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roads lead to Harrogate

12th April 1980, Page 25
12th April 1980
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Page 25, 12th April 1980 — roads lead to Harrogate
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At least they should between 17-20 April, for as Tim Blakemore's preview shows there should be much to interest the tipping man there

AHP Trailers Ltd of Heath Mill Road, Womborne, Wolver hampton, West Midlands, will have four trailers on three stands (38, 53 and 91) at this year's Tipping Comvention at Harrogate. Two of the three trailers are complete with bodies while two are in bare chassis form. A 10m (33ft) step frame will be on display, together with a 9m (30ft) tandem axle straight frame tipping chassis with a 457mm (18in) I-beam and a 254mm (10in) neck One of the bodied trailers has an all welded aluminium body 8.5m (28ft) long with 1.5m (5ft) high sides and a rear hinged tailgate with grain hatch, while the second is a 9m (30ft) all alloy "Weightlifter" body.

Alcan Transport Products Ltd of 37 Hurricane Way, Airport Industrial Estate, NorNich NR6 6HE, will be aunching a range of extruded aluminium tipper body kits at -larrogate. Known as the "Clip3er Tipper" the body is claimed o give a weight saving of )pproximately ten per cent ;ompared to conventional tipper Iesigns. It is manufactured from -teat treated aluminium alloy xtrusions.

Auto-Invent Ltd, North)ank Industrial Estate, Cooper load, Warm Manchester, nanufactures the Autogate that vill be on display on stand 14 Ind fitted to a vehicle while on tand L11 it will be exhibited in he form of a working model.

Autogate is a . remotely ,perated tailgate that has a ,neumatic control in the cab, 'lowing a driver to release the ate without leaving his seat.

The Bandag Tyre Co, Lamerhead Industrial Estate, Leoold Street, Pemberton, Wigan, ;ill be presenting its full range f pre-cured retreads on stand Hall 2a. The casing doesn't ndergo high -temperature uring with the Bandag process s the tread section is cured aparately and is very dense, iaking it suitable for tipper perations where a good resist-Ice to cutting is needed.

Brett's Lubricants Ltd, pewellgate, Gateshead, Tyne )cl Wear, makes Ovoline SAE 5W/40 Fleetmaster oil, aimed to be suitable for turboiarged and naturally aspirated eset engines and petrol ennes. Staff from the company ill be at Harrogate to explain e oil's properties.

BTN Turbo, Arundel Road ading Estate, Uxbridge, Middlesex, offers service exchange turbochargers and air brake compressors, and examples of both of these will be on display at Harrogate. The two fact sheets produced by the company both contain some useful general information on turbochargers and compressors.

Anthony Carrimore's, North Road, Harelaw, Stanley, Co Durham, Continental body was first seen in prototype form at last year's Tipcon and is now in volume production. One of these will be on display, fitted to a Volvo F7 chassis on the Anthony Carrimore.

Body dimensions are 7.3m (24ft) x 2.3m (7ft6in) with 1.5m (5ft) high sides and the tipping gear is Anthony Carrimore's Falcon which hasn't been seen before at a tipping convention.

The Foden 6x4 on the same stand will be fitted with an all welded and fully insulated alloy body in the livery of the Tilcon company's quarry and contracts division and ES20 front mounted tipping gear with a large bore valve and Airshift controls..

Carrimore's Speedlok device, which allows the driver to control the whole tipping operation from the cab, will also be fitted to the Foden.

Neville Charrold Ltd, Brad' der Street, Mansfield, hopes to display at Harrogate its Nimrod frameless tipping semi-trailer and Revilloy aluminium alloy body, as well as the Ultralite, which is the most popular of the company's products.

On stands 56 and 57, the chassis cabs will be a sixwheeled Foden with insulated Ultralite and an eight-wheeled Magirus Deutz with standard Ultralite.

The Nimrod is a lightweight semi-trailer without an orthodox main frame using the rearmost axle as the tipping fulcrum so that during tipping the trailer and unit can move towards each other.

