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Last Chance for Unit Buyers • H ALILlERS have only until Wednesday

13th July 1956, Page 69
13th July 1956
Page 69
Page 69, 13th July 1956 — Last Chance for Unit Buyers • H ALILlERS have only until Wednesday
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to tender for a transport unit in list IS, which will be the last to be issued by the Road Haulage Disposal Board. List 15 contains 180 vehicles, all in single-vehicle lots, and six trailers.

Ex-British Road Services' vehicles are still changing hands, transfers in seven areas being reported this week.

, NORTHERN AREA Six more lorries have been sold by Mr. E Waters, 84 St. Mary's Avenue, Monksemon. One 0 tom 8 cwt.) has gone to Deanseales Haulage Co., Ltd.. Fitz Road, Cockermouth; one (I ton 1 cwt.) to Mr. It. Memel, Stadium Garage, Limonvilk Terrace, Athington; one (3 tons) to K. F. Topham, Ltd., Campbell Street, Hull: one (3t4 tons) to A. and H. Haulage (Newcastle), Ltd., address not known; one (3 tons 4 ewt.) to Mr. L. Holbrook. 55 Wetland Road, Sherlesion Common, Wakefield; and one (3 tons 16 ewe) to Messrs. Canberra Transport Services. 104 West Campbell Street. Glasgow. The Northern Licensing Authority has alma given permission for the following transfers to be made: a lorry (2 tons 19 eyvt) to Mr. M. C. Rinks, 4 Waiwath Crescent, Darlington, by Messrs. Chambers and Holiday, Garden Street, Darlington; one (6 tons 19 cwt.) to Furness Transport. Ltd., Marsh Street Garage, Barrowin-Furness. by Me. D. Martindale, Moor Road. Chorley; one (2 tons 6 cwt.) to Nesbitt and Lavender, Ltd.. 4 Leases Park Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. by I. W. Capstaff, Ltd., Eastern and Western Lodges, Off Coach Lane, Little Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne; two (II tons 19 cwt.) to P. G. Walton, Ltd.. Chandless Street. Gateshead, by Tees-side Carriers, Lid., Portrack Garage, Church Road, Stockton-onTees; one (2 tons 14 cwt.) to Vickers Transport Co. (Peterborough). Ltd., 36 St. Leonard Street, Peterborough. by Mr. H. A. Pattison. 31 Clifton Street, Hartlepool; and an articulated outfit (2 tons 12 cwt.) to Burn Transport, Ltd.. 25 Lingfield Lane. Darlington. by Westol (Bradford). Ltd., Trinity Lane, Ripon NORTH-WEST • Seven Lorries atele tons) have been made over to Dce Valley Transport (Llangollen), Ltd., Regent Street, Llangollen, by Messrs. Dee Valley Transport, of the same address.

Wilde and Bennett, Ltd., 75 Station Road, Hadfield, Manchester, have bought and transferred more vehicles. An articulated outfit (5 tons) purchased from Jones Transport Services (Liverpool), Ltd., 94 Ladynoot Road, Birmingham. 12, has been re-assigned to Mr. W. I. Shorroek, Heathfield, Southport Road, Formby, Other transfers made by Wilde and Bennett are a lorry (31/2 tons) to Mr. T. G. Thortiley, 5 Bostock Road, Broads bottom, Manchester; one (71/2 tons) to J. Hoyle (Transport), Ltd., 172 Stamford Road, Audenshave Manchester; one (444 tons) to Mr. H. L. Drury. 26 Y-Waen, Gwernatheld, Mold: and a trailer (254 tons) to C. Walley (Iubilee Garage), Ltd., Jubilee Garage, Great Moreton. Contemn. Mr. Drury has, in turn, made over a lorry 13 tons) to Wilde and Bennett_ C. Walley (Jubilee Garage) have also acquired a lorry (71/2 tons) from A. and H. Davey (Roadways). Ltd., Vernon Road, Stoke-on-Trent. Woodcocks Transport (Chorley), Ltd.. Park Road Garage, Hokin. near Charley, have sold a lorry (T)e tons) to J. Clarke and Sons (Haulage), Ltd., 35 Dialstone Lane. Stockport, and one (744 tons) to K. arid L. Transport. Ltd.. 66 Clarendon Road, Morecambe.

