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11th May 1956, Page 62
11th May 1956
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Page 62, 11th May 1956 — MECHANICAL AID for EVE
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DESIGN in the field of mechanical-handling appliances has proceeded along many paths. There are great differences between any two machines made by different manufacturers for the same work, and the range offered to customers is extremely varied. At the same time, attention has been given to the production of interchangeable attachments so that the utility of a. basic unit can be increased. Visitors to the Mechanical Handling Exhibition at Olympia will find a machine for almost every industrial task that otherwise requires manual labour.

A shovel with front-wheel drive able to operate on soft ground is featured by F. E. Weatherill, Ltd.; Tewin Road, Welwyn Garden City, on Stand 111. Another new Weatherill product is the Little Loader 14-cu.-ft. appliance for handling bulk materials within the confines of a factory or warehouse.

W. E. Bray and Co., Ltd., Faggs Road, Feltham, display their new BL30 shovel on Stand 50. The cab and engine cowling are made of plastics. The bucket is raised and tilted hydraulically. For work in confined areas the company have produced the Dualoader, by means of which a load can be picked up at the front of the machine, raiSed over the cab and tilted for discharge at the rear.

The power unit of both these appliances is the Ford oil engine, and the range Of attachments include a bulldozer blade, a. snowploUgh, a: crane, and a fork-lift.

Stated to be ableto withstand a static test tilt of up to 33 degrees from t'.!.e vertical, the Muir-Hill 2WL 11-ton hydraulic loader is shown by E. Boydell and Co., Ltd., Elsinore Road, Manchester, 16, on Stand 130. The discharge height is 11 ft. 2 in. There is also the CH/1 hydraulic loader specially designed for use in confined spaces.

A rocker shovel and a dump truck are introduced on

Stand 38 by Eiinco (Great Britain), Ltd. The truck comprises a basic tractor unit to which may. be fitted any one of a varied range of bodies. It has been designed to handle•rock and Other heavy, materials under arduous conditions and in confined spaces. Steering is. power assisted and struck body capacity is 4 cu. yd.

A number of refinements is now incorporated in the Twin/Fifty-five dumper made by C. H. Johnson (Machinery), Ltd., AdsWood, Stockport, and exhibited on Stand 39. The vehicle is powered by a Petter oil engine. Three different sizes of skip are available.

This company also showportable conveyor loaders., one of which, known.tis.the Loband, is specially for use with tipping lorries : There is a hopper at the rear, into

which a lorry may discharge its load, and the material drops through the hopper on to a belt.

A mobile shovel, the superstructure of which can be rotated through 190 degrees, is introduced by Power Handling, Ltd., Bingley, Yorks, on Stand 56. Various sizes of bucket are available. Bulk material can be shifted quickly by the machine when operating in restricted spaces. The appliance is known as the Power Handle.

Claimed to be the fastest machine of its kind, the Merton Overloader is shown by Mackay Industrial Equipment, Ltd., Faggs Road, Feltham, Ivliddlesex, on Stand 36a. The bucket is filled in the usual manner and is then hoisted by cables up a pair of overhead rails to the rear of the machine for discharge at any height between 6 ft. 11 in. and 11 ft. 2 in Mackay have also developed a new mechanical shovel.

Front-wheel-driven Shovel Interchangeable with the wide range of scoops made for the Loadmaster 600, a new 3,000 lb. fork-lift attachment is offered by the Chaseside Engineering Co., Ltd., Station Works, Hertford. Exhibited on Stand 89, the Loadmaster 600 is a front-wheel-driven shovel which augments the Loadmaster 500, a rear-wheel driven machine.

Newcomers to the mechanical handling exhibition, the Ford Motor Co., Ltd., Dagenham, display on Stand 119 the Fordson Major oil-engined tractor in its industrial version. A range of attachments is offered, including the Cameron Gardner RearIoda with stacking platform.

A range of appliances for use in conjunction with the Ferguson power unit is displayed by Massey-HarrisFerguson, Coventry, on Stand 48.