Crane Fruehauf Ltd will be exhibiting three of its tipper ,semi-trailers on interior stands 51 and 52 and outside on stand 95. One can also be seen on the Leyland Vehicles stand. A recent change to the specification of the "bathtub" design is the sloping .front with exterior ram. An access ladder is incorporated in the new front which is made from 4mm thick alloy plate with 228mm (9in) x 1000mm (4in) alloy stiffeners.

There are four basic models with capacities of 27cum (35cuyd); 30cunn (39.5euyd); 33cum (43.5cuyd); and 38cum (49.5cuyd).

Craven Tasker (Woodville) Ltd, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, will have on show at Tipcon examples from both its articulated and rigid Tasktip ranges. Deeper and stronger one-piece top rails are now being used on the bodies and recessed top hinges are standard. The tipping trailer on display will be a 30.6cum (40cuyd) capacity 8.5m (28ft) long alloy bulk carrier with all welded aluminium body. It has a 6mm (1/4in) alloy plate floor, 4mm (3/16in) alloy plate sides and ends, and a one-piece top swung taildoor on double recessed hinges.

An eight-wheeled Foden will be fitted with an air insulated all welded body also with 6rnm (1/4in) alloy plate floor and 4mm (3/ 16in) sides and ends.

The lightweight body to be shown on the six-wheeled Magirus Deutz has been designed primarily for the transport of sand, aggregate and gravel, and has an alloy subframe, split taildoor, rope hooks, ladder and sheet rock.

Making its first appearance at the Harrogate show later this year will be the Cummins VT504 turbocharged V8 engine. It is one of four cutaway engines that will be displayed by Cummins Engine Co Ltd, Coombe House, St George's Square, New Malden.

The other engines on display will be an E290 rated at 216kW (290bhp) gross at 1900rpm; a 250 Turbo (introduced last year and based on the NHC250 but turbocharged to improve economy and torque); and a naturally aspirated 8.3 litre V504, fitted to Ford 16and 24-ton gross rigids and 24and 28-ton tractive units.

The VT504 will also appear on the Fodens stand fitted to a Haulmaster six-wheeled chassis. In this application the engine is rated at ,154kW (207bhp) at 2800rpm.

• DAF Trucks (GB) Ltd, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, will occupy stands 54 and 55 and the major exhibit will be an FAT DHRE 6x4 tipper/mixer chassis. The 4.25m (13ft 11 in)

--wheelbase version was introduced in January this year, previously the shortest wheelbase was 4.55m. 12.00 x 22.5 tyres are now standard on the front axle, giving it a plated weight of 6500kg (6.4 ton) and the chassis has been additionally reinforced. As well as saving weight, the shorter wheelbase gives the six-wheeler a smaller turning cirle.

The vehicle on the stand will befitted with Edbro tipping gear and a Wilcox sand and gravel body in the livery of T. A. Chisholm Ltd of Castle Donington. A DAF DHRE 8.25 litre turbocharged engine rated at 15.6kW (209bhp)•at 2400rpm in the tipper is coupled to a ZF S 6-80 six-speed synchromesh gearbox with splitter.

The second DAF at Harrogate will be an FAD2305 DHU 8x4 5.65m •(18f1 Sin) wheelbase tipper chassis fitted with a Neville Charrold body in Hoveringham Gravel's livery. This vehicle has the 8.25 litre engine in turbocharged and 'charge cooled form rated at 172kW (23C1bhp) and a ZF nine-speed range change 'gearbox.

Another eight-wheeler will also be on display in the outside exhibition area.

There will be no shortage of Dodge Trucks at Tipcon — a total of eight vehicles will be on show on Dodge's own stand and bodybuilders stands. A 50Series chassis will be on display for the first time at a Harrogate show, equipped with a 2.9cum (3.75cuyd) Acoma steel body and Acoma Tipit 5000 scissor hoist gear. The 7.38 tons gvw chassis is fitted with a Perkins 4.236 engine and four-speed synchromesh gearbox.

