn: croft six-cylindered oil engine of 5..! litres, five-speed gearbox and hypoi rear axle. Hydraulic brake operation through a Clayton Dewandre servo. The third exhibit is a Trusty sixwheeler with platform body. The Thornycroft direct-injection oil engine delivers 100 -b.h.p. Alive-speed gearbox with overdrive, twin-worm-driven axles and air-pressure brakes are other -features.


Stand 87—James Bowen and Sons, Ltd., 44-59 Pitt Street, Edinburgh, 3. Stand 10I—Malcolm and Allan, Ltd., 499 Eglinton Street, Glasgow, C.5: Stand 102—Gray Bros. (Dundee), Ltd., Clepington Road, Dundee.

-/-1 A SPECIAL van body mounted on the Trojan long-wheelbase chassis is shown by James Bowen. On a similar chassis, Malcolm and Allan shol's, a standard van, also a personnel wagon and a bare long-wheelbase chassis suitable for use as a public service vehicle. Gray Bros. also stage a personnel wagon.

This is the first time that any of these models has been exhibited and of them the latest is the personnel model. This is designed to carry a driver and 12 passengers, 10 on longitudinal facing seats whilst the driver and the other two sit at the front. All these models are powered by Perkins P.3 oil engines.

Other chassis details are a Borg and Beck 9-in. clutch, Trojan gearbox giving three speeds with syncromesh on two, Hardy Spicer propeller shaft, hypoid rear axle and Lockheed hydraulically operated brakes. Cruciform construction is used for the chassis frame; which is built of box-section welded-steel members.

Trailers at the Show

AMONG the trailers at Kelvin Hall is a range displayed on Stand 79 by J. Brockhouse and Co., Ltd, Livingstone Street, Clydebank. One is an 8-ton platform semi-trailer with the new automatic coupling described on page 388. Another exhibit is a 4-ton two-wheeled model for carrying sugar cane.

. A novelty is a 15-cwt. two-wheeled electricians' jointers truck, which embodies a collapsible tubular framework with canvas cover to protect workmen at the bench.

The farmer's 15-cwt. low-loading trailer f o r carrying livestock h a s over-run braking and the high tailboard forms a loading ramp. A canvas cover is fitted over the framework. Both this and the jointers truck have the Brockhouse patent ball Hydraulically operated servo brakes are fitted.

The larger vehicle has the same type of body, is 15 ft. 6 in. long and has an underfloor engine of 109 b.h.p. Servo hydraulic brakes are also fitted.

On the James Ross stand, the smallest model is the Express 8-cwt. delivery van, the body capacity of which is 100 Cu. ft. This has a four-cylindered engine giving 37.5 b.h.p., independent frontwheel suspension, a syncromesh gearbox with finger-tip control and hydraulically operated brakes. Here, also, is shown the 7-ton forward-control model with light-alloy body.

A similar chassis, polished and part sectioned, will give visitors a fine impression of this Commer product.

The Superpoise is also shown by Scottish Automobile, but in this case as a 5-ton tipper. Many visitors will also be interested in the Commer-Hands forward-control 10-ton tractor-trailer.

Melvin Motors, Ltd., are fortunate in being able to display a notable new product, the 25-cwt. forward-control van with modern front-end styling and the exceptional load capacity of 300 cu.

ft. in a well-built all-steel body. , This model has a four-cylindered side-valve engine with chromium-plated cylinder bores giving 50 b.h.p., a fourspeed syncromesh gearbox and provision for a power take-dff or tyre pump. The spiral-bevel axle, with fully floating drive shafts, has a standard ratio • of 6.00 to 1. Brake actuation is hydraulic with two leading shoes at the front. The zquipment is unusually complete.

Another exhibit is the 7-ton forward:ontrol tipper with six-cylindered overhead-valve engine, developing 109 b.h.p. Three Commers are shown by liamilton Bros. Notable amongst these 's the new light pick-up with 37.5 b.h.p. 'our-cylindered engine, syncromesh ;earbox, independent front suspension Ind all-steel integral bodywork. This ombines the comfort of a saloon car with the utility of a small truck.