Other assignments authorized by the North Western Lieertsina Authority are those of A. Curran (Liverpool). Ltd.. 2a Ford Street, Liverpool, of a trailer (21/2 tons) to L. F. Briggs (1932), Ltd., 3-5 Rachel Street, Liverpool, 5; Weseol (Bradford). Ltd., Trinity Lane, Ripon, a vehicle (I ton) to Brotherton and Kay. Ltd., 10 Read Street, Clayton-le-Moors. Accrington; J. W. Ratcliffe and Sons, Ltd., Low Bank Road Garage, Ashton-in-Makerfield, a lorry (3 tons) to Mr. H. R. Bryngolete Rhosybol, Anglesey; Mr. H. Clayton, 30 Annfield Road. Adswood, Stockpot-1. one (344 tons) to W. P. Downs. Ltd.. Ashburton Road. Manchester, 17; Mr. N. Beech, Hope Street, Hanley, one (71/2 tons) to Mr. F. Hackney, Tower Garage. Congleton Road, Sandbach; Mr, K. Miller, 5 Oakinere Avenue, Wiihnell, near Mirky, one (21/2 tons) to D. Hall and Sons. Ltd., 577 Walshaw Road, Bury; Mr. W. ,E. Bromilow, 224 Southport Road, Liverpool, 20, one (3 tons) to M. and L. Transport (Liverpool), Ltd.,. i

11 Kensington, Iverpool, 7; Haeketts Haulage. Ltd.. 229 Cross Lane, Salford, 5. one (7)4 tons) based in Widnes, to P. McCallum and Sons. Ltd., Fairethl l.lousr. Whim of Milton. Stirling; 1.

Bradley (Accrington), Ltd., Park Garage, Aram Street, Accrington, one (4 tons) to Naylors Transport (Leyland), Ltd., Ivydene, Longmeanygate. Leyland; Reuben Hughes, Ltd., Bereys Fearldings. George Street, Liverpool, 3, five (2614 tons) to Robertson. Buckley and Co.. Ltd.. of the same address; Mr. E. Weston, 17 East Avenue, Hague Estate. Stalybridge, one (7e4 tons) to W. Smith and Sons (Lewin), Ltd.. Glenholme, Camsley Lane, Lynn, Warrington; S. 3. Harris (Transnon), Ltd., Glasgow, one (9 tons) to Mr. W. Southworth, Liverpool Road, Rullord, near Ormskirk; Mr. P. B. Carlisle, Bollington Hall Farm. Bollington, Macclesfield, one (3 tons) to Mr. Es Sykes, 31 'Mossley Road, Ashton-underLyne; and R. C. Brindley (Haulage), Ltd., 50 The Walk, Bridvvell, Bantela, a lorry and a trailer (8 tons) based in Manchester. to Mr. W. G Hodges, 18 Manorlaithe Road, Sheffield, 2.

YORKSHIRE Ackworth Transport Co., Ltd., Wakefield Road, Ackworth, have bought another two, and trans. fared three lorries, One of their purchases was made from Mr. J. Warren, 2a Bennetthorpe, Doncaster, and the other from Mr. W. Storey. Pot-tare, Ackworth. The transfers have been made as follows; a lorry to Mr. E. Maeer, Shenstone, Warren Avenue, Knoningley; one to Riveling valley (Transport), Ltd., 75 Low Road, Sheffield; and one to Mr. H. Fillineham. liellaby, Maltby.

A lorry based at Rotherham has been taken over by Woodcocks Transport (Charley), Ltd.; Park Road Garage. Ruskin, near Chorley. from J. la Phillips and Sons', Ltd., High Street, Coalport, Salop. Woodcocks Transport have. in turn, made over a lorry to Fred Hardy and Sons, Ltd. Grange Moor, Flockton, near Wakefield.