At the other end of the weight scale a 638cm (252in) eightwheeled 300-Series C3084 with standard specification of BS16 six-cylinder turbocharged engine and eight-speed range change gearbox will be shown fitted with Edbro tipping gear and a We!ford Maxim steel body.

Edbro International Ltd, Southmoor Road, Manchester, is probably Europe's biggest producer of tipping equipment and this is reflected in the number of Edbro tipping gears and bodies that will be seen at Tipcon this year.

A new range of front end rams with outside seals will be launched at Harrogate. When the top of the new ram is released from the thrust tube on the body, any one of the ram nuts can be undone with a Cspanner to change the seals. A fitted version of the gear will be seen raising an Edbro alloy body on a new Leyland Constructor on the Leyland display.

Ram sealing is claimed to be better than ever on the new range because of a floating double seal between the ram nut and bottom aluminium sleeve on each stage. These seals automatically regulate the sealing grip in proportion to the .hydraulic pressure.

There are ten basic models in the new range, covering vehicles with payloads ranging from 8 to 50 tonnes and angles of tip up to 52°, depending on application.

On stands 29 and 30, Edbro Bodies will have steel tipper bodies on a Ford D1618 and a Leyland Clydesdale, both with inside seal Edbro 4LNC single front ram tipping gear. The Clydesdale has a 7.6cum (10cuyd) body braced by a central sloping stiffener, a new Edbro design feature.

Eminox Ltd, Tillbridge Lane, Scampton, Lincoln, manufactures stainless steel exhaust pipes and silencers for commercial vehicles and exhibited for the first time at Harrogate last year. A comprehensive range of the products will again be iphown this year. As well as the longer life of stainless systems, other advantages are claimed to be a weight saving of between 30 and 40 per cent, and ease of maintenance and repair.

A new option for the eightwheeled Si 0 Haulmaster range from Fodens Ltd, Elworth Works, Sandbach, Cheshire, is the Cummins turbo 250 engine. Fodens' FF20 rear bogie rubber suspensions is now standard on all eight-wheelers fitted with the turbocharged engine, but conventional springs (with the option of rubber) remain standard on other models.

The 8x4 Haulmaster at Harrogate is finished in the colours of Tilcon and has Fodens' own double drive rear axles and a Fuller RTO 9509B, nine-speed gearbox.

Two 6x4 Haulmasters will also be shown at Tipcon. The first is the recently introduced lightweight six-wheeler with Cummins VT504 turbocharged V8 engine. A chassis cab kerb weight of 6.1 ton makes this one of the lightest 24 tonners available. The second vehicle has a Gardner 6LXC engine developing 150kW (201bhp) at 1920rpm coupled to a Foden eight-speed gearbox and is fitted with a bulk grain body.

The engine displayed at Tipcon this year by L. Gardner and Sons Ltd, Patricroft,

• Eccles, Manchester, is once again the 6 LXC. Developed for the 6LXB this engine develops 150kW (201 bhp) at 1920rpm and maximum torque of 785Nm (579 lbft) at 1100rpm. The dis

tinctive Gardner exhaust (also available forward facing) has a separate three-branch manifold for each cylinder head. For priming and testing the injectors, there is a hand operating lever for each injection plunger.

Ford Motor Company Ltd, Eagle Way, Warley, Brentwood, Essex, manufactures tipper chassis with gross weights ranging from 12 tons to 24 tons. Its exhibit at Harrogate this month will be a D2417, 24-ton gross chassis fitted with a Perkins V8 8.8 litre engine rated at 125kW (168bhp) net at 2600rpm and coupled through a 305mm (12in) diameter twin plate clutch to a Ford synchromesh six-speed gearbox.

The steel Telehoist body has a capacity of 12.2cum (1.6cuyd) and the single ram, tie stage front end tipping gear is also Telehoist.