The second vehicle is a Q 25 Super vise van to carry 25 cwt., special :eatures of which are the independent 7ront suspension and syncromesh gear703C.

The largest vehicle is a 5-ton Super)oise lorry with its new six-cylindered R.6 Oil engine of 108 b.h.p. and lydraulic brakes actuated through a ;ervo. Two sectioned and polished mgines are also on view.


Stana o59—Transport Vehicles (Daimler), Ltd., Daimler Works, Coventry.

T'passenger models and an ambulance comprise this exhibit. The first is a double-deck C.V.G.5 chassis, which is a lightweight type embodying a Gardner 51W 7-litre engine, pre-selector gearbox and tripleservo brake equipment. The weight dry, including batteries, is about 4 tons 7 cwt.

Features are an excellent frontal appearance with easy-opening bonnet, driver's compartment sealed from dust and fumes, cold air induction taken from outside the bonnet and a particularly free exhaust system. This chassis is designed to give a rigid foundation for a light body. • The complete bus is a single-deck 44seater with front-entrance, metalframed body by Duple on the Freeline chassis powered by a Daimler 10.6-litre horizontal engine giving 135 b.h.p. at 1,800 r.p.m. This bus is a fine service type for fast schedules: Alternatively, the Gardner 5 HLW or 6 HLW oil engine can be fitted. Manceuvrability is afforded by the turning circle of 57 ft. 11 in. A Fluid Flywheel and preselector gearbox give ease of control and of gear changing.

For coach work with the Daimler engine, this unit is set to give 150 b.h.p. at 2,000 r.p.m. and a five-speed gearbox is fitted.

The latest ambulance conforms to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. It is on chassis type D.C.27. The main advantages of this model are low floor level and exceptional body space, whilst there is a built-in air conditioning and heating unit. Chassis features are the Daimler six-cylindered engine giving 110 b.b.p. at 3,600 r.p.m., fluid transmission with four-speed preselector gearbox, hypoid final drive and independent suspension for the front wheels. Hydro-mechanical brakes act on all wheels.


Stand 99—Dennis Bros. (Guild. ford), Ltd., Guildford.

Stand 102—Gray Bros. (Dundee). Ltd., Clepington Road, Dundee.

Stand 111—Central Motor Co., Main Street, Calderbank, Airdrie, Lanarkshire.

PARCEL carriers will be specially interested in that unusual vehicle, the Stork, on the Dennis stand, The chassis has a tow front platform and parallel frame, whilst a drop extension for the rear can be supplied for travelling shops and other applications of this type. Designed for 3-ton loads, it is shown with a van body.

The underfloor oil engine, mounted amidships, is four-cylindered and gives 54 b.h.p. at 2,400 r.p.m. It permits the construction of both forward and/or rear entrances for the body. It also allows a much lower windscreen to be fitted, gives a wider range of vision and facilitates arfess to the driving seat from each side. Alternative wheelbases of 10 ft. 6 in. and 11 ft. 8 in. are available. The maximum laden weight is 5 tons 16 cwt.

A medium-capacity vehicle for long or short hauls is the Centaur 8-tonner, shown as a lorry with hinged sides, It is powered by a Dennis direct-injection oil engine which develops 90 b.h.p. and has an Eaton two-speed rear axle,. The 10 ratios afforded meet all conditions of speed and load required.

A Centaur is also staged by Gray Bros.

On the Central Motor stand is another Stork 3-tonner, in this case with a platform body built of light alloy. The second vehicle, a Pax end-tipper, has a Perkins P.611.R. engine and five-speed gearbox, and a 5-cu. yd. body with lined floor. The tipping gear is the Pilot twin underbody Model U.2, with the new finger-tip control for operation by the driver in the cab. This control is shown for the first time, but many are exported.


Stand 61—Ritchies, Ltd., 36-44 Renfrew Street, Glasgow.

Stand 70—Cameron and Campbell, Ltd., 171-181 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, C.2.

Stand .93David Blanc and Son,

Ltd., Weir Street Garage, .Paisley.