Shown fitted to a Fordson Major tractor, the Shawnee loader may be examined on Stand 255. Produced by Horndraulic Steel Fabricators (Cardiff), Ltd., Pengam Road. Cardiff, the appliance can lift weights of 4,000 lb. up to 9 ft. A fork-lift attachment and a 2,000-lb version of the device are available.

Suitable for lengths of load of up to 60 ft.; the latest version of the Steelmaster 30cwt. straddle carrier is exhibited by the British Straddle CarrierCo., Ltd, 7 Chesterfield Gardens, London, W.1, on Stand 22. The vehicle has a crane attachment and the jib can be sIewed through 180 degrees. Maximum height of lift is 15 ft. 9 in.

Exhibited on Stand 79 with a 60-ft. jib, the Coles Ajax crane features electric transmission and pneumatic road brakes. Produced by Steels Engineering Products, Ltd., Sunderland, this appliance, when fitted with a 30-ft. jib, can lift 5 tons at 10-ft. radius.

Another newcomer on the company-s stand is the .Dreadnought six-wheeled crane, which incorporates a Rolls-Royce engine. The appliance shown has an 80-ft. jib and 11 tons cart be lifted at 15-ft. radius. The standard jib is 30 ft. long with a capacity of 20 tons at 10-ft. radius.

A new mobile crane of 3-ton capacity, the Jones KL33, is dispIaYed by George Cohen Sons. and Co., Ltd., Wood Lane, London, W.12, on Stand 77. The KL33 has a Petter oil engine and a pneumatic-tyred chassis with four-wheel drive and steering. The standard range of equipmc nt includes a 16-ft. 9-in, jib with hydraulic derricking eqtgprnent.

The latest version of the Jones KL66 6-ton mobile. crane can be fitted with jibs up to 65 ft. long. The company operate a fork-lift-truck hire service. On 'Stand 259, they exhibit a range of appliances, including floor cranes and portable conveyors.

Three new mobile cranes may be seen on Stand 142. Products of F. Taylor and Sons (Manchester), Ltd., Bolton Road, Salford, 6, their respective capacities are 2 tons, 3 tons and 6 tons. The 3-ton model has a swan-neck jib. and is specifically designed to operate with a

hydraulic grab.

The 2-ton slewing crane is also intended to operate with a grab, but is suitable for any other form of crane work. The 6-ton stewing crane is designed to operate where headroom is limited. Pneumatic operation, which is claimed to confe: a cushioning effect valuable for handling fragile goods, is the feature of mobile cranes made Stanhay .(Ashford), Ltd., Ashford, Kent (Stand 113). The 2-ton slewing-jib Model is displayed. The capacity load can be carried with the jib at maximum out-reach.

Stanliay also exhibit a hydraulic loader, which is in the form of a crane attachment. It can be mounted on either a tractor or a lorry, and the capacity is 8 cwt. at 5 ft. 4 in. radius. Hydraulic grabs are available for handling loose material.

A 1-cu.-yd. oil-engined dumper with V-belt drive k introduced by Bates Bros. (S:M.W.), Ltd.. Shady Lane, Manchester, 23, on Stand 160. Detachable tracks enable the vehicle to work on ,,oft ground.

On Stand 131, occupied by Priestinan Bpos., Ltd.. Williamson Street; Hull, is a Caribou 6-ton crane uounted on a six-wheel-drive chassis made by Douglas Equipment, L t d., Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham.

A new patented hoist drive is incorporated in the S-type mobile crane introduced on Stand 75 by R. H. Neal and Co., Ltd.. Plant House, London, W.5. With outriggers, the appliance can lift 6 tons. There is also the new GMS 1-ton model with a 15-ft. jib.

Lorry Loaders, Ltd., of the same address, show on Stand 230 the Pelican Loader, a hydraulically operated grab attachment.