Garlock (Great Britain) Ltd, Hambridge Road, Newbury, Berkshire, manufactures Stemco Truck Products and will be exhibiting Sterne° hubseals at the Harrogate Exhibition. These seals are now fitted as standard equipment on Eaton 18-, 19and 38-Series drive ,axles and other original equipment customers include Seddon Atkinson, Kirkstall Forge, Fodens, ERF, Magirus Deutz, ROR, Dodge and Trailer.

For tipper operators, a combined sheets rack and nameboard for cab roofs is likely to be the most practical of all the accessories that will be displayed by Hatcher Components Ltd, Framlingham, Suffolk, at the R HA tipper show. Many tipper operators are having to carry tarpaulins these days to comply with the regula tion requiring loose loads to be sheeted. The Hatcher rack is a leakproof one-piece reinforced plastics moulding fixed to the cab roof either by pop rivets or self-tapping screws. Elasticated cords for holding sheets in place are part of the assembly.

Interlube Systems Ltd, Estoyer Road, Plymouth, Devon —

a member of the Tecalemit Ltd Group of Companies — will be showing six automatic chassis lubrication systems suitable for a wide range of vehicles including tractors and trailers.

Interlube has developed and manufactured both grease and oil systems which cater for any number of lubrication points where each receives a calibrated mileage or time controlled amount of lubrication to meet the bearings' requirements.

The AGS grease system has four major parts only and therefore is comparatively easy to fit. It is air operated and the air supply is taken from a protected auxiliary circuit on the vehicle via a solenoid valve which is operated by a solid-state timer. This gives an operational frequency adjustable over a nominal range of ten seconds to four minutes.

The Fiat and Magirus Deutz display will be a joint Iveco stand in Hall 2. Lightweight Fiat tippers will be on display, while the five Magirus Deutz vehicles will be heavyweights. Two will be six-wheeled vehicles — one 232D 26 FK forward control chassis operated by A. J. Clarke and powered by a 156kW (209bhp) version of the 11.3 litre V8 Deutz air-cooled engine coupled to a ZF six-speed gearbox; and a 232 D24K normal control model (claimed to be Britain's best selling on/off highway vehicle) with a 170kW (228bhp) version of the same engine. The body is a Telehoist "Lineflow" with a 10.4cum (13.6cuyd) capacity and a 13.5 ton payload.

Smallest tipper on the stand will be a 3.5 tonnes gvw Fiat Daily with an all steel Tipmaster body measuring 3m x 1.98m (10ft x 6ft 6in) with 0.3m (lft) high sides. The tipping gear is a two-stage 76.2mm (3in) diameter hydraulic ram powered by a Tipmaster electrohydraulic pump.

Two 16 ton gross Fiat chassis will be shown, a 3.8m (12.5ft) wheelbase and a 4.4m (14.4ft) wheelbase, both fitted with the lveco medium weight tilt cab introduced last year. The shorter wheelbase chassis is fitted with a Telehoist Loadlugger skip loading body, whereas the long wheelbase version has an all alloy body with 1.2m (4ft) high sides and a grain hatch at the rear.

Tipper operators unhappy about hefty maintenance bills for brake relines will be interested in the exhibit by Jake Equipment (UK) Ltd of Claylands Close, Duberies Industrial Estate, Worksop, Nottinghamshire. The company is the sole UK distributor for the American made Jacobs Electric Retarder and Jacobs Engine Brake (the famous Jake Brake). Explanatory literature on both products will be available on its stand.

In the year of the launch of

T45, the major exhibit on the Leyland Vehicles stand at Tipcon will be, not altogether surprisingly, a Roadtrain 16.28 tractive unit, coupled to a Crane Fruehauf tipping semi-trailer. The Harrogate show will also mark the launch of an eightwheeled Leyland with the new cab. The Constructor 30.21 on display will be fitted with an Edbro body and tipping gear.