Stand 107-1an M. K. Fair, 205 218 Eglinton Street, Glasgaw, C.5. SEVERAL examples are displayed by

Ritchies. There are two of the Model 145R6 oil-engined 7-tonners, one with flat platform body, the other with a wooden tipping body, 14 ft. by 7 ft., operated by Edbro hydraulic gear. The Model 105P6 5-ton long-wheelbase chassis with cab has a platform body measuring 16 ft. by 7 ft. It is powered by an oil engine and a two-speed rear axle is employed. There is also a Model 125 petrol-engined 6-tonner.

A 105P6 as a van panelled in aluminium is shown by Cameron and Campbell; also a Model 64 2-3-ton truck with drop sides.

Another tipper, a Stormer, is staged by David "Blanc.

One of the two exhibits of Ian M. K. Fair is a 5-ton hydraulic tipper with special creeper gear for operating over soft ground.

The other is a 7-ton long-wheelbase platform lorry powered by the Perkins R.6 5.56-litre oil engine. This has a similar, gearbox to that in the 5-tonner and an Eaton two-speed axle.


Stand 87—James Bowen and Sons,

Ltd., 45159 Pitt Street, Edinburgh, 3. A N E.R.F. Model 44G brewers' four.t"I wheeled lorry is representative of this make. It is powered by a Gardner 4LW direct-injection oil engine, giving

n22 75 b.h.p. at 1,700 r.p.m. A single-plate clutch with hydraulic operation takes the drive through a five-speed gearbox with an overspeed top gear of 0.75 to 1. The propeller shaft is divided and there is an Eaton two-speed axle.

The brakes are Girling, with hydraulic, operation and Clayton Dewandre servo. Chassis lubrication is grouped. The unladen weight is 3 tons 19 cwt.

Special features of this model are a new wide cab with curved windscreens to give wide-angle vision without corner pillars; demisters, cab heater and ventilator aid the driver's comfort. The complete cab is rubber mounted. A useful feature is a towing jaw bolted to the front member of the frame.


Stand 84—Fodens, Ltd., Elworth Works, Sandbach, Cheshire.

TWO vehicles, a tractor unit and two

examples of the famous Foden twostroke engine complete this fine exhibit, The FE4/8 standard chassis has an 18 ft. light-alloy platform body and saloon-pattern cab with doors opening from the front. This model has the four-cylindered two-stroke engine developing 84 b.h.p. at 2,000 r.p.m., an eight-speed epicyclic gearbox, 32-gallon fuel tank, and 24-volt equipment.

An 18-ft. end-tipping body with Pilot twin underbody gear, Model U3,

is mounted on a similar chassis. In this case, however, there is a five-speed gearbox.

The tractor unit is Model FGHT 6/20, which has the Gardner 6LW sixcylindered oil engine giving 112 b.h.p. at 1,800 r.p.m. The gearbox, which is also epicyclic, provides 12 ratios. The standard cab is eimployed. There is air-pressure trailer-brake gear. Designed for heavy work, the tyre equipment is Michelin D20 Metallics. The extended front of the frame carries a stout towing jaw.

The two power units are the FE4, four-cylindered model, and the FE6,

which has six cylinders. This develops 126 b.h.p. at 2,000 r.p.m., and is shown AS a working model, cleverly sectioned.


Stand 81--*Alexanders of Edin• burgh, Ltd., Semple Street, Edinburgh.

Stand 82—George and Jobling, 140-160 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, C.2.

Stand 103—James A. Laidlaw (Airdrie), Ltd., South Biggar Road, Airdrie; Stand 104—Wylie's, ,Ltd, 370 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, S.1. •

A COACH13U1LT lorry body by

Alexanders is on the Thames 3-ton "Cost Cutter" 13-ft. 1-in.-wheelbase chassis with cab. A special cpachbuilt van body, also by Alexanders, is mounted on a similar chassis, except that the wheelbase is 10 ft. 8 in. The Thames 10-cwt. van also staged is the standard model.

On the George and lobling stand are three Thames vehicles, the 5-cwt. and 10-cwt. vans and a 3-tonner as a

truck. This last has the new fourcylindered o.h.v. "Cost Cutter" petrol engine. It is designed to give high torque at low engine speed.