Other assignments reported by our correspondent in the area are: a lorry to Arthur ninns. Ltd., 4 &tithe! Lane, Barley, by Mr. T. Slnurts, Embassy Garage, Ossett; one to D. Goulding and Son, Lida 12 Quincy Lane, Bessecarr, Doncaster, by Messrs, D. Goulding and Son, of the same .address; one to Mr. S. Burden, 67 Bondgate, Selby, by Parkers Luxury Tours, Ltd., Holme Lane, Selby; one to Messrs. Flying Scotsman Transport, t04 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield. by Mr. T. McWilliam, Cottage Lane. Sheffield; tour to Whiteley Bros. (Transport). Ltd., Rishworth, Halifax, by Messrs. Whiteley Bros., of the same address; one to Mr. E. Stewart. 224 Goddard Avenue, Hull, by Messrs. S. Destorges, 12 Cornwall Street, Cottinghatri; one to Yorkshire Transporters, Ltd., National Provincial Bank Chambers, Batley. by Messrs. F. Lane and Son, Grosvenor House, Langholtne Road, Barnsley; one to 0. and C. Holdaworth. Led,, 9 Harrison Road. Halifax. by S. Hughes (Commercial). Ltd., Dick Lane. Bradford, 4; and one to Mr. F. Hensby, Whaley Farm, Netwerton, Va'akelleld, by A Rims. Ltd., Dewsbury Road Garage, °semi WEST MIDLANDS Mr. N. Beech. Horse Street, Hanley, has sold two lorries and an articulated outfit. The lorries have gone 10 Messrs. Cbell Transport, 21 Greenbank Road, Tumuli (one-7 tons), .anel Mr. F. Hackney. Congleton Road. Sandbach (71/2 tons), and the articulated outfit (21/2 tons) to A. W, Lewis alftutiers), Ltd., Church Garage. Milton, Stoke-on-Trent, Bassett's Roadways, Ltd., Tiftensor. Stoke-on Trent. have taken over three vehicles (12a4 tons) from Mr. R. G. Bassett, of the same address. In turn, they have transferred a lorry (5 tons) to C. 1=11. Allman (Stafford), Ltd., Moss Pit. Stafford, who has transferred one weighing 3% tons to W. G. Cooper end Sons, Lid.. Acresford Mills. near Burton upon Trent. Two more lorries have been transferred by S. Hughes (Commercial), Ltd., Dick Lane, Bradford. one (514 tons) going to Mr. G. D. Carrington, Woodrow House, Cbaddesley Corbett, near Kidderminster, and the other (5 tons) to Medding's Transport, Ltd., Duke Street West Bromwich. Mr. G. Richardson, 100 Dudley Road East. Oldbury, has made over a lorry (71:a tons) to Mr. S. Talbot, 2 Wells Green Road, Sheldon, Birmingham, 26, and a trailer to S. Ball and Son (Transport), Ltd., Chipping Soclbury, Bristol. The trailer has now been re-sold to Ross Garages, Ltd., Cardiff. Mr. D. Ficamodeon, also of 100 Dudley Road East, Oldbury, has transferred to Mr. C. Dobson, 297 Corporation Street, Birmingham. 4. a tractor (744 tons) and a trailer. Wilde and Bennett, Ltd., Station Road, Had field, Manchester, who have taken over a lorry (31/2 tons), based in Wolverhampton. from Mr. E. Sanderson, Glasgow. have now transferred it to Mr. A. E. Guest. I7a Fairfan Road, Bushburea Wolverhampton. Two lorries, each weighing 3 tons unladen, have been sold by Langton Transport, Ltd.. King Street, Longton. One has been taken over be Mr. F. H. Gordon, Dams Lane Farm, Gratton. Endon. Stoke on Trent, and the other by Mr. A. K. Woodman. 20 Mount Street. Stafford. Other transfers authorimd by the West Mice

land Liceneing Authority are: it lorry (51/2 tons) to Mesirs. Aldridge Transport, 218 Stubber's Green. Aldridge, by Mr. W. Smith. 81 Scott Lidgett Road, Longport, Stoke-on-Trent; one (21/2 tons) to Latham Haulage Co., Ltd.. Oxford Road, nyton-on-ounamore. by Mr. B. F. Shelley. 22 Barby Lane, laillmorton, Rugby; one (8 tons) to Mr. R. Mann, 120 Hylton Road. Worcester, and one (8 tons) to Mr. W. Sparks, 137 East Reach, Taunton, both by Mickley Transport, Ltd., 21-27 Hunter's Road, Hockley, Birmingham. 19; one (5 tons) to Mr. G. D. Allen. Sunny Brae, Cheekley. near Ten, by MrL. Gleave, Holly Bank, Audkm, dear Crewe; two (101/2 tons) to Messrs. Brewster Bros., 16 WoLs,eley Road, Bilston, by the receiver and manager of E. E. Bamford (Contractors), Ltd_ Mansfield Road. Alfreton; one (3 tons) to G. and le. Haulage, Ltd., 19 Great Bridge, Tipton, by Albion Transport Co., 54 Richmond Road, Bearwood, Smethwick; one (3y, tons) to Petereluirch Garages, Ltd., Peterchurch, Herefords, by central Garage (Bathgate). Ltd., George Place, Batheate, West Lothian; one (51/2 tons) to Mr. W. J. Roberts, Green Gables, Liwyn Road, Oswestry, by IQ:leave Transport (Audlem), Ltd. Audlem; one

ec (3 taus) to Mr. J. Wilkins, 34 •Be:h Hill Road., Sutton Coldfield, by Caudle. Ltd., Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham, 26; and an articulated outfit (5 tons) to Jolla Hunter and Sons (Transport), Lode 50 High Street, Airdrie, Scotland. by Mr. M. Regan. 43a Settle Street, London, El.