A total of seven vehicles will be exhibited, including a Reiver and a Clydesdale, now fitted with modified versions of the' 410 and 401 engines respectively which have become the 411 and 402. The changes have made little difference to the power outputs of the engines, but are claimed to have improved durability and reliability.

Look closely at the engine in the Clydesdale — it's a RollsRoyce B810 running on liquefied petroleum gas and fitted by the recently formed company LPG Truck Power.

A Bison II six-wheeler on the Leyland stand will be fitted with a TL11A engine coupled to a ZF

six-speed constant mesh gearbox. Welford built the alloy body and the single-rack front end tipping gear is from Edbro.

Langton Transport Equipment Co Ltd of King Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, will be showing an example of its bodywork on a Leyland Clydesdale 16 ton gross chassis cab. The steel tipping body will have 10swg floor, 12swg sides, head, and tailboard; detachable centre pillars and fixed corner pillars. Anthony Carrimore model 512 FC/ 130 single-ram tipping gear is fitted and the vehicle is in the livery of A. J. Weaver (Haulage) Ltd of Stokeon-Trent.

Two very different vehicles will be exhibited by Mack Distributors (UK) Ltd, Firwood Works, Thicketford Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Th-e first vehicle, loaned by David Kerr of Wakefield, is a 1918 Mack AC Bulldog with a four-cylinder petrol engine and three-speed gearbox.

The second vehicle is more up to date, being a Cruise Hauler tractive unit. This vehicle, first seen at the IRTE conference last year, has a Maxidyne turbocharged and charge-cooled engine rated at 213kW (285bhp) at 1800rpm and developing 1464Nm (1080 lbft) of torque at 1200rpm. The engine drives through a twin plate selfadjusting clutch and sevenspeed constant mesh Mack gearbox.

On stand 21 in Hall 1, David Mackrill Engineering Ltd, Unit 6, Robert Boby Works, St Andrews Street South, Bury St Edmunds, will display its skip handling equipment fitted to a Clydesdale chassis cab. Features will include single-lever control, double-action roller jacks, safety lock tip hooks, fast lower, rear fog and reversing lights and lightweight chains and fittings.

The first MAN 30.240 VFK eight-wheeler to be fitted with an automatic gearbox is to be shown by MAN-VW at the RHA Tipping Conference. Powered ay an MAN six-cylinder natu 'ally aspirated engine developing 184kW (246bhp) at 2200rpm, the gearbox used is an Allison 654CR five speed. tklongside the automatic model Nill be a manual 12-speed 8Nheeler.

Also being shown for the first ime at Tipcon is MAN's 32.240 )HAK heavy duty 6x6 dumper

Nhich is intended -primarily for )ff-highway operation. A special

eature of the dumper is the use 18x22.5 Super single tyres )n all axles which help the vehicle to operate even on the ;oftest terrain.

The light end of the range will )e represented by a Volkswagen .T35D fitted with a 2.1cum

2.8cuyd) Tipmaster electroiydraulically operated tipping )ody. The chassis reinforcing ubframe construction is of ligh-g-rade mild-steel 3in square ube while the body has a 4swg floor and 16swg sides. A total of five new chassis will le exhibited by Mercedes

Benz (UK) Ltd in three separate displays at the RHA's tipper show. They range from the diminutive 3.5 tonne gvw 307 to the 24-ton 2419K and may be seen on stands 65, 72, 73/ 74 and (in the outside park) 96.

The 1617K two-axle tipper chassis will be shown with a Powell Duffryn Meiller 10,000 skip loader unit, able to lift laden skips weighing up to 8.7 tonne. Specification of the 16tonner was revised 18 months ago when full air brakes replaced air/hydraulic and a simplified five-speed gearbox was introduced.

Two examples of the 2419K's on show will have Neville Charrold aluminium Ultralite bodywork and Telehoist front end tipping gear. Unladen weight of the complete vehicle is under eight tons, George Neville Truck Equipment Ltd, Lindleys Lane, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, will have three stands at Harrogate, 6 and 7 inside, and 99 on the front car park side and, including bodies on vehicle manufacturers' stands, 11 examples of the company's products will be on display.

