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The Wheels of Industry.

12th August 1915, Page 11
12th August 1915
Page 11
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Page 11, 12th August 1915 — The Wheels of Industry.
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This journal, dealing as it does with the "Chariots of War," no less than with the "Wheels of Industry," continues of national importance. Its interests embrace impartially the transport wagon and the parcelcar, the military tractor and the steam lorry.

Proposals and Purchases.

Gateshead T.C. has received L.G.B. sanction to pay 11100 for a motor fire-engine.

The Aldershot U.D.C. has recently taken delivery of its new Garrett steam wagon.

The Cleansing Committee of the Aberdeen Corporation is about to adopt motor sweepers. Sydney (N.S.W.) City Council is now asking tenders for the supply of battery-driven lorries. Wallsend-on-Tyne T.C. has received L.G.B. sanction to spend 11100 on a motor fire-engine.

The -Dartford U.D.C. has decided to defer action in respect of the adoption of mechanical transport. The Tramways Committee of the Southampton T.C. has sanctioned the purchase of a motor towerwagon. •

The Metropolitan Asylums Board has sold two old motor arri bulances to Macnamara. and Co., Ltd., for. 1120.

Durham County Council has ordered steam tractors from Aveling and Porter, Ltd., and Charles Burrell and Sons, Ltd., and trucks, for use with the tractors, from Tasker and Sons, Ltd., and the Bristol Carriage and Wagon Co., Ltd.

Rotherham 'Town Council has accepted the tender of the AngloAmerican Oil Co., Ltd., for its requirements of petrol during the ensuing financial year, at is. Old, per gallon, to which, presumably, duty at 1M. per gallon must be added.

Hull City Council is supplying water to the military camps in the vicinity of the city, at a charge of is. per 1000 gallons. Authorities which own motor-borne tankwagons are in the best position to co-operate with the military authorities in this regard.

Recent Registrations.

Willard and Wallis, Ltd. (13000), with its office at 151, Charles Henry Street, Birmingham, to manufacture and deal in self-propelled vehicles of all kinds.

Charing Cross Motors, Ltd. (£2000), with its office at 20; Berkeley Street, Glasgow, to carry on the business of proprietors of motorbuses, motorcabs, motorvans,

Hobson Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (220,005), with its office at 29, Vauxhall Bridge Road, S.W., to acQuire that part of the business of H. M. Hobson, Ltd., which is concerned with the manufacture and sale of patent sparking plugs known as " New Hobson Plugs."

Romar Lorries, Ltd. (110.200), with its office at 15, Brook Mews North, Lancaster Gate, W. to take over from A. J. Marshall, G. de Gastro, W. F. Headon and E. Rowlands certain rights, granted under an agreement dated the 22nd May, 1915, by the Lippard Stewart Motor Sales Co., of New York.

Fines for Overweight.

It was reported, at the last meeting of the Surrey County Council, that there had already been 21 prosecutions, and 20 convictions, in regard to excess axle-weights, since the Council had erected a special weighing-machine at Spa Bottom, on the road between Esher and Cobham. The amount of fines imposed was £43, whilst the Council's solicitor had been allowed 130 for costs. Fewer London Buses.

The total number of licensed buses operating on the -London streets on the 31st of last Month was 2205. This shows a" decrease of eight since the 30th June, and -compares with 3460 one year ago.


The following joint-stock companies will, at the expiration of three months from the 3rd inst., unless cause be shown to the contrary, be struck off the register and dissolved: Industrial Vehicles, Ltd. ; London Motor Cab Proprietors Association, Ltd. ; Pontypridd Motorbus Co., Ltd. ; Stoke-onTrent Motor and Taxicab Co., Ltd. ; Sutton Motor Cab Co., Ltd. ; West London Taxicab Co., Ltd.

We are in receipt of a copy of the new handbook for 1915 which is issued by the National Society of Chauffeurs. We recommend this to the attention of any drivers who are not holders of public-service licences.

Halley's Trading.

The directors of Halley's Industrial Motors, Ltd., at a meeting held in Glasgow on the 6th inst., resolved to pay an interim dividend, at the rate of 10 per cent per annum, free of income tax, on account of the half-year ended the nth June last.

Thornycroft Catalogues.

We have recently received from John I. Thornycroft and Co., Ltd., two interesting publications dealing with this maker's vehicles as adapted for public-service and municipal purposes. They are both attractively produced, and contain interesting reading matter and a number of good line and half-tone illustrations.

Messrs. Greathed and Esse.

It will interest many of our readers, we feel sure, to know that Messrs. E. A. Greathed and Charles E. Esse have established themselves, at 83, Pall Mall, S.W., as motor-transport engineers and factors. These gentlemen, apart from prior experience, were responsible for the operation of the considerable fleet of motorcabs and motorvans, as managing director and manager respectively of the

National Motor Cab Co., Ltd., from which positions they have but recently resigned. Their services will undoubtedly be of value to parties who desire to have cooperation of the kind indicated.

. .

Motor-Ambulance Hire.

The Wimbledon Borough Council has decided to allow its motor ambulance to be hired out for the conveyance of persons to or from places outside the Borough, at the discretion of the superintendent of the Fire Brigade, only in cases of accident or illness of a non-infeetions nature, to or from points not more than 10 miles distant, at a

flat rate of two guineas per case. The patient must in each instance provide his own attendants for the journey, and the bearers. There is no charge for 'similar services inside the Borough, to ratepayers.

Royal Agricultural Society.

The Council of the Royal Agricultural Society applied for £99,501) of the new War Loan ; it is converting a holding of £72,239 (nominal) Consols. Despite the greatly-improved position financially, the Society cannot but face a heavy loss in respect of its large holding of .Consols: they had previously appeared in the balance sheet at 731.

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