Featuring a mast arranged to swivel to one side, thus enabling loads to be carried in line with the direction of travel, the Rapier Super fork-lift truck-is shown on Stand 78 by Ransomes and Rapier, Ltd., Waterside Works, Ipswich. Carrying capacity is 12,000 lb. at 2 ft. from the face of the forks. An advantage of this type is that it need not draw alongside a load to pick it up, but can approach it at right angles.

Another new product is the Rapier 7 mobile crane which can be driven at the speed of normal road traffic. it can lift 20,000 lb. to a height of 21 ft. 2 in.

Many new features are incorporated in the Skyzone series of fork-lift trucks introduced by Coventry Climax Engines, Ltd., Coventry (Stand 60). The steering is power-assisted and the controls are grouped by the steering collitnn for ease of operation. Simple maintenance has been studied in the design.

. Above the driver's head is a safety canopy supported by tubular members, which also act as intake and exhaust tubes for the oil engine. • A hydraulic transrnission system is available as an alternative to a,constant-mesh gearbox. Able to operate in aisles only 5 ft. 6 in. wide, a new fork-lift truck with a retractable mast is shown by Lansing Bagnall, Ltd., Kingsclere Road, Basingstoke, on Stand 61. The appliance can lift loads of 2,500 lb. up to 10 ft. Other exhibits include the compact PP230 3,000-1b. pallet truck and the TD200 oil-engined tractor.

An 8,000-1b. fork-lift truck produced by Messrs. Mathew Bros.. Sandy .Lane, Wallington, Surrey, may be inspected on Stand 53. There is 6-in. ground clearance under the mast and 9 in. under the body to permit operation over rough ground. Transmission is conventional and provides six forward and two reverse ratios, Available with heights of lift of 8 ft. 4 in. or 10 ft., the R.H.11 10-cwt. fork-lift truck is a new product of Wingrove and Rogers, Ltd., Acornfield Road, Kirkby Industrial Estate, near Liverpool (Stand 127). The R.H.11 has been designed to operate in narrow aisles.

Other B.E.V. battery-electric appliances shown by this company are a 1-ton and 5-ton tractor, a 2-ton elevating truck and a 1-ton fork-lift truck with a 12-ft. lift.

A claim that per battery charge their new forklift trucks will do more work than any other conventional hydraulically operated types of appliance is made by Leverstart, Ltd., 185-187 Tooting High Street. London, S.W.17 (Stand 46a). No parts of the three models introduced are hydraulically operated.

The motor is the constant-speed type, the use of resistances to control speed being avoided by the incorporation of a patented friction clutch. The model 10 T for 1,200-lb. loads has a turning radius of 3 ft. 8f in., and the model 20 T for 2.000-lh. loads, 4 ft. 5 in.

Sole concessiormaires for the appliance in this country and the Commonwealth, Materials Handling Equipment (Great Britain), Ltd., 7 Chesterfield Gardens, London, W.1, display the 1rion side-operating fork-lift truck on Stand 36. Loads of 3 tons and up to 50 ft, long can be handled by the Irion, which has a Mercedes-Benz oil engine.

The fork and mast structure is retractabk so that loads can be picked up at the side of the truck from ground level and placed on the deck of the vehicle. Loads can be stacked up to a height of 12 ft.

The debut of appliances made by Diac, Ltd., Croydon, and distributed by Diamatic Fork Trucks, Ltd., 53 Victoria Street, London, S.W.1, is on Stand 10. Powered by Perkins P3 engines, these vehicles have automatic transmission and power-assisted steering. Models with capacities of 4,000 lb. and 5,000 lb. are available, and 9-ft. and 12-ft. masts have free lifts of 4 ft. 6 in. and 6 ft. respectively.

The Platform ,Warehouser, a 2-ton rider-controlled platform truck designed for work in congested areas, is a new addition to the extensive range of the Yak and Towne Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Wednesfield, Staffs (Stand 98). Battery-electric fork-lift trucks with capacities of 4,000 lb., 6,000 lb. and 8.000 lb. may be inspected. Features include silicone insulation of armature E20

and field coils, four-pinion differentials, pneumatically operated accelerator switches -and low-pressure hydraulics.