The vans are standard models, the smaller providing 65 Cu. ft. of loading space and the larger 120 Cu. ft. Each has a fodr-cylindered engine and the 10-cwt has an uninterrupted floor space.

Laidlaw's cater for the retail food trade with a 2-ton grocer's van with ash-framed and aluminium-panelled body. The interior is lined with obechi varnished in the natural colour. A standard 5-cwt. van and a long-wheelbase chassis and cab with Perkins P.6 oil engine are other exihibits.

Largest of all the Ford 'exhibits is the 5-ton Thames with 10-ft. 8-in. wheelbase, Perkins P.6 oil engine. Anthony Hoist tipping gear and insulated 4-cu.-yd. steel body by Wylie's.

There are two other vehicle exhibits. a 3-ton Thames " Cost Cutter " of 13-ft. 1-in, wheelbase carrying a 14-ft. Hornalloy platform body and the smallest on this stand the Thames l0-cwt, van shown in primer.


Stand 87—James Bowen and Sons. . Ltd., 45-59 Pitt Street, Edinburgh, 3.

VUHAT appears to be the only Guy W on view is an Otter four-wheeler with 1-1,omalloy platform body 17 ft. 6 in_ long and 7 ft. 6 in. wide; this has a heavy-duty serrated floor. The allmetal cab is a composite structure embodying engine cowling, carrier for the instrument panel, floor-plates, wit and seat-mounting, the •whole being supported on rubber bushes.

The vehicle is powered by a Gardner 4LK oil engine developing 57 b.h.p. at 2,100 r.p.m. Features of this are a fivebearing crankshaft and overhead valves. This drives through a single-plate 11-in. clutch, four-speed gearbox, divided propeller shaft with resilient self-align ing centre-bearing, to an Eaton_ twospeed rear axle with ratios of 5.14 and 7.15 to 1. The Girling two-leadingshoe brakes are Lockheed hydraulically operated through a Clayton Dewandre servo. • The approximate weight is 3 tons and the gross permissible weight 8 tons 15 cwt. on a wheelbase of 14 ft. 9 •in.


Stand 62—Claud Hamilton (Aberdeen), Ltd., 254 Union Street, Aberdeen

Stand 65—James Ross and. Sons (Motors), Ltd., Lochrin, Edinburgh, 3.

Stand 73—Scottish' Automobile Co., Ltd., 39 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, 1.

Stand 80—Melvin Motors, Lvd 25-41 Kingston Street, Glasgow, C.5

Stand 92—T. M. Erskine and. Co.', Inchinnan Road, Renfrew.

AGAMECOCK 3-4-ton special lorry of 11-ft. 9-in. wheelbase is on the Claud Hamilton stand. It is powered by a six-cylindered o.h.v. underfloor engine with full-length, chromiumplated bores and develops 85 b.h.p. at 2,600 r.p.m. The gearbox gives four speeds. Finished as a -mobile shop with special body by the Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society, is a Bantam 2-tonner of 8-ft. 2-in. wheelbase. This is on the James Ross stand. The 48 b.h.p. four-cylindered engine drives through a single-plate clutch, fourspeed syncromesh gearbox and tubular propeller shaft with Hardy Spicer joints to a spiral-bevel axle. There are Girling two-leading-shoe hydraulically operated brakes on all wheels.

Another of the popular Bantam mobile shops is staged by Scottish Automobile.

An example of the Bantam is also on the Melvin Motorsstand, in this case a 2-ton special van with the stan

dard axle ratio of 6.57 to 1. The wheelbase is 8 ft. 2 in. and the chassis • weight 271 cwt.

A modern version of the original Mechanical Horse is part of the Erskine exhibit. The automatic coupling gear is of the B.K. type.

Other vehielts are a Bantam 2-ton mobile shop, this again with bodywork by the Scottish C.W.S., and a Gamecock 3-4-ton platform lorry with the body made in light alloy. The wheelbase is 11 ft. 9 in. The fourth product displayed is a Gamecock 3-4-ton chassis in polished form.


Stand 66—Tames Gibbon (Motors), Ltd., 385 Parliamentary Road, Glasgow, C.4.

Staid 72—Rossleigh, Ltd., 32 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, 2.