In front of the Samsonlite body exhibit on stand 7 will be a demonstration Easysheet unit which is a scaled down model of an Easysheet illustrating the unit's operating principles.

On stand 6 a Volvo F7 8x4 chassis with sleeper cab will be equipped with a Samson allpurpose aluminium body, the specification of which includes rope hooks, access ladders and a cab guard, and differs from the standard production by having a square section capping rail front while still retaining the front radiused headboard. The unit is tipped with a Telehoist metric front end single ram gear, model 4M ST/152/488.

Northern Assemblies (Coachbuilders) Ltd, Leadgate Industrial Estate, Consett, Co Durham, manufactures a wide range of tipping bodies in timber, mild steel or alloy and will occupy stand 85 Hall 3 at Tipcon. The exhibit this year will be a mild steel body fitted to a Bedford TK1630 4013mm (158in) wheelbase chassis with Edbro 4LNC tipping gear.

Perkins Engines of Peterborough has chosen two of its eight-cylinder vee engines for display at Tipcon — the V8.540 and V8.640. The former is rated at 134kW (180bhp) at 2600rpm, while in turbocharged form (TV8.640) the larger vee can deliver 190kW (255bhp).

Phillips Truck Services (Sheffield) Ltd will this year feature displays from the British manufacturers it represents — Seddon Atkinson, Telehoist, Perkins Engines, Bostrom and Smiths Industries. A range of Bostrom suspension seats will be displayed, one of which will be mounted on a ride simulator, which can be adjusted to demonstrate ride with and without suspension seating.

One ERF eight-wheeler will be exhibited by Reliance Commercial Vehicles (Brighouse) Ltd, Yorkshire distributors for ERF. It will be a .31R4-RD-DB6 powered by Rolls-Royce 265 engine matched to a Fuller RTO 9509A gearbox. The 7m (23ft) long body has 1.5m (5ft) fixed sides.

Renault Trucks and Buses UK Ltd, 19-21 Park Royal Road, London, is treating this year's Harrogate show as the start of a serious attempt to make an impression on the tipper market. The GF 151 16tonner will appear on Renault's stand with a George Neville Samsonlite fixed side light alloy body with Telehoist tipping .gear. A non-hgv JK75 with a 4.1m (13ft 6in) Cheltonian single dropside body by Telehoist will also be on show.

Renault's demonstration vehicle will be a GBH 280 6x4 dump truck powered by the same 198kW (266bhp) turbocharged engine as used in the ,TR 280 tractive unit.

Rockwell International, 23 Grafton Street, London, will be featuring at Tipcon the R180 single-reduction axle, the SQRHD single-reduction tandem axle, the new quick-charge Q-Series cam brake, and th automatic adjustment Stopmaster wedge brake.

Roto-Master Ltd, 74 Market Street, Huddersfield, on stand L5, will be exhibiting its "'longer life semi-floating bearing system" which is currently being used in remanufactured turbochargers suitable for Ford D-Series, Leyland, Volvo, Scania and Perkins engines.

Economy devices and reconditioned units will be exhibited by G. Sailes Marketing, 1 Penn Street, Rochdale, Lancashire. The devices will be Petro-Vac for petrol engines, a Transport Efficiency road speed governor and a fuel flow meter.

Stands 81 and 82 will be taken by Scania exhibiting an LBT• 86 HS 38 6x4 tipper chassis fitted with a Neville Charrold 14.5cum (19cuyd) Ultralite aluminium body. Chassis specification includes DS8 7.8 litre Scania engine, GS770 ten-speed synchromesh gearbox and tandem drive single reduction rear axles.

A completely new tipper model will be Seddon Atkinson's major exhibit this year. Details are not yet available for publication.