The Load-Clamp, developed after four years by Conveyancer Fork Trucks, Ltd., Liverpool Road, Warrington, and Thomas Iledley and Co., Ltd., may be examined on Stand 102. Goods may be handled without pallets by trucks to which the device is attached. it is stated to be poSsible to handle loads ranging from light machinery to packaged goods, glass and domestic appliances.

The recently introduced Conveyancer Overlander is also on. display. This is a fork-lift truck designed for operation over rough surfaces. The T.C.6 fork-lift truck has been modified to give greater ground clearance for use over uneven surfaces. The Skid-Stac attachment for handling unit loads stacked on thin sheets of fibre boardmis featured.

The Portapal high-lift pallet transporter is shown by I.T.D., Ltd., 195-199 Ladbroke Grove, London, W.11. on ,Stand 101, and by R. H. Corbett and Co.. Ltd., on Stand 129. It will lift both two-way and four-way pallets and such types of stinage as are normally transported by jack truck.

A new type of paper-roll . clamp for attachment to Stacatruc appliances is exhibited by 1.T.D.,

Paper rolls can be carried at any angle and stacked vertically. The arms have been designed to grip the paper in a manner which minimizes the• risk of damage. Another development is the Load Steady, which secures loads to forks and is particularly suited to the handling of heavy sheet metal. A Stacatruc 40EH truck with a Hydrum carton clamp may also be inspected.

An attachment for handling heavy and awkwardly shaped tools and dies is featured by Matling, Ltd., 28 Caxton Street, London, S.W.1, on Stand 58. A new fork-lift truck is shown, and another novel device produced by the company is a pedestrian-controlled tug, with either battery-electric or petrol drive, which has a hydraulic elevating arm so that semi-live stillages can be raised and towed. Towing capacity is 3,000 lb.

The rrw tractor, an adaptation of the M.G. crawler tractor, is introduced on Stand 87 by Ransomes Sims and Jefferies, Ltd., Orwell Works, Ipswich. -Powered by a single-cylindered engine of 7-8 b.h.p., the vehicle has an automatic centrifugal clutch.

A fork-lift truck of 1,120 lb. capacity is shown with provision for securing the load. The TE tractor has a combined brake, speed and steering control,

Hydrum Attachments

Several makers of•fork-lift trucks are showing Hydrum attachments. These are individually shown by R. H. Corbett and Co., Ltd., Burgess Hill, Sussex, who occupy Stand 129. Their selfloading drum rack is new.

The latest version of their model 1OF tractor is displayed by the Mercury Truck and Tractor Co., Ltd., 19 London Road, Gloucester, on Stand 103, Also on display is the Airtug 70P tractor, specially designed for towing heavy aircraft.

A new flameproof truck, for use in hazardous atmospheres, is shown by Brush Coachwork, Ltd., Loughborough, on Stand 114. The company have also produced a pallet transporter designed to take loads comparatively long distances over uneven ground.

The newest version of the Graiseley GP20 pedestrian-controlled pallet truck made by Diamond Motors (Wolverhampton), Ltd., Upper Villiers Street, Wolverhampton, can be inspected on Stand 31.

On Stand 212 Geest Industries, Ltd., White House Chambers, Spalding, introduce a new three-wheled tractor. Behind the driver's seat is a small platform.

The Trolliloader, for loading vehicles mechanically, is introduced by A. J. Mackaness, Ltd., Billing, Northampton, on Stand 148. It may be operated by an electric motor or a petrol engine. At the rear is a lifting mechanism which can he used in conjunction with the company's Sholderhi, Vertiswing and Ontol attachments for dealing with various kinds of goods.

The Escaload' portable van loader is displayed by Reynolds and Grayer, Ltd., Thomas Street, West Bromwich, on Stand 210. Goods can be raised from floor, level to 5 ft. 6 in. in 12 sec.

The Exhibition closes on May 19 and is open daily from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Mechanical Handling are the organizers.

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