ONE of the most successful products of the Rover concern is the LandRover and three models are shown by

James Gibbon. These are an 8-ft. 11-in: wheelbase dc luxe pick-up and two of 7 ft. 2 in., one to standard specification and the other fitted with a metal top.

With its 6-in, longer wheelbase, the standard model gives 25 per cent. more carrying capacity and greater stability. The control pedals have been repositioned, the gear lever is easier to operate and extra-large "twin scuttle ventilators are fitted. Parcel shelves are also provided at the sides of the instrument panel.

The four-cylindered engine gives 52 b.h.p. at 4,000 r.p.m. There is provision for eight speeds forward and two reverse, whilst a transfer gearbox permits twoor four-wheel drive. There am centre and rear power take-offs and a front winch. This model has a detachable canvas hood.

In the model with the metal top, the tilt is, like the panels of the vehicle, made of light alloy and fits closely into sockets normally provided for the support of the canvas hood. A lift-up type door complete with rear window is provided.

Three similar models are staged by Rossleigh. Incidentally, there are also on this stand a Brockhouse 15-cwt. trailer and two Tasker trailers to carry 7 cwt., one being the Model LR3 and the other the L.R.


Stand 77—Leyland Motors. Ltd., 140 Salkeld Street, Glasgow, C.5.

Stand 78—John Gibson and Sons, Ltd., Jameson Place, Edinburgh, 6..

Stand 110—Walter Alexander and Co. (Coach builders), Ltd., 53 Drip Road, Stirling:

TWO newcomers from the Leyland Works are a Tiger Cub underfloorengined luxury coach and a Comet 90 forward-control tipper. Another exhibit 011 the Leyland stand is a Comet 90 tractor with semi-forward control and Scammiell coupling gear.

The Comet 90 forward-control model is the forerunner of a new range which Will augment the existing types with semi-forward control. The overall .length is reduced and the body space made slightly larger. The specification includes a 90 b.h.p. six-cylindered oil engine, large single-plate clutch, Eaton two-speed rear axle, unusually long springs and powerful two-leading-shoe brakes with Clayton Dewandre servo operating them hydraulically. An innovation this year is a new heavier type five-speed gearbox.

The tipper has a Homalloy -cab on the Leyland steel sub-frame. The 5-cu.-yd, aluminium-alloy end tipping body, built by Holmes (Preston), Ltd., is operated by an Edbro T.N.-type gear.

The Tiger Cub has made many. friends, but the makers have maintained that the laden weight should not exceed 9 tons, which left little margin for a luxury coach body. Therefore, in the new model for coach work, the b.h.p, has been raised to 100 and, incidentally, the unit is quieter. This has justified lifting the laden limit to 91 tons. The coach has heavy-duty transmission and Eaton electrically operated two-speed

rear axle. The 41-seat body is by Alexanders and weighs about 2 tons rg cwt.

Weighing less than 3 tons, the -tractor Is 14 ft, 4 in. long and has a wheelbase E24

of 8 ft. 7 in. Its main units are a 90 oil engine, four-speed gearbox and Eaton two-speed axle.

On the Gibson stand, the dominating exhibit is the eight-wheeled Octopus van, built with a timber frame and aluminium panels. The interior height is 5 ft. 10 in. and exterior overall, 9 ft. 6 in.

On the Alexander stand is a Titan PD2/20 58-seat all-metal double-deck bus which is one of 30 with Alexander bodies supplied to Liverpool and forming part of an order for 90.


Stand 63-11.11cLays Garage, Ltd., 60 High Street, Kirkintillorh.

Stand 64—Wm. Gillespie and Son, Ltd., 53 Love Street, Paisley.

Stand 67—Westfield Autocar Co.. Ltd., Westfield Avenue. Edinburgh, 11: Stand 88—A. and D. Fraser, Ltd., . 65-69 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, C.2,

• riE 10-cwt. van shown by McLay's

Garage has a capacity of 120 Cu, ft. Also shown is a Morris 5-6-seater traveller's car with ample luggage accommodation and full-opening double rear doors.