Examples of the existing range will be shown in the shape of a 400-Series 8x4 operated by J. R. Hanson and Sons and a 3.8m (12ft 61n) 200-Series fitted with an alloy single dropside tipping body and Edbro tipping gear. Seddon Atkinson's stands are 88,89 and 71.

On Semperit (UK) Ltd's, St Paul's Avenue, Slough, Buckinghamshire, stand (114 Hall 2A) will be displayed a comprehensive range of the company's radial commercial vehicle tyres — including the Eurosteel motorway tyre, the STC motorway tyre, and the Semperit Rebuild.

The Service Garage (Brighouse) Ltd, of Wakefield Road, Brighouse, HD6 1QH, is showing one of its alloy tipper bodies on stand 48. Mounted. on a Magirus Deutz 232D30FK 30-tonner it incorporates Edbro SD16 tipping gear, and has an Autogate rear tailgate.

Star Aluminium Co Ltd will have information available on its aluminium tipper kits which are supplied to the vehicle building industry.

Stevecastle Ltd of Gas Works, East Road, Oundle, Peterborough, PE8 4BZ, is displaying a Quad Drop body mounted on a Nene trailer chassis. Fitted with Edbro SD18 tipping gear, it is 32ft x 7ft 10in wide inside, and is 3ft 10in high. It is continuously hinged at the bottom to drop in, and can be used either as a tipper or platform lorry. The headboard has a full-width sheet rack.

Telehoist Ltd of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 9SH, is showing its DH503 Load Lugger on a Dodge G16 chassis on stand 37. It is designed to handle a wide range of non-standard containers.

On stand 102, a George Neville GP32 general-purpose trailer is shown. It is powered by a Telehoist Metric displacement ram model 4MST 152-579 which is trunnion-mounted and has a suspension tube, four extension stages, and a 579 extension.

And on stand 103, a CH801 Load Lugger is shown on a Volvo F7 24-ton six-wheeler. This has a 36,000 lb lifting capacity.

The company is displaying its new SL1 tipping gear on stand 24. An example with a single dropside body is shown, and incorporates wiper seals to pre vent ingress of road dirt. This small two-stage underbody ram is designed so that a body can be fitted with a minimum cab gap of 6in, showing considerable saving over a front end tipping gear.

The L-Series of Telehoist power take offs now in produc tion are shown along with RSeries rear-mounted layshaft ptos.

TGB Motors Ltd of Woone Lane, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 1BW, is showing an ERF

32G4 fitted with Grisedale allwelded alloy tipping body and

Telehoist 4MSR 152-488 metric displacement type tipping gear.

Trist Draper Ltd of 804-18 Bath Road, Bristol BS4 5LH, makes its second appearance at Tipcon with a full range of exhibits which includes the Top Dog 1040HD grade commercial vehicle friction materials. These have been designed to provide the best balance between high performance and slow wear. They are shown alongside Top Dog brake and clutch linings and heavy duty disc brake pads. Aeroquip and Eagle flexible hose and fittings, self-retracting 'coiled nylon hose for air and electrical trailer supply lines, and Anchorlok diaphragm spring brake cylinders.

Tyreservices Great Britain is exhibiting Goodyear tyres on its stand. The G191 steel radial is renowned for its handling in wet conditions, the G186 on / off road tyre is designed for soft going, and the G18 Series II is a steel belted radial designed for high speed work.

Tyre reconditioners VacuLug Tyre Organisation of PO Box 24, Spitalgate Mill, Bridge End Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG317HY, is showing its full range of Duramold lorry, light van, and industrial remoulds alongside Mortrak, Morgrip-Lug, Mortread, Trakmile, and Morthrust ranges of off-road and agricultural tyres. The display is on stand L4 in Hall 3A.

Volvo Trucks (Great Britain) Ltd is using Tipcon as the first opportunity to display its F6 lorry. A six-wheel tipper version for P. B. and B. Butler of Colne is on show alongside two F7s, an 8x2 with Wilcox body and an 8x4 double-drive example with Weightman body.