Vickers Transport Co. (Peterborough), Ltd.. 36 St. Leonards Street, Peterborough, have acquired a lorry (4 tons 18 cwt.) from Mr. V. J. Grange. 124 Bridge Street. Peterborough. and re-sold it petoterCoborlowagynh. Transport (Peterborough), Ltd.,

Mr. Grange has also sold a lorry 12 tons 19 cwt.) to Messrs, Newton Bros., Cowbridge, Boston.

Assignments authorized by the East Midland Licensing Authority are: one lorry (2 tons a OWL) to Mr. H. Sladen, 5 Trafalgar Street, Radford. Nottingham, by Orchard &oral* and Distribution Services, 6 James Street, Kimberley; one (2 torn 19 cwt.) to Messrs. J. W. Saarsmore and Son, Vine House Farm, Searwell. Peterborough, by Mr. P. J. Pendergast, in the Metropolitan Traffic Area; one (6 tons 18 cwt.) to J. Rushton. Ltd., Calton Road, Walton-on-Trent. Burton-on-Trent, by Mx. J. Rushton, of the same address; one (6 tons 14 cwt.) to Mr. M. J. Dwane, Station Road, Leademam, Lincoln, by Woodcocks Transport (Chorley), Ltd., Park Road Garage, Heskin, near Chaney; one (ele tons) to Mr. R. S. Hamblin, 203 Leicester Road, Thurmaston, Leicester, by Mr. G. W. Hargreaves, 5 Broad Street, Brieltown, Cannoek; one (2 tons 19 c-vita to Mn. A. Colman, 158 Eltham Road. Weet Bridgford, by Mr. J. H. Fearn, address not known; one (3 tons) to Messrs. W. A. Rainbow and Son. 20 Landseer Road, Sauthwell. by Mr. 3. H. Peite, Pelham Street, Mansfield; one (See tons) to Mr. W. T. Slack, 72 High Street. Loscoe, by Mr, A. Rhodes, 261 Carlton Road, Nottingham; one (3 tons) to Clem% Hill Transport, Ltd., 98 Prestbury Road, Cheltenham. be Mr. W. Hayes, Forest Lane. Walsall; an articulated outfit (3 tons 4 ewe.) to G. and C. Johnson (Claxby), Ltd., Jessamine House. North Kelsey, Lincoln, by Mr. R. J. Aehline. 277 Eastfield Road, Peterborough; and an articulated outfit (21/2 tons) to Mr, Ti. W. Robinson, Bigby High Road, Brigg, by Mr. W. Storey. Portare, lAekworth, near Pontefract


Mr, F. a Hoppe. 158 Mumbles Road. Blackpill, Swansea, who was reported in The Commercial Motor on June 29 at having transferrW, two lorries. has, in tam taken these over from 'the hauliers named. One of the lorries Ole tons) was assigned to him by Mr. G. Richardson, Ordbune and the other (6% tons) by Mr. S. Hughes, Bradford. 4.


Spills F.Vetilaill Road Transport, Ltd., /4 Windsor Road, Evesbam, have been granied a special A licence tor a lorry weighing 2 tons 19 cwt. purchased [root Wowed (Bradford). Lid., Trinity Lane, Ripon.

The Western Licensing Authority has also authorized the transfer of a lofry (3 tons) 40 Mr. C. E. Halliday, 78 Ingleside Road. Kingswood. Bristol, by WilIsbridge Transport. Ltd., 126 Bryants Hill, Bristol; one (4 tons 1 cwt.) to Mews. J. Rice and Sons. Hempstead I.ane, Gloucester, hy S. Ball and son (Transport). Ltd., Chiming Sodbury; and one (2 tons 11 cwt.) to Mr, T. C. Bryan. 17 Whittrieks Road. Ilaneam, by Messrs. C. A. I1es and D. W. Foster. 22 Meridian Place, Clifton, Bristul, Mr. E. Tucker, 81 Hamilton Road. Taunton, has bought another lorry: this time weighing 6.4 Ions unladen. . • • : . , • .

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