A neat 5-cwt. van is staged by Wm. Gillespie, who also show a Morris• Minor traveller's car on Stand No. 55.

Another 5-cwt. van is shown by Westfield Autocar. This has large double rear doors for easy loading, with Triplex windows giving a good rear view. The body space is 80 cu. ft. The four-eylindered engine of 800 c.c. capacity has overhead valves and the. gearbox provides four ratios and has a central change-speed lever.

The two vans on the Fraser stand are the 5-cwt. and 10-cwt.


Stand 63—McLay's Garage, Ltd., 60 High Street, Kirkintilloch.

Stand 64—Wm. Gillespie and Son, Ltd., 53 Love Street, Paisley.

Stand 67—Westfield Autocar Co., Ltd., Westfield Avenue, Edinburgh, 11.

Stand 78—John Gibson and Son, Ltd., Jameson Place, Leith, Edinburgh, 6.

Stand 88—A. and D. Fraser, Ltd., 65-69 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, C.2.

ONE vehicle shown by McLay's Garage is a 3-ton drop-sided lorry weighing, unladen, 2 tons 3 cwt. 3 qr. It has a 70 b.h.p. overhead-valve petrol engine, Lockheed -hydraulic brakes and an all-steel cab. The other is a 5-ton forward-control model with coachbuilt lorry body and a loading line of 3 ft. 8 in, laden. In this case the engine is of 100 b.h.p. and Lockheed Hydrovac servo brakes are used.

The new Model LC5 -25-30-cwt. chassis is shown with a standard dropsided lorry body by William Gillespie.

• The main improvement in this is a larger engine of 2,199 c.c. developing 46 b.h.p. at 3,250 r,p.m., in place a the former unit which was of only

2050, c.c. capacity. The other exhibit is a 5-ton NVS 11/5 petrol-engined hydraulic tipper.

A good range is displayed by Westfield Autocar; there is a I-type 10-cwt. express delivery van with 1,476 c.c. engine, three-speed gearbox, Lockheed phase II brakes with hydraulic operation, and a body capacity of 150 cu. ft. Next is the type LD 1, 1-ton van, with 46 b.h.p. engine, four-speed gearbox, Lockheed hydraulic brakes and body capacity of 235 Cu. ft.

The 5-ton forward-control longwheelbase chassis carries a platform lorry body with double flooring. The six-cylindercd oil, engine develops 70 b.h.p. and is the Morris-Saurer improved type. The gearbox gives four speeds. There is an auxiliary overdrive gearbox.

Last is the 11/5 Morris-Commercial tractor unit with exhauster.

John Gibsons stage an LC 5 chassis with van body built by themselves and giving 330 cu. ft. loading space.

The 10-cwt. van, the 30-cwt. LD2 van and a 5-ton oil-engined platform lorry, the body of which was built by the exhibitors, are shown by A. and D. Fraser.


Stand 83—Havelock, Ltd., 69 Minerva Street, Glasgow, C.3.

A POPULAR small van is the Reliant /A of which the 6-cwt. Prince Regent and 10-cwt. Regent models are shown. With a four-cylindered water-cooled engine, giving 14 b.h.p. at 3,500 r.p.m.-. this three-wheeler has an excellent performance, and the driver is afforded full protection. The specification includes three speeds and a reverse, Girling brakes, Burman-Douglas steering, 6-volt electrical equipment and 5.00 x 16 in. tyres.


Stand 98—Scammell Lorries, Ltd. Watford, Herts.

APARTICULARLY interesting exhibit is the Scarab Mechanical Horse, shown in conjunction with a 13-ft. semi-trailer. For -demonstratifin purposes, the Scarab is fitted with an electric motor, which allows the tractor and trailer to be shown coupling and uncoupling.

The specification includes a 34 b.h.p. four-cylindered petrol -engine driving through a single-plate clutch, fourspeed gearbox, with dog engagement for all ratios except reverse, and a fully floating driving axle all bolted together as a unit and mounted at the front on a large rubber bush. Suspension of the single front wheel is by coil spring immersed in oil. Girling single-leadingshoe brakes are used on the driving axle.

The semi-trailer also has Girling brakes on the rear wheels and a separate parking brake. The brake

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