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Hauliers' Fate Depends on Groups?

11th March 1949, Page 7
11th March 1949
Page 7
Page 7, 11th March 1949 — Hauliers' Fate Depends on Groups?
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

TUE grouping scheme in the Midlands, described in "The Commercial,

Motor" on January 7, is regarded by the National Association of Road Transport Groups as providing a likely national pattern for that form of organized and orderly co-ordination through which the road transport industry can best co-operate with the British. Transport

Commission to the mutual advantage of both bodies." •

1 his piffphecy. is contained in the Association's fifth annual report, which was issued last week.

The Midland plan provides for the setting, up of a comprehensive master group, which, it is proposed, should comprise all the hauliers in the area who are not to be nationalized.

The group will act as a co-ordinating and negotiating agency on behalf of all the members, but the actual operation of vehicles and handling of traffic will be carried out by satellite groups to be established in each traffic centre.

Close Ties with RILA.

The report reiterates the Association's policy of working for the closest possible ties between the N.A.R.T.G. and the Road Haulage Association. It says: " It seems certain that the liaison committee which already exists between N.A.R.T.d. and the R.H.A. will be called upon to play a more active and important part. in the future, in developing those conditions which are necessary for the survival of the free haulier."

Last year the R.H.A. invited an ad hoc committee to . consider future developments, and the committee unanimously agreed to recommend all members of the RI-LA. to proceed with voluntary grouping in the sub-areas. It also advocated that an organization should be developed within the RITA. to link up with whatever organization or group was Created or adapted to carry out the work involved in mutual co-operation.

Inter-working Encouraged A special committee on inter-working met subsequently and recomMended the setting up of an organization, as soon as possible, to provide for inter-working among members. In December, the R.H.A. National Council adopted a resolution advocating that the Association should encourage members to arrange for sub-contracting, inter-working or grouping, provided that the Association did not take an active part in the actual operation of the groups.

Referring to discussions between officers of -N.A.R.T.Ge and MajorGeneral G. N. 'Russell, chairman of the Road Transocrt Executive, the report

declares: The possibilities of a successful working arrangement on a national scale are obviously related to the development of the grouping movement itself, -at the. same. time as the R.T.E. organization is being developed, and much, therefore, may hinge on the progress made during the next year in the way of forming and co-ordinating a large number of new groups,"

The N,A.R.T.G. executive has spent muela time in exploring the possibilities of bulk buying, and expects that great developments will take place in this direction " Weed,' ',states the report, in our opinion, the small mart has little chance of survival in the long run, if he has to pay the maximum price for everything he uses, while competing against a vast organization .which enjoys the benefit of rationalized purchasing."

It is stated that the Liverpool group has greatly expanded its activities and, by engaging personnel to manage traffic at the Merseyside Docks, has been " outstandingly successful in eliminating long and costly delays."

At the annual general meeting, Mr. H. Herringshaw, a member of the executive, emphasized that the policy of N.A.R.T.G. must be parallel with that of the RI-IA.


1V/IR. E. R. K INGHAM, of Messrs. 1V1 Locomotors, Birkenhead, recently designed a new type retail milk delivery van. It is powered by a 10 h.p. petrol engine and is of the canopy type, with enclosed cab. The first models are in service with S. Reece and Sons. Ltd., which co-operated in the design.

GLASGOW ROAD-RAIL MEETING A CONFERENCE on Glasgow road r-V and rail communications between the corporation planning committee and the Ministry of Transport, British Transport Commission, Railway Executive, and the Department of Health for Scotland, will take place in Glasgow to-day.


GLASGOW Chamber of Commerce has decided to resist a claim by Clyde dockers that loading and unloading of vehicles at the docks should be done by the dockers themselves. The Chamber declared that the proposed alteration from the present system, under which traders load and Onload their own vehicles, would result in serious delays and increased costs to the traders


WITH the closing of its depot at 58. York Street, Leeds, Specialloid, Ltd., has arranged for its interests in the north east to be looked after by its subsidiary, Aero Piston Ring Co., Ltd., which has recently extended its Leeds premises. Special bid replacements required by operators in Yorkshire. Northumberland and Durham may now be obtained from the Aero Piston Ring Co., ltd., Black Bull Street. Leeds, 10.


APART from details of services operated by Associated Motorways, -Cheltenham, the company's new timetable includes details of connecting services operated by the Ribble, Yelloways and Royal Blue companies.

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