The F6 4x2, powered by a Volvo TD6OB 5.48 litre turbocharged .engine, develops 128kW (172bhp) and drives through a ZF S6-65 six-speed gearbox. It is fitted with a 16cuyd Millmoor aluminium dropside body and Edbro single-ram tipping gear.

Weightlifter of George Street, Broughton, Brigg, South Humberside DN20 OLA, is exhibiting examples of its aluminium welded tipping bodies on stand 24. The company's fixed-sided monocoque body retains its basic design, with a few refinements added. A modified top rail section has been developed to give added strength without extra weight; the rearmost body crossmember is now a special extrusion which gives greater rigidity, and a locating slot for the taildoor locking bar cover strips; and a rubber sealed taildoor is now fitted as standard on the larger bulk tippers.

The company also builds lightweight units for four wheelers. These have full length hollow bottom rails which do not need intermediate side pillars. They retain low level taildoor hinges from the basic design and the cross-members suppor tiny the floor are spaced to suit operating conditions.

Other Weightmaster bodies are on the Fodens, AHP Trailers Ltd, and Volvo Trucks (UK) Ltd stands.

We!ford Truck Bodies Ltd, Victoria Road, Fenton, Stokeon-Trent, Staffordshire ST4 2HU, is exhibiting a Super Tip aluminium maximum capacity trailer equipped with Edbro S018 tipping gear with bottom pivots mounted low in the chassis to reduce overall height. It is fitted with Rubery OwenRockwell running gear with tenton axles and suspension. The Welford design is capable of increasing payload by 500kg per trip.

There is also a generalpurpose body mounted on a Foden chassis. It has closely spaced vertical pillars and big section 100mm x 100mm floor bearers — standard on all Welford aluminium bodies — rugged headboard and tailboard construction, and a heavy duty single-ram gear.

The new Maxim all-steel body is displayed on two Dodge chassis on that manufacturer's stand. These are fitted with floors, sides and headboard in high yield steel, and the tailboards have automatic cam locking.

E. M. Wilcox Ltd of Royce Road, Carr Road Industrial Es tate, Peterborough, is dis playing two bodies on stands 18 and 19. A dropside body for Alfred Hymas is fitted with a multi-purpose tailgate, alloy internal subframe and double sealing flanges on side panels and posts to maximise load retention.

The other exhibit, for Wimblington-based Knowles Transport Ltd, is on a 23ft wheelbase Foden Haulmaster: It has fixed sides giving an internal length of 251t with 5ft deep sides to give a 35cuyd bulk capacity.

York Trailer Company is exhibiting a new 42cuyd lightweight tipping trailer which reduces unladen weight by 5 cwt to 4 tons 16cwt. It has new 20in long 5in mainrails designed to cut chassis flexing and strengthen the vehicle, and the manufacturer says it is capable of withstanding both road and quarry work.

It is fitted with Anthony Carrimore ES25 tipping gear, and the body has a grain hatch, sealed tailgate, clamps, access ladder, and rope hooks.

York Truck Equipment's display on stand 11 surrounds a York Metrovan grp van body, fully fitted and stocked, and mounted on a 3.40m (134in) wheelbase Ford D0710 chassis. This is one of 35 vans operated by Transport, the nationwide mobile lorry and trailer spares service. There will also be a comprehensive display of power take offs, pumps and tipping gear spares to complement the Transport spares.

J. R. Young (Assemblies) Ltd of Shannory Ness, St Ives Road, Leadgate, Consett, Co Durham DH8 7QA, is an offshoot of an established tipper operator, and its exhibit on stand 10 takes account of the, experience which this has built up.

2F Gears (Great Britain) Ltd of Lilac Grove, Beeston, Nottinghamshire NG9 1QX, is exhibiting the . Transmatic gearbox which is gaining increased support in Britain. The convertor transmission appeals to drivers who need to use great manoeuvring skill, and ICI and British Petroleum are among the operators who have bought examples. BP likes it for airport